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Israeli Fighter Jets, Attack Helicopters Pounded Hamas Targets In Response To New Rocket Attack (Videos, Photos)

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Late on November 21, a rocket was launched by unidentified gunmen from the Palestinian Gaza Strip at the southern region of Israel. 

The Iron-Dome system didn’t intercept the rocket, which hit an empty warehouse in the city of Ashkelon, causing heavy material damage. No casualties were reported as a result of the rocket attack.

In response to the attack, Israeli fighter jets and attack helicopters carried out intense airstrikes on the Gaza Strip. According to the Israeli Defense Forces, the following facilities of the Hamas Movement were targeted:

  • Two rocket ammunition manufacturing sites;
  • Direct hit on underground infrastructures;
  • Direct hit on a military compound.

Palestinian sources said the Israeli airstrikes had hit positions in the western and southern parts of the Gaza Strip. The airstrikes didn’t cause any human losses.

Exactly a week ago, Israel carried out a series of airstrikes on Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip following a similar rocket attack.

Moreover, on November 22, the IDF kicked off a military exercise to enhance “combat readiness” around the Gaza Strip. Regular and reserve forces take part in the exercise, which will continue till November 25.

The situation around the Gaza Strip remains tense. However, a serious confrontation between the IDF and Palestinian factions is unlikely to take place soon.


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Fog of War

Meanwhile. …… Does Hezbollah approve ?

– Lebanon and Israel this month said they agreed to begin negotiations in what Washington hailed as a ‘historic’ move. –



Aoun has attempted to enlarge the Maritime Area under its rightful control …. attempting to ‘grab’ a piece of an existing Israeli gas find

Let’s hope the two sides can make a deal …

Fog of War

Hopefully that deal includes stopping Israhell’s illegal overflights over Lebanon’s sovereign lands . Or am I asking for too much ?


You’re asking too much … but I’m not an IAF spokesperson …. lol

Israeli overflights are worrisome for Lebanon/Lebanese … that’s ok

Israel and Lebanon/ Hezbollah are still at war … hello?

A Peace Deal would work through that issue … but that’s far off …


Hamas was attacked by the IDF … for firing a rocket at Israel … hello?

Israel doesn’t miss sending a message of clarity to Hamas / Gazans


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