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Israeli Battle Tank Violated Demilitarized Zone In Southern Syria For 2nd Time In May (Video, Photos)

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For the second time this month, an Israeli Merkava IV battle tank crossed the separation line in the southern Syrian governorate of al-Quneitra then entered the U.N. controlled demilitarized zone.

The violation, which occurred on May 30, was met with a quick response from the U.N. Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) that surrounded the Israeli tank, according to Sputnik.

“The UNDOF in al-Quneitra and al-Golan moved to separate the soldiers of the Syrian and Israeli armies in order to prevent any clashes. The Syrian army placed its forces on high alert and deployed military reinforcements in the area in order to face any emergency,” the Russian news agency’s reporter said.

The demilitarized zone was established in southern al-Quneitra under the 1974 Agreement on Disengagement between Israel and Syria. The UNDOF was formed to observe the implementation of the ceasefire and prevent any escalation by peaceful means.

On May 1, a battle tank of the Israeli military advanced and violated the demilitarized zone in the same area. Back then, sources in the UNDOF told Sputnik that the tank was covering engineer units working to close an illegal route, that was opened by the Israeli military and terrorist groups in the early years of the conflict.


Israeli Battle Tank Violated Demilitarized Zone In Southern Syria For 2nd Time In May (Video, Photos)

© SPUTNIK . ALI HASSOUN. Click to see full-size image.

Israeli Battle Tank Violated Demilitarized Zone In Southern Syria For 2nd Time In May (Video, Photos)

© SPUTNIK . ALI HASSOUN. Click to see full-size image.

Israeli Battle Tank Violated Demilitarized Zone In Southern Syria For 2nd Time In May (Video, Photos)

© SPUTNIK . ALI HASSOUN. Click to see full-size image.

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  1. Mustafa Mehmet says:

    Come on Tiger Force sort them out .. Jewish bastard start take in piss again ?

    1. Jens Holm says:

      Joke of today.

  2. Nick Sobkowiak says:

    Israel being Israel….

  3. LaRata says:

    Not valid international move by D. trump. The Golan H are Syrian territory …

    1. Jens Holm says:

      Facts dont say that.

      1. LaRata says:

        UN Resolution
        UN 425. 426. 427. 434. 444. 450. 459. 467. 474. 483. 488. 490.

        Israel and the USA are taking the world.?

        1. Jens Holm says:

          MIlitary ones. Hard to see they UN resolutions count for fx Idlibe.

          1. LaRata says:

            No… they are count for War Crimes of Israel…

  4. Daniel Martin says:

    Just Kornet the thing!

    1. Jens Holm says:


    2. David Parker says:

      That is exactly why it is there.
      The Israelis want a pretext for a full-scale invasion of Syria while the SAA is tied down in Idlib fighting Turkish and US back Daesch.

      1. Sinbad2 says:

        If it’s in Syria it’s on the menu.

  5. David Parker says:

    Another deliberate provocation.
    If anyone so much as hit that Merkava with a rock, the IAF is right behind them. Israel has used that ploy continuously to push back the international border. If Assad ever gets the money, he should immediately build a concrete wall on his southern border so the damnable Zionists cannot keep pushing the invisible border into Syria.

    1. Sinbad2 says:

      “You (the Jews) will never be able to live here in peace, because you left here (Palestine) black and came back white. We cannot accept you!” (Gamal Abdel Nasser)

  6. Sinbad2 says:

    I have tried to make a donation, but its all in Russian, and I’m unable to navigate the page.
    How about in English?

    1. Astrid Watanabe says:

      I had the same problem, but donating the 15$ per month works works, so I do that.

  7. dutchnational says:

    Assad must be shaking in fear, one whole battle tank.

    Why not pick up a iPhone? ‘ Hey Bibi,what you’re doing man?’

  8. World_Eye says:

    So you invade Iraq, their military was disbanded before and as you enter Iraq, so no military nothing and no one to counter the US invasion.
    And what we see, we see the occupation of Iraq, every 250,000 US Marines are all over Iraqi towns and many more.
    The people, the economy, the everyday life is actually ceased to exist.
    On beginning no one was resisting, everyone was afraid.
    But with time people are seeing the real DEMOCRACY of the US, oh yes and the WMDs too. Right!
    And the people starting to take Automatic weapons in their hands to defend their families whos every day are been killed, detained, etc.
    And of course the people some ordinary, some without a job, some from the military start to form groups and said IT IS ENOUGH.
    They say enough of this and while they are defending their piece of land, they, all of them are BEEN CALLED *TERRORISTS*
    If you are a patriot in the middle east you are Terrorist with extremist views.
    So let me get this straight.
    If some country comes and attack the mainland US and did this same, the army disbands and the people rise to that enemy then automatically according to the US Democracy system, the very patriotic people in the US that will want to rise and protect their country are TERRORiSTS right?!
    No the other way around? If your country is attacked and invaded you should see that enemy as terrorists and terrorism.
    You should really read what is the definition of TERRORISM.
    So technically speaking the US are the biggest TERRORIST on the earth.
    Oh and NATO = National American Terrorist Organisation.
    Yes. TERROR.

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