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JUNE 2021

Israeli Battle Tanks Shelled Hamas Positions In Gaza

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On March 28, battle tanks of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) shelled two observation posts belogning to the Palestinian Hamas movement in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

According to the IDF, the shelling was conducted in response to an earlier incident when two persons set fire to the elevated surface surrounding the security fence adjacent to the old Karni Crossing.

There were no immediate reports of casualties and the extent of damage caused by the IDF shelling.

On March 24, Israeli warplanes carried out strikes on Hamas positions in the town of Rafah, located 30 km south of the city of Gaza. Then, the IDF said that the strikes were a response to an earlier incident on the contact line between Gaza and Israel.

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The usual tit for tat finghting. The usual headline that shows an obvious political agenda. Moving on…


ur damned right.. while some take this platform for granted condemned as their leisurely to have some entertainment.. hehehe


Syria isn’t going as planned and another war with Hezbollah in Lebanon would mean too many dead IDF personnel so the Zionists are turning their anger on the people who have suffered the most at their hands and that is the Palestinians.


It is easy to fight people who are basically not armed.

Shakeel Haider

As russia and shia fights again HTS and other rabel

Tom Tom

1691, tell us who is not armed.


Armed with what? Ak47 and rpgs.

Even that IDF dare not face Hamas face to face battle in the cities. Always far far away .

All gaza wars have been like that


Dribble from The Saker crowd. Yes, everything is always going our way, ain’t that right ‘Baghdad Bob’?

Israel wanted Syria ruined and put back decades. Syria HAS been ruined and put back decades. But beta cuck dribblers, who NEVER can face the truth but always have to believe in fairytales to get by, need to claim otherwise.

The jewish filth of Israel always publish their war plans well in advance of their latest actions- usually two years or so. So we know what is coming- and that’s genocide in Gaza and Lebanon. Putin has assisted the West in ensuring the jews of Israel are fully armed to the teeth. And Putin supports the jews of Israel at the UN just as hard as the USA does.

Recently the jews have been rolling out war-games (with the active participation of most significant CATHOLIC nations). These war games practice Israel fighting on THREE fronts.

Zionist agents always LIE and dribble that Israel will attack Iran. Hell will freeze over before this happens- Iran is for the UK, USA and France- just as was the case with Iraq, Libya and Syria. No the jews, being the ultimate despicable cowards, only war on helpless people. The jews will attack Gaza and Lebanon, and literally murder one million plus people as they have promised to do so, only once the Iran War begins. The jews have promised to “do it right” this time- by which they mean a literal genocide.

Petrus Levelleri

Very proportionate, as usual…


Turkey must unite with Pakistan, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Jordan and Egypt governments to eliminate PKK, Israel, Washington and UK terrorists soldiers from the region for the freedom, prosperity and development of the region. Unite their army. Because it will be very difficult for lonely Turkey to do it.

Shakeel Haider

What about shia racist militants ??


Burn in your butt-hurt.


Even if there is Shia racists as you claimed.. they don’t go around like ur moderate scums cutthroating innocent women and children..! You f*****g wahbabi slaves..!


As long as the Anglo-Zionists (Washingtonians and the Israeli migrants) exist in Palestine and in the Middle East countries, for so long the Middle East countries would not be able to build any heavy military industry and nuclear power plant in their own countries to secure their own nations. These Middle East nations would be insecured all the time until the dismantle of Israel and the complete removal of Israeli migrants from Palestine.


Dubai Airshow 2017 (Day 3) JF-17 PAF Flying display.
المقاتلة الباكستانية JF-17 Thunder
الصواريخ الباكستانية النووية |Pakistani nuclear missiles

Pakistan produces fighter jets JF-17 Thunder, Missiles and nuclear weapons.

Before 1970 Pakistan condition was worst than Syria and Iraq but when Pakistan realize that US is just waisting their time then Pakistan approached to North Korea, China and Russia for help and started joint military production facilities in Pakistan, then in 1998 by their own efforts they have tested first 6 nuclear weapons, then missiles and then their own fighter jets JF-17 block-1 and block-2. Now Pakistan can produce any kind of 5th Generation fighter jet and missile.

Shakeel Haider

But still they are under US pressure.


The last politicians that is now under lageslation control due to corruption and attend supreme court every week. They have looted billions of dollars from Pakistan.

Pakistan’s ousted PM Nawaz Sharif in court on corruption charges
Nawaz Sharif family and his many ministers are face court now in case of corruption charges.
The current PM Abbasi is also attend court in case of corruption charges.
Washington want such kind of corrupt leaders in power to destroy the economy of the country and remain them slave for ever.


What does ur stories here have in relevance with the title above..? hehehe


Sure hey – Gaza can’t hit back!
Disgusting country.


Dirty dirty jews saying they are ENTITLED to murder those they call ‘sub-Humans’ even when their ‘crime’ is damaging property.

Putin supports the current king of the jews, a filthy individual SO currupt, even fellow jews in Israel want him imprisoned. Nevertheles, Putin the zionist appeaser regularly forces the Russian government to meet this jewish butcher’s ministers- in both Russia and Israel.

This filty filty jew made a new law saying ‘sub-Human’ kids caught throwing stones in areas jew terrorists control can be shot in the head ‘legally’. Needless to say, Putin didn’t object- but Putin has howled like a wounded tiger whenever palestinians have managed to hurt one of his beloved jewish neo-nazi boot-boys.

Google ONE SHOT TWO KILLS. This will bring up the clothing that the Israeli government present to graduates of its sniper schools. It depicts a pregnant non-jewish woman with a jewish sniper cross-hair on her belly. I am NOT kidding- this is REAL- google it.

PS where’s Southfront’s coverage of Ahed Tamimi- oh, that’s right Putin doesn’t want true stories of jewish atrocities highlighted here. This article above ain’t anti-zionist, but actually BOOSTS Israel.


Brainless post


Moscow slams Washington and NATO illegal presence in Ukraine, Palestine, Syria, Iraq and in Afghanistan. This is wickedness because through them they want to insecure Russian nation.

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