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JUNE 2023

Israeli Defense Minister Complains “Assad Is Winning” In Syria

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Israeli Defense Minister Complains "Assad Is Winning" In Syria

FILE IMAGE: Avigdor Lieberman. REUTERS/ Ronen Zvulun

After over 6 years of war in Syria, Tel Aviv started complaining that the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance is winning in the ongoing conflict.

On Tuesday, Israeli Defense Ministry Avigdor Lieberman gave an interview with Israel’s Walla news site calling on the United States to contribute more efforts in the war torn country where President Bashar Assad “is winning.”

“I see a long international queue lining up to woo Assad, include Western nations, including moderate Sunnis. Suddenly everyone wants to get close to Assad. This is unprecedented. Because Assad is winning, everyone is standing in line,” the minister said adding that the situation is “one of the greatest absurdities.”

Lieberman said that Israel “faced with the Russians, Iranians, and also the Turks and Hezbollah. The public does not know everything and it’s a good thing, but it’s an investment and an effort 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

“The United States has quite a few challenges of their own, but as a trend, the more active the US is, the better,” Lieberman said.

It looks Israel is deeply concerned over a success of the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliacnce in a battle agaonst ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria. So, what now?

Hezbollah – Capabilities And Role In The Middle East

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Alejandro Calero

Oh, so the fucking zionist pig wants to cry? Then do it, moron


They’re the biggest cry babies the world has ever known, goes to show they’re incredibly weak.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke


That is the way of most bullies. The scream the loudest when hit.

Langaniso Mhlobo

This guy with ugly eyes have killed Jesus and crucified him.No wonder stupid Istaelis like blood flow.

Zainab Ali

this could be a satanic pretext to act as though the illegitimate entity is being oppressed by the countries this scumbag mentioned, thus an illegal kurdistan state is essential for the survival of israhell – as usual – losers poisoning and confusing the world


“Lieberman said that Israel “faced with the Russians, Iranians, and also the Turks and Hezbollah. The public does not know everything and it’s a good thing, but it’s an investment and an effort 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”…TRANSLATION…The public does not know that WE are the CREATORS of I.S.I.S and the UNITED STATES the training and arm suppliers, an effort 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and that is a good thing to keep the people IGNORANT AND MISINFORMED.



josé costodio

Don’t worry, your time is caming too!!!

Vince Dhimos

“The public does not know everything and it’s a good thing, but it’s an investment and an effort 24 hours a day, seven days a week.” You mean it’s good they don’t know about you guys supporting ISIS maybe? Yeah. As for the 24-7 effort it is really weird that you are not aware that China and Assad never once stopped negotiating throughout all those 6 years. The Chinese knew Russia would win. You made a herculean effort 24-7 to keep your head in the sand. You will need a plan B now, like maybe learning how to dialogue instead of throwing your weight around and expecting the US to fight for you. If you can ever get your pride under control, Putin will be glad to lead the negotiations with the nations you’ve been refusing to talk to.

jade villaceran

plan b is kurdistan, they are crying because it may fail if turkey, iraq, iran and syria blocked the independence kurdistan and may lead to war, they cant support them that way thats why they are making a fuzz to make it happenwd and gain support of the referendum


““The United States has quite a few challenges of their own, but as a trend, the more active the US is, the better,” Lieberman said”…TRANSLATION…The UNITED STATES have to come and fight for ISRAHELL and spend their money and military life.

Joao Alfaiate

Blowback, pure and simple. At least the Turks and some of the Gulf Arabs are willing to reverse course. Gonna cost the Gulf boys some big $$$, Serves them right and they can afford it. As for Uncle Shmuel and his bosses in israel, you should never fished in troubled waters and now you are getting what you so roundly deserve.


It’s going to cost them a hell of a lot more than that. Turkey now has a renewed Kurdish revolution on its hands and the Arab terrorists are going continue to do back home what they did in Syria.

Joao Alfaiate

Serves them right!


Time for another clean pair of underwear?


Does he even use underwear ? He likely has a houseboy to lick him clean :)


Don´t forget the tie! http://uchaguzi.co.ke/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/sakashvili-eating-tie.jpg


Lieberman is a moron.

Even Israelis have them.

Brother Ma

I believe you.


I voted you up Dutch :)


But you know that he only says it because Lieberman is looking pathetic and even waving the white flag! Lol!

Kira Binkley

Waving the white flag? That’s his reason for wanting the American-Stupids to remain in Syria, even after I have been telling the Yanks for years now to stay out of Syria?


And they didn’t listen to you? Bastards!

Kira Binkley

Well, somebody else did, in fact.

jhon malakiat

and you love this moron.. lol

Claus W. Thomsen

Tha parasites always want others to fight their wars – and the idiots in US do it?

Solomon Krupacek

they read sun tze :)

Gary Sellars

but they don’t understand it…

Tommy Jensen

Its all well planned and prepared. You have noticed Americans are not the brightest people in the universe to say it in a polite way. Their school system and media prepare them to fight in the front line for Israel. They love it!

Kira Binkley

Oh, don’t be so polite!! Just come right out and say it: American-Stupid.


The reality behind all the IDF hype is that Israel is a small country with a small population – and is very risk averse to suffering heavy military losses. Israel’s demographics and domestic politics mean it cannot seriously engage in large scale, direct, wars with larger neighboring Arab states. Thus, the Israeli’s consistently try to out-source all their conflicts onto the power of US military – and they managed it with the Iraq invasion of 2003 – but they are having notably less success with the long-standing Israeli Cabinet demands that US directly and openly attack Iran…

Gary Sellars

Fuktard Ziostani pig. Reserve a seat in the gas chamber for this oxygen thief.


…and save a place for Bibi.

Solomon Krupacek

he called yanks to make more war in ME



Lieberman u cunt u mistake. WE DO KNOW


Obviously israel isn’t worried about Salafist terror organisations.

Wahid Algiers

Because they are useful idiots to them.


They would prefer an ISIS state to a Shia one. They’ve said as much.


It’s not about Shia versus Sunni, it is about breaking the resistance against this bunch of thieves and warmongers.


My point was not about any Shia-Sunni mutual hatred but about which side benefits Israel more. Israel has stated that it would prefer that ISIS control Syria, as ghastly as they are. This would be in aid of keeping Iran out of Syria thus supposedly creating a more favorable situation from the standpoint of Israeli security. Iran being the nightmare nation as Israelis see it.

Kira Binkley

We need to keep the state of Israel separate from actors within that state. When I said Lieberman wants Israel to be the “strong man” in the region, I did not mean that ALL of Israel wants that.


Understood. There are vast differences of opinion among Israelis and diaspora Jews.

Kira Binkley

Exactly. As I said before, I do not like this Lieberman. For all I know he is part of the Global Deep State. But I like Netanyahu.

Kira Binkley

Things change. And things can change.


What does ISIS stand for and why did they change their name, when people cottoned on?


ISIS has not changed its name to my knowledge. It’s al-Qaida in Syria that keeps ditching one name and then calling themselves something else. I just call them jihadi scum but ISIS are truly the scum of the earth.

ISIS stands for establishing a new caliphate, presumably implementing the most mindless and savage laws and practices in all of the Muslim world.


Israel Secret Intelligence Services so comes to mind and when it was pointed out didn’t they move to IS IS?


I’ve heard nothing along those lines. Clearly, however, Israel has and is intervening in the war against Assad on the side of the jihadis. They say they attack Hezbollah sites in Syria to protect themselves against Hezbollah but Hezbollah isn’t attacking Israel at the moment so far as I know and another lump of weaponry and ammo won’t make a difference of any kind if Hezbollah gets hold of it. Hezbollah has more to fear from Israel than vice versa.

I don’t know. Maybe the whole “rockets into Israel” strategy will reappear when Assad mops up the “rebel” resistance. Israel hasn’t complained of any rockets so I take that as evidence none has been fired by Hezbollah into Israel. There may have been a stray shell or two fired into the Golan by the SAA or its allies but the Israelis duplicitously treat such events as the Defcon IV events. Considering the medical help given by Israel to jihadis in Syria and the Israel weapons that seem to end up in the latter’s hands, the fake outrage of Israel wears a bit thin.


Disagree that Hezbollah has more to fear than Israel.

They stopped the Israeli invasion of Lebanon when they were far less battle – hardened and numerous.

Now they’ve got major international backing and increasing stature.

For example,, the EU refuses to classify them as terrorists.


You are correct. The Hezbollah of today are a formidable foe. I should have said they have more reason to be attacked by Israel than Israel has reason to fear an attack by Hezbollah. Hezbollah doesn’t fear the IDF, I am sure.

The Israeli concern about any kind of a Hezbollah attack in the near future is bogus. Maybe the long term as well. Hezbollah succeeded last time by excellent defensive preparations. I know of nothing that indicates they are capable of offensive operations against Israel,


I feel sorry for the people of Israel that do not wish to be tainted by their leaders. Like most of us in the Western nations. All for a gas or oil pipeline, where the sovereign nation does not wish to share their resources.


Israeli Defense Minister Complains “Assad Is Winning” In Syria

-Oy Vey

Kira Binkley

Defense Minister Lieberman wants Israel to be the “strong man” in the region. (That is why he doesn’t want Assad to win this Civil War.—Even the rebels should be aghast.)) For him, all other nations should be in an inferior position relative to Israel. Not good. You need to get rid of him, Bibi.

chris chuba

Unfortunately he represents the views of Israel’s ruling class.


Avigdor Lebensraum if you please.

Kira Binkley


Terra Cotta Woolpuller

More like Avi leave de room before you shit yourself.

Tommy Jensen

Even if USA have had problems on their own with hurricanes and in Las Vegas, the Americans have clearly not done a good job in Syria as we now see. The problem is the Americans after 6 years of loosing in ME still sit on their hands with an open mouth, as if they expect Israel to tell them not only what to do, but also how to do it. The Americans have an attitude problem. Israel cannot be nanny in ME for the lack of brain on Americans. US must provide much more funding and much more weapons to their true allies in ME if our common plans for a new century is going to succeed. So get up your fat arses America!

Paul Barbara

Ah, sh*t. Our dastardly Luciferian plan has gone ass upwards. Ve’re ‘appy for hundreds of thousands of Syrians to die, the more the merrier, but Gee Wizz, vassal US, you were supposed to rid us of this Syrian problem. Get you’re ass in gear, THAT’S AN ORDER! But some folks have got your number – we’re vatching you..


zionist in tears?^^;


Everyone is supporting Assad. The Americans, Russia, Iran, Turkey and even China.

There is no way chance ASSAD would have survived the revolution if it was not for NATO, The US, Russia and the West waging legit war against elements of the revolution.

To Put it short Foreign power shout down this revolution

Richard Noel Hedditch

The American and NATO scum are and were with the Zionist Jihadists. They planned this Zionist terrorism for years, because they are scum humanity.


Americans are supporting Assad? HAHAHAHA. If the Americans had never ‘helped’ this invasion would have died long ago. Americans and NATO helping Assad…who writes this shit for you?

jhon malakiat

@mountain is typical stupid supporter moslem brotherhood or salafy or hizbu tahrir.

in their stupid brain, their thinking usa and russia support Assad.

dont argue with stupid people like this. they will bring down you IQ in their level.


They don’t like him but had to enter to fight elements of the revolution that was a direct Assad enemy. You see? the assistance is indirect and it was huge for Assad and meant the world for him.

I’m not speaking just for the sake of speaking. I was marely stating a fact.

Russia and Iran was fighting for him the Rebels.

While the Americans, Nato and Kurds was fighting for him ISIS.

Assad did fight for himself but in all honesty he didn’t shout down this revolution but foreign forces did it.

jhon malakiat



The Americans and NATO have done little against ISIS. All three wanted Assad gone so why should the US and NATO fight ISIS? In fact, the US has supplied ISIS and waged pretend war on the ISIS oil tankers taking oul to Turkey. US surveillance can detect a cockroach moving on the ground but it could just never seem to see ISIS convoys.

The Saudis, their loyal terror-spreading allies, have been providing financial support to ISIS.

I’m not sure about the Kurds now. There’s evidence that they are pals with ISIS.


Go walk this one off. You must be exhausted.


Are you out of your mind? US of Arrogance supported Syria? And NATO? Assad and his country were fighting against an infinitely funded war of aggression. I can’t believe you read articles on this site and come up with a comment like that.

Kira Binkley

When did the U.S. start supporting Assad? Where have you been for the last six years?

In fact, why don’t you tell me who was supporting the rebels—otherwise known in more educated circles as Assad’s loyal opposition? Are you claiming only Israel?

Real Anti-Racist Action

Lieberman is a terrorist who organizes assassinations in Europe and trains ISIS suicide squads and murdered JFK and blew up tower #7 and tortures little children in Gulag extermination camps. http://realjewnews.com/

Hisham Saber

You see, ‘the writing is on the wall ‘ for the Zionist entity. Israel knows that the Arabs, at least the ones that count, i.e. Iraqi’s , Syrians and Yemenese have woken up from the long slumber of defeatism and the image, and it is only that, an image, a façade,; that the Israeli military is all conquering, like in the western supported 67′ and 73’ Middle East wars. Well, Israel got squashed and routed by Hezbollah in 2000, 2006, and now the whole of the Shia Crescent is promising to engulf Israel in a living hell of her making.

Israel will not survive another 25 years, and the folly of a ‘possible’ Kurdistan, heavily supported by Israel, U.K, France and of course the U.S. is nothing more than a pipe dream. It is a gigantic blunder that the Kurds will live to regret. The Arab, Assyrian and Iranian peoples will squash it in no time at all. There never has been a ‘Kurdistan’, and there wont be one.

Israel, and all the treacherous counbtries that stand by her, like India, U.K, France, U.S. are ever so increasingly becoming isolated from the natural path of progress for humanity. China, Russia, Iran , Venezuela, Syria, Iraq , Yemen, Hezbollah et al say no to global hegemonic and belligerent Jewish agendas, and offer a civilizational model that far eclipses the Jewish/Western model of unipolarity , war, hegemony, subversion, racism etc.

We live in interesting times and the future of mankind depends on stopping the nefarious, diabolical plans of the ‘international Jews’. Its that simple.


Amen, brother.

Wahid Algiers

You are right and you will be absoluty right when the above mentioned 25-years will become true.

Dod Grile

There is still time for him to find competent legal representation for his war crimes trial.

My dogs can’t wait to fertilize his grave.


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