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Israeli Defense Minister Vows To Crush S-300, S-700 etc If Israel Is Threatened

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Israeli Defense Minister Vows To Crush S-300, S-700 etc If Israel Is Threatened


It looks that the US-led April 14 missile strike on Syria has backfired and now Washignton and its allies are considering what do with consequences of their decision.

Israel is especially unhappy. For example, its defense minister Avigdor Lieberman is in fire over the possible S-300 supplies to Syria by Russia.

What’s important to us is that the defensive weapons the Russians are giving Syria won’t be used against us. If they’re used against us, we’ll act against them,” Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman told the Ynet newspaper in an obvious remark over the current situation. “If anyone attacks us, we will retaliate, regardless of S-300, S-700 or any anything else’s presence there.”

Lieberman claimed that Israel “doesn’t interfere in Syria’s internal affairs” adding that however, Israel will not allow Iran “to flood” Syria “with advanced weapons systems that would be aimed against Israel.”

The defense minister’s remarks came a day after an obvious example of Israeli non-interference into the Syrian affairs when the county’s military struck a position of the Syrian Arab Army east of the occupied Golan Heights destroying an artillery piece of the government forces.

Meanwhile, Israeli Minister of Intelligence Yisrael Katz said that any S-300 supplies to Syria will cross the line undermining  the Israeli-Russian relations.

“I doubt that they will supply this missile defense system – at the very moment they will cross a certain line in our relations,” Katz said in an interview with Army Radio.

On April 23, reports appeared that US CENTCOM commander General Joseph Votel had made “a secret and unprecedented visit to Israel” and met with senior Israeli security officials. Some experts link the trip with the alleged Israeli-US talks what to do if the Syrian government really receives advanced S-300 missile defense systems and attempt to deploy them near the contact line with Israel.

From the own side, Russia has announced that the decision on S-300 supplies has not been made yet. However, the option remains open.

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Karim Al Ahamadi



Good. No very good.




Excellent. Give Israel her wish :)

Michał Hunicz

That “etc” is childish.

hope springs eternal.

Israel’s days as “top gun” are numbered. Learn to live and let live, for the sake of peace and humanity please.



Joao Alfaiate

The sooner MBS goes the way of the Shah, the better.

Nigel Maund

Boy are they totally rattled! Well tough luck Israel, it’s high time your bullying tactics in the Middle East were brought to an abrupt and timely halt. If the IAF is rendered impotent then good as this alone will put a stop to Israel’s perpetual meddling in the Middle East. If this is achieved then well done Russia as peace and prosperity will eventually unsue. Time to change the balance of power in the Middle East permanently.


This shold have been done long time ago. What’s bothering Russia, I still don’t know. Once it was supposed to keep good relations with the West but they are the ones who are facing sanctions that are increased every day from the US/West. Besides how can the West defend their case against a move by Russia supplying weapons for defense to one of its allies! besides the West supplies weapons to everybody including PKK and ISIS. Man, Zionists rule the West but howcome RF is so late in supplying these toys to Syria…if an israeli plane gets shot down by a Syrian S-300 when it was attacking Syria will be a self-defense and can not be a starter of a NATO war with RF so it confuses me. (Israelies can’t make war but make NATO war on someone they so desire).


Only recently Russian Armed Forces capable to overturned whatever the west can throw at them and only recently the Russian oligarchs lost so much power.


makes sense thanks


Yes, and perhaps it is time to strip the Russian Oligarchs of their ill-gotten gains that were funded by Rothschild and other such venal banks during the Plunder of Russia during the 1990’s. The shareholdings of the oligarchs ( front men) are largely held as security by those banks.

During the Stalin era millions of non jewish and even a few jewish Russians were sentenced and incarcerated in the Gulags by the largely Jewish ‘Jewdiciary’ and the Jewish dominated Cheka/NKVD secret police who also guarded the camps.

The normal sentence for an ‘offence’ was 10 years and such sentences were often increased by further terms of 10 years if the inmate had not died , as millions did in the harsh conditions. When ‘freedom’ did arrive it was often in the form of ‘exile’ to Siberia etc where many of the camps were located.

Lock up the oligarchs in a rather grand Tsarist era prison in Siberia that exists to this day I think. :)

Nigel Maund

Thanks Saka! Totally agree.


Lieberman claimed that Israel “doesn’t interfere in Syria’s internal affairs” adding that … AHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAH (couldn’t read the rest)

Gerry Hiles

A prime example of chutzpah, combined with victimhood, projection and all other elements of a psychopathic personality. Typical Ashkenazi Zionist illegal settler – after all they have to be very twisted to believe that they have a right to land they have zero connection with. Lieberman is Russian by birth, if I remember correctly. Supreme cheek indeed! “Poor me, how dare they defend themselves.”


They are a joke. No wonder they got kicked out of wherever they settled before inventing Israel.

And thanks info. Checked. Liberman was born in 1958 at Kishniev, Russia. Immigrated to Israel in 1978.

PJ London

They will be kicked out of Israel, just taking a little longer.


I wonder how many Jews will be around by the end of the 21st century? My apologies if my question by any chance happens to bother any of you folks.



Zynkyoku Haku is certainly far out there, but who knows for sure until the day we die? Whether we reach either an afterlife, reincarnation in which few would probably ever remember their past lives, or anything at all.




Gerry Hiles

Yes, except remember that it is Palestine, or if maybe when Palestinians outnumber the interlopers and a non-Zionist state ought to be inevitable, perhaps the land could be called Canaan as an historically neutral name for all of its inhabitants … but I can’t ever see the settlers allowing that.

PJ London

2012 “Reported to me, Henry Kissinger has stated — and I quote the statement word for word: ‘In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.’ ”

I repeat: ‘In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.’ “

What makes you think that the victors will allow any Israelis or Jews to live? The hatred is palpable on both sides.


Kiced outta Israel to Fck up another country.


They are ALL, land thieving, baby killing colonial invaders


I had to read that 3 times my self Sakaramanga :)

Israeli’s have always existed in a bubble of self deceit though.

PJ London

Or in America’s internal affairs, or UK or France or …….


AFTER they admitted attacking Syria 100s of times LoL


If Russia capitulate to Israelis demand of not helping Syria with these defensive weapons, then something will be amiss. Red or whatever line they’ve drawn, Syria need these weapons ASAP.

Nigel Maund

Agreed entirely!


Then, israel and turkey will attack!


Russia does not “capitulate” – as with the cancellation of the Iran S300 deal, it was “offered” a massive concession by the US-Zio leaders. Putin knows the awesomeness of the S300 and uses it as a bargaining chip. However, the Iranian Bavar 373 are highly likely a Chinese clone of the S300..so, if it can do the job, who needs the S300



Nigel Maund

That’s precisely what they want!…… a full blown war that will drag in their usual bunch of idiotic allies who do whatever Israel tells them to do!


Full blown war with Syria when battle hardened hez, Iranians, Syria are all ready to take on office workers army?

No that’s the last thing Israel want. US ? Where do they have any force there without being surrounded?

No . War happen is only Assad decided not Israel. Days of 1967 are long gone …see Lebanon2006 where air Force made useless


They have no strategy that doesn’t include air superiority.

Tiresia Branding

jericho trumpet… ?

Jack Luminous

Absolutely. Please also read the article titled “Hizbullah Today” or something like that. It’s been floating around for a couple weeks. It’s a new article. I forgot where I saw it. Maybe unz.com?


Russia Insider aka Facebook !


I’m banned from commenting! Hilarious!


Hopefully, Iran will take action!

Only way to prevent it, at this stage, is that israel know that their attack will fail.

Nicola Acerra

fuck the zionists


“I, me, fascist, I, me zionist, I, me, me, me….blah.

First Lastname

“I, me, racist, I me, antisemitic, I, me, remember the 6 million…blah

Trustin Judeau

S300 is defensive weapon – it will be used only if the Israeli regime attacks Syria.I hope these systems are delivered to Syria.And also Lieberman is clown,dont take his words seriously


I’ve noticed Lieberman is always the most bellicose of all the Israeli leaders and spokespersons…

Gerry Hiles

Well he’s a Russian defector blow-in settler who must know, deep down, that he has no right to be in Palestine, hence the bellicose, defensive cover up. It’s typical of psychopaths, or anyone without a real leg to stand on. Bluster and go on the attack.


Think of your country’s most rabid left/right wing nutter short of a neo-nazi or a communist and then you probably have Lieberman. Or maybe now I’m insulting neo-nazis and communists? As Lieberman has argued in favor of ethnically cleansing all Palestinians.

Considering the murky nature of Israeli coalition politics I’m not sure if he has any actual power, or if Netanyahu keeps him around, like Trump does with Bolton, to scare Johnny Foreigner.


Make it clear that if Syria doesn´t get these systems, then Iran will!

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Hahaha I always love ur commentary bro :))


Well tiny little Israel had challenged big bear . Well let’s us see if the big bear chickens out or do what is right to support it’s ally as Hundreds of thousands Syrians have died being a friend of Russia. Or russia again will pander to it’s western partners or colleagues and leave Syria cold.

I do not believe Israel has the capability to hit The S300 .

F35 was damaged with A bird fired by Syria remember?

Gerry Hiles

I don’t think that Russia ever has or ever will actually chicken out, but remember that only eighteen short years ago Russia was teetering on the brink of utter ruin. Great patience and care has been needed to come back the way it has, calculating and developing all defences necessary to prevent a full scale attack on the Motherland. Given Western psychosis a careful time must be picked to strike back if necessary.

I think that we can take Vladimir Vladimirovich at his word that if Russia or it’s allies come under serious attack – that launch of ineffective Tomahawks did not count – then launch sites will be destroyed, whether on land or at sea.

PJ London

Russia (Putin) has only one single objective. All else is irrelevant and ignored. Putin does not care about Assad or Erdogan, or Syria or Turkey or Kurds or anything but his single objective. “Protect Russia [and the Russian speaking people]”. Russia does not have ‘Allies’ only interests. Russia does not have ‘friends’ only interests. If the Russian interests change then so will it’s friends and allies.

Tudor Miron

You don’t know sh$t about Russians.

PJ London

Thank you for your insightful comment. I will agree, I try to know information and data about Russians, including those who I count as friends, but I agree that do not know ‘sh$t’. I leave that to people like you, who are clearly an expert in the stuff.


I wish I knew Victoria Lopyreva.


It’s high time Russia stopped being nice to these despicable bullies. If the world have to end in order to stop them, then let it end, enough of this blood shed by them everywhere.

Bruno Bruni



meant to say an anticipated future generation of S-300 in that he says s-300 does not frighten them.


The idea that a “defensive” weapon is used to “attack” anyone is rather counterintuitive…

Unless he means “you are not supposed to defend yourself from us”




Next time Israeli shit jets will not return from their dirty mission because this time Syria have done proper arrangement for them. Any dirty attack from terrorist Israel will be retaliated with full blow.

Val Shadowhawk

Yes! The S200 and S300 air defense systems are capable of shooting down jet aircrafts!!

calendar august 2018

Syrian government really receives advanced S-300 missile defense systems and attempt to deploy them near the contact line with Israel.

Val Shadowhawk

You mean the illegitimate usurping entity known as ‘israel?’ The illegal occupier of Palestine and Syria’s Golan Heoghta?

Gerry Hiles

Of course, typical response.


Well it’s not that crazy, it’s actually similar to why Russia is threatned by the US missle defense shield in EU, it will reduce not only their air capacity but more importantly, Syria would be in a very special position to down Israeli missles launched anywhere from eastern Israel. They pretty much have to hit Syria before they ever hit Iran and now there will be 2 layers of s 300 between them, Iran will have better protection from Israeli missles than the other way around. Israeli nukes is their deterant , they are pretty worthless without them and s300 in Syria will threaten that ability.


Are you high? Russia complained about the US missile shield in EU because it can be very easily converted into a missile launcher. That Israel then wouldn’t be able to bomb Syria or Iran without worry? That’s a good thing!

Elie Assael

There is no real physical conversion needed, it’s just a question of software and which missile types are loaded.


So, in your opinion, Israel is entitled to attack Siria, because it’s on their way with attacking Iran?


I gave no opinion on what’s justified and what’s not. If that’s what you took away from the comment then it’s pointless trying to explain otherwise. What ever your opinion on Israel is, s 300 in Syria hurts their nuclear capability and that’s terrifying for israeI, alot more terrifying than getting a few planes shot down.


Russia should give Syria at least a regiment’s worth of S-300s (54 S-300 SAM launchers in total) and additional ZSU-23-4 “Shilka” SHORADs to start out with, these S-300s should be at least of similar quality to the S-300P system that the Russian MoD had given to Belarus and Kazakhstan free of charge over the past few years. Later they should also offer the S-300V4 upgrade for the S-300P, which has the same maximum range as the S-400 air defense system, along with the 91N6E “Big Bird” detection radar.

It would also be interesting to see the Syrians deploy their future S-300s near the Khmeimim Air Base used by the Russian Aerospace Force in Syria, albeit NATO and Israel would likely blame the Russians for any of their aircraft shot down when flying through Syrian or Lebanese airspace.

alejandro casalegno

Syria can`t pay even the S-300……..no way the S-400…….will be a Russia gift…………


Syria has already paid for an s300, some mig29s and mig 31s that were never delivered.


What is terrifying to Israel is the terrible truth for many decades – That their ONLY superiority was air superiority happily provided by the USA. Now their air superiority has been totally neutralised (if Syria gets the S300), so they have NO way of maintaining ANY aggressive stance towards Syria or Iran. Basically, its game over for Israel.

Promitheas Apollonious

Hit Iran…………… they never had the balls and never will beside farting and threatening. Unless of course their death wish have reached desperation levels and want to get it over with, with their elimination from the map. In this case I am 100% with israshit to go for it.



Promitheas Apollonious

That is been their wish for 30 years now yes. Have you seen the americans ever do this? Iran is not someone who will take it seating down and americans can not defeat Iran and they know this better, than the Iranians know it.


haha…..fool, guess what the Zionist state has in store for you when it’s your turn…..praise them at your folly

Promitheas Apollonious

They fart my b*lls same as you do now kid.


awww….how sweet…..the Zio mouthpiece digs deep into his IQ of 20 and comes up with that…..now try to string a coherent sentence together that makes sense…..I await your childish response


“what the Zionist state has in store for you when it’s your turn..” – What do they have in store ? – a bunch of crybaby IDF Pussies?


I think we can’t compare those two situations.

Russia is worried about the US ABMs in eastern Europe, because of the United States’ “preventive attack” strategy (I kill you because someday somehow you may acquire the means to hurt me or my interests). That’s the doctrine they had for more than 50 years.

The Soviet Union and it’s major successor, Russia believed and believe that MAD -Mutually Assured Destruction- is the greatest deterrence against such madness. When your adversary is the US, what a “capable” missile shield does, is that it effectively erases MAD and opens the way for a first nuclear attack on you without the fear of your retaliation. Wouldn’t you be worried in that situation?

Notice that neither Syria nor Iran have such a war strategy. In case of Iran, their military strategy is a defensive one. Even Iran’s most controversial weapons -missiles- are defensive as Iran kept it’s missile ranges at about 2000KM so far and just works on their precision (which is very much needed as they’re not nuclear tipped). More than that, as much as US and Co. would like to paint Iran as an aggressor, Iran didn’t attack anyone for the last 3 centuries or so and only defended when being attacked.

So it’s really apples and oranges. If Israelis are worried that these “defencive” weapons, such as S-300 may be used against them, the best guarantee for them is not to attack. Syria will acquire a capable air defence one way or another, IF they manage to hold their country together. The irony is that the reason they will have it is because of Israel’s actions.


But but…Israel has the right to defend themselves as well as attack others . Other do not have that right.

This is the mentality of Western countries…even US .

When countries like China or Russia is able to defend themselves , then it is a threat to them and threaten war.

Might is right


“Iran didn’t attack anyone for the last 3 centuries or so and only defended when being attacked.” What puzzle me is how the Israeli elites managed to turn (neutralize) most the Arab countries that wanted to drive it(Israel) into the sea since 1948;

Egypt, Jordon, Iraq,(even Saudi Arabia). These counties are BFF with Israel. Iran did not take part in those wars; yet Israeli elites returned that Iranian gesture by making it (Iran ) the West number one target for destruction. How did Iran get into the bad books with Israel?

First Lastname

This old Polish saying perfectly explains why Israel sees a defensive weapon as something that can attack them:

“The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.”


I guess Pols have extensive experience with Khazaris, but that didn’t remain a proverb.

“… we can never forgive you for making us kill your children” Golda Meir”

Of course I “censored” parts of her quote so it fits my evil agenda! She was just a little innocent old lady… ;)

PS. I hope you never be banned. Whenever I see your avatar, everything else fades and blurs in my eyes and instantly becomes unimportant!


LOL, I’ll tell this JOKE to my Jewish friend!


Amen brother!


This has always been the idea. Nobody around Israel has the right to defense himself.

Thomas Wolsey

“you are not supposed to defend yourself from us” That is exactly their opinion.


The Zionists prefer their victims to be nearly defenceless like the inmates of the Gaza bantustan whom the Isreali IDF death squads shoot like rabbits, when they dare protest living under the Zionist boot.

Israel is a war crime.


Hey Thomas Wolsey! There is no need to shout this out. Liberman looks down upon every country who are not Khazari Neo-Zionists. He thinks the rest of humanity are low caste dung and possess the wits of an earth-worm.


Russia capable of providing S-300 to Syria within one month:


[Russia’s General Staff declared it might be possible to raise the question once again of providing S-300 systems to Damascus shortly after the United States, Britain and France on April attacked Syria with cruise missiles. The agreement with Syria on providing S-300 was signed back in 2010 only to be frozen due to objections from the West and Israel.]

Ray Douglas

The idea of the S300 would be that if Syria decided to reclaim the Golan Israel would not be able to retaliate as he S300’s would stop them.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Putin should obey Israeli orders, and not deliver the S-300 or the S-700 system. And instead should just simply deliver the S-400 system, as to not upset Israels demands. The S-400 system is the loophole lol.

Jack Luminous

Of course… let’s use some of our “great wisdom” LOL


The first domino has to fall and the rest will follow. Neutralise the IAF and Israel will only be able to cry big tears in all the capital cities of the West, stamp their feet, and throw a tantrum, but attacks on Syria and Lebanon will cease. Then, for all their US weapons and aircraft, Israel will be forced to stay inside their own borders and become a well-behaved state. It’s time that Russia puts a stop to Israel’s games. Being kind to Israel is no longer in Russia’s interests.


Obliquely of interest to readers perhaps, recent Vesti report on Russian submarine activities during last missile attack earlier this month…


paul ( original )

I would dearly like to see the Israeli minister having to put his money where is mouth is. Sadly I don’t think this will happen as I don’t believe the system will be supplied. I would very much hope to be proved wrong on this point but until the system is actually in Syrian hands ( and unambiguously know to be) all we have are hopes and speculation. For my part I just don’t think it will happen.


Come on Israël, keep the idea you will dominate your neighbors for ever. You should know that most of military defeats are due to under estimation of the enemy. So, be sure you will be defeated.


Deranged zionazi lunatic Lieberman/Doberman, is even more insane than Bibi.

Ray Douglas

I would imagine that if Russia does supply Syria with the S300 then it will be deployed at the Euphrates River as Syria has stated on many occasions that it will liberate every inch of Syrian territory. That would mean that Eastern Syria would be a no fly zone for the US/UK/France war planes. The liberation of all Syria would then follow.


It would be deployed to the west so it could cover Lebanon airspace (which is often used for standoff attacks).

Ray Douglas

One of us could be correct, both of us could be correct and both of us could be wrong. But I think the recapture of the oil wells in the East would be a better achievement for the Syrians as they have a lot of rebuilding to do and the oil would help with that. Russia could give them enough S400’s to cover the whole country so we would both be wrong.


The article is about Israel feeling threatened by S-300 deployment. They don’t have planes flying around Euphrates, and are repeatedly attacking western parts of Syria (using standoff weapons, usually from Lebanon airspace). One of those got shot down recently. Deployment of S-300 around Deir ez-Zor would be nice, but I don’t think it would be of primary importance right now.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Usurer David told the same vs S-200….even they told that S-200 launchers were detroyed…but later one F-16 was shot down and one F-15 damage!….


A favorite Polish saying: A jew is a man who screams out in pain as he stabs you in the back.


Ok. CIV like: Gholan Heights+Peace treaty and against S-300 deployment in Syria. Otherwise play yourself.

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