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Israeli Attack on Damascus Put At Risk Civilian Flight With 172 Passengers on Board

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Israeli Attack on Damascus Put At Risk Civilian Flight With 172 Passengers on Board

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On February 6th, the passenger plane, which landed at the time of the Israeli attack near Damascus, almost came under fire from Syria, the spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov said.

According to the general, after 2 a.m. on February 6th four Israeli F-16 fighter jets without entering Syrian airspace suddenly launched eight air-to-ground missiles at the suburbs of Damascus.

During the deflection of the air strike, the Syrian air defense actively used anti-aircraft missile systems.

At the same time, at the time of the attack by the Israeli fighters in the area of Damascus International Airport, the Airbus-320 passenger airliner was flying, carrying 172 passengers on board.

“It was only thanks to the operational actions of the Damascus airport dispatchers and the efficient operation of the automated air traffic control system that we managed to get the passenger Airbus-320 out of the Syrian air defense strike zone and safely land it at the nearest alternate aerodrome – at the Russian Hmeimim air base,” Konashenkov said.

He noted that passenger flights around the world operate in well-known high-altitude echelons, and Israeli radars clearly see the air situation in the area of Damascus airport.

“Such operations by the Israeli strategists, unfortunately, do not take into account the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians,” the general added.

“Thus, the Israeli General Staff’s conduct of military operations in the air using civilian aircraft with passengers to cover or block the response of the Syrian air defense forces is becoming a characteristic feature of the Israeli Air Force,” Konashenkov said.

Israel Defense Forces refused to provide any comment on the situation.

“We have no comment on this issue,” the press service of the Israeli army told RIA.

In late November, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed concern about the increasing intensity of Israeli rocket attacks on Syrian territory.

In particular, on the night of November 20th, Israeli aircraft fired on the suburbs of Damascus, firing 40 cruise missiles, which killed and wounded more than ten Syrian soldiers and citizens.

The Israeli military repeatedly attacked targets in Syria, explaining its actions by the desire to prevent modern weapons from falling into the hands of enemies, namely Iran, and other pro-Iranian movements such as Hezbollah.


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clear palestine of hymie occupiers once and for all – once they’ve been buried or evicted, whichever comes first, there will be peace in the middle east and even mbs, crownprince famed for buying fake leonardo da vinci at 450million bucks hohoho, will realise that the jews offer nothing but lies, thievery and murder on a grand scale – in fact they put a face on the adage – give him your finger and he will steal the arm (and body and whatever else there is to steal).

Christian S

Would had been another stunt for israeli terrorist to blame the axis if that airbus would had been hit, those tactics are really disqustin , core bone terrorist actions by zog entity


Isisrael terror forces need to be nuked ASAP!

Zionism = EVIL

Zionist scum are fucking with Russia again and need to be whacked. The Russian airliner was lucky that Syrian air traffic control warned him that Zionist scum were ghosting him, otherwise over 178 Russians and other civilians would have been killed. Since Putin has been licking Zionist arse and done nothing about hitting them back, they are getting more brazen and it now a only a question of time before they shoot down a large civilian airliner.

AM Hants

Why are you blaming President Putin? He is the President of Russia, not the sovereign nation of Syria. Is he not?

Russia is lending a hand, at the invite of the Syrian Government. They are not there to take control.

‘You either have a nation or you do not’. President Assad, when talking about the intelligence and maturity of the Russian Government, when compared with the immaturity and insanity of the US Government.

Assad must stay

I’m really sick of him and how he does nothing to stop izrahell

Toni Liu

Seems they wanted syria had similar accident with iran, what a dickhead move to kill civilian aircraft like that hope all of these fake semite die in horrible way

Zionism = EVIL

This was no accident, the Zionist scum have used the same ghosting ( when a military aircraft use the radar signature of a larger civilian airliner to hide behind) tactic before when Russia IL-20 was downed killing 15 Russian airmen. Now the scum are getting more brazen as Putin’s lips are puckered to Nutter Yahoo’s filthy Jew arse. It is time the Russian military retaliate as the Zionist will go all out to support their losing terrorists. The Zionists and their Turkey puppets are coordinating the war on Syria.


Does it has something to do with Putins announcements, that no-one with double citizenship is allowed to hold office in russian parliament etc?
This closed the door for some of the Israeli spies…

Zionism = EVIL

Indeed, also getting rid of the little Jew midget Medvedev who was sucking the Oligarchs arse. There is a lot of discontent in Russian military at the micro-management of Syrian intervention and also the insane rules of engagement where brave Russians are not allowed to defend themselves or their allies.

AM Hants

Why the complaints about Medvedev, who has worked closely with President Putin, since the early 90s, back when Dr Putin was the assistant to the Rector at St Petersberg University? In fact, was President Medvedev in charge when So ros boy, Saakashvili thought it would be a good idea to take out the Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia. The. Same Saakashvili, who within hours was begging for a ceasefire, when Medvedev sent a Russian escort, to lead the Georgian Forces back home?

Toni Liu

Yes, but this bastard now use a real civilian aircraft, what a fake semite shit they are

Zionism = EVIL

In 1973 they shot down a Libyan airliner just for spite, killing over 100 civilians. Back then it was total cold blood as the plane was hit by 20mm cannon rounds in visual sight.

Libyan Arab Airlines Flight 114 (LN 114) was a regularly scheduled flight from Tripoli to Cairo via Benghazi. In 1973 a Boeing 727-200 that was serving this flight was shot down by Israeli without any provocation as the flight was just attempting to land at Cairo international airport.. “Israelis down a Libyan Airliner in the Sinai, killing at least 100 civilians”.

Toni Liu

Atleast thats their fault, but if saa mistakenly shot that civilian aircraft then israel will blow up that accident for their own propaganda, that is more dangerous for saa than israeli itself

Zionism = EVIL

That is how with Jew controlled media, Hollywood etc the scum via MSM brainwash the dumbass western shitheads. That is why good quality independent media like Southfront is a pain in the arse for the Jew liars.

AM Hants

No doubt the intention.

AM Hants

MH17, weren’t military jets hiding behind/underneath it and wasn’t a Khazarians python missile alleged to have been involved?

USS Liberty, a ship used, with same script, to blame others.

So many other incidents, when CW false flags are not effective. Are they still planning another CW false flag in Syria? Allegedly the White Helmets and their team of crisis actors have
filmed the next episode.

AM Hants

Seems everybody has cottoned on to the CW false flags, so they believe the next best thing is aviation. Plus, more fatalities and headline grabbers.

9/11, Iran, Iran 655, USS Liberty (not aircraft, but, same script), MH17, Russia surveillance plane etc. Etc. Etc. No doubt same crowd behind Chinese false flag virus.

Hasbara Hunter

Destroy Rothschild’s Satanic Fascist Balfour-Declaration, Criminal Freehaven, Aparheidstate, Illegal occupation of Palestine, Beachhead & Steppingstone into the Middle East called ISISraHell & send their imported Khazarian Sabbatean ZioNazi Crypto-Jews into the Mediterranean make’m swim to Lampedusa


The Khazars are panicking again. Western TV and media is replete with Holocaust nonsense every day now.

This Khazar propaganda surge causes people who were previously uninterested to research on the internet etc , and when they get past the Wikipedia Jew loving pages, the real facts can be studied.

So by kicking up a fuss about ‘anti semitism’, all the Khazar 1% semites are achieving is to shine a bright light on their constant lies and dishonesty.

As more and more people find out that the Khazars of today are the majority of Israeli’s today, and that the Khazars were historically a bandit clan ruled by a king and were from Eastern Europe. The Khazars converted to Judaism about 800 years ago.

As we realise , HH, the facts are there to see for those who wish to educate themselves with Forbidden Historical Facts.

AM Hants

Plus, why do so many of the nomadic Turkic tribe, who adopted Christianity, Islam, Judaism and learnt Hebrew, fully support the ideology and happily fund, train and support the Nanzi movement?

Aren’t the Khazarians and AshkeNazis the most anti-semetic tribes on earth? Aren’t the Kurds also a nomadic Turkic tribe, closely aligned with their Khazarians family?

How many airline tragedies, besides MH17 and the Russian surveillance flight, been caused by the Khazarians mobsters hiding behind passenger/peaceful flights?


It would be fair to say ,I think, that there are periods in all ‘tribal’ existence’s that have espoused greed an violence as an accepted way of life. Slavery comes to mind.

Religions are merely names for a particular cult and the personal actions of the cult members generally reflect the opinions of the cult leaders.

The Khazars seem to have been stuck in the same mindset, both as Khazars and the lawless brigands that they descended from 800 years ago when they and their king adopted the cult of Judaism.

When I think of Khazars , I often equate them with Irish Travellers.
Perhaps the travellers will convert to Judaism one day :)

AM Hants

My mother is Irish and what you say about religious cult mentality, I observed it and formed opinions from a very young age. The reason why personally I do not do religion.

Must admit, I do like the comparison of the ‘tinkers’ and Khazarians. Didn’t Tony Blair convert to Catholicism, when he left 10 Downing Street, and the wife was a born and bred Catholic? Her father, his many wives and lovers and how many children? Sort of comes across as being a man with ‘tinker’ genes, if there is such a thing, haha.


Funnily enough there are Tinker genes and are more prone to galactosaemia that can also trigger mental problems :), like thinking ‘whats yours is mine ‘ etc.
I can generally spot one instantly.


I also ‘do not do religion’. When I was at prep school at the age of nine, the weekly march to church about a mile or so away in a crocodile comprising the whole school and in all weathers was rather tedious indeed. I never warmed to religion of any ideology after that miserable experience. An experience I have just recalled, thanks to you,AM. :) :) :)

AM Hants

Haha, sorry to bring back satanic memories of childhood. For you it was a crocodile procession to church. For me it was Saturday night confession. Never felt comfortable, locked in a cupboard with a man in a frock, so think yourself lucky, haha:).

Mothers, who collect telegrams from numerous Popes, Priests, IRA and their confessions on a Saturday night and back to slaughter on a Monday morning, hypocrisy and the list goes on.

Remember, just turning 13 and seriously ill with peritonitis and a patient in Stoke Mandeville Hospital, when Seville was getting money for the spinal unit. I was given 24 hours to live, owing to my GP being reluctant to get me admitted. It took 4 days, for him to realise I was ill and waited till my appendix burst, before he realised I was in need of medical assistance. Anyway, as I was recovering, the hospital priest turned up. No problem, till a couple of hours later, my mother’s priest turned up. Thought they were in competition to give me the last rights haha. Still, at least Jimmy Seville did not pop by to say hello. Did wonder why they put me on an adult ward.

Realise, others find comfort in their faith. Which is their choice.


I am surprised that your Confessions did not take all night,AM :)

A burst appendix is very nasty. My father had that in the 30’s.

Faith I can understand, but Blind Faith has always seemed the lazy option in my opinion.

AM Hants

Mois, 12 hour confessions, as a child? Haha, used to lie, owing to knowing the true story would freak out the poor old boy. Plus, despite being a child, had already sussed it was none of his business, haha.

The appendix, doctor assumed the reason I could not keep anything down, could only crawl, owing to pain and looked like death, was owing to menstruation. Despite visiting me daily, together with one of his colleagues, it never dawned
on him that I might actually be ill. 0100 hrs, the anaesthetist is called out of bed and remember him taking one look at me then screaming. They had not removed my nail varnish, and I had been mucking around with bright yellow,
bright blue and green nail varnish, on my toe nails. So not what the anaesthetist was expecting, just after waking. Poor love, and if only my GP understood the wonders of being able to diagnose symptoms, it would have been so simple haha.


He must have been a terrible doctor, as back then most doctors were far more dedicated and informed than the breed today.

Doctor’s these days are invariably very young, not fluent in English and so
busy that appointments can be weeks later, and by that time many ailments have either recovered of got a lot worse.

I was at a Well Man clinic where after 3 minutes on a PC the doctor ( a well overweight child) said that I was obese. I am 6’4 and 16 stone with heavy bones and no beergut. The doctor would not have been able to see her toes.

AM Hants

He was, but, my parents thought doctors were God.

My dad, it took him 6 weeks to get him into hospital with some prostate problem. Waited till he was in acute renal failure and surprise surprise in a bad way. Think he was in hospital for about a month, for something initially simple. Don’t think the idiot was accepted for a surgical career and sulked ever since.

I cannot understand how you can confuse menstruation with a ruptured appendix, when dealing with a child haha. Think he eventually retired, but, would love to know how many others were misdiagnosed with fatal results. We were lucky.

AM Hants

Ps, miracle your father survived, owing to the year. No doubt he found a decent doctor, with regards sorting it all out.

AM Hants

Just read your ‘tinker gene’link, with interest.

When did the Khazarians get booted out of the caucus? As memories of the ice age and how Russia, regions and Europe were more closely linked then they are today?

Celtic links to the nomadic Turkic tribes, does not seem that far fetched, even if there is a difference of a few million years here and there.

If I had the time I might find the curiousity to find out more.


The Tinkers also press the’ Oppressed Ethnic Minority ‘ alarm if they get caught stealing. Some of them start to live a more normal life as they become wealthy BUT all the ‘Tinker made good ‘ with Mobile Home Parks, scrap metal, tarmacing and other trading companies etc , were thieves and cheats in their earlier days.

AM Hants

Now who does that remind you of?


Let me think :)

Mmmm, there is a cult with several thousand years of unbridled concern for those with assets and also for those without assets apart from a pound of their flesh. I forget the name of the cult, AM. :)

‘You Know Who’ that could be I am sure.

Is it a name that ‘must not be mentioned’ along side the venal scum that control much of civilisation today ?

AM Hants

Why do cries of anti-semetic, from those with no semetic DNA so come to mind? The same crowd that demand the natural resources of others. As images of a Hungarian ‘tinker’, so come to mind.


Because its an undeniable fact ? :)

AM Hants

Sorry meant Caucasus, not Caucus.

Hasbara Hunter

Hahaha yeah splendid Sheeples waking up…here in Holland the same Holocaust-Bullshit is repeated over & over again, a desperate last resort…f*ck their mind control & manipulation …The ZioNazis even instruct Dutch Teachers over here how to deal with difficult questions asked by Children in the Class-Room, for instance: The Dutch Palestinian kid that asks why he has to commemorate the Holocaust while his relatives are being slaughtered at the moment by these same Khazarian ZioNazi Mobsters …The teachers simply have to tell the Dutch Palestinian kid that it is Antisemitic to ask these kind of questions & that Antisemitism is illegal and that you can go to jail for that….(sounds like a fairly logical explanation to me…pfffrrrttt)….Perhaps they should teach them ZioNazis that they are no Semites but Palestinians on the other hand are…ZioNazis are killing Palestinians….so the are the true Antisemites…these Filthy Lying, Cheating & Deceiving ZioNazis turn everything upside down and inside out…


A few years ago I visited a WW2 labour camp in southern Poland. It looked to be as it was during the war, except for the above ground wooden barrack blocks being missing. The semi- basement of the blocks that were sunk into the ground by about 2m were obviously brick and concrete and are still there in good condition. The ceilings were reinforced concrete

My friend who was travelling with me is/was a believer of the ‘extermination’ fable. I showed him the steel bomb blast window shutters that were designed to deflect shrapnel from entering what was sleeping quarters that doubled as an air-raid shelter, and the original shelter doors, along with the blast walls that protected the steps to the entrance.

I told him that this design was common throughout Germany.
I then asked him the question , ‘ Why would the Germans have constructed an air-raid basement in a so called concentration camp, with scarce materials needed for the war effort IF the purpose of the Germans was to murder the inmates? I could see that my friend did not really want to acknowledge what was in front of his eyes.

The most cost effective way to kill people is to cage them in a field with no shelter, food or water and to then watch them die.
This is what the US did in the Rhine Meadows Camps immediately after the end of WW2. Circa 1.5 million German soldiers + some civilians were murdered in this way by the USA. The German military wounded were taken from hospitals and dumped in these camps. The book ‘Other Losses’ by a Canadian named James Bache describes all.

AM Hants

Thanks for the interesting and informative comment. Very good point.


Self preservation is the reason the Germans had constructed an air-raid basement in a, so called, concentration camp.

BTW: Circa is a measure of time, as opposed to a measure of unit.

AM Hants

The irony, is the child had more semetic DNA, than those who are taking out the Palestinians. There is under 7% semetic DNA in the people of Israel. With over 93% semetic DNA that is found in the people of Palestine.

Hasbara Hunter

And there are less then 5% Semitic Jews…..the rest are AshkeNazi Imposters…

AM Hants

So true.


Is there any other place on earth where you focus so vociferously on racial purity?


Is there any other place on earth where you focus so passionately on racial purity?

Rhodium 10

it is similar as if Iran would have launched ballistic/ cruise missile vs Ben Gurion airport during summer in daylight and when planes are taking off and landing to avoid Israeli AD system despite the risk for civilians planes!

Ingo Adam

End lamenting. Shoot’em down. Period.


Who are you saying should be shot down?
The Khazar fake 1% DNA Semites in their F16’s and F35’s
A civilian passenger plane’s with passengers on board.

Rafik Chauhan

Israel prove that they are coward hiding behind civilian to attack . this is not the first time Zionist cowards did. Syria should move air defence system in such a way that civilian plane doesn’t come in between while landing.

AM Hants

Those who fund the White Helmets, or control them, so need a major false flag in Syria. Especially, if they can get over a couple of hundred fatalities included.

Who specialises at hiding behind civilian airlines, when out to cause mischief? Why does MH17, Iran 655, USS Liberty (OK not an aircraft), and Russian flight come to mind? When the CW false flag script is not working, let’s try an aviation disaster instead.
Thankfully, plane, crew and passengers came to no harm. Good luck Syria.


Not our fault, don’t help Iran so we won’t have to strike. Help them, and we will strike anytime and anywhere we see fit.

Hasbara Hunter

Hahahahahahahahaha….you still have the guts to show your face in here???!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….

Dick Von Dast'Ard

And the Israeli’s will keep on getting away with it as the Syrian military does nothing about Israel.

Lazy Gamer

Anti aircraft systems need to be updated to distinguish between a military target and a civilian airliner. I hope there is no aircraft missile that deals damage the same way as an S200 missile.

Assad must stay

Not surprising at all, when is Russia going to take action and tell them enough shit?

Xoli Xoli

Israel is the only devilish rule country which disregards civilization and civilians life.What ever Israel does wrong is always right in the eyes UN ,USA,France,Brittain and NATO puppets.As we all se know as long as you are NATO member everything you do wrong is rights.Because majority of Vito members are NATO. Even if Russia call a urgent meeting it wont get go ahead for any military action. USA calls the meeting session hours as cool off time.


Israeli aircraft fired 40 Cruise Missiles, what Aircraft can carry 40 cruise missiles WTF?


Typical disgusting tactics by the IDF, attacking whilst using civilian/neutral aircraft as cover. If
the Syrian air defences happen to hit the plane full of innocent people, they can just blame the ‘evil Assad Regime’. The Zionists frequently demonstrate they have very loose morals, but at the same time pretend to be angels.

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