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Israeli Army Targets Hamas Military Leadership After Failing To Stop Rocket Fire From Gaza (Photos, Videos)

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Israeli Army Targets Hamas Military Leadership After Failing To Stop Rocket Fire From Gaza (Photos, Videos)

Israel Air Force airplane F-16 D ‘Barak Cobra’prepares for take off. June 28 2010. Photo by Ofer Zidon/Flash90

After failing to stop rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, the Israeli military began targeting military commanders of the Hamas Movement.

On May 12th, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) announced that they had assassinated members of Hamas’s General Staff Forum in a series of strikes on Gaza City and Khan Younis.

The military said that the Palestinian commanders were assassinated as apart of a “joint operation” with the Shin Bet security service.

The targeted commanders were identified as:

  • Bassem Issa, commander of Hamas Gaza City Brigade;
  • Jamaa Tahla, head of its cyber command and responsible for improving the accuracy of the group’s rockets;
  • Jamal Zabeda, head of research and special projects in its munitions productions department;
  • Hazzem Hatib, Hamas chief engineer in munitions department;
  • Sami Radwan, leader of Hamas technical intelligence department;
  • Walid Smali, responsible for industrial equipment for Hamas weapons production department.

“In addition, 10 other operatives from Hamas weapons production and research and development department were killed,” the Shin Bet said in a statement.

Some of the targeted commanders were reportedly close to Muhammad Deif, the leader of Hamas military wing the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades.

Palestinian sources reported several Israeli pinpoint strikes on vehicles in different parts of Gaza. The strikes are likely linked to the IDF-Shin Bet operation.

The IDF announcement came as the clashes with Gaza factions, led by Hamas, are heating up. In the morning the IDF said that a drone launched from the Palestinian region was intercepted by the Iron Done system.

Afterwards, the military announced that it had eliminated a unit preparing to launch an explosive drone from Gaza into Israel, without providing any additional information.

Despite Israel’s intensive strikes, Palestinian factions continue to launch rockets from Gaza. At least 50 rockets were launched by Hamas at the city of Ashdod. The group also fired 15 rockets at the town of Dimona, where Israel’s main nuclear plant is located.

The situation in Gaza will likely escalate further before the end of the day. The Israeli leadership may decide to launch a full-scale operation against Palestinian factions in an upcoming meeting in Tel Aviv.


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I was just thinking that the zio military must be in panic. Their Rust Dome can’t even stop HAMAS’ fireworks, er, Qassam missiles. Imagine facing Hezbollah’s missiles, let alone Iranian ones.

So what can they do now? Backing down would cost Nazinyahu his throne. Their only other option is to invade Gaza. HAMAS and the other groups are just waiting for that.

Zios are extremely bad at urban combat.

In fact they’re extremely bad at any kind of fighting except WWII style battles.

They are very aware of that which is why they rely onAmerikastan to fight for them. But Amerikastan won’t invade Gaza for them. So they are painted into a corner. Back down or invade.

I wish the zionazi gatekeeper propagandist Uri Avnery were still alive. I wanted to read his attempts to explain this away.


Thé sionistan WILL BE DESTROYED LIKE the nazi nation IN fermant or south africa the APARTHEID nation. Nelson Mandela friand of Palestine and algerie win too against french colon acter 132years ,just time WILL tell the truth.We have time Wait and sexe. The futur will BE very bad for the nazi-sionistan

Abraham Lincoln

Hamas rocket attacks are psychological and economic as they can’t be properly aimed and are to small to cause any significant damage. They have been very successful in psychological and economic terms.

They damaged the Israeli economy after it was coming out of its Covid shut down by Israelis running to bomb shelters when they are in no actual danger at all. Hamas has also proven the Iron garbage defence system to be totally ineffective and a waste of money. More damage and more Israelis are killed by the Iron Dome junk falling out fo the sky after it fails to stop Hamas rocket.

Really there is no point in Israelis going to any bomb shelters as they have a better chance of wining a lottery then being hit by any Hamas rockets. IF Hams can keep up the bombardments for a few weeks they can collapse the Israeli economy unless the Israeli government will admit they can’t stop them and that for now their low accuracy means there is not pnt in shutting down the economy every time Hamas launches a barrage.

Hamas has shown that against Hezbollah, and or Syria and or Iran israel’s economic and military infrastructure, it’s entire economy and it’s entire military along with Dimona and its nuclear weapons will be totally destroyed and they wil be totally defeated.

So no Israeli cowards will never attack Iran on their own they want to order the USA slaves to die for them in such an attack which the USSA will now also lose the definition of victory being whose government will stil exist at the end of such a war.

As the Zio empire has destroyed the USSA industrial capacity the USSA can no longer fight a war for any length of time when they will have significant material loses as they are now dependent upon China for parts to build their jets, tanks, ships etc. So the USSA now needs China’s permission to fight such a war. If China does not give permission to the USSA the USSA will lose any such war. Such a war would also likely result in the collapse of the Zio federal reserve, Jewish dollar unless China wants to prop it up. This would mean hyper-inflation debt default by the USSA, 80% plus unemployment mass, famine etc. in the USSA and the Zio EU


I finally got my orders to kill more women and kids from my beloved BiBi, I will be dressing as a woman so if I die the IDF says Hama killed civilian woman like how we did it before…love you jens holm, if I lost my money I make sure to make Denmark my home as you love me so much…


I agree, the Gazans are slaves to hamas. Since Israel withdrew from Gaza 15 years ago, it has grown 2.5 million people and has attained a per capita income for all Israelis, Arab, Jewish, and other minority groups, in the top 20 countries of the world. In the same time frame, Gaza is pretty much a hell on earth, about the same economic level of 100 years ago with under and unemployment of nearly 90%, oh yeah they really show the Israelis. They start launching rockets and kill a few Israelis and they lose hundreds of more homes, businesses and a death ratio of 10 to 100 to one against Israel. As the saying goes, wash, rinse and repeat. Even Egypt agrees with Israel and blockades Gaza. I lived in Jordan for many years and had 2 children born there and never once met an Israeli Palestinian who would volunteer to live under Palestinian rule due to corruption, no rule of law, and authoritarianism/being a one party dictatorship. They were happy to admit to other Arabs they would not want to live under Arab rule. As with many or most countries of the world that lost territory, they want their land back, get over it and move forward like most of them have. Look to the future for your future, hoping the Jews vanish is not a plan. Show Israel by being successful at anything, but committing national suicide. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.


Palestinians want their women and children to die, otherwise they would not store weapons in/under schools, mosques, residential areas, or hospitals. Nor would they launch their rockets from close proximity to schools, hospitals, homes or mosques. They are cowards and use women and children as human shields and then pretend to be outraged when Israel fires back. They think, the more women and children who are killed, the better for their negotiating positions. Nothing will change until the Palestinians love their wives and children more than they hate the Jews, NOTHING.


En estos momentos ya murio el primer soldado sionista por un disparo de ATGM Kornet-2, en la frontera con Gaza. Israel sabe lo que les puede pasar a sus tanques ligeros Merkhava. 12 de ellos fueron destruidos por Hezbollah en 2006

None of you

Well done Israel. Let’s liberate the people of Gaza from the hands of terrorism

Iron Zion

This war is crazy. You don’t know how brave I am. My squad was attacked by 10 children throwning rocks but I was brave and shot 3 of them then they run away so I saved my squad . I should get medal . Anyone know goood adult nappies that hide the smell.

Jens Holm

Iron Zion you are so brave and my hero. I would have been scared and wet my panties . I wear panties because they are so nice against my skin and my boyfriend loves it when I flash them at him. When lightening is in the water and thunder in the moon rabbits breed why many silly comments from rabbits.

Iron Zion

Don’t worry Jens darling I wear camouflaged panties IDF commando edition


Jens Holm

Iron Zion you do love me don’t you. You are not just saying that to get me all excited and leave me . Camoflaged panties my favorite so come to me now., leave that silly war for me xxxx


I now know that Fauda is real. No way they get these strikes without having multiple assets on the ground.

Porc Halal

Both jews and muslims have sick ideologies that they follow. I think Christians just need to take a step back and let psychopaths annihilate each other


Fuck Satanic evil Rothschild Zionism, the only raciat Fascist apartheid state left on earth created and controlled by foreign English anglo Free Masonic psychopaths! Fuck all these fake ass Zionist Jew extremist pro-terrorists commenting and spreading their usual racist sectarian bullshit propaganda and lies! Paid hasbara trolls, fuck off, evil hateful shitbags! Most of the world has always hated you Zionists.

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