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Israeli Explosive Device Injured Two Syrian Soldiers In Al-Quneitra

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Israeli Explosive Device Injured Two Syrian Soldiers In Al-Quneitra

File image.

On June 18, an explosive device blast injured two Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers in al-Quneitra near the separation line with the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

The device was planted inside an observation post of the SAA located near the remains of al-Quneitra’s old hospital, which was destroyed by the Israeli military during the war of 1973. When the soldiers entered the post, the device blew up.

“A Russian military vehicle moved the wounded regime fighters to nearby hospitals,” the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said in a report.

The post, which is located less than 200 meters away from the separation line, is frequently visited by senior SAA officers and Hezbollah commanders.

A day earlier, Israeli battle tanks shelled an SAA post in the town of al-Qahtaniyah, around 150 meters away from the separation line. The post was also frequently visited by Hezbollah commanders, namely Munir Ali Naeem Shaito also known as “Jawad Hashim” and “Haj Hashim”.

The Israeli military warned SAA service members in al-Quneitra, especially those serving in the ranks of the 1st Corps, against collaborating with Hezbollah in leaflets dropped recently near the separation line.

According to Israeli and Syrian sources, the Israeli military was behind the explosive device which wounded two SAA soldiers. The attack was likely a warning to Hezbollah.


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Israeli terrorists planting IEDs on the separation line while also accusing the other side of doing that.
The world has never seen a more disgusting entity then zionist Israel since the birth of mankind.

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Assads, Iran and Hesbollah all has wings and hardly need any drones in the future:)

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Same tired Hasbara propaganda, seen it all before. Your bosses don’t get much for their money.

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Peter Wallace

Why hasn’t Syria sent a salvo back into Israeli occupied Golan Heights . What are the UN observers doing about it. Telling deaf ears to stop. Well send another salvo so they can hear. Yes Israel is the big bully because they are backed up by the worlds biggest bully whose balls seem to be fully grasped in Israel’s teeth.


Those are no UN observers those are Mossad nasty agents dressed in UN uniforms.

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Pootin continues to allow his zio terrorist jewish God to terrorise the SAA, while preventing them from retaliation.

jens holm

Russia for many years has their own agenda. Assad is no commander of the Russian army ven he recycle a lot of free military stuff from there for free.

Peter Wallace

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