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JUNE 2021

Israeli Forces Deliver Air Strike On ‘Hamas’ Target In Gaza Strip

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On April 9 morning, the Israeli Air Force delivered an air strike on “Hamas” target in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said.

The strike allegedly hit a Hamas military compound after aa group of Palestinians allegedly broke the so-called security fence and brought improvised explosive devices into Israeli territory on on April 8.

The IDF slammed alleged Hamas’s attempts to turn the fence into a combat zone and to destroy Israel’s defense infrastructure with “great severity.”

The IDF went on claiming that it will not “allow cynical use of civilians as cover for terrorist activity against Israeli citizens and IDF forces and will respond to all attempts at this kind of terrorism.” This part of the statement is another attempt to justify a brutal crackdown on Palestinian protsts, which had erupted on March 30 and are set to continue until May 15.

The weekly “March of Return” rallies have faced a violent reaction from the IDF. Israeli forces ordered the protestors to stay at least 500 meters clear of the fence, but Palestinians continue to attempt to breach it. So far, at least 29 people have been killed and about 3,000 have been injured as a result of clashes with the IDF.

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Gaza is unlivable. It has 97% of its water polluted. The Palestinians are breaking out of the Israeli concentration camp. They want to go home.

You can call me Al

Nope – “Gaza is unbelievable. It has 97% of its water POISONED”.


Rivers polluted with chemicals…That is the way to Kill them slowly… History repeats itself…
Who was talking about Chemical Attacks by the way?

You can call me Al

Yep : http://tapnewswire.com/2013/09/israel-poisons-palestinian-water-supply/

PS Are you a real “Red Indian” ?……no offense, but I hate how the US segments all Americans; Native American, African American blah blah


First of all we are all Human Beings, my Relatives have lived for at least 900 years in a place that has had many names, it is now called Holland…which means Land of Trees, the trees were chopped down to built boats and conquer other Nations…From a young age I’ve considered the Lakota tribe my Relatives.. their life, the way they respected their Surroundings & Environment, their Fierceness, their Honesty, their Honour, Bravery & Courage…their Freedom & Spirit…is what I always admired and are things that seem to have left Humanity these days… Greed has won..”The Red Indian” that dared to oppose the Europeans conquering their lands were exterminated including their brothers the Buffalo & the rest of the Wildlife…One should read about the Indian Boarding Schools, if parents refused to send their kids there, the kid was was shot dead. This extermination is continuing until today. In the form of Alcoholism (2/3 is alcholic), Abuse, Poisoning their Rivers to create Cancer, birth deficits & more..Let their History be a Warning to All…the Relatives of the Massmurderers back then, are the ones that are in Control of the U.S.A. Of today… which tells a lot about the intentions of these Evil Psychopaths… The Palestinians, The Houthis & Syrians are the Lakota of today…in my opinion..




You can call me Al

Thank you. Very interesting comment and videos (that I have saved for later).

Yes it is sad to watch and to know the facts even as an outsider, however it is starting to air via channels like National Geographic, Discovery for example. Your posted “economist” article is basically fact by fact the same as what is happening up in Alaska with their indigenous population; well what I saw.


The Elite Only Drinks this Water comment image
Wonder why…?

You can call me Al

Unfortunately for Palestine, the West bank’s leadership sold their soul for a shekel or two. If they were ever to unite, they may stand a limited chance.

Shame on many Arab Nations for being whores, whilst their brothers undergo genocide.


IAF have been busy little bees – Syria & Hamas in same period!


>>The IDF went on claiming that it will not “allow cynical use of civilians as cover for terrorist activity against Israeli citizens and IDF forces and will respond to all attempts at this kind of terrorism.”<<

And yet the IDF has no problems whatsoever for collectively punishing ALL Palestinians civilians for the actions of any insurgents.

Go cry me a river, Israel.


If the Middle East refuses to Unite…and work together, then the Middle East will never become a Power of any Relevance… In the end the only ones to blame, are they themselves… For many years now they all have been under Attack by the West…by now I suppose they all know who is the Real Enemy…do they realise them will be next? Doesn’t People learn from earlier Mistakes…? All so called Leaders in Almost Every Country in the World are Bought Puppets… do Common People really think “Theirs” are Just? You only need a handful of Shekels to buy them…I’ll have to see if there will stand up ONE DECENT Leader anywhere in this World…That my Friends is the Weakness of Human Beings…


Israeli migrants state is a bigger threat than ISIS and Al-Qaeda in the Middle East. Now Netanyahu can invade Russia and their allies. The butcher Netanyahu has proved to the world that F35 are really stealthy even the S400 air defence missile system cannot detect F35 which will boost the F35 sale while it will reduce the S400 sale. This is trully a bigger slap of Netanyahu.

Now Palestinians and Kashmiris would be slaughtered without mercy.

Icarus Tanović

Both those are Zionistic creations.

Icarus Tanović

What is this joke? S-200 take one f-35 down.



Icarus Tanović

This must stop.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

We know all this is a lie because Jews said it. Lying is what Jews do; they’re hard wired for it.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The Jews are doing to the Palestinians what they did to the indigenous tribes of central Europe.

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