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Israeli Forces Ban Fuel And Gas From Entering Gaza Strip

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Israeli Forces Ban Fuel And Gas From Entering Gaza Strip


On August 1st, Israel banned fuel and gas from entering the Gaza Strip. The blockade on the Kerem Shalom crossing will begin on August 2nd and will continue until further notice.

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman announced that the closing comes due to an increase in launches of incendiary kites and balloons into southern Israel in the past weeks.

The defense minister’s spokesman said in an announcement, as cited by Jerusalem Post: “A short time ago Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman ordered that gas and fuel be banned from entering Gaza through Kerem Shalom, starting on Thursday (August 2nd) and until such time as there is a new announcement.”

This is the second time in recent weeks that Israel closes the Kerem Shalom crossing for fuel. On July 17th, Lieberman announced the ban on fuel and gas, including the emergency fuel supplied by the UN. Any ban on fuel and gas entry into Gaza is highly dangerous, since almost 2 million people in the city live only on close to 4 hours of electricity per day. They require fuel-powered generators for their homes, businesses, and critical civilian infrastructure, including hospitals and water and sewage facilities. On July 24th, the Crossing was partially reopened, once again allowing some fuel and gas to enter Gaza. The partial reopening was due to a complaint by UN officials, cited by Israel National News, that emergency fuel reserves in the city were running low.

The blockade of the Kerem Shalom crossing began on July 9th, after an escalation between Hamas and the Israeli forces. It still bans all goods from exiting and vital materials are still banned from entering, including construction materials, water pumps, spare parts, generators, clothing, blankets, mattresses, and more. It allowed only the entry of fuel, food and medicine. Also, on July 9th, Israel reduced the fishing zone in the southern Gaza Strip from 9 nautical miles to 6, also in response to the incendiary kites and balloons.

On July 20th there was an escalation in Gaza, after a Palestinian sniper reportedly killed an Israeli soldier. The Israeli airstrike that followed in retaliation killed four Palestinians. Israel’s military said, cited by VOA news that it struck 25 Hamas positions, including weapon warehouses, command and control centers, training facilities, observation posts and other sites.

On July 20th, Hamas, as cited by VOA News, vowed to continue the weekly protests along the Gaza Strip and to launch incendiary kites and balloons.

On July 14th, there was an escalation in which Israel carried out the largest airstrike against Gaza since the 2014 war, as a result killing two teenagers. The airstrikes were in retaliation to intensified Hamas mortar attacks at Israel on July 13th.

The escalation followed the July 13th protest along the Gaza strip which was allegedly violent and left two Palestinians killed and more than 220 injured, according to the Gaza Health Ministry as cited by Telegraph.

The weekly protests along the Gaza Strip began on March 30th and happen every Friday. They are meant to drawn attention to Israeli-Egyptian blockade imposed since 2007. So far more than 135 Palestinians have been killed since the protests began.

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Iran should keep ready their long range hypersonic ballestic missiles every time.

If any country attack Iran so immediately with in one minute Iran should target important sights in Israel by 350 ballestic missiles simultaneously without seeking permission from UNSC, Russia etc or looking for who has attacked Iran. This will be an attack. If it was US then also invade US bases and aircraft carriers. Every country has full right to defend themselves from hostile regimes.

Iran has genuine right to keep US, UK and Israeli pirates 1000 miles away from Iran water.


5 million Children and women should ready for death in Palestine and 30 million in America because they are blockade since UK occupied them. Many crock regimes are evil in Muslim world like Saudi, UAE etc but still there is hope from God.


Stop spamming these threads with your lies.


Turkey has options to slap own sanctions on Trump and Netanyahu by closing their all military bases in Turkey and join hands with Assad, Iran, Russia, China and North Korea to make a strong team for competition in political, defence, steel, agricultural, space and petroleum industries. Turkey is developing its own 5th Gen fighter, ICBM and SLV.

leon mc pilibin

Democracy ,zionist style == genocide,theft and never ending wars..


The evil Jew leg breakers have shot 15,000 unarmed demonstrators in a completely unnecessary blood bath. To once again show the world why they were condemned by Jesus Christ and are the most persecuted, expelled and genocided group of miscreants in human history.

Israel and Judaism need to be extinguished and Palestine, the US and the rest of the planet dejudified to create a Jew free world that will be much better for humanity.

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