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Israeli Defense Forces Claim They Found 4th ‘Hezbollah Attack Tunel’ (Video)


On December 16, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) claimed  that they had found a 4th ‘Hezbollah attack tunel’ on the border between Israel and Lebanon in the framework of Operation Northern Shield.

No additional details were provided by the IDF.

Furthermore, it’s especially interesting that the IDF provides no details on the location of the alleged tunels. The only location, which was provided, was the location of the very first ‘Hezbollah’ tunel, which was allegedly found.

This situation allows some sources to speculate that the IDF is just using these mysterious attack tunels as a part of the wider PR campaign to draw the public’s attention from bribery accusations against Israeli Prime Minister, Defense Minister and minister of a few more things Benjamin Netanyahu.



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  • You can call me Al

    This will go on and on, until they get their war / genocide !!!!. Maybe they are confusing Hezbollah with Hamas or something, but it all sounds a crock of sh1t to me.

    “2026”……. “Israel defence forces claim they have found their 3,984th Hezbollah attack tunnel’

  • alejandro casalegno

    Who cares………….Israel fear the sky where the rockets will come……………..

    And the the expensive “Shit Dome” is not the solution…………

  • MuslimJew

    Israeli Defense Forces Claim They Found 4th ‘Hezbollah Attack Tunel’

    LOL! Yeah, and the zio-Jew squatter scum will be finding at least four new assholes soon, after Hezbollah rips them some new ones.

  • Pablo Rivera

    now show the other end of the tunnel, displaying the GLONASS coordinates to see if it really is a Hezbollah tunnel.

  • Lena Jones
  • verner

    so what – it makes no difference for the outcome. israel will be severely terminated by its neighbours who will make short shrift with the israeli thieves and murderers. and all land will be returned to the rightful owners and the dis-possessed israelis might hope that they will be well come into the dis-organised morons of washington dc. and sadly enough, they won’t be.

  • Django

    Who still believes those zionist scumbags? They should ask their own subcontractors and mercenaries, … Enough special services that can handle the American Caterpillar excavators. It has become a specialty of that damn hellhole !!!

  • Jim Prendergast

    That looks like some unidentified individuals piled a bunch of sandbags. There is no evidence to indicate that it is a tunnel or what continent it is on. My guess is Hollywood. How can you tell an attack tunnel from a recreation tunnel or a sewer? It’s hard to be frightened by a sewer.

  • Anastasis

    The video message is addressed to an audience outside of Israel and asks for imagination. It does not give anything with evidence and is practically impossible to attack . In the meantime, there is a buffer zone between. The homes of the Israelis are far from the borders. .” Israelis do not need to imagine”.But who? So it’s a clean propaganda to cover government failure.