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Israeli Company Releases Satellite Imagery Of Supposed Iranian Missile Production In Syria

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On August 30, the Israeli Image Satellite Intelligence (ISI) company released new footage of what it claims it is a surface-to-surface missile (SSM) factory in Syria. The factory, which is located in the northern Tartus countryside, is in the final stages of construction, according to the Israeli company.

In its report, ISI said that Iran in involved in the construction of the new SSM factory. The Israeli company went as far as claiming that the Syrian facility has visual characteristics similar to structures built at SSM facilities in Parchin and Khojir in Iran.

Israeli Company Releases Satellite Imagery Of Supposed Iranian Missile Production In Syria

Click to see full-size image, by ISI

Israeli Company Releases Satellite Imagery Of Supposed Iranian Missile Production In Syria

Click to see full-size image, by ISI

Iran and Syria have been cooperating in military industry for decades now. Last week, Iran’s Minister of Defense, Amir Hatami, said during a visit to Damascus that Iran will help Syria to rebuild military factories, which have been damaged in the war.

In the recent months, several senior Israeli officials accused Syria of cooperating with Iran to develop and produce advanced SSMs in order to threaten Israel. According to these officials, the two countries are working to supply Lebanese Hezbollah with these advanced SSMs.

Despite of all of these accusations, the footage released by ISI provided no strong evidence confirming its claims. Many local observers doubt that in this very case Iran is involved and believe that the facility may be just a military base of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

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leon mc pilibin

CGI fake images.Remember iraq WMDs.Israhell is the most evil,warmongering regime to ever exist on this earth.Is it any wonder that JESUS CHRIST described that tribe as of the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN:


No the real point is it is none of Israeli business unless they wanted to wage war against Syria. Syria building weapon factory or relevant industrial factory is their business and right.

I don’t know what will satisfy them when they seemingly satisfied enough with using UN troops to line up their border yet still have to go out of their own territory to pick a war with virtually everyone else.


What is there to accuse as though Syria had no right to build factories even if it’s solely to defend itself from Israeli attacks. It’s normal just as Israel is arming itself with powerful weapons paid for by US or rather the world as all monies are borrowed


If the photo is truly of a missile production facility, so what? It’s NOT illegal for Syria to manufacture missiles and it’s NOT illegal for Syria to enlist the assistance of Iran to build a factory to manufacture missiles in Syria.

As always, Israel demands the sole right to defence of their territory and the right to commit acts of violence in other sovereign states when they perceive anything to be potentially threatening to their own security.

Israel isn’t special (except in the sense of being retarded) and the same rules apply to all sovereign states regardless of the opinion of Israel and supporters of Israel.


Brilliant comment!


So excellent


You mean ‘retarded’ in the sense that this is looking like a genetic marker for being a psychopath (that cyclically becomes predominate in their leadership)?


Well said :)


The thing here mate is that Israel are so fucking afraid of Iran, always Iran this Iran that, Iranian not to be close blah blah, they know that Iran can fucked them so hard and they are so fucking afraid of them. If there was not fear from Iran they would not do anything, but when the fear is real they are scared shitless and that’s why they are always imposing Iran as this or that.


Yep, it’s pretty much a given that Israelis are chickenshit…unless their enemy is defenseless. Can’t wait to see their reaction to the news that Iran will be selling Syria their version of the S-300..along with the Kowsar.

Don Machiavelli

Yeah man, they murder Palestinians in masses in the name of security since early February of this year . Apartheid satanists.

Gregory Casey

I suppose Israeli State apologists will tell us that, “Of course we must have Nuclear Weapons! We are under attack at all times from all sides” and then go on to refuse to subscribe (either) to Nuclear disarmament or even o admission that Israel holds armed Nuclear Warheads that i is ready and willing to use at al times …….. when not shooting dead Palestinians in their gilded cage in Gaza??


Gilded cage? Gaza isn’t luxurious at all. It certainly hasn’t been improved by years of Israeli bombing and shelling.

Gregory Casey

“Gilded Cage” was being wholly sarcastic


Gaza is a rusty cage I think Gregory .

Vince Dhimos

Judaism teaches that Satan is on God’s team: https://jewsforjudaism.org/knowledge/articles/can-you-help-clarify-the-jewish-concept-of-satan-for-me/


The timing is perfect. Release photos of alleged Iranian missile production facilities on the eve of a false-flag…..

Like I said in the past, this next false-flag attack will be used to attack much more than just SAA targets, Israel and the West will be attacking Hezbollah and Iran directly.

Concrete Mike

Your logic is good, but hope your wrong.

Suffice to say, the only way fukus can attack syria without major losses is by using stand off weapons. The syrians can intercept these easily.

I dont think fukus is dumb enough to attack russian personnel, there probably asking the russians wjere they can hit, like last time.

This is just a show, for domestic political purposes. Its so stupid its mind boggling…what kind of fucked up world do we live in?


“what kind of fucked up world do we live in?”…pretty G damned.


Then it will not just hit and run by those evil forces. They will have to face some serious consequences simultaneously. I hope they will not dare to go so deep in the hell.

Icarus Tanović

Iranian targets in Syria?


Its a copy paste from old images. search about it in old news


Did Syria build these so the upcoming election missile show has a viable target and these are the before shots? Just like last time. Is this Trumps cooperating with the Russians? It’s a funny thing how once you start twisting reality it just presents more and more incredible possibilities. What is that old expression? Build it and they will come!


Iranian Air-Defense in Iraq: https://mobile.almasdarnews.com/article/iran-moves-missiles-to-iraq-amid-turmoil-with-west/




Bobby Twoshoes

I don’t see why I should care, good on Iran for promoting industry in the region I guess, if these images and their story are even true.


The Iran missile production units are underground and secure.




U r absolutely right. Iran and Syria need not to hide their cooperation in missile or any weaponry factories. I don’t understand why south front and it’s commentators have so defensive approach on this issue.


I can make better images than that moron. On computer anybody can make images. By these images Israeli migrants divert the world attention from Palestine that they are holding hostages and butchering children from the Palestinian streets.

Peter Moy

I agree with you, the Zionists are experts (along with their massive US Jewish pressure groups and lobbyists) in diverting attention from their destructive misery they inflict on others. They know that their backer – the US taxpayer and mountains of donation- will never oppose their actions. Only a tiny minority of the Americans have any inkling of what is happening in the Middle East. Being uninformed, misinformed, brain-washed and apathetic is the current status of the majority. Then one wonders why the US has so many enemies who despise its foreign policy and people continue being fat, dumb and happy. (It is no wonder that the most recent Program For International Student Assessment – PISA study every three years – 2015, the US compared to other countries ranked 25th in math, 24th in reading and 24th in science. When you factor in how much money is spent on public school education in the US, it is only a monstrous disgrace and embarrassment. Dumb kids usually become dumb adults. An ignorant population is much easier to lie to and control.)


US and UK own nation is not well mannered, not well grown and not well educated nation because they have invested on tobacco, cocaine and Alcohol. Their brain have gone. Foreigners should not expect any better behaviour from them. Their manipulation is very easy. That is why Israel play on them.


Its the same I the UK Peter. I parked my car next to a couple of working class millennials today. They were two white English blokes chatting about inane drivel and in a form of the English language that was devoid of correct grammar with the lexicon of Trump on a bad hair day.

It was actually rather depressing :)

Icarus Tanović

And happy? Huh, you sure?


What does Israel being the source of this and Syria being blamed for CW attacks have in common?

100% Pure Bovine Scatology!


Do Israelis provide targets for the Americans to bomb?


As long as anyone, anywhere, can make a fist, Rothschild Zionists will feel endangered, as indeed they are.


You can think whatever you want about these images, even a professional lair can think that they are missiles. Even if they are missile factory production (which I wish so), what is your problem Miss Israel ?

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

The Jews are lying… as usual.

Icarus Tanović

Zionists are lying…as usual.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

It is that false distinction that has caused the Arabs no end of problems lo these many decades.


“94% say that if Jewish state “no longer existed tomorrow,” it would be a “tragedy.””



And the other 6% is filled with orthodox Jews who are some of the biggest baby rapers and Talmud rabbinical fanatics.


The evil baby raping Jew leg breakers can focus on Iran. It isn’t going to prevent a regional Palestinian protection force, that could include Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Russia, Iran,Turkey and others from operating under a UN mandate authorizing the use of military force against Israel, from clearing the IDF and Israeli government out of the occupied territories on an as needed basis.


It looks to me like UNGA Resolution 377A proceedings are in motion for overriding the US UNSC veto and issuing a UN mandate that can be used for a Palestinian Protection Force to clear the IDF and and Israeli government out of the occupied territories. Doing this in conjunction with the reclamation of Shebaa Farms and the occupied Golan would be helpful.

“The tenth emergency special session of the United Nations General Assembly centers on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict: the ongoing dispute and conflict over the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The session was first convened in 1997 under the president of the General Assembly, Razali Ismail of Malaysia. This occurred when the Security Council failed to make a decision on the issue at two different meetings. The session remains adjourned. …

… if the Security Council, because of lack of unanimity of the permanent members, fails to exercise its primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security in any case where there appears to be a threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression, the General Assembly shall consider the matter immediately with a view to making appropriate recommendations to Members for collective measures, including in the case of a breach of the peace or act of aggression, the use of armed force when necessary, to maintain or restore international peace and security.”

– Tenth emergency special session of the United Nations General Assembly –



If Israel refuses to cooperate with a Palestinian Protection Force, then suspending or revoking Israel’s UN membership, which some are already calling for, and deploying into the occupied territories under a UN mandate is what should be done.

“It may mean reviewing or suspending Israel’s privileges as a state member in the United Nations,” he says. “It may mean that countries in the world, particularly those with significant trading or political relationships with Israel, would review their relationships with Israel in the military, political, diplomatic, and economic investment spheres. It may mean that Israel would face some forms of restrictions in its abilities to wind up trading.” …

In a response to Fox News, Lynk stood by his comments and said they speak to “the importance of ensuring that nations obey international law and that effective measures should be available to the international community to curb unlawful behaviour by UN member states.”

He said that Israel is in “direct contravention” of more than 40 U.N. Security Council resolutions, including resolutions condemning the building of settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

“What should be done with respect to a member state who clearly defies a body of UNSC resolutions, contrary to their responsibilities under the Charter and as an occupying power?” he said. “If this behaviour is ignored, then the offending member-state will surely take that as a license to continue the prohibited act, and the status of international law will be degraded.”

“If it is clear that Israel has no intent to comply with the repeated direction of the international community, then other measures within the remedial menu should be considered and applied,” he said, adding that similar measures had successfully been used against other countries before.”

– Senior UN official blasted for floating Israel’s suspension from world body –


Don Machiavelli

Israel is ‘special’. They own UN.


The Israelis are right, by golly. Both images have buildings with WALLS…and roofs. They are nearly identical! Uhhh, would this be a bad time to mention that Iranian missile factories are underground…and have been for some time?


Do you even realize that you’re playing straight into the Neocon narrative, or was that deliberate?


Bibi said this last year. He must be looking at an old crib sheet :)


Look it’s a building, it’s got 4 walls and a roof, proof positive it’s a missile factory.

It’s not that the Israeli’s lie, that’s a given, it’s the idiots who believe them that makes me laugh.


The claim is no better than a bedtime fairy tale.

In the absence of verifiable evidence — it’s no better than claiming that Santa lives on the north pole or that ”God” gave Palestine to the Israeli’s.


And how to fuck they know that this place is Iranian because of some stupid similarities in which we don’t know if that second image is really in Iran, oh screw this I am not going to listen the Zionist bullshit fuck them to death.

Jim Prendergast

Israelis are paranoid. This is a big problem.

Aen RaBeon

So, mr. Netanya, how about some intel on Dimona.

Don Machiavelli


I am sorry but that’s the only comment i can make here. But, even if this was true who is Israel? World police?

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