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Israeli Army Shared Footage Of Recent Strikes On Syria

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On November 18, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) shared footage of the recent strikes on Syria, which took place in the early morning.

The video, which were apparently filmed from the ground, show at least three pinpoint strikes on unspecified military positions in Syria.

The IDF said the strikes were a response to an attempt by “an Iranian-led Syrian squad” to plant improvised explosive devices on the Israel-Syria separation line along the Israeli-occupied part of the Golan Heights.

The strikes targeted an Iranian base near Damascus International Airport, a secret housing complex for senior Iranian officials, a command post for the Syrian Arab Army’s 7th Division and several air-defense systems.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Syria, three service members were killed and another one was injured as a result of the Israeli strikes.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that five Iranians officers and two Lebanese or Iraqi fighters were also killed in strikes. Nevertheless, the monitoring group is known for spreading fake news after Israeli attacks on Syria.

This was one of the very few occasions in which Israel publicly claimed responsibility for strikes on Syria. Usually, Tel Aviv doesn’t acknowledge its operations against Syria. The strikes were most likely a message to Damascus and Tehran as they came amid reports of a possible Israel or U.S. attack on Iran.


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Albert Pike

Just to let Israel do as it pleases is no solution for neihter Syria or Iran. Some conflicts can not be avoided, one just has to prepare for them…


Preparing for conflicts is exactly what Israel was doing in this instance. And quite effectively.

Albert Pike

The golan hights is Syrian territory. Israel has no business there.


What business then does Iran have there?

Albert Pike

Syria can invite who ever it wants – that’s none of Israels business.


Not yet.



So … Syria invites troops from Iran / Hezbollah / Shia Brigades to set up against Israel and that’s ‘none of Israel’s business’?


Albert Pike

Sorry as long as they don’t invade Israel it’s none of Israels business, it’s just an excuse for Israels constant war mongering.


Are they opening hair salons? Nail parlours? lol

They’re actively preparing for an assault on Israel … (Iran proved their point in Lebanon … eh? Once bitten twice shy … eh?)


when was the last time Lebanon attacked and invaded Israel by drawing first blood unprovoked, could you please remind me ? Because as far back as I try to remember, I see 17 years of bloody occupation by Tsahal in a whole chunk of water-rich southern Lebanon plains. And more recently I keep on seeing daily sonic-boom in Lebanese skies by IDF warplanes. There seem to be a couple issues with your rationale and take here.


2006 … Hezbollah attacked REMEMBER?

Israel’s IAF rule the skies … no apologies

Magic Puro

“Even more revealing were the comments by Mossad Chief, Meir Degan, and the head of Shin Bet, Yuval Diskin, during a meeting with Prime Minister Olmert in the immediate aftermath of the war. Both men pointedly told Olmert “the war was a national catastrophe and Israel suffered a critical blow.”



Look at Lebanon after the war …

Look at Israel after the war …

As a liberal democracy, we’re able to read and get feedback on ‘truth’ … the IDF was unprepared for the traps set / underground lairs of Hezbollah and took casualties … they had a commission to ‘learn from the mistakes made’ … eh?


Magic Puro

What is this silly diversion.

You said Hezbollah attacked when they did not. They captured 3 IDF soldiers at a border post. Those 3 soldiers were sacrificial lambs since Israel under Olmert has planned the war as early as January with preps in March. Olmert himself admitted so. And so did diplo leaks show so.

Israel a liberal democracy, lol, sure. Keep convincing you of that bs.


Hezbollah attacked … Nasrallah admitted

Bs is all youz got …


Magic Puro

No twatz.. Nasrallah did not admit. Do not lie or get your facts in order. He only said.. had he known the capture of the 3 IDF would have led to a war, he would not have done it.


So Hezbollah’s leader said they did it …. thanks simpleton

You Arabs are gonna continue to suffer at the hands of the Jews/Zionists/Israelis until you accept your fate …. losers of the Arab/ Israeli Conflict and sign an end of Conflict Peace Agreement … eh? Absent that? More of the same .. eh?


Magic Puro

You must be slow, he said no such thing. You just twist things to suit your dementia. And I am not Arab you paranoid Ashkenazi twatz.


So a goy …. who knew?

Nasrallah spoke the words as if a wedding vow … eh goy?

Google it …

Magic Puro

Goy, moy. Don’t flatter yourself. You’re descendant of converts yourself. Today’s Jews don’t even have a clue of their own history. At least, I can think. You, swallow. That today’s Jews all come from the Levant and decided to make a U-Turn 2000 years later. Idiots. Unless of course you’re telling me that you, an Ashkenazi Jew and a Nigerian Jew are one and the same, lol.


I don’t have to justify who or what a Jew is … to you or anybody … hello?

The FACT IS that ANYONE calling themselves a Jew is a Jew … cuz NO ONE would admit it needlessly … to get the hate thrown at them that Jews do incessently … eh goy?

Magic Puro

Never was about hatred. Jewish or not.. I don’t care. I brought up who you are (an Ashkenazi Jew) to highlight your paranoia.. calling anyone an ‘Arab’ for critiquing your arguments.


Remember when the Soviets intended to placed Nukes in Cuba … and were discovered by Satellite pics in the early ’60’s under Kennedy/Kruschev?


Israel isn’t playing games … they’re defending their territory and if that MEANS proactively attacking … and if that means preemptively striking their enemies … so be it … hello?

Israel will defend itself … full stop

Albert Pike

And what was mit the American nukes in Turkey? Israel is constant cause of war that’s solely because of their own actions. And you call this defend itself – you are cynic, like your Frankist tribe…


Israel’s actions are defensive … as for ‘Frankist tribe’ …

When did you give up on the Khazar theory? lol


“they’re defending their territory”

Except that this “territory” in this case is illegally occupied and annexed Syrian lands in the eyes of the whole world bar the outgoing Orange Fatso administration. There is no such thing as an “Israeli border” within the Golan Heights contrary to Bibi’s claims. Indeed a thief cannot claim the owner is doing funny stuff on the side of the backyard he still owns.

Israel will get legitimacy once it seals some kind of deal and relinquishes the Golan and its water ressources to its rightful owners it withstood it from through the forces of arms and a surprise military attack in 67.

Pretty much the same kind of moves that was forced onto it after being pushed to the verge of defeat in 73 when a weeping Golda and her Dayan friendo begged Henri Kissinger to directly threaten Sadat and offer a juicy deal regarding the Sinai and the all-important Suez canal, which he evidently accepted.

By doing so, it will deprive the likes of Iran of one of their core geopolitical and moral points supporting their alliance with Syria.

“if that means preemptively striking their enemies … so be it … hello?”

Are you even for real, man ?The very concept of preemptive strikes is considered a state crime under international law and with reason, since if allowed it would enable any entity on this Earth with the means ot unilateral start wars claiming national security threats. Which the US did as much illegally in Irak in 2003. Hello ?


Syria attacked from the Golan in 1967 … that aggression was repulsed … the conquered territory is in Israel’s hands and has been annexed …

As for your Sinai / Egyptian bs … Egypt’s Army was surrounded in the Sinai with Ariel Sharon on the West Bank of the Canal blocking any supplies to the trapped army … hello?

Turkey / Russia / Iran behave in the same manner … eh?


Magic Puro

You say…. Syria attacked from the Golan in 1967 … that aggression was repulsed … the conquered territory is in Israel’s hands and has been annexed …

Moshe Dayan was defense minister in the Six-Day war, see what he had to say….

“General Dayan died in 1981. But in conversations with a young reporter five years earlier, he said he regretted not having stuck to his initial opposition to storming the Golan Heights. There really was no pressing reason to do so, he said, because many of the firefights with the Syrians were deliberately provoked by Israel, and the kibbutz residents who pressed the Government to take the Golan Heights did so less for security than for the farmland.”


DAYAN IN 1976: ISRAEL TOOK GOLAN OUT OF GREED https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/fl-xpm-1997-05-04-9705030189-story.html

“There was a demilitarized zone formed after the 1948 war, between Syria and Israel. So what happens in this demilitarized zone?” Dayan said, “At least 80 percent of the time, probably more, let’s just limit ourselves to 80 percent of the time, we would send bulldozers into this demilitarized zone, because Israel was engaged in a land grab.” It was trying to get land inside the demilitarized zone. It would send in bulldozers, the Syrians would react, and then it would escalate. In April ’67, it escalated into a dog fight between the Syrians and the Israelis.”



So … what does that prove?

Did Syria ATTACK in 1967? Yes or No?

Did Syria enter into a War Pact with Egypt to attack in 1967? Yes or No?

Dayan’s words belie the REAL intent of the vile Syrian regime of Assad … hello?

Magic Puro

Well, it disproves your statement.

Read again.. Syria was provoked by Israel since 1948. Dayan admitted.

No, Syria made a military pact with Egypt knowing Israel was going to attack.

Dayan’s words reveal Israel’s true intentions. Intentions that have been covered up for decades in the mainstream narrative.

Yes, Hello. Don’t be an idiot.


Laughable … sticks and stones ? Are you louts for real?


Magic Puro

Dayan admitted word by word that Israel was the one who attacked Syria since 1948 and even more so in 1967. It was provocation to then land grab. Other Israeli officials admitted the same..

-> General Chaim Herzog, commanding general and first military governor of the occupied West Bank following the war, admitted that “There was no danger of annihilation. Israeli headquarters never believed in this danger.”

-> General Ezer Weizman similarly said, “There was never a danger of extermination. This hypothesis had never been considered in any serious meeting.”

-> Chief of Staff Haim Bar-Lev acknowledged, “We were not threatened with genocide on the eve of the Six-Day War, and we had never thought of such possibility.”

-> Israeli Minister of Housing Mordechai Bentov has also acknowledged that “The entire story of the danger of extermination was invented in every detail, and exaggerated a posteriori to justify the annexation of new Arab territory.


It’s 2020 … hello?

Buying books from Israeli authors that’s ? just don’t tell your BDS bro’s …. lol

Magic Puro

Keep raving. Fact is you were and still are wrong. You just can’t get to admit it because you’re too much of a dishonest person.


Right … YOU didn’t read it … someone quoted it in an article here or some other site … eh goy?

Dishonest? lol

YOUR entire missive is bs …

Magic Puro

I didn’t read what? You wrote Syria attacked when Israeli officials admitted otherwise. Are you demented? Take advantage of Canada’s free healthcare to see a psychiatrist.


Syria attacked … there is no argument


Magic Puro

According to you, yes – 100%. According to Dayan, who was in charge of the war and other Israeli officials, no. Do the math.


What ??? you missed some history classes it seems. In 67 Israel itself boasted it launched a totally surprise “preemptive”attack on all fronts against unsuspecting enemies that were not even in a combat posture,and that’s precisely how it won. The 6-day war is recnognized as a surprise blitz ROFL,it’s elementary knowledge to have on that one,and you failed at that too, with your all your petty grandstanding here.You make me smile dude,ignorance seems bliss with you indeed.

Syria indeed “attacked” from its part of the Golan in 73 to reclaim its stolen lands,you seem totally confused about the events.

As for the Egyptian 3rd army,it was cut-off by Sharon’s brigade but still boasted 200+ operationnal planes and pilots were ready to strike that gap to smithereens,that’s where Sadat’s betrayal came into effect and he bowed to additionnal pressure from Kissinger not to break the deal by doing so. Militarily speaking that wedge was deemed totally unsustainable by Israeli commanders and then historians as well, logistical lines were untenable on the long run and the 3rd army remained fully combat ready by the end of the war,repelled several assaults by Israeli forces that in parrallel also failed in every other attempts to seize back any other town of importance like Ismahilia or Suez itself loosing bmood and treasure to no effect on the frontlines. Hello ? yeah ?

You won because of America’s entry in the war and Sadat’s hatred of the Sovkets,he was showed a way out of their sphere of influence and played ball, period. Hello ?


Egypt / Syria / Jordan had ALL agreed to attack Israel in 1967 …

The Egyptian Army was deployed in the Sinai (abrogating the terms of Peace signed in 1956) ….

The Egyptians has closed the Straits of Tiran (abrogating the terms of Peace signed in 1956)

Egypt was ready to go to war … Nasser proclaiming victory was at hand and Egyptians marching happily / cheering … eh? lol

As for 1973 … Syria?

They had a plan but stalled their advance … by the next day Israel had begun their counter attack … and in short order pushed the Syrians back …. with Israeli tanks surging towards Damascus … eh? lol

Egypt and Syria pooped their pants AGAIN …

ONLY … after Sadat was willing to talk peace … did he get his Sinai peninsula back … certainly NOT BEFORE … he accepted PEACE … eh?

Today … Israel is a military superpower and unchallenged by their neighbours who are fearful of war with Israel … eh?

Stay afraid


“Egypt / Syria / Jordan had ALL agreed to attack Israel in 1967 …”

Claims only :-) The same way they claimed they will attack Iran “tomorrow” or “next month” for the past 21 years, and so what ? chest bumping and empty posturing happen in geopolitical life :D

“The Egyptian Army was deployed in the Sinai (abrogating the terms of Peace signed in 1956) ….”

These actions do not constitute a valid legal case for all-out invasion of their territories. Israelis lost whatever legit legal claims they once had by turning themselves into outlaws when they invaded territories from all three countries anyway.

Ever since Israelis have annexed East Jerusalem, the Golan and plan on doing the same with 2/3 of the WB, I think they got their lessons rights, which further undermines their legal position on the issue.

“ONLY … after Sadat was willing to talk peace … did he get his Sinai peninsula back … certainly NOT BEFORE … he accepted PEACE … eh?”

ONLY, after Golda was told by Kissinger that further trying to attack Egypt was not an option and that his deal not to bomb Sharon’s forces to smithereens to allow link-up between the 2nd and 3rd armies held on that agreement alone, otherwise Sadat was back into Soviet hands and the whole counter-attack would have taken place along with Syrians.

“Today … Israel is a military superpower and unchallenged by their neighbours who are fearful of war with Israel … eh?”

A “superpower” that shits in its pants and doesn’t even take the time to wear them when it rushes out of a border army base out of fear for an Hezbollah offensive. Check it out on RT Arabic, the tour was great, the underwear seemed dirty though :) A “superpower” that isn’t even able to win a war against a guerilla force, love your definition of it.

Anyway, Israel was, is and will remain a US military subsidiary, a broke nation with 35% child poverty that only boasts a big army because of free gifts from the US and Germany, and so what ?

Besides they’re still not a match against Iran and its massive precision-guided massive ballistic and cruise missile arsenals and cannot perform deep penetration strikes without getting at least a dozen killed or captured pilots on that run by a thick and recognized Iranian IADS. Even their biggest fan Trump said on air that they don”t have the capability to strike meaningfully without US support, the Iranian military brass are definitely not kept awake at nights when they see Bibi gesticulating hysterically, trust me :D

“They had a plan but stalled their advance … by the next day Israel had begun their counter attack … and in short order pushed the Syrians back …. with Israeli tanks surging towards Damascus … eh? lol”

I addressed those funny lines in another reply. Go play around kid, I’m done toying with you.


Toying with me? lol

Israel doesn’t claim to attack Iran … they just do it … in Syria

Israel isn’t apologetic for preemptively attacking their enemies … eh?

Golda? lol

Your bs propaganda is denial of reality … the Golan is still in Israel’s hands …. Israelis are skiing on Mt Harmon … eh punk?



Actually “drivin you nuts” is more fitting ever since your teenage outburst yesterday xD

“They just do it… in SYRIA”

LoL. And the poor dude doesn’t even see what’s wrong with his sentence. Next time F-16s pr F-35s fly over Iranian nuclear sites OVER IRAN,bomb them and get back unscathed then maybe we’ll talk about courage and real aptitude,no when you bomb underpaid SAA conscripts at your border and call them ‘Iranian targets”. Until then,you’ll just be a little dreamy fanboy confusing reality with his birthday wishes.

I never said a criminal is supposed to be apologetic about his crimes. Israel being an outlaw state governed by extreme right illuminates, I expect no difference here.

What’s the point of saying Isarel holds the Golan ? they’re still a micro-state as big as 1/80th of Iran. My point is that they’re considered a criminal state for doing so by the whole world,wtf is wrong with your IQ man lol might doesn’t make right.


Oh … the vaunted IRGC is really scary …. eh? lol

Remind me …. which army have they defeated … LMAO

Extreme right wing government of Israel exists BECAUSE of incessant Arab antagonism … eh?

The world considers Israel a criminal state? lol

The Arab/Muslims do and the 3rd World might … but so what? Why should I or Israel care?

The IRGC has failed in stopping attacks within Iran … al Masri / the Nuke scientists / fires, explosions at nuclear sites / the Mossad removing the Nuclear files from Tehran … all point to incompetence … need I remind you of Soleimani? lol

The Big One is coming …



Ahah, as ignorant as before and you make less and less sense by the post.

Iran defeated an internationally supported Iraq in 1980 and rolled back their advances into their land in a mere year while themselves suffering a total embargo and dure spare shortage for their military hardware that they started copying on the fly with their own industrial and engineering base, I told you time and again :go back to class kiddo xD

they badly scarred the iraqi air force during a massive blitz strike 24 hours after being attacked dubbed Operation kaman 99 and wiped away the whole of the Irasi navy in a si gle Operation called Morvarid,provided the IDF with coordinates to destroy the Osirak reactor as well during dwift recon and only failed because their bombs didn”t explode on impact. Ditto with a deep penetraiton strike on Iraq largest bomber base called H3 and devastating dozens of Tu- bombers waiting to strine Tehran. You k ow nothing about anything and all you do is to open your filthy mouth to spit bullshit, that you’re an expert at ,I concede xD

And contrary to Israel constantly expanding and invading other countries in its lifespan, Iran has been peaceful for the past 200 years with no war of aggression commited against any neighbor, this is something to be proud of instead of boasting bellicose achievement and intent,you brainwashed moron.

Arab antagonism ??? are you smoking pot now ? Israel is the one that started violating the letter and the word of the Olso Accords while the ink wasn’t even dry yet, aggressively continuing settlement policy and bulldozing thousands of Palestinian homes after the PLO willingly decided to give up arms and turn into a political mouvement ,its security forces started collaborating with Mossad and Shin Beit as well, while accepting to roll back its territorial claims to a mere 22% of its original wish in a show of good faith. They were craving for Peace and Israel destroyed that spirit by betraying every of their engagements, and you seem to have absolutely no clue whatsoever about that timeline, you dumb fuck.

Yes ,Israel currently holds by far the longest list of Human Rights violations ever recorded since the inception of the UN itself,and pathetically loses every related vote at ever session, didn’t you know ? Arabs and the 3rd world ? ahahah the whole of Western Europe votes against you as well and is on the verge of cancelling export licences for jewish settlement products, haven’t you heard from the depths of your cave ?

Soleimani was killed by a cowardly attack from a US drone in Iraq when he expected such hostility the least,what has Israrl anything to boast about here ?

About the AQ number two I told you already : dozens of such bogus stories have emerged in US mainstream outlets such as the NYT,and so what ? yeah 15 years ago the treacherous MKO actively helped mossad to score a few hits and their networks have been annihilated ever since. They now moved better centrifuges underground and started enrichment 2 days ago, now what ? The might IDF will fly over and bomb it ?21 years of that and nobody ever walked that petty tough talk, pumpkin !

Get play around kid, and let the adults do the intelligent talking.


Get used to it … Iran fought Iraq to a DRAW … after 10 Years of War …. 1 Million DEAD … Iran using children to walk through minefields to spare Iranian soldiers? That’s Iranian society !

YOUR facts are ‘half truths’ ‘fake news’ and ‘lies’ … your culture is stagnant … no one will be sad when it goes …



The fighting dragged on past 1981 uselessly because of Khomeini”s obstination with reaching Baghdad and yes it was tragic, but that’s a separate issue. Iran was reeling under a global arms embargo while Iraq got whatever it wanted from all sides.

What is important is that militarily speaking,- Iran destroyed much bigger and better-supported Iraqi forces in a matter of a year and they had to replenesish their armies several times over to continue facing Tehran. You belittled their achievements and I named the Operations that totally destroyed your empty claims by substance and results.

You have no clue whatsoever about any of the stuff I quoted and there’s nothing you can do about those facts you never even knew existed before today ,you lil’ dumbo ;-)


Israel provided arms to Iran …. lol

The Iran-Contra Affair


absolutely, because at the time they had the same enemy. Israel boasted about the successful Osirak reactor strike but it was thanks to preliminary overflights by elite Iranian air-force pilots. They wanted to take all the credit but Iranians gave them what it took to do the job. Funny hey ? :D


FAKE NEWS … pmsl

Iran is famous for … kissing that stone in Qom’s mosque … spreading Covid



Oh look! that useful idiot reflex again???? Nah it’s history and public knowledge, even Israeli historians acknowledge that. Sometimes yesterday’s friends become today’s enemies,that’s life. Iranians struck Osirak first then gave intel to the IDF that used top-notch US laser-guided bombs to finish it off. You can read it up everywhere,in and outside the web. Something you’ve never heard about in your zionist bubble and its brainwashing machines. What’s fake is your country.

Now be a good boy and go find me more carcasses in the desert ?



Iran and Israel were not friends in 1981 … and have become enemies … due to the Mullahs

I acknowledge the Iranian attack on Osirak … BUT Israel destroyed Osirak 8 months later


Based on Iranian intel following the strike and subsequent recon flight, and using next-generation US laser-guided bombs.

A telex is renowned from having come right to Khomeini’s table after Saddam attacked, through the same channels used by the former Shah, and it came from the Israeli line. Its content were simple : “how can we help”. You can look it everywhere you search, I won’t do it for you.

They even almost came up with a joint operation, but it was untenable politically for both sides.

Geopolicy knows no enmity or friendship, only perpetually evolving interests along with the shifting alliances, plain and simple. And for the simple-headed binary people such as yourself, I understand it’s hard to comprehend.


Iran’s vile mullah police state cannot /will not have relations with a sovereign Jewish State …


The vile Mullah Police State and the Jewish State .. will NEVER be allies


You are damn right. And on that particular level, despite all the contempt I equally share towards the Mullah and the Zionists, I still thank god for Iran not being able to have ANY form of relations with either Apartheid fascist Israel or its petrocratic Arab monarchies. These would be two core policies I would have absolutely no problem with, no matter the regime or government in place. That great people deserves better friends than those two expansionist, aggressor states.


I’m content as well with that scenario …

BUT … you seem ‘hands off’ as if you’re not Iranian or Arab … lol

WTF … are you so involved?


That’s precisely the problem with you Zionists : everything has to be about direct affiliation. In your closed mindset, one cannot have principles and solid beliefs in the rule of law and be able to staunchly denounce or abhor injustice if he/she isn’t directly related to one of the parties in any way.

I absolutely oppose the Mullahs and their theocratic regime in parallel to my anti-Zionism.There’s strictly no inherent incompatibility between the two stances. Both are destructive and murderous regimes based on populist hateful leaders.

And FYI, If it weren’t for external aggressors such as Israel/GCC regimes/the US willing to harm Iran as a nation and not just as an Islamic regime, I would actually spend much more energy attacking the Mullah politically, and I do elsewhere away from this site, since that would open up space and time to address only one issue through activism. You are all actually doing them a favor by furnishing a valid external threat that they can then use as a talking point at home to garner support.

Besides, in the 30-40s, did people need to be Germans to condemn Nazism ? Or Italians to oppose fascism ? or South-African to denounce the Apartheid regime that once reigned supreme over the native black community there ? or a Black American to oppose slavery ?

Wtf kind of flawed rationale is that.


Excuse me … your angel wings weren’t apparent … eh?

So YOU are principled and support the ‘rule of law’ … I’ m impressed

HOWEVER … YOU’RE an anti-Zionist

This is the point I needed to understand from your posts … since I fully support Zionism

The thing that ‘progressives’ / ‘human rights advocates’ / those that ‘abhor injustice’ … FORGET to their detriment the long history of the Jewish People suffering abuse throughout their centuries in the diaspora …. hello? Whether in Christian dominated Europe or in the Muslim dominated Middle East and North Africa

The Great Powers after WWI had the opportunity and the ability to solve that issue … the Mandate for Palestine provided it … despite the Brits ‘backsliding’ … the UN PARTITION PLAN provided an international peaceful solution … but that was then … eh?

Once bitten twice shy …


“HOWEVER … YOU’RE an anti-Zionist This is the point I needed to understand from your posts … since I fully support Zionism”

Precisely, because Zionism is its current form and application is as destructive and undesirable as its Islamist brethren, as its similarly based on scriptures from a religious book and context belonging to millennia-old events that bring exactly zero credibility or legitimacy to abusive demands and territorial claims occurring today in the modern age. That’s absolutely coherent in my opinion, and you fail to understand that because of an unconditional adherence to every bit of its principles without sparing even a faint moment to think of its actual consequences outside of your intellectual comfort zone. You constantly love to see yourself as the perpetual victims of history while technically on the ground you’ve become all but an aggressor every since you made your first forays in unsuspecting Palestinian neighborhoods right after WWII. You lost whatever legitimacy you could have once pretended too on the heels of the holocaust.

You want to understand why I oppose Zionism ? because one cannot abuse an ENTIRE weaker people, humiliate it, dispossess it, expropriate it, kill or bomb its children in cold blood whenever it pleases, withhold its basic rights as a self-determined entity, block its elders and pregnant women at checkpoints, park its workers in camps every damn day on their way to work , routinely bulldoze their homes, bomb their brother countries everywhere you can afford to, unilaterally annex their lands, steal their water ressources, make a mockery of the rule of law and the international community, act like you’re sitting in a damn jungle where only might is right, and all of that in the name of past suffering of your forefathers generations ago that these people had absolutely nothing do to with, or biblical realities that don’t hold a modicum of value in legal or political terms when it comes to international legitimacy and respect of people’s sovereignty.

Bottom line is : one crime no matter how horrible will never justify another. A person affected by the murder of his parents and family cannot claim right by slaughtering another person’s family in turn and take his home and land, that’s as simple as that.

“The Great Powers after WWI had the opportunity and the ability to solve that issue … the Mandate for Palestine provided it … despite the Brits ‘backsliding’ … the UN PARTITION PLAN provided an international peaceful solution … but that was then … eh?”

The British went with their imperial treacherous tricks indeed, and I blame them big time as well for that mess, there we agree. But that doesn’t excuse mass illegal immigration of Jews and the formation of fascist paramilitary groups like the Irgun, Haganah and even deadlier Stern Brigade to come with “a Bible in one hand and a rifle in another” door to door to send local Palestinians out of their home through textbook ethnic cleansing because Jews once rules the area.

In the name of that fallacy of a rationale, Iran can reclaim the entire Middle-East and set on a crusade based on antique maps where the Persian Empire ruled all those regions in the days of Mesopotamia, would you accept that ? I’m guessing a big no, and you would be right. Well, the establishment of a Zionist empire is subject to the same moral impossibility. Eretz Israel will never happen and grasping at a small stripe of land in the WB or the Golan won’t change anything, Israel has already reached critical mass in territorial reach and demography

I do not refute the unthinkable sufferings endured by the Jewish people, and as you might have noticed as well if you truly tried to read my posts : I oppose Zionism, as an expansionist, violent and extremist ideology, NOT Israel as a state with a righteous people recognized as such by the vast majority of the world nations. Rather, based on its current posture and policies of military occupation, I rightfully call Israel criminal garrison state, not because of its mere will to have a state it can call its own, otherwise that would make me an antisemite, which I’ll never accept to be as I abhor all forms of racism, let alone one against a people that once fell victim to mass killings itself, I’m not a Holocaust denier and my Jewish friends are a good reminder of that.

Israel has the right to exist, the Jewish people deserve a place to call home. But i will NEVER accept it happening at the expense of another people supposedly enjoying the same basic human rights to live in dignity as a unified, contiguous and prosperous country and land.

And as long as you people actively and officially prevent that from happening and them having access to the same rights and possibilities as you do, you’ll never be ANYTHING ELSE other than plain aggressors and the problem in the region.

Your call to revert your bellicose policies and stop trying to encroach on other people’s land.


Iraq wasn’t then a military force … the USA destroyed Iraq’s military in days …

Israel defeated 3 Arab armies in 6 days …

Sucks … eh?


Israel never defeated those three armies, they succeeded in pushing them away from the territories they wanted within the WB , Golan and East Jerusalem. And without massive US aid they would have lost it all in ’73.

Nothing sucks but your endoctrinement on these matters.


There can be NO COMMUNICATION unless there are facts that are shared …

YOUR ‘facts’ are made up out of desperation …

That’s why social media is built for ‘echo chambers’ … so y’all can ‘jerk each other off’ … lol

Enjoy the fun …. pmsl


Even a simple google or wiki search is enough to give you plenty of history and specialized war-related open-sources material and book references regarding the final situation on the Egyptian front, and then loan or buy the said books to go into detail, I won’t get down to your level by retorting to your kindergarten insults either ,I let you have fun and talk with yourself,that’s better ;-)

The UN Res and current legal qualification of the Israeli position is public knowledge and I won’t dignify your petty calls for verification,as I have their content right there in another tab whee I’m typing.

Your alt-right trumpist method of throwing your own unsubstanciated falshoods and propaganda all over the place and asking your opponent to justify his facts don”t work here,get over it you useful idiot. Bannon’s evening classes seem to have worked wonderfully on your weak mind.

Enjoy the solo fun brah xD


Exactly … stay in your echo chamber


You again demonstrated technically that you are pathetic , and unable to adress counter-arguments to your propaganda, and you know it full wall. Oh, and happy dreaming with that never-coming Iran strike of yours by the mighty IDF ;-)


Israel has 7 million Jews … and they DOMINATE the area … lol

NO ONE tries to mess with Israel … eh? Planting a few IED’s got a response from the IDF … eh?

Whatcha gonna do about it?

NOTHING … the Paper Tiger is afraid … eh?

Khamenei withered hand can’t be used to jerk himself off … Rouhani sucks him off instead … pmsl


What are you even talling about man ? 21 years straight of “we ‘re gonna fly over to Natanz and bomb it to bits” and NO-THIIIING to this very moment, what YOU gonna do ? Iran built THOISQNDS of precision MRBM-class ballistic misisles with the ability to devastate 90% of Israeli vital infrastructure and you have yet to attack a SINGLE factory.

Besides you don’t dominate anything apart from empoverished Palestinians, The USA does. You’re just their local mad dog on a leash, don’t get ahead of yourself, 6 month without their yearly financial and military aid and you won’t even have an army left, talk about a Paper Pussy lol

You are really a funny little boy ,you know that ?


No one said Iran was gonna be bombed for 21 years …. lol

Y’all are frightened …. seeing how the IDF are incredibly skilled and talented … eh? Developing drone warfare … lol

I’m sure they have something ‘special’ in store for y’all … lol

Israel’s GDP is over $400 BILLION USD or $40,000 per person

The US aid is $3.8 Billion … eh?

Israel could get along without the aid … but that what friends are for … eh?

Iran gifts Hezbollah ??? and weapons REMEMBER? lol

You’re not funny … the Iranian People are suffering under the Mullahs today … their fate sealed



Yes, Bibi said that, in every UN speech :D you should definitly document yourelf about your idols.

You can dream as long and deep as you want about a never-coming surprise in store for us, you evn had the right to ask it from Santa LOL xD

Isarel’s GDP is nowhere near that number and they have even been questionned as a valid member of the OSCE because of their poor economic and scientifi performance, you really should get out more, little boy ;-)

Iranians might indeed be suffering from the Mullahs, but 99% of them would never for a second accept an Israeli strike agains their homeland. Bibi is universally hated at every level of Iranian society including those who want the islamic regime gone, you should really educate yourself about this.

Nobody in Iranian military circles is frightened about any long-range Israeli capabilities, they’re waiting with open arms and ready missile for any fancy adventure by Tsahal bro, you really have no clue what you’re talking about :-)


Denial … is all you got


Debilitating one-liners is all you have. Born deaf and will die blind. Facts will outlast you.


Black Waters

Because they are the ones creating it dumbass, of course they are preparing, when you are the invading force that’s common sense.

But what Israel should do is to stop the warmongering stupidity, before it’s too late.


Why stop now?


When did Israel invade Iran?

Ashok Varma

Israel is a thug regime and unless its victims retaliate it will continue to commit aggression and crimes.


The issue is that the Rothschild neocolony in Palestine got all the money, nukes and military/tech transfers from the Ziocorporate regimes of the West. Syria has to struggle to be prepared for war, since allies like Russia are more committed to being business partners of the terrorist Zioglobalist filth.

Albert Pike

It’s clear that that’s an uphill battle. But what to do, every time Syria built something up, comes some phony pretext (mostlikely is was Israels or ISIS/Mossads IED) and kills people…


So … are the Russians Zioglobalist filth or ?




Exactly or ? lol

YOUR use of bs slang is comical …


comical … like JIDF fucktards trolling


Like goyim like YOU … holding your prick while typing

Ya f/kn goy


Like Armenia / Azerbaijan?

Albert Pike

With what would you like to compare the Golan Hights, with Nagorno-Karabakh? How many Israelis lived in the Golan Hights?


Armenia should have been preparing for war … after they were successful previously … hello?

Syria went to war in 1967 … attacking from the Golan against Israel

Syria went to war in 1973 … attacking from the Golan again

The Golan is lost to Syria …



You have an interesting take on history indeed.

Israel went to war in 67 and attacked three Arab countries at once, and invaded the Syrian Golan Heights, Egyptian Sinai and Suez Canal, and the Palestinian West Bank, + the whole of Jerusalem, none of which were recognized by the world, including key European states otherwise sympathetic to Israel.

Syria and Egypt went to war in 73, to get back their lands, which is both legal and morally legit, they acted within their fully sovereign rights within the laws of war related to national self-defense. And while Egypt succeeded in creating the conditions for a US-sponsored peace deal, and Syria failed because it didn’t have the needed military force to push Golda to the table as Sadat did, plain and simple.

The only language that Israel ever understood : Force. That is why they don’t try to invade or directly attack Lebanon anymore to this day, and rush to almost apologize when a Hezbollah operative dies in a given bombing in Syria. That is why despite constant saber-rattling, they never dare make their move against Iranian nuclear sites without clear backing of the US.


Israel captured the Sinai Peninsula in 1967 … why did they have to beg ‘their masters’?

1. Jordanian WB … not Palestinian 2. Recognition? UN242 says Israel does not have to withdraw from all territories … so that’s to be negotiated 3. Egypt was trounced in 1973 and were surrounded before surrendering … Syria faired no better and surrendered with Israel’s tanks on the road to Damascus

The ONLY language Arabs understand is STRENGTH …

Hezbollah is afraid to attack Israel like they did to their dismay in 2006 … knowing the consequences will be 200K dead Lebanese in the first 48 hours …

When Israel’s INTEL signals the Mullahs are going for a breakout … Iran’s nuclear sites will be attacked … eh?

Israel demands Peace and Security …



1. Now your grasping at straws,still stolen lands.

2. Wrong again :Res 242 states that Israel had to withdraw with no negotiations back from every inch of territory it stole past 67, that means the WB,East Jerusalem,and the Golan. Again get back to school,these are the basics.

3.Israel was the one trounced in 73, its army and leaders was taken completely by surprise and couldn’t believe the Arabs were simply rolling past the supposedly impregnable Bar Lev line with tank-mounted high-pressure water cannons, and secured every key position of their bridgehead on the eastern side of the Suez canal that they kept to the last day of the war.

Its initial counter attacks were humiliated with almost 50 planes taken down and their counter against the Al-Mansojrah airbase in Egypt were trounced as well,ditto hundreds of its tanks.

Only the first ceasefire that was used by Kissinger to provide SR-71 overflights and probe for Egyptian weaknesses did allow some breathing room to an exhausted and demoralized Tsahal. Golda even move nuclear weapons to blackmail Washington into moving in and performing the biggest military airlift of its entire history to save Israel”s sorry ass from total collapse,it was called Operation Nikel Grass.Open that damn history book.

4. To this day nobody is able to verify what exactly happened at the Separaton line in 2006, and youre just making assumption that suit your petty bias. What I see is that Israrl thought smart to invade again and believed they could again walk in the park like in 82 and simply occupy back Southern Lebanese lands all the way up to the Litani river, and guess what, thay suffered dozens of casualties for no advances and were able to maintain their little conquests exactly nowhere. Hezbollah didn’t even have a real army or airforce yet it proved expert at beating the Israelis in guerilla warfare. Read the Winograd report and see how much of a disaster that war was in the eyes of the Israeli brass itself. Last time tjings turned hot a year ago at tje border Israel rushed out of an entire army base leaving all their weapons and dirty socks in there Ahahahah xD the area was left unlocked and vacated for an RT Arabic journalist to freely tour the premises and show Tsahal’s courage to the whole world, what planet are you from ?

You will never dare make a move against Iran if Uncle Sam doesn’t have your back and strikes first, without Big Brother you are nothing and Iran’s large adn diverse precision-guided MRBMs will crater anything of importance in your cities and airbases and the Isaelis know it full well hence the empty barking from Bibi for 21 years straight now and nothing but hot air.




1. Aggression against Israel by Jordan in 1967 resulted in Israel driving Jordanian forces out of the WB …. the Jordanians relinquished their annexation of the WB leaving Israel as the Military Occupier

2. UN242 stated CLEARLY that only through direct negotiations will a final border be established … Israel does not have to withdraw from ALL territories captured … full stop. The Trump Plan outlines what’s left to negotiate … eh?


1. Again ,historical revisionism brah,you seem to like it. Israel unilateraly opened a multi-pronged offensive against all neighboring Arab countries at once and grabbed parts of their lands in the process,a move never recognized by the international community. The 67 offensive did not emanate from any Arab aggression.

2.Res 242 explicitly calls on Israel to WITHDRAW from all territories it entered and occupied past the 1967 lines which are the only accepted and globally recognized border of the Hebrew state. The final outlines only concern specific land swap proposals to be agreed between the parties within the framework of that withdrawal. And no amount of distorsion on your part can ever change that fact. UN requires uncondtionnal withdrawal by Israel from the teritories it seized during its 67 offensive and every world map bar the ones produced by Israel and the defunct Trump admin today name it as Palestinian territory.

3. They were never surrounded from all sides,that is what Sharon TRIED to achieve by attacking Suez and Ismalhilia,which resulted in slaughters of Israeli brigades that in the case of Suez even litterally ran out of their tanks by fear of getting toast one after the other by expert Egyptian anti-tank teams. The Egyptian 3rd army was much bigger,better equipped and fully combat capable to the last day of the war and 250 Rgyptian fighter planes were ready to bolb Sharpn’s wedge in a matter of hours, only Sadat called it off at the last minute because his Kissinger deal would liberate him from the Soviet he hated so much. That’ why renowned General Shazli was ousted rom his position and later de-facto exiled, he refused that political decision that prevented a successful military outcome. Most Israeli historians fully recognize that Sharon’s posture would become unsustainable had Sadat agreed to attack in concert with the Syrian counter-offensive on the Golan front.

4. That is the Israeli theory, it doesn’t constitute either an objective or verifiable account. Nasrallah admitted he didn’t expect the Israeli to so ruthlessly attack civilians in a war with his forces. Ever since the war and as recently as last year his forces showed tvey were fully prepared to retaliate to every Israeli pove, which they did during the Syrian civil war,in one occasion attacking a patrol on the Shebaa Farms and killing 4 soldiers among which 2 officers.

5. You’re late to the party bro , Bibi has already come to the UN and on Israeli tv to show a supposed trove of Mossad-gathered evidence straight outta Tehran stating that Iran almost certainly has all the pieces of a covert nuclear programme with experimental nukes that need to be attacked TOMORROW. Yet, so far,an Iran strike happened… IN YOUR DREAMS ????

Coming to get slapped you mean ? did you enjoy it ?

*Boom* that was real xD


1. YOUR memory is fading … or YOUR keepers won’t give you the INFO … eh?

2. NOT ‘ALL’ territories … UN242 is quite specific … eh? The Israelis will NOT be withdrawing from ALL of the WB and/or the Golan Heights … full stop

3. Egypt’s army was toast … the Soviet’s threat of Nuclear War on Israel stopped the onslaught and the Egyptians trapped are alive today

4. Nasrallah attacked and admitted same …

5. The Iran attack is planned and will be co-ordinated and fulfilled at the time of reckoning … it’s coming … eh?



1 – I don’t think so :) since I base my account on… Golda’s own memoirs published for decades. She explicitly admitted that the Egyptian front was a net loss for Israel and that the only saving grace for their honor was Sadat’s willingness to negotiate the Sinai/Suez canal return rather than wage further war, and thus refrain from helping the planned Syrian-Iraqi counterattack to happen and lead to the possible collapse of the Golan front, this and the Egyptian air-force that was largely intact and ready to act decisively against Sharon on the Suez front.

Without Kissinger’s Operation Nikel Grass that saved an otherwise compleltely helpless and depleted Israel force, and the illegal SR-71 overflights during the ceasefire that intensively probed Egyptian lines in favor of Israel, and ultimately Sadat’s treachery towards the Soviets and secret relationship with Kissinger on some account predating the entire war, Israel would have lost the Suez militarily, plain and simple. It would have managed only to hold onto the Sinai desert and peripheral parts of the Golan Heights, in the best of scenarios. Countless retired IDF officers wrote that verbatim in their published war journals on top of Golda’s own account.

2. They do have to FULLY withdraw from the WB, East Jerusalem, this is practically the letter of Res. 242, period. Live in denial as much as you want but the whole world minus the dying Trump admin thinks that way and considers Israel an outlaw state precisely because of that. Ditto the Golan .

3. The Egyptian airforce was near-intact and both its 2nd and 3rd army were fully combat capable until the very last day of the war, and proved that by utterly destroying every single major Israeli incursion attempt at their lines until mutual disengagement happened. Besides, the Soviets made a nuclear gamble à la 62 because Dayan with Golda’s blessing mobilized their own nuclear brigade and talked about the upcoming destruction of the Third Temple as a code name, get your facts right. A nuclear delegation came to Cairo and promised retaliation in the case Israel goes ahead with its own nuclear blackmail. Plus, they did that in reaction to gross violations of the 1st ceasefire by the treacherous Israel with Kissinger’s blessing.

4. He never admitted attacking, he said that Tsahal crossed the Separation line and they stopped them in their tracks. Hate it or like it.

5. Still opening up about your dreams hey ?



1. BS … she said NOTHING of the sort

As for resupply? Russia resupplied their client states, Egypt and Syria too … hello?

2. UN242 says NO SUCH THING … the whole world is as dumb as y’all … like fools they believe the propaganda …

3. Sheesh … the bs is thick … the Egyptians were surrounded … outsmarted AGAIN … trapped like rats … lol



1. Just as every single brainwashed Zionist,you don’t read what you don’t like. Hasbara is always stronger. And that’s the point of endoctrination after all,which in the case of Israel starts at a very early age at school. Christ even your world maps are different from the rest of the world lol, zero chance to know the truth out there in that mental prison.

2. Do you realize how weak and pathetic you looked with that one ? I could almost picture an ostrich digging its head in the sand,seriously.

3.there you just parroted the propaganda you’ve been fed ever since childhood,covering your ears and closing your eyes yelling Eretz Israel. Typical useful idiot produced en masse. It’s ok, you’ll die dumb and it’s fine by me. Even Kissinger was baffled as to how the Arabs could take out 400 tanks in one engagement and several high-ranking military officials were dumped after the war ,Golda herself fell into depression before conceding defeat in her memoirs ????


1. YOUR truth adds up to one big lie …. your ‘information’ is fake news … that’s THE issue with social media

2. UN242 says the Israel will NOT have to return to the Armistice line of June 1967 … and they haven’t … eh? Israel will take keep Jerusalem United… keep the Major Jewish Settlement Blocs and the Jordan Balley

3. The Egyptians were crapping in their own diapers … lol. They LOST the War after crossing the Canal … falling into the trap set by the IDF … surrendering to the Jews/Zionists/Israelis … lol

I spent a week in the Sinai and saw the wrecks of tanks et al

The Future is About to Land …


1. Spoken like a true brainwashed Trumpist ignorant,thanks for showing your true face. And btw I don”t base my research and historical knowledge on social media anyway unlike you. I read relevant books way before social media ever existed so get back to your tablet will ya ?

2. UN Res 242 explicitly designate EVERY single Jewish settlement as illegal under international law and have to be unconditionnally dismantled in any scenario,but nice try with your fallacies.

3. What trap LOL ??? The Israeli lines simply crumbled and the Egyptians cut through lile butter after melting the infamous Var-Lev line. Goldz and Dayan rushed to Kissinger beggin for his help that came through the form of a massive airlift of an unseen scale to save your asses from guaranteed defeat,after your initial counter attack cost your 50 planes and 400 tanks in one go. What a “trap” lol .At the end of he war Sharon indeed made an interesting move temporarily cutting the 3rd Army from the 2nd, but contingencies were in place to suppress it using combine air and artillery strikes,and that’s precisely what Sadat refused to do in order to seal his separate deal with Kissinger and move away from the Soviets, you truly owe the man your life. This is why General Shazli was taken out of office :he wanted the real deal and end the Israelis on that front once and for all,he didn”t delve into political dealings.

What do I care whether you saw tank carcasses in a place where fighting took place ? wtf is wrong with your IQ in the end mate,I ‘m serious ! there are plenty such metal scrap of Israeli Merkavas in Syria,Lebanon ,Egypt and even Jordan,now what is that supposed to prove LoL

Get over it man,you have no culture and no intelligence and these matters are above you. You just drink the Hasbara kool-aid and call it thinking.


So … YOU admit Sharon’s gambit succeeded and the IDF surrounded the Egyptians in the Sinai … progress

As for UN 242 … inadmissibility of acquiring territory in war is valid in an OFFENSIVE WAR … that is, Israel attacks as a belligerent … eh? Israel defended itself and took possession of the aggressor’s lands … hello? That’s why the Golan is Israel today … eh?

The WB is disputed territory and Israel will remain permanently in those spaces named in the Trump Plan … the Jewish Settlement Blocs / East Jerusalem / Jordan Valley … hello?

The Arabs will have semi-autonomy in Areas A & B … a demilitarized entity


I never admitted such a thing. I said, from a purely military standpoint, that he made a relatively efficient move to offset an otherwise complete military defeat for Israel. Nonetheless, logistical lines was deemed untenable beyond a ver short period of time for that force surrounded technically by much bigger armies on both sides of the Western Suez. Had Sadat and Kissinger not succeeded in reaching a lasting agreement, he would have died along with his regiment after a green-light for the Egyptian air-force to bomb the wedge he created along with the 3rd army own artillery regiments standing strong in full combat capability. Pilots were eager and ready, the only saving grace was a no-go from the man.

That’s precisely your problem : the UN views the 67 war as an Israeli AGGRESSION and all of the ensuing resolution derive from that perspective and that one alone. You can’t twist 242 as some sort of compromise as it explicitly states that every inch of territory seized by Israel either by war or settlement expansion is illegal under international law.

Israel “wants” to permanently remain in the WB against all odds and the rule of law, only time will tell if they can hold onto that illegal posture, but there’s nothing legitimate in that.

Arabs utterly refuse that “semi-autonomy “you’re talking about, and that’s precisely your biggest problem in that issue.


Thats the point,Lebanon has had years to build a real air defence system,and yes sometimes you have to fight,its like the school bully you can’t hide in a corner hoping he doesn’t notice you,you have to take him down without warning.

Magic Puro

I once read in an article that Russia wanted to militarize Lebanon but the Hariri clan (UK, US, Israel, KSA backed) opposed it. I don’t recall if it involved air defense.

Saso Mange

Israel is tiny little brat when compared to Iran. They would not survive 10 minutes if Iran strikes them. As Gaddafi once said, Israel being only 15 miles wide at its thinnest part of territory and with 60% of land being Negev desert – all it takes is less than 1% of Iranian missile arsenal to level Israel to the ground. Battle hardened SAA with support from Hezbollah troops would also be able to stand against IDF but.only after Syria gets control of all of its land.

Free man

There is no doubt that in a competition of threats and talk the mullahs regime will defeat Israel within 10 minutes. LOL.

Saso Mange

It’s just reality. Without direct help from USA and NATO Israel can’t hold against Iran. And no one would risk world war for an apartheid regime.

Free man

Now that you explain the situation, I understand why Iran never responds to the Israeli bombings. LOL.

Saso Mange

What Israeli bombings?


So much for those so-called Russian spies in the ISISraeli national security apparatus, some say that over 50% of Russian migrants to the Rothschild neocolony in Palestine aren’t Jews but posers infiltrating to benefit Russia, but seeing Putin’s soft spot for terrorist Ziojews attacking Russian “allies” in the ME; and relative freedom of exploitation of Russian resources by Russian Jewligarchs with dual citizenship and living abroad, it doesn’t seem to make a difference.


WTF are you talking about?



That is part of the issue, the other side of the coin is the self-defeating and rather insane policies of the Iranian theocratic regime which has needlessly invited US and western sanctions for a non-weapons rather basic nuclear program dating back to a century ago technology. Why get punished for something if there is no military dimension to it? Soon Saudi Arabia, Turkey and even UAE will get nuclear weapons and Iran will left with nothing but relics of a 1970’s military.

Saso Mange

Are you on LSD or something?


The real issue is:

Why do Iran / Hezbollah / Shia Brigades NEVER retaliate ? What are they waiting for? Hello?

The Syrian Air Defenses shot down the missiles AGAIN but no one believes that bs anymore … eh?

The BIG ONE is coming … Syria will be a wasteland and Lebanon a no-go zone of toxicity …

Iran will suffer from nuclear waste being dispersed … their Mullah Police State ended


Rhodium 10

Because all Iran weapons are hided in Al Kiswah heavy armored bunkers that Israel cannot destroy using cruise missile…it needed to fly high over Syria and launch antibunker bombs risking to be shot down!..yo can see in google earth dozens of that bunkers intact and without damage!..also some Irani weapons are hided in Latakia and Tartous close to Russian base!…therefore Israel only kill poor SAA conscripts and destroy some warehouse..nothing special and not needed a new front…every ISIS ambush is more deadly than 10 Israeli airstrikes!


Every IDF strike proves Israel’s superiority … were Iran to retaliate … lethality would increase exponentially … hello?



The Zionist regime lacks the strategic mass to wage a total long term war, they will suffer the same fate as Armenia and that is why these desperate gambits to hide their weakness.


Long term War? lol

The War will be HOT … massive air campaign … the F-35 can do 1000 missions per day … Iran will be a empty shell …

ALL arms of the IDF /IAF / IN will participate …. including ‘Special Forces’ / submarines


Rhodium 10

IDF only kill poor SAA conscript and damage warehouse …if Israel attack Iran…then you can talk about IDF superiority..but meanwhile Israel never have attacked Iran territory…fear them?

Free man

Who blew up the nuclear facility at natanz? Who killed the Al Qaeda terrorist and his daughter in Tehran? Who killed the Iranian nuclear scientists in Iran?

Rhodium 10

Thats terrorist attacks and I am talking about direct airstrikes!…


“Who blew up the nuclear facility at natanz?”

By all accounts some unhappy former cadre of the IRGC, and about that I couldn’t care less, personally, to be frank. Since I also happen to hate the Sepah for their corruption, not surprising one bit that scores are settled internally like that. ANyway, they’ve already started underground reactivation with better centrifuges, so if anything, that even only consolidated their ambitions in that field.

“Who killed the Al Qaeda terrorist and his daughter in Tehran?”

That one is complete propaganda and only supported by the NYT. “Al-Qaeda’s number two” has been killed a dozen times in a dozen places already, if we believe that kind of sensationalist pieces.

“Who killed the Iranian nuclear scientists in Iran?”

Courtesy of the universally hated MKO traitors working for Mossad with Saudi and US money today as they worked with Saddam yesterday. A sectarian terrorist group that was mostly annihilated along with its once vast network of spies and operatives precisely after those high-profile killing during the Ahmadinejad era.


Iranians have been attacked in Iran (Nuclear Scientists) … facilities exploding in Iran … IRGC have been attacked in Syria … Shia Brigades attacked in Syria …

ALL without a response from the Paper Tiger … eh?

The Future is About to Land …

Rhodium 10

Sorry but IDF only attacked one time vs Iran troops and killed 7 of them in T-4 base..after the attack Iran retaliate launching 55 Rockets vs IDF assets…mos attackes vs IRGC are juts fake news of the pro oposition and Israeli sources… meanwhile IRGC continue building bases in Al Bukamal.


The 55 Rockets fired at Israel? The result?

Israel destroyed a number of air defence batteries and carried out a number of hurtful missions against Iran/Syria/Hezbollah/Shia Brigades … as a retaliation

I guess it worked since Iran’s IRGC hasn’t responded in kind yet … eh?


Rhodium 10

We dont know the result because Israel never tell the truth when his military asset have been attacked!..accord Hezbollah sources they used the Fajr5 heavy rockets vs IDF base….I remember when IDF sources told that an IAF F-16 Block 52 crashed near Ramon air base while was landing..his pilot Major Ohan Cohen-Nov was killed..it was a week after Syrian ministr of defense confirmed that an F-16 was shot down over Quneitra and Israel denied it.


Laughable … Israel is an OPEN SOCIETY with a FREE PRESS … lol


Rhodium 10

jajajaj Open society with Free Press!…in Israel you cannot post videos from your mobile phone if some rockets have hit military assets unless you can be punish with sanctions…I remember that one soldier was santioned after posted a video of Hezbollah ATGM attack years ago to retaliate an Israeli airstrike who killed the son of a commander…then a Humvee was destroyed and an Israeli Captain and a Sargeant was killed.


YOU remember? lol



ahahahah !!!! Brainwhashed moron detected !

What is laughable is the bubble in which you seem to be living (or cave for that matter). Israeli democrac for more than a decade straight has been reeling and dying under an extreme-right religious coalition headed by the likes of Bibi, LIberman and Bennet and has become one of overt hatred towards its non-jewish citizen and delves into quasi-official institutionalized segregation, Apartheid-like regime against its subpar Arab citizen, and the racist PM himself notoriously attacked an Israeli Arab commentator by telling her that Israel is NOT the country of all its citizen, for fuck sake this country has become a joke of a free country, and its “free press” is dominated by ISRAELI ARMY RADIO with the IDF getting a say on EVERY matter of importance whatsoever. It is a garrison-state tainted with religious extremism and militaristic fascism.


YOUR opinion is worthless … as a f/kn anti-Israeli / anti-Zionist Hater … eh?

Talk about ‘brain dead’ … pmsl


Ahahah is that so. And yours somehow matters more with all of the easily debunkable bullocks you spit at every turn ? you mad bro ?

Your petty outburst is priceless indeed, it was easier and quicker than I thought to burst your little bubble of fake confort and drive you mad like a failed teenager. Reality hurts, I understand your anger bursting into such rage pal, it’s ok. Looks like our local Hasbara kiddo doesn’t tolerate much persistance in dissidence to his doctrine. So cute you are, ey ?

Oh btw, being an outspoken and certified , first class anti-Zionist for 20 years and counting is something I would call a pride, a badge of honor. Utter contempt is the only possible emotion any dignified human being on the planet should feel regarding such a highly murderous, destructive, racist and neo-expansionist ideology. Similarly to the way anyone should hate fascism, which in its manifesto and project are actually very close to the tenets of true Zionism : A supremacist ideology trying to impose its agenda through military conquests and ethnic cleansing, while rating its citizens rights based on blood and race. Everything that Israel is at the moment under the leadership of the religious extreme right headed by Nutta Yahoo and his best folks.

Anybody with a sane mind free of their intoxicating propaganda would feel the same, that’s why 99% of the world community pretty much feel the same way as I do.

Being anti-Israel has nothing to do with being anti-Zionist. One is a state and people, the other is opposition to a wicked ideology, you’d do well to educate yourself on that critical nuance, too.

Anyway, now is the time to say Sayonara, sucker.

It was a blast taking you down at every turn with your house of cards of a mindset.

Get a life, loser.


Frankly, that is why Jews are disappearing due to incestuous marriages that produce offspring like yourself.


non sequitur


Frankly, my dear Jew, I don’t give a rats ass.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Methinks U.S. military pullout from Iraq (which makes sense, but has poor ‘prestige’ optics) has got them a little bit jumpy.


There is no chance of US withdrawal from Iraq or anywhere in the region. Biden is the ultimate patsy for the Zionist military industrial war mongers lobby. It is all cosmetic facade to pull wool over the ignorant populations. US military occupation of the Arabs is linked to US protection of the Zionist cancer in Palestine, nothing more, nothing less.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Where are all of Iran’s super new AA systems, not here in Syria obviously.

“Citing “informed sources from Iran and Syria”, the daily said that the agreement has two military and political parts. It said the most important thing in the military part is for Iran to provide Syria with its advanced air defense systems such as the Bavar-373 and Khordad-3 missile systems, which means that the two countries have decided to change the rules of engagement in Syrian airspace and to respond to the repeated Israeli raids on Syrian soil. Bavar-373 is an Iranian-made long-range surface-to-air system, which was formally unveiled on August 22, 2019. The system is manufactured by the Iranian Defense Ministry. Khordad-3 is an indigenous air defense system, which has an operational range of between 50 and 75 kilometers. Iran has used the Khordad-3 system in the downing of the U.S. Global Hawk drone on June 20, 2019.”

Both have proven to be effective weapons but I suspect they’re also very vulnerable as well, otherwise Iran would have already deployed the much needed units to Syria as quickly as possible, but they still haven’t been deployed or active yet. Too be honest the Iranians should just give the Syrians the new systems, afterall how many Russian supplied systems have been blown up by the Iranians, they get blown up for defending Iranian assets so Iran should replace them.

Frank G

it will not matter much since the IDF do not enter Syrian airspace even if the GH are not really officially theirs the world is blind to that and they have USA backing. So the scenario is talk a few small lumps here and there or massive overwhelming lumps altogether doing real and significant damage and really weaken syrian military. These are provocations to give IDF a reason do a massive retaliation should they loose planes outside of syrian airspace no matter if they are illegal the usa will say IDF has the right to defend itself and that would be that, plus shooting down idf planes over Lebanon could also cause Lebanese casualties and the media would be all over syria making them the bad guy while idf aggression is overlooked or explained away as innocent patrol or something like that….remember the fake chem attacks and NATO countries wanting and doin strikes on syria…..think with your heads not with emotion !

Willing Conscience (The Truths

It’s time the Iranians started doing what they so loudly said they were going to do, which is start defending themselves in Syria, but they still rely on Russian and Syrian air defenses to protect them. So I think it’s time for them to start using/losing their own AA systems instead of Assad losing all his defending them, especially if their systems are supposed to be more effective than most of Assad’s stuff is, maybe that’ll mean the Iranians will lose less systems than Assad has if that’s the case. Iran wants to start a war against Israel but uses the backyards of innocent Syrians to do it, so I think it’s time for Israel, the Arab League, and the US to start a war in Iran instead.

You’re right about negative blowback if any Iranian/Syrian/Russian missiles or Israeli warplanes cause civilian casualties in successful retaliatory strikes, they’ll all be held equally responsible when and if that happens.

Mark M. Nobelman

Israel has killed scores of Iranians and they are killing them like flies for free without response and the question is why is Iran not responding? This is bad image for them. No self-respect?


Frankly, you are an idiot, Iran has lost perhaps a dozen soldiers in a population of 84 million, so exaggeration is your forte. However, Iran does need to respond to these attacks and issuing empty threats against constant aggression only invites more aggression.


Proving that Iran is a Paper Tiger

cechas vodobenikov

SOHR is as TRUSTWORTHY AS CIA they attack sand dunes and civilians and claim victory farcical barbarians—believed by none except members of US colonies


BS …. your side is weak and afraid


Saso Mange

When Syria finally retalliates Israel will cry about aggression against Jews. Fucking crooks.

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