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JUNE 2021

Israeli Defense Forces Kill 12 Palestinians, Injure About 1,000 In Gaza Clashes

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Israeli Defense Forces Kill 12 Palestinians, Injure About 1,000 In Gaza Clashes

FILE IMAGE: Israeli battle tank

UPDATE: According to the recent reports, about 12 Palestinians have been killed and about 1,000 injured in the ongoing clashes between protestors and the IDF in Gaza.

Three Palestinians were killed and about 20 were injured by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) on March 30.

According to reports, early on March 30, IDF battle tanks opened fire when the Palestinians were approached the so-called security fence between Gaza and Israel. One of the Palestinians was killed. Few hours later, the IDF opened fire on two other Palestinians in the northern part of Gaza. One Palestinian reportedly was injured.

Two Palestinians burn agricultural equipment and other staff after infiltrating the security fence east of Gaza:

According to Palestinian media, two more Palestinians were killed during clashes between protesters and the IDF at the Israeli-Gaza contact line. On the same time, reports are circulating that about 20 people were wounded in clashes with the IDF. Currently, about 7,000 Palestinians protest against the Israeli occupation.

The March 30 date marks “Land Day” commemorating the six Arabs who were killed by Israeli security forces during demonstrations in 1976 over land confiscations by Israel.

The IDF accuses Hamas of escalating the situation in an official statement:

“Thousands of Palestinians are present in six clusters along the border. The Palestinians have set fire to tires and are hurling rocks at the border fence and toward IDF troops. The forces are responding using riot dispersal measures and accurate fire targeting ringleaders.

In light of the security assessment, the IDF has declared the area as a closed military zone. Any activity in the region requires IDF permission. There are no special instructions to citizens.

The IDF had prepared in advance with large forces and is prepared to respond to various developments. We will not allow a breach of our sovereignty or harm to the border defences.

The Hamas terror organisation is endangering the residents of Gaza and using them as cover for terror activities. Hamas alone bears responsibility to all events and their ramifications.”

— IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) 30 March 2018

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Zainab Ali

Those who believe do battle for the cause of God and those who disbelieve do battle for the cause of taghut. So fight the minions of the devil. Lo! the devil’s strategy is always weak.

jerry hamilton

“We will not allow a breach of our sovereignty or harm to the border defences.”

Sovereignty should be in the hands of Palestine. Not Occupied Palestine.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Same thing with the sovereignty of indigenous Germanic tribes.
Sovereignty should be in the hands of the ethnic-Germans and Not those occupying them.
Now this true equality needs to catch on all over the world.


Predictable, Hamas have been saying they’ll do this and the Israelis have obviously been on edge. I imagine there will be several waves of this that will last a few days to a few weeks.


“Escalating the situation” by having thousands cross the ‘death line’ into Gaza’s Israeli free fire zone’ instead of ones or twos? It’s like the inmates rushing the concentration camp electrified fence, all at once, to short it and “invade” Nazi territory.


As long as the Anglo-Zionists (Washingtonians and the Israeli migrants) exist in Palestine and in the Middle East countries, for so long the Middle East countries would not be able to build any heavy military industry and nuclear power plant in their own countries to secure their own nations. These Middle East nations would be insecured all the time until the dismantle of Israel and the complete removal of Israeli migrants from Palestine.


Mr. Putin knows each foreign criminals that have held Ukrainians, Syrians, Iraqis and Palestinians hostage. Through these countries they want to insecure Russian nation. Ukraine is the part of Modern USSR which is known as Russia. Anglo-Zionists want to keep Ukraine separate from Russia but their this dream would soon become crumbled.


Erdogan does not want any new state of Washington and EU proxies close to Turkey with in 1000 km. If Washington and EU create their proxy state near Turkey then Turkey will dismantle it, as Turkey is doing now in Syria and Iraq. If Washington and EU is so much interested then they can create new states on their own land but not in Middle East.


It is the work of the God to make nations united, it is the work of the Satan to divide nations. Mr. Putin is genius and doing like Messiah according to the instructions of God while the Trump regime have no humanity and doing what the evil Satan telling them.


Moscow slams Washington and NATO illegal presence in Ukraine, Palestine, Syria, Iraq and in Afghanistan. This is wickedness because through them they want to insecure Russian nation.


ONE SHOT, TWO KILLS – google it!

The scum that post in favour of the dirty zionist animals are usually sitting at their desks wearing this tee-shirt!

Saudi Arabia and Israel are two of the biggest pieces of filth to ever stain our beautiful planet. Putin supports both. How hoorible is that?


this is why IDF been recognized as best military in the world , using Tanks. ,Drones , high tech weapons against unarmed civilians on protest , killing them and get away with it in international world..

what a great nation with brave soldiers , facing all those horrible unarmed civilians and prevails…

last time they faced a real opponent that can shoot back , IDF was defeated… so this is better , enemy cant shoot back

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