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JUNE 2021

Israeli General: Chances Of War In Golan Heights Are Growing Because Of Successes Of Damascus Against Militants

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Israeli General: Chances Of War In Golan Heights Are Growing Because Of Successes Of Damascus Against Militants

Illustrative image: Israeli Defense Forces/Flash90/File

The head of IDF operations Major General Nitzan Alon told in an interview with Army Radio that the chances of war in Golan Heights are growing as the Syrian government, backed up by Hezbollah and Iran, achieves more successes against militants in the Syrian war.

“This year has the potential for escalation, and not necessarily because either side wants to initiate it, but because of a gradual deterioration. This has led us to raise the level of preparedness,” Alon said. “In the northern arena, there is a change coming due to the strategic developments in Syrian internal fighting. The Iranians and Hezbollah, who are backing [Damascus], are being freed up to start building their power.”

The general added that Tel Aviv is concerned over the growing Iranian influence in Syria as well as weapons smuggling and missile factories building in Lebanon for Hezbollah.

“We are not allowing these things to happen without our involvement. We are acting and will continue to act,” the general said. “War with Hezbollah could bring in other actors who we’d need to fight.”

Alon also said that Iran “wants to pay for its interests on the northern border in Palestinian blood.”

“If the next war indeed breaks out, it will be rough. But, first and foremost, it will be rough for the other side,” the general claimed adding that the IDF will fight with “maximum force in the minimum amount of time.”

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“CHANCES OF WAR IN GOLAN HEIGHTS ARE GROWING BECAUSE OF SUCCESSES OF DAMASCUS AGAINST MILITANTS”, are you fucking kidding me you Zio-Fucks so what you want and expect those Jihadists to be shield for you all of your lives, so you are obviously publicly want Syria to be failed state.

Aristhotle Dungo

And turkey already doing their fare share to the so called failed state.

Amanda Adams

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Last I checked the Golan Heights was filled with state sponsored terrorists squatting on Syrian land. An eviction notice is being prepared for the future.


It amazes me that Israel hasn’t invented ‘Golanians’ yet who really want self-rule. There must be some Druze tribes there that can be bribed.


There are Druze tribes there, but they are intensely loyal to Syria. Despite the Israeli occupation they keep their Syrian passports up to date. They can not be bribed.

Abe Manhattan

did. Before Assad started killing his own.


You don’t know what your talking about, a large number are in the SAA .
Assad does not kill his own , unless they are Wahhabi or Muslim Brotherhood and have raised arms against the country .

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Israel loves it’s Hamas and Phalangist radicals what do you expect.

Nigel Maund

Israel loves any old excuse for war ro expand its territory and control over ME oil and gas resources and to fragment (Balkanize) all Arab states especially the Shiítes. Their policy in the ME has always been the Roman one of “divide and conquer”. One day, they will meet their match and lose, despite their apparent military superiority. This time could be virtually upon us. The opposition will not take Israel on where they can win in set piece battles but will break them sustained attrition and loses.


Israel has military superiority ONLY in air force and nothing more.
Assad’s forces with allies can easily defeat them as air force is secondary really if there are enough SAMs and other assets.

It’s different from bombing ISIS with no air defences. Syria can have good air defence and good ground battle hardened soldiers vs office workers soldiers who would piss in their pants before they fire a single shot. Try door to door fights …

Israel has been for thousand times threaten to attack but nothing happens. Still waiting.

Nigel Maund

I think that’s a little optimistic. Also, Israel is progressively being pushed back having been in the ascendant for the last 60 years under a very strong and slavishly loyal; US backer. The strategic dynamic is changing and they perceive that their power may be seriously challenged, especially as the US is very close to financial and social implosion and is now seen as a fatally weakened State in the dying days of its power. This will make the Israeli’s dangerously impulsive and likely to be driven by both hubris and fear. It’s a dangerous cocktail. The same is happening to Poroshenko in the Ukraine.


“…their apparent military superiority” against unarmed civilians.

Nigel Maund

Whilst what you say is true, they are stil both militarily strong and dangerous regardless.

David Pryce

israeI has a very good airforce there ground forcesfare useless the forcesfthey would face would smash them in a prolonged war
Israel will go for a hit and run operation over two weeks

Nigel Maund

David, they will as you point out, go for a short “shock and awe” type war as they have a strong air force (larger than the UK RAF and German Luftwaffe combined) with the latest US kit that no other country gets. They also have two full sized Armored Divisions so can wage “Blitzkreig”. The problem comes if they lose a lot of aircraft in the first two days of an offensive and do not have complete control of the skies. The Merkava tank is a well designed tank can be destroyed by TOW misslies and good recoiless anti – tank guns well concealed. If tank losses became large as well the IDF would loose its “esprit de corps” and become much less effective. The IDF is no 1942 “Wehrmacht” in terms of mental toughness and sheer battlefield experience and certianly no equal of the Waffen SS Panzer Divisions like “Das Reich”, “Totenkopf”, “Liebstandarte” and “Wiking” which were feared by the Russians and arguably the toughest fighting formations of the 20th Century. This is not to say the Russians were not good soldiers, they were!

Also, the problem is that Hezbollah and the SAA are an entirely different battle hardened force to any the IDF have ever faced since 1948, thanks to experience and Russian training which is clearly improved capabilities. Iran has aslo benefitted from its experience in the Syrian war. Also, one can bet the Russian special force troops would be present on the front line and these will be very dangerous for the IDF.

David Pryce

That’s how i see it going too Israeli command knows that the troops morale can be destroyed at the sight of dead injured Jews in the field

Lena Jones

“Blah blah blah…”, said the israeli general wearing his army-issued diapers.


So, he is worried that his sunnis buddies terrorists are loosing. XD.

Sunnis, jews and white americans are the devil personified.


This really shows the really evil in Israel. If war is to start, bet Assad with allies will give them a lashing for real.

Where on earth is there a country that favours openly terrorists win ? even US can bluff .. these guys openly support terrorism. Come on we all want the war in Syria to end and live peacefully . So these Israelis want others to kill and get killed while they have nice sleep?


Israeli openly supports jihadi scum in Syria. That is perfectly acceptable to them. Mazeltov jihadis for keeping war alive in Syria and killing Syrians. Do you need more ammo? Don’t be a stranger!

So now the scum are being destroyed and, it seems, the situation in Syria is deteriorating quote unquote. And permit us to say in passing, “Iran! Iran! Iran! Iran! Iran!”

We think that sums it all up. We support terrorist f^ccs, Iran helps Assad fight them. Therefote, “Death to Iran!”

State of the art Israeli strategic thinking.


israel is a no root and devil invented country by Abraham the terrorist led by devil psychos that worship death and destruction to revenge about their sickness.

israel is helped by fundamentalists american terrorist christians and by sunni terrorists.

Here is the truth.

Nothing good can come from jews, sunnis or americans. These people must kick out of the planet Earth that they infested with their sickness.


This idea to sacrifice palistinian blood and solve the muslim problem by any excuse is been planned a long time. Do they really think they can kill every goyim and save the chosen ones to rebuild a jew masterrace empire from the nile to the eufraat?


He is worried about the Palestinians !!! XD.


My words. Most jews are atheists. However it doesn’t stop them to embrace the believe that ‘god give them Israel’.


Of course. Otherwise, they must conclude that they are …. NOTHING.


As others here notice, the jews don’t even bother to hide their evil. Their leaders speak in the SAME way and to the same intent as their idol, Adolf Hitler.

The UN recognises that the jews ILLEGALLY occupy land all around the legally defined state of Israel, yet unlike in the case of every other occupation across the globe, not one power works to get the depraved jews out. Putin’s lapdog, Lavrov, only a day or so back, repeated Russia’s rock solid support of Israel and its existing terrorist policies in Palestine. The chinese support Israel as well because of jewish involvement with the ‘red’ revolution there.

Remember, palestinians have never been more passive than they are today, and never more targeted by the jews as a result with ever worse nazi-identical ‘policing’ methods- including Putin backed terror ‘punishments’ of entire towns of ‘sub-Humans’ by the jews if one resident is accused by the jews as having ‘hurt’ one of their own.

Every organised action of the jews of Israel is demonic- and actually gets more demonic with time. The blatant jewish evil is codified right at their top of their miltary and governmental systems and actions. Jews not only do massive evil, but BOAST about this fact- hence this article about mass murdering war criminal Alon.

Jews have published their immediate plans for Lebanon in newspapers and TV interviews in Israel- and they call for a literal GENOCIDE in Lebanon, with the mass slaughter of major civilian populations and the destruction of every city, town and village there. They will do it too, but not until the Iran War begins to shield their holocaust from headline reporting.


jews always say waht they think when they want to kill people. They hide nothing.

But, people still don’t understand who they are. that’s what always make me laugh. I always laugfh about the stupidity of humans.

I laugh about the stupidity of the christians (especially the americans) that always talking about their shit jesus and peace whereas they are doing the exact opposite. I always laugh about sunnis that always talk about peace and helping the Palestinians. Instead they do the exact opposite.
I always laugh about the so-called ‘democratic countries” people that love to tell you how they are good but they never say a damn thing against USA and israel.

I always laugh about these stupid people.

Ivan Freely

“…not one power works to get the depraved jews out.”

*cough* USA *cough*

leon mc pilibin

The next war israhell starts will be rough alright..especially when their oil and gas Rigs, that belongs to the Palestinians,,Dimona and cities are targeted.They wont have much to gloat about,,maybe they will go back to their real homeland in KHAZARIA.

John Mason

Be no war if you leave Golan Heights, doesn’t belong to Israel and UN Resolution confirms this, so get out while you can peacefully.


It would put all of Israel at risk and has some big impact on Israeli water security as well. It’s a hard position to leave. That’s why they are playing so dirty at the moment.
But it’s not theirs.


That is the position that a thief would say after he stole some nice piece of real estate or a nice car. Guess what? The owners want it back no matter what.

John Mason

McCain is involved with Golan Heights oil reserve, one of the largest discovered in the ME. It’s all about oil, who controls energy can influence global politics and trade.

Abe Manhattan

you are right there. However, they will not leave, so there will be a war. No sense pretending otherwise.

Mickey Dee

Golan is Syrian land stolen by Israel.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The chance of war is there because Israels invasion and attempts to conquer Syria is warfare.
The war continues till the invading Jews and pushed back to their capital Tel Aviv.

Roddy Wehrmacht

Poor jew bitching and moaning that their terrorist butt buddies are being destroyed.
They can’t buy an ally besides their American dog they kick outside to do their business.


Admitting Israel to the UN was one of the biggest mistakes that the UN ever made. The UN has passed more than a resolution a year against Israel since then. The Palestinians have 1 against them and wouldn’t have any if they hadn’t been so severely victimised.

The UN and the Leage of Nations knew since the 1919 King Crane commission the crimes against humanity that the Jews planned and were carrying out before admission as a UN member nation.

Admitting an applicant without borders in the middle of an ethnic cleansing land theft civil war by immigrants against the native population was a war crime by an organization formed to prevent war crimes.

Abe Manhattan

Palestinians only have one UN resolution against them because nobody cares about them. People are tired of their whining for the past 54 years, and just sitting on their butts. Israel has been so successful that the Arab countries have been passing UN resolutions against them out of jealousy.


You’re crazy and a liar. If nobody cared about the Palestinians, Israel wouldn’t have 100+ UN and other international law resolutions against them. Your contention that those resolutions are passed out of jealousy is absurd. Israel loses with unanimous or near unanimous votes because your evil cult is criminal.

Israel has been successful at non stop aggression, land theft, ethnic cleansing and mass pedophile rape. Which is why Judaism should be outlawed and Israel delisted from the UN and replaced with Palestine.

Tommy Jensen

This is true!
And when the Golan Heights have been taken back, the chances of war in Israel is also higher than they were before.
And we were crying.


Any attempt by Israel to resist the Syrian Arab Army from taking back the Occupied Syrian Golan Heights is simple IDF aggression. The solution is to surrender the stolen property.


Once Israel returns the stolen Syrian Golan Heights peace will return to the Middle East. Because of Israeli occupation of Syrian territory, Israel causes the state of war in the Middle East.

You can call me Al

You forgot Palestine.

You can call me Al

Hey Israel….this time, you will see the Father of all bombs dropped on your forces, your airbases and the other military bases….. then the whole of the Muslim nations will be invited in to reach future peace ….whahahaha. KUDOS.


Israel assumed they were going to carve out a southern land grab from a war weakened Syria – it’s just the size of the land grab the Israeli’s weren’t exactly sure of – just how much they could grab under the circumstances. For some in Israeli leadership the maximum was the objective – all the way across southern border and deep into southern Syria itself, so for all these plans to be coming to nothing and the SAA reclaiming the desired territory is a shock to these Israelis. The Israeli statements about Iran are just self serving justifications for a potential last ditch Israeli effort to militarily intervene and occupy yet more ‘buffer’ territory as the militants are destroyed in front of Golan.


Dream on, Nit Alon . . . dream on and be very worried

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