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Israeli Defense Minister ‘Wouldn’t Be Surprised if Somebody Assassinates Iranian President’

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Israeli Defense Minister said that he would not be surprised of “somebody assassinates the president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani,” during the Iranian election on May 19.

Israeli Defense Minister ‘Wouldn’t Be Surprised if Somebody Assassinates Iranian President’

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman (Photo: AFP 2017 / Wolfgang Kumm)

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that the murder of Mazen Faqha, a senior Hamas member, in the Gaza Strip in late March was an inside job, as well as added that he would “not be surprised” if one of the most ardent supporters of the fundamentalist organization, the Iranian President, is eventually assassinated by “somebody.”

“We can say with certainty that it was an internal killing,” the Haaretz newspaper quoted Lieberman, who was speaking on the Faqha’s murder.

Hamas accused Israel of the murder of its top operative Faqha, committed last month, and vowed a “divine punishment” to his assassins. Reportedly, the Palestinian liberation movement completed its internal investigation into the murder. Right after this, the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported, citing the Israeli Defense Minister, that internal assassinations are characteristic of the group.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if, during the Iranian election on May 19, somebody assassinates the president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani,” Lieberman noted.

The Israeli Defense Minister did not specify his statement about the Iranian president’s potential assassination. However, it seems unlikely that Hamas would seek to kill the president of a country, which shares some parts of its ideology and helps the Palestinian cause.

On March 24, Faqha suffered four gunshot wounds to his head and, later, died in Tell al-Hama neighborhood of the Gaza Strip. Hamas launched a massive manhunt in order to detain the murder’s perpetrators.Reportedly, dozens of Palestinians were arrested and accused of collaborating with Israeli intelligence, three of them were executed in Gaza last week without any apparent direct ties to Faqha’s shooting.

On Monday, Hamas announced that a suspect in the assassination was arrested, as well as the investigation was concluded and its findings were handed over to its leader, Yahya Sinwar. However, the organization did not revealed any detail about the identity of the man, held in custody.

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John Mason

People like that end up be the recipient of their own desires, hope so in this case.


iran or somebody needs to assassinate this guy and netanyahu. they are threats to world peace. of course, god forbid if what he said did happen, i wouldnt be surprised it was ISRAHELL


Then you are really a firiggin’ moron. You have no moral compass. Zip.


what does that have to do with anything?


Israhels are proxies of United Snakes of America like Al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists.

888mladen .

Sorry you missed Vatican and its foot soldiers who control deep state of the failed republic.

888mladen .

It’s well known fact that Hamas has been fighting in Syrian conflict on terrorists side. They have been main power behind digging tunnels under the government buildings and other tunnels that terrorists use for supplies. Hamas has been MOSAD’s creation in order weaken Palestinian resistance and justify aggression against Palestinian population by their radicalism. It’s not a remote possibility for that to happen at all. Hamas has close ties to Muslim Brotherhood.

888mladen .

Mates don’t react but try to be proactive providing new details on the topic. Refrain from using obscenities in your language. It’s pure nonsense and certainly not a sign of a great mind..


Listen Hasbaratnjiks and “friends of Israel, the terror state and an crime capital, Tel-aviv, my only advice to the Lebanes and Syrians, when they attack you this time, dont even think about stopping before you have the Knesset in your scopes,, not an meter before.

The Israelis are hiding behind the idiot wankers, in Trumpistan, and will not go to war unless the wankers is behind them, the moment that is failing and I know the Hezb have made wise choices regarding weapons systems, and make flying or going with boats to an element of high danger, the ground force witch they call IDF will be pulverized, within some few days.

Show mercy, where mercy have been shown and given, my only pledge. As for the Joos and most of all, the second class Herbrews, pay attention, be honest, repent and work for peace, and peace you shall receive.

Our Creatore is by all means Merciful and Benevolent, all and everything, and dont forget this either, its never to late to trun, as long your hart beats, there is time, after, its to late, but then again, its not up to me to understand nor judge, that I leave to our Creatore.

Blessed are the peacemakers.

Whatever this scums is capable to drool down there, is not backed by anything other then the rotten west and the even more rotten Trumpistan, the Imperial banana republic 2.0 Now injecting them self with steroids and booze. Yup, and never forget the doctrine of Full Spectrum Dominance, The Trump just kicked in back on overdrive. Yeehaa, make America great again. I wounder do He get the Nobel for this one as the last insane Wankeestan president, the Obamalama the Child-slayer. If Israel is to survive at all, 67 is the number of the trade, or be gone forever as you should be as an nation based upon forgery’s, criminal actions, war crimes an mass and lies.

Make Palestine great again.



Fling your feces, monkeyboy. Israel is great and you are a monkeyboy. You know that computer you’re typing on? The chips were invented in Israel. You know that polio vaccine that’s keeping you walking? Invented by two Jew. Die, monkeyboy; leave civilization to the humans.

Expo Marker

Interesting to see how Rouhani, the Iranian reformer president, still is a target of the US-EU-NATO-GULF-ISRAEL alliance. This will only lead to hardliners taking over Iran again.

Events like this mirror 2010, when Israel recruited many people to kill nuclear scientists.

gfsdyughjgd .

Lieberman is not a jew he is a wannabe full of hate and bad wishes.He is trying to be a agressive Israelite to have a Israel accommodation.


Avigdor Lebensraum – with zionist antisemites like him, who needs nazis?


Why assassinate an Iranian president? He’s not the leader of the country and has little power. There are 13 people in Iran with far more power than the president.

Dustil schmit

He is a reformer and more of a moderate compared to previous Iranian presidents.


All you Israel haters are pathetic, deeply disturbed morons. Gawd, how I love coming here and laughing at you all. Not one of you knows right from wrong. Dying laughing.

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