Creation Of Greater Kurdistan Will Contribute To Stability In Middle East – Former Deputy Chief of Israeli General Staff


Creation Of Greater Kurdistan Will Contribute To Stability In Middle East - Former Deputy Chief of Israeli General Staff

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On September 7, the former Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), Major General Yair Golan said in a meeting organized by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy that he believes that establishing of a Greater Kurdistan (a state that will include the Kurdish-populated territories of Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey) in the Middle East is basically a good idea that could contribute to a stability in the region.

The general added that he personally does not think that the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) is a terrorist organization.

One of the numerous versions of possible borders of the Greater Kurdistan:

Creation Of Greater Kurdistan Will Contribute To Stability In Middle East - Former Deputy Chief of Israeli General Staff

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Maj. Gen. Yair Golan also said that he saw ISIS fighters walking on the Syrian-Israeli front, and that he “can cope with that”. However, Maj. Gen. Yair Golan said that he can’t cope with Iran, and said that Iran is a “much more threatening compared to the ISIS threat.”

“Because the Iranians are sophisticated, they are a higher form of civilization, they have a nice academic infrastructure, nice industry, good scientists, many talented young people. They are very similar to us. And because they are similar to us, they are much, much more dangerous,” Maj. Gen. Golan said.

Furthermore, Maj. Gen. Golan said that Israel can effect Iran just like Iran can effect it. However, he said that Israel can’t do anything serious to Iran without a help from the USA.

And while we can achieve decisive victory over Hezbollah… and while we can defeat any Shia militia in Syria … we cannot fight Iran alone,” Maj. Gen. Yair Golan said.

Maj. Gen. Yair Golan is well-known for his controversial statements. In general, Israel officials say that his statements don’t represent the state of the official Israeli attitude. However, Maj. Gen. Golan’s statements about the Kurds and Iran clearly reflect the current policy of the Israeli government.



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  • Helen4Yemen
  • Don’t read butthurt replies

    I see. Obviously the Zionist walking abortions will arm the parasitic Kurds more once they take Syrian lands, and become like a second Zionist illegal state. Pathetic!

  • Gary Wells

    I would rather see a restored Palestine.

  • Brother Ma

    Well this Israeli told us Kurdistan is good for stability.well it must be so!

  • Helen4Yemen

    There is no Kurdish DNA. This woman found out she was 79% Iranian
    and she began to cry – she wanted her DNA to say Kurdish.

    • Serious

      Kurds are iranian. They flew into Syria as refugees. Now, look how they act against Syrians. If people are persecuted along history, it’s not for nothing. Nobody like traitors.

    • Brother Ma

      She is a fool.anyone who knows history knows that the Kurds were one of Iranian tribes. xenophons greeks knew that ywo thousand three hundred years ago.

    • Orcbuu

      There are ONLY 4 Races on earth who are Different, this girl is more white then she thinks.

  • Serious

    Never bring abrahamic religion worshippers and foreigners into your country. Never. If they call you an intolerant, you respond “I’m intolerant with the intolerants”.

  • Serious

    Creation of the Amerindian country intead of USA will make the world safer. I prefer indians that worship Nature intead of Americans that worship Abraham the terrorist.

  • goingbrokes

    Yair Golan (IDF) – Al-Julani, or al-Golani, (AQ) – what’s the difference? They both are planning for the future of Golan! Probably the same plan.

    • Serious

      israelis are using the stupid sunnis to extend. Of course the sunnis will say that they are figthing against the globalists. XD.

      Remove the threats aka sunnis and kurds ASAP.

  • Serious

    israelis also use christians because christians are just jews slaves. that’s their main purpose on earth.

  • Serious

    The globalists are killing the smart ones (Assad, Hezbollah, Iran) to replace by the dumb ones (sunni and christian arabs, kurds).

  • I notice that all these folk who suggest the Kurds should have their own Kurdistan country aren’t offering to give up their own territory for it – they’re very generously offering some else’s!

    • Serious

      Exactly. Just like Americans like offer jews palestinian lands instead of offering Miami. Also why don’t Americans go back to Europe if palestinians have to go back I don’t know where.

    • RamboDave

      It is that same old mantra that was used to partition Palestine back in 1947…. “A land without people for a people without land”. In both cases it is just an excuse for ethnic cleansing of indigenous people that they pretend aren’t really there.
      Here below is a better map of existing Kurdish areas. There are no Kurds in Deir Ez-Zor province East of the Euphrates.

  • Ronald

    Considering who is speaking , ” Because the Iranians are sophisticated , they have a higher form of civilization , they have a nice academic infrastructure , nice industry , good scientists , many talented young people . They are very similar to us . And because they are very similar to us , they are much , much more dangerous ” . Maj. General Golan , comparing Iran to ISIS , a compliment , impressive .

  • Alex Mayers

    This guy actually speaks the truth! Iranians are smart therefor a real danger for the Jews.

  • Cheryl Brandon

    You mean it would make Israhell feel stronger as, it will be able dominate these weaker states and pro Israhell expansionist plans! It ‘s all about your greed and your anti Gentiles feelings the majority of the world! They want to rule over the Arabs!

  • General Surena


  • Thegr8rambino


  • Helen4Yemen

    There are no “Kurdish people”. They are actually Iranian genetically.

    A Kurdish family is in shock to discover that they are not Kurdish

  • richard

    Of course it will bring greater stability to the area !
    With same way as it would bring founding of federal-state Palestine-Israel for both jewish and arab citizens with equal rights and duties. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • richard

    Actuall borders on the middle east are only results of post WWI negotiations between colonial powers – France and Great Britain (Sykes-Picot treaty 1917) …which is unnatural way how to divide the possible enemy , not let them to unite.

  • John Brown

    Look at this map it is the Yinon plan. There is no doubt that Turkey is willing and will to go to war against the Kurds and the racist supremacist Jewish empire and it slave USA prevent it. If any doubt this they are really stupid as the existence of theTurkish state and people are at risk.

  • Sabah Yassin

    An independent Kurdistan will encourage stability in Middle east and maybe beyond