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Israeli Caretaker Government Tries To Annex Further Parts Of West Bank And Jordan Valley


Israeli Caretaker Government Tries To Annex Further Parts Of West Bank And Jordan Valley

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The Israeli parliament is attempting to annex other parts of the West Bank. The bill, introduced by Yamina Party head Ayelet Shaked proposed to apply sovereignty to settlements in Jordan Valley, Ma’aleh Adumim and Gush Etzion.

Shaked clarified that the application of sovereignty would be for the areas within the settlements and would not cover roads and archaeological and industrial parks in the regions of Judea and Samaria.

Currently, Israel has a caretaker government with Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister, and the peace process is frozen as a result of it.

Prior to the elections which he lost, and subsequently also failed to form a government, Benjamin Netanyahu vowed of further annexation in the West Bank.

His party is not the one proposing the legislation, but it is more than likely connected to his promises, to show that the caretaker government, with him as Prime Minister has the will to take underhanded actions to guarantee Israel’s expansion.

In August, Netanyahu promised to annex all settlements. He said he would start with the Jordan Valley immediately upon formation of the government.

The situation is ideal, since the peace process is frozen, but the Parliament can pass legislation, furthermore the Trump administration doesn’t condemn any further annexations by Israeli, it rather even supports them.

“There is a diplomatic window of opportunity and willingness on the part of the US for this kind of annexation that will not return,” Shaked said. “We cannot afford to hesitate or wait. We must take advantage of this window of opportunity immediately and begin to apply sovereignty over these areas. It is for this reason that the State of Israel cannot be dragged into another election cycle.”

There is also a sort of religious explanation to the annexations since a recent discovery by archaeologist Dr. Scott Stripling showed that the corner of God’s altar was allegedly found in Shiloh.

In the last three years, they uncovered multiple large pithoi – “famous Israelite collar-rimmed jars” – inside a series of “storage rooms” that they found surround the ancient city. So, clearly, annexing the area is “justified.”

Back in August, when Netanyahu vowed to annex more settlements in the West Bank, Israeli defense officials warned that such a move would jeopardize Israel’s security.

“Any unilateral annexation of territory or extension of sovereignty to the West Bank will put Israel’s security and safety along with the well-being of its citizens at risk,” the letter said.

Currently, Israel is in a rather precarious political situation, as in late October, President Reuven Rivlin tasked Blue and White party chairman Benny Gantz with attempting to form a coalition after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed in the wake of the September elections.

Negotiations between Likud (Netanyahu’s party) and Gantz’s party have also snagged over Blue and White’s insistence it cannot support a Netanyahu premiership so long as he is suspected in three criminal cases — and may well be charged in them soon.

It is likely that despite a second snap election may prove quite detrimental to the stability of Israel, Netanyahu does, indeed face possible criminal proceedings soon, which may end him up in prison, unless he’s under Parliamentary immunity. He currently remains as Prime Minister of the caretake government. It’s in his interest to either continue filling the role in the new government, or prolong the caretake government for as long as possible and that is by calling for a second round of snap elections.




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