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JUNE 2021

Israel Claims Hezbollah Smuggling Weapons, Missile Manufacturing Materials Through Beirut Port

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The Israeli military has accused Hezbollah of smuggling weapons and missile manufacturing materials through Beirut Port.

Lieutenant Colonel Avichay Adraee, a spokesman for the Israeli military, accused Hezbollah of threatening Lebanon’s security by smuggling such dangerous materials into the country in cooperation with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

“Unfortunately, the border crossings with Syria, Beirut International Airport and the port of Beirut are used to transfer materials from the Iranian Quds Force [an IRGC unit] to Hezbollah,” Adraee wrote on Twitter on July 24.

The spokesman also shared an infographic showing three routes, which Hezbollah is allegedly using to smuggle weapons and missile manufacturing materials from Iran to Lebanon.

Israel Claims Hezbollah Smuggling Weapons, Missile Manufacturing Materials Through Beirut Port

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An unnamed Lebanese security source denied Adraee’s claims and noted that the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFL) has full authority to inspect any ship in Lebanon’s waters under the U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701.

“Beirut Port as well as the Rafic Hariri [Beirut] International Airport are 100% under control,” the source told the London-based Asharq al-Awsat newspaper.

These new accusations went in the framework of Israel’s policy towards Lebanon. Earlier this year, Paris allegedly warned Beirut that the Israeli military could strike Hezbollah missile sites. The warning was met with a strict repose from the Lebanese party, that vowed to react to any attack.

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klove and light

lol….i accuse Israel of smuggling US weapons through ben Gurion Airport……..i accuse Saudi Arabia of smuggling weapons from Germany ,France,uk,usa,russia through King Abdulaziz International Airport

lol pathetic ridiculous satanic jews

probably the dirty jews paving the way for “Detention” of ships that head to Beirut port…

kill all jews on the planet and wars and crime will go down by 99.9%

Real Anti-Racist Action

I think crime would fall by around 80% personally. But you are right, Israeli ports are used to smuggle in nuclear material to continue building more and more illegal thermal nuclear warheads.
Through Israeli airports they also smuggle in chemical warfare agents and they product biological warfare weapons inside of Israel.
They are like one giant hub of terrorist producing terrorist weapons.
Also even the regular weapons they make they then smuggle to ISIS anyway and the Kurd’s.
The Kurd’s almost single handedly wiped out Christianity in the ME.
Kurd’s are an enemy to all Monotheist.

Hos Ng

there are no jews in israel, only mercenairies posing as settlers and the zio mafia. nothing to do with judaism. lets keep the eye on the ball and only the killers will deserve to die, like cheney or nutface chickenpoo, the entire msm is pretty guilty of warmongering as well

Concrete Mike

Great comment bud, you must hate it wheb someone paints everything with the same brush.

I feel excaly like you do.


Israel should be removed from the UN and replaced with a unified dejudified Palestine as part of dejudifying the planet to create a Jew free world that will be much better for humanity. A UN convention should be gotten in place abolishing Judaism in a manner similar to what was done with slavery.


the squatters should be islolated to the point where there is no surviving left for them except try to acquire green cards for the dysfunctional states of A, including all the fifth columns scattered around the world.

Zionism = EVIL

is Pisrael, north south or east west ROFLMAO.

Zionism = EVIL

Judaism is a cult and not a religion anyway. The so called Jews operate like criminal enterprise globally, just look at the daily crimes against humanity from Epstein child abuse to organ harvesting. The problem for the western world is the virus of Judaism has mutated into politics, business and media. The so-called fake state of Pisrael has no real demography, it is made up of western welfare leeches and parasites and 2 million post USSR overnight Jews ripping off western taxpayers. 90% of the Zionist scum already have dual nationalities and zero connection to Palestine.. People forget
that there were barely a few thousand Mizrahi or Sephardi “Jews” in
Palestine in 1948, the rest are all fake Jews from eastern European
ghettos and are perverted criminals..


hey, compass – ever tried to find out what the other directions are in addition to north and south (I tell you – east and west and so on hehehehe)

Zionism = EVIL

Still BUTTHURT kiddo, let’s hope you bought a map as I suggested and found the PERSIAN GULF. Touchy little bugger aren’t you little boy :). I am sorry if I hurt your gay heart but quit being a pest :)


” The Israeli military has accused Hezbollah of smuggling weapons and missile manufacturing materials through Beirut Port.”

I hope Hezbollah has greatly increased supplies via all means possible.

Who really cares what the Israeli regime says these days anyway :)


I hear Hezbullah has all the photo’s of the cowardly Israeli soldiers who beat and kill the Palestinian and Gaza children. Boy, when payback time comes, I would not want to be the child killers boots–can hardly wait. And , I can assure you, the Israelis are shaking in their boots at the prospect of having the shit kicked out of them once again, by Hezbullah. Good luck with the importation of weapons to deal with the evil bastard Israelis–but they really don’t need it– One Hezz can take on ten or twenty of those cowardly pigs


hopefully they can smuggle a doomsday bomb into tel aviv nd blow the squatters to kingdom come – once and for all.pls note no one needs the squatters and the world will be a far better place when the squatters are eliminated one way or the other. green card to the dysfunctional states of A or holocausted all the way to hell. the primary objective is peace for the world and there is no peace for the world with warmongering squatters around (and that basically should include the fifth columns rendering support to the squatters crimes against humanity and crimes of war, ethnic cleansing of palestinians and running a concentration camp Gaza).

Zionism = EVIL

Is green card north or south :)


the compass rose has four directions north south and in between an easterly direction and a westerly direction, which is well known to most erudite people, although I strongly suspect it’s a concept that evades you, full stop. it usually required an iq in the low 50s to grasp the concept of the compass, and I have serious misgivings about your ability to grasp the concept.

Hos Ng

F dancing child burners, go hesbolla! only a hero like you can make the Stolan hieghts, Golan again.


What of the neighbouring countries may have some chance of joining the resistance? Real chances? I think in Bahrein and Jordan there are some chances of revolution, more evidently so in Bahrein. And aparte from these?


It really is none of Israel’s business what Lebanon does at its port.

So long as no one is attacking Israel, and no one is, it’s just none of Israel’s business.

Meanwhile, Israel feels free regularly to bomb in Syria.

The behaviors of a tyrant state.

Zionism = EVIL

Zionist scum are telling lies as usual. Iran does not need to “smuggle” anything to either Syria or Hezbollah, the Tehran-Beirut highway is totally operational now and the Iraqi Hezbollah has total control over the border crossings with Syria. The problem now for the Zionist child killers is that their long delusional Yinon plan has backfired bigtime.


Israel gets hundreds of billions worth of weapons from United Ztates but that’s not worth mentioning…

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