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JUNE 2021

Israeli Guided Non-Line-of-Sight Missiles Target Rocket Launchers In Gaza (Videos)

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Israeli Guided Non-Line-of-Sight Missiles Target Rocket Launchers In Gaza (Videos)


On May 19, the Israeli military released footage of recent missile strikes on a number of rocket launchers in the Gaza Strip.

The footage shows nine strikes carried out with what appears to be Spike NLOS [Non-Line-Of-Sight] missiles. Some of the targets seen in the footage were rocket launchers similar to those used by Palestinian factions. Others, however, were civilian buildings.

The Spike NLOS is an anti-tank missile with a range of up to 25 km. The missile is equipped with an EO-IR/CCD seeker and a secure data-line which enable “man-in-the-loop” guidance.

The missile can be launched from ground vehicles or attack helicopters. Earlier, the Israeli Air Force released photos of an AH-64 Safra attack helicopter armed with three Spike NLO missiles.

The Israeli military also released a video showing a pinpoint airstrike on what was described as a “heavy rocket” of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Despite Israel’s intense bombing campaign, Palestinian factions continue to launch hundreds of rockets from the Gaza Strip every day.

Palestinian factions launched over 4,000 rockets at southern and central Israel since May 10. The Israeli military claims that 60% of the rockets failed while 90% of the rest were intercepted by the Iron Dome system.


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IDF War Criminals

Constant Operation? More like constant Genocide.
Bragging how they kill defenseless civilians and children.


these rocket launchers are nothing but tubes so targeting them isnt really a victory its another extremely inefficient expensive operation to keep face in the face of collapse and i myself am even suprised of how poorly the zionists do since i expected they had a solution to this expected problem which isnt such a waste

Last edited 26 days ago by farbat

i dont think they care if its expensive or not, because of US constantly giving them money, inshallah that all ends tho


i really wonder how they will handle multi front confrontation with high intensity


inshallah they fail miserably LOL


hezbollah, IRGC, any country that gives a damn, where are you??

John Wallace

They are all strangely quiet. The only leader that has come out vocally supporting Hamas , love him or hate him, is Erdogan. Does that change everything else he has done . NO ! but he is the only one with enough balls to openly support Hamas against Israel. All others are too scared to upset Israel in case something happens in their country as a result.

Reality check

I know why lot of u praise eardogan, he only do lip service for some emotional fools cool/ infact turkey in joint venture with israhell def company for manufac.. lot of f16 parts as well as over 100 dif Defense components, hundreds of turkish companys doing lot of illegal oil buiss with isreal , turks and isrelus working together to strenthen IS , nów come why lot of so called muslims cry for him due to history of useless muslim rulers, i mean coward kings he is the one who play safe and only fight with loosers, he know he met with no retaliation, only country in the Wolsztyn who are facing zio/west attacks is Iran, rockets which palestinians fire are suppl by irgc, not by coward turks.

John Wallace

I have been very critical of Erdogan and the only point I am making is that he is the only leader being critical of Israel. Look past the hatred or dislike . No other leader and especially so western leaders and friends have just at best said they want the violence to stop. That is like pissing into the wind and expecting not to get wet. The people in Gaza have left out in the wind by everyone. I don’t care if Erdogan is an arsehole , at least he told Israel what most other countries should be as well. Does he mean it or is he grandstanding. Who cares

Trap has turned Gay (and is proud)

Turdogan is ALL LIPS, I should know :)

Icarus Tanović

Thank you very much sir, but I,don’t need that kind of rhetorical support.
All he did is saving Wahhabi asses in Syria, preventing Syria from freeing it self.
So, save that for your swlf me Muslim brotherhood/Zionistic/Wahhabi/headchopping swine.

Faisal al Al-Mahdi

Hizbullah has given speech assuring Palestine that they are ready to fight if called on. Iran the same, in fact yesterday Iran said they would give open explicit support, today they announced it was Iran who destroyed the zionist missile research center and missile rocket engine factory. It was complelety destroyed and it is a huge major plant and facility . This alone will set back the zionist military and particulary their missles.
Haaretz report generals and IDF inssiting on stopping hostilities as they realise they are in trouble, they cant touch Hamas and would certainly be defeated and lose their army if the Jewish cult try to invade.
As zionist politician Lieberman said a couple of days ago , if we cant handle Hamas how are we to fight Hizbullah?

Steve Standley

This pretty much sums up this “war”. Israel using 30 million dollar attack helicopters and spike over-the horizon missiles, which are probably 200K per missile, to destroy “rocket launchers”, which a couple of guys welded together in their garage.

Last edited 26 days ago by Steve Standley
Moshe from Haifa

Well, we have endless supply of money from our cattle in the US so we can waste $100.000 missiles to destroy $100 sheds. it looks cool, Bibi and Gantz voters just love it.


there is no endless supply in this world and materials are always a real value that has to be compensated not america or any other entity on earth will just give away real value for nothing in return and what you talk about is that jewish money will become less and less and less specially inside the zionist usurper entity but at the same time jews dont produce anything material with value to be able to compensate all the losses


the jews desperately needed a “reset” but instead they got alot of paper in return to inflate them even further but that obviously is no solution for them they are desperate to get something done and they cant even defeat gaza


Hamas is getting annihilated, as always ^^

Arch Bungle

As always?

They were born in annihilation and will merge from annihilation.

It is not possible to destroy Hamas.


“As Always” – to return 10x more powerful in the next war – proven time and time again. there just ain’t no substitute for Big Balls. FakeJoos have no balls, only multimillion dollar weaponry and coward, diaper clad Haganah terrorists for “soldiers”. If Fake JooP1gs don’t wipe them out in this war, Israel is doomed by 2022.

Faisal al Al-Mahdi

Hamas has barely been scratched , few dead and little material losses. their bases deep underground are safe from the zionists, they can fight a long war.


Animal russians cant do decent missiles like spike.Shoygu is gay.


Nope, I fucked your mother so many times, pity her abortion failed so miserably… may she be cursed in hell forever along with the rest of your sub-animal family and may you join them soon!


Nope, I fucked your mother so many times, pity her abortion failed so miserably… may she be cursed in hell forever along with the rest of your sub-animal family and may you join them soon!

John J rambo

Eat shit and die braindead zio-troll, you and your entire sub animal family, plus Blinken, Biden, Bibi, curse on you all and your rotten souls. Eat shit in your coffin and eat shit from Lucifers rectum in hell.
Free Palestine, IsraHell to Hell!


Eat shit and die-rot in hell kremlin bot,you and your entire sub disgusting animal family,plus putin,shoygu,gerasimov,lavrov,zakharova curse on you all and your rotten souls and your whole soil and fake history.Eat shit in your house coffin and eat shit from Malebolgia in the black abyss of the hells pit.
Russia to hell with its entire population.
Poisonous soul destroying catastrophes will loose upon where you live,your fake country will be soul-less waste land,living night mare


fake amerikan coward lose all wars—so impotent can’t even regime change Cuba

Russian Troll

fake russian bride..you can give a proper birth.

Arch Bungle

We seem to agree on something.


blinkered CIA coward on LSD


LGBT amerikant in BLM ghetto confuse her dildo w missile


no difference between isis and israel even their propaganda videos look like



Last edited 26 days ago by Socrates
Fog of War

” White Man’s Chinese Father In-law “Enlightens” Him On “Jewish Superiority”

Shows you where the Chinese mind is really at. Planet earth beware.

Arch Bungle

Time to funnel in modernised Strela through those tunnels.


The media doesn’t mention how Hamas anti-tank teams have been blowing up Merkavas and other assorted armored vehicles with Kornets and Fagot missles. The anti-Russian trolls here would have hissy fits until their twats caved in.

Last edited 25 days ago by Mr.Spicklespock

Hamas Reconnaissance Drones are taking out IDF terrorist Artillery / Tank launchers – even targetting Iron Doom Launchers and Radar – FakeJoos will never admit a total strategic defeat by a 2000 strong tiny militia. All Hezbollah’s 2006 lessons in Gaza 2014 and 2021. Thousands of dual citizens FakJoos packing to leave as soon as airports re-open. What a joke. The Zionist Project is over, Nukes and All. Iran didnt fire a single shot at Israel. Soleimani has struck from the Grave.Fkin FakeJoo idiots

Fog of War

Timing is everything.

Putin turns blind eye. US waives sanctions. Palestine gets destroyed, Israhell wins again.


US defeated in Afghanistan after 20 years. Palis will defeat Israel and wipe out 33% of world “Jewry”. Yankee cowards will also abandon ZioP1gs


Israel learns from amerikan cowards—only bomb civilians in territory w no airforce or navy….typical amerikan tactics…yet they always lose


Don’t worry, it seems that Lebanan’s Hezbollah is about to enter the show from the north and remember that it is Iran ultimately who is directing everything behind the scenes. They have been arming Hamas for over 2 years now and are in it until the Final Solution has been achieved. Little school boys, they ain’t!!! See Hezbollah, Houthis, Kata’ib Hezbollah….thorns in the side of the Zionazi alliance.


Has anyone noticed how the Kikestanis have imposed a virtual media video blockade on Hamas missles, rockets, drones hitting their cities??? Why? ‘Cause they’re getting their butts whooped and don’t want the rest of the world to see it.


Just read that Missiles Hit Israeli cities with no sirens going off.LoL. Iron Doom failed to detect incoming. Wonder how many ZioP!gs died and crapped in their Diapers.

L du Plessis

The iron Dome is a failure, unlike the Russian short range air defences.


Israel is heeltemaal gefok

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