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Israeli Cargo Ship Came Under Attack In Northern Indian Ocean – Report

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Israeli Cargo Ship Came Under Attack In Northern Indian Ocean – Report

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On July 3, an Israeli-owned cargo ship came under attack while sailing in the northern Indian ocean, according to the al-Mayadin TV.

A source with knowledge on the incident told the Beirut-based channel that a “fire broke out at the ship,” adding that the vessel was targeted with an “unidentified weapon.”

“The Israeli ship was anchored in the [Saudi] port of Jeddah, before moving towards the coast of the Emirates,” the source said.

Israeli officials confirmed al-Mayadin’s report without providing any addition information on the incident. The ship in question is yet to be identified.

Al-Mayadin’s source linked the attack to a sabotage attempt that targeted a building of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) in Karaj city, 40 km to the west of the capital Tehran, on June 23. The attempt was thwarted by Iranian security forces. The Israel intelligence was likely behind the incident.

Israel and Iran have been locked up in covert war for years. A recent report by the Wall Street Journal revealed that the Israeli intelligence targeted over a dozen Iranian vessels bound for Syria in the last two years. Most of the targeted vessels were carrying oil.

This year, Tel Aviv escalated its covert operations against Iran. On April 11, an act of sabotage plotted by the Israeli intelligence hit Iran’s main uranium enrichment plant.


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Do these zionist degenerates believe they are loved by all nations? They are extremist scum of the earth, along with the wahhabi imbeciles.

Zionist loser hasbara diaper Dan

The international maritime agency has confirmed that this Zionist merchant of death ship is listing and is heavily damaged as videos have shown. It was carrying weapons for the Burmese military junta. Another major development which SF did not publish is the sudden death of Zionist general on the Occupied Golan.

An Israeli military commander has unexpectedly died after collapsing during a “fitness training session”, prompting an investigation into the circumstances of his sudden death.

Colonel Sharon Asman who had claimed to have been involved in the assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani died on Thursday when he “suddenly died’ in “mysterious circumstances”
The 42-year-old commander of Israel’s Nahal infantry brigade received immediate medical treatment on the spot but shortly afterwards was pronounced dead.

In another ominous development, the Wahhabi puppet regime of UAE has issued 5000 passports to Zionist Mossad terrorists in the past week, however, Iranian, Russian and Chinese intelligence have managed to get the serial numbers of all of these passports which are intended to be used in Mossad false flag operations in the region.

Arch Bungle

Sharon Asman … Sharon ASSman!

jacob woah

good the Israelis deserves this

Last edited 21 days ago by jacob woah
Zionist loser hasbara diaper Dan

It was expected as Raisi, the new Iranian president is old intelligence hand and considered very hardline even amongst the Iranian hardliners. The Zionist parasites are in for a very tough time. They need to start packing their bags.

Lone Ranger

Oy vey…
The beautiful Shekels…
Not the Mossadisis money…
Oy oy…


Geez.. This is so obviously an Israeli false flag using one of their stealth Dolphin class submarines firing a few ‘POPEYE’ cruise missiles into this cargo ship…

I knew that a false flag attack was long overdue, as the psychos in Israel will obviously try to blame the ‘attack’ on ‘Iranian interests’.

Peter Wallace

Its an insurance scam by the billionaire owner to steal more money.. Probably insured with Lloyd’s of London.

Peter Wallace

Same owner as the previous ship that was attacked a few months back.. Expect another of his ships to be attacked soon.

A clown like you

We wait for more info, it can be a false flag by Nazi Zion themselves as they have a long history of killing each other for money and blame it on someone.
It can also be an accident which got nothing to do with anyone, but again Iran has the power and right to attack terrorists near their country.
It would be nice knowing what that ship was carrying as well, also Zion are dancing as their slaves’ yanquis going to pay for everything anyway.

"Israel" is a terrorist European settler colony

All Israeli ships should be targeted and hijacked, if possible. Israelis should not feel safe at any time.

This is the same way Israelis treat Palestinians.


Great i hope it happens more.

None of you

Israeli ships are unsinkable and built to withstand any Iranian attacks. We will punish those attackers by getting jens to send them comments all day for the rest of their lives. Expect attacks to stop immediately


Urban Moving Systems?!


Ominous in that my analysis has it high that the Jews will use a false-flag attack on one of their US Tyranny wardog’s carriers, ships, (The Truman?!) to justify their launch of their planned for destruction of Iran. See the Jews’ “Which Path to Persia” document.

I do not hate the Jews. I hate evil and love my country, so it only appears that I hate the Jews.

Americunt losers

Even most Americunts now hate the Jew rats.


A few years back I pointed out to a incredulous friend of a friend that the Jews make up only 1.73% of the US’ population yet have 33% (20% now) of the seats on the Supreme Court; My response to his blah, blah on “inequality” and “racism.” He thought me nuts, and then quit speaking to me when I proved it with a quick search. He also didn’t like it when I proved that all mainstream ideologies in the West are of Jew origin: ALL of them.

I heard recently that he is now more critical of the Jew menace since the Trump election fraud run by the Jews and Biden stacking his administration with Jews.

Some are waking up. Ding, ding, ding!

Jew scum want endless wars

No country has suffered more at the hands of the Jew parasites than the dumbass Americunts. The Zionist plague was unleashed on the western world by the limey backstabbingcunts. Since the moronic Wahhabi Arabs had oil under their sands, the limeys and the ever greedy Jews got involved in Arab colonization the occupation of Palestine and planting the Zionist cancer in the region. The dumbass Americunts and their bizarre religions like Zionist Evangelicals were easy patsies, but the Zionist parasites have put the trailer park redneck in the poor doghouse thanks to endless lost wars. The US is now a third world failed totalitarian fascist state with a 80 year old senile demented fool as the POTUS. The Jews have destroyed America worse than Germany as the so-called Americans have no culture and since they are broke now there is nothing to fall back upon than destitution, homelessness, unemployment and poverty, while power shifts to China and Eurasia. US is the only country with a declining life span, thanks to the Jew plunder. Even the most dumbass brainwashed Americunt has to get his head out of the ar$e. The Jews are destroying US brick by brick.


Here’s the list:
Communism is a Jew ideology (Marx), as is its fascist brother, Zionism (Hess & Herzl). Disguised Zionism, neo-conservatism (Kristol & Strauss), is also a Jew construct, as is the intellectual footing of political libertarianism (Rand). Even the antidote, free market economics (Mises & Rothbard), is a Jew intellectual construct. “Political Correctness” (Frankfurt School/Critical Theory; Lukacs, Horkheimer, and Marcuse) and its terrorizing offspring that we currently suffer is a Jew construct.

The Civil Rights movement and resulting property and Liberty robbing Civil Rights Acts* is a Jew construct. The Jews founded and ran the NAACP in 1909 and coordinated and directed the Civil Rights movement to the early 1970s.

*Civil Rights was, rightfully, about ending government oppression of black-Americans, and Americans in general. The Jew coordinated and directed Civil Rights movement resulted in the largest property grab and one of the largest Liberty grabs in history from the American people.

Americunt losers

Oops, Zionist rats sinking :)


zionist usurper entity burning nonstop zionist ships getting bombed zionist commanders dying one after another and still these zionists are puffing their feeble jew chests XD


the zionists hate eachother extremely and this hate they feel for eachother will only become worse the more pressure they feel and pathetic usurper administration that took over is no different than the ones before they all cant rescue this doomed project whatever they do they will have no future

Last edited 21 days ago by farbat
Peter Jennings

Maybe this ‘unknown weapon’ is called incompetence.
As much as i would like to believe the isreali intelligence, i find my eyes glazing over.

Hindu Fungus

It appears to be an internal explosion. Some Jew got his shekels worth. The ship is sinking along with the cargo of weapons destined for Burma.

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