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JUNE 2023

Israeli Army Kills Islamic Jihad Fighter, Palestinian Factions Respond With Dozens Of Rockets (Videos, Photos)

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On February 23, Palestinian fighters launched a barrage of around 20 rockets from the Gaza Strip at nearby Israeli settlements.

The rocket attack targeted several southern Israeli cities and towns, including Sderot, Kissufim, Kerem Shalom and Ashkelon. The Israeli military said that at least 10 rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome system.

Early in the morning, the Israeli military announced that it had eliminated Palestinian fighters who attempted to plant an improvised explosive device (IED) on the separation line near Khan Yunis city in the southern part of Gaza.

Palestinian sources confirmed that four individuals were killed near the separation line. One of the causalities was later identified as Muhammad Ali al-Naeem, a fighter of the al-Quds Brigades the armed wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ).

Al-Naeem’s body remained near the separation line. A group of Palestinian civilians attempted to recovered it a few hours after the incident. However, the Israeli army opened fire injuring at least two.

Later, Palestinian activists released a horrifying video showing an Israeli military bulldozer abusing the dead body of al-Nadeem, before dragging it to the Israeli side.

The video led to much anger among Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and was most likely the motive behind the rocket strike. The PIJ has not claimed responsibility for the strike, yet. However, the group’s spokesman said that Israel will be held accountable.

“The breach and incursion of the Zionist enemy’s vehicles and the targeting one of our Mujahedeen in the Gaza Strip in a brutal and criminal manner is a clear aggression that the enemy must bear its results,” PIJ spokesman Abu Hamaza said.

Now, the Israeli military is carrying out a series of strikes on PIJ positions throughout the Gaza Strip. Several airstrikes have been reported between Rafah and Khan Yunis as well as in the northern region of Gaza.

The situation will likely escalate further in the upcoming few hours. New rockets attacks on Israeli settlements are already being reported. The Gaza Strip may witness a new wide-scale confrontation between Israel and the Palestinian factions.

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Why is south front printing propaganda from the racist illegal apartheid entity? israel killed palestinians in their own land near a fence and said they were planting explosives. Yet we have no evidence of any explosives but that one of them was a member of a group. I would think most young men would be a member of one of the groups. And it should not be like the US where a member of a local resistance cell against being imprisoned and poisoned automatically makes you a target. Bartlett said she saw soldiers shooting unarmed palestinians for just sitting close to the fence. This is their land!!!! Land that has already been confiscated against international law..

Calculated Wisdom

The koran commands Muslims to kill all Jews, so it is only proper to reciprocate tenfold. Keep up the good work Israel. BTW Allah is Satan. Salad snackbar!


You Zionist cowardly death cultist are repetitive and pathetic.

Calculated Wisdom

Islam is the true death cult. 100 times as many muzzies in the world and how many Nobel prizes? 2? Read the koran stupid. Their “holy” book incriminates them and reveals their true motivation and intend. Dimmy idiot…


Where does it say that ? present the verse.


The middle east was kinda peacefull before erm luciferian,incest spawners of the likes of clinton,bush,odummer persist towards creating teorrist cults payed by the brussel/nwo spawner blood money in disgiuse of united snakes o/seas security,aka cia etc! Put it this way muslims not traitors but decent muslims are better race than european incest spawn pacified tyrants whom condone phaedos,ok! You good old blame it all on heterosexual crap days are over,done with,mask ripped off you cias are done with,over and out,kepoot save it for gimp!

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Europeans should be punished for reading Plato’s writings now? Have you lost your mind?!?

Lee Vanderheiden

It is a shame that the rogue CIA has created hatred around the world. It is a shame that some Muslims and also Jews look to the hatred which can be found in their religious texts and find inspiration there. Thank God, that human beings have the ability to know right from wrong. To know what is inhumane.


That just shows your ignorance or blatant lies. Not an expert on any religion but you are distorting historical texts to suit your insidious agenda.

Lazy Gamer


Calculated Wisdom

Surah 8:12, 47:4, 9:5, 2:191, 9:29, 9:123, 4:95, 47:35, 48:29, 5:33, 3:151, 4:74, 4:81, 8:69, 2:216, 4:89, 5:36

Hadith: Sahih Muslim 41, 6985

Areu Awake

Example 8:12 This verse was revealed in the context of the Battle of Badr. This was the first battle the muslims had to fight, when the Maacans attacked Medina. They were vastly outnumbered and impoverished. 300 against a 1000. Plus they didn’t have much ammunition and rides. Allah favoured the muslims by sending the angels to support them. This was an instruction for the angels. According to the role of Qura’nic explanation, verses of holy the Qur’an explain each other, so focusing on the specific verse, without other verses, is considered as a wrong method of explanation. The Qur’an does not allow Muslims to fight against all disbelievers, and only allows to fight with disbelievers that attack to the Islamic land in a defensive situation.

Calculated Wisdom

Taqiya blah blah blah I dont wanna hear that shit…

schmuel johnson

“Had Islam not come along, Jewry in the west would have declined to disappearance and Jewry in the east would have become just another oriental cult.”


Jews, Muslims and Christians can get along fine if we don’t cherry-pick each other’s books for excuses to hate each other

Lee Vanderheiden

Well said.

Areu Awake

Please clarify your statement. Please give an example where it is written in the Qur’an. But I know of another book where others are not considered human and are considered enemies. I believe you know that. Hence your inhuman hatred of others.


No not the decent jews but rather the incest spawned khazar/neo-liberal/nazi/facists aka christian orthodox and muslim and heterosexual disectants aka pro busselsprouts +cos Discern between the two,there are jews but there are jewhadists,whom of which are you?

Monte George

The Talmud says the same, but applied to all non-Jews: “Tob shebbe goyyim harog”. The belief that all of the “others” should be killed, enslaved and generally regarded as cattle and beasts without souls is a central pillar of the Jewish religion/tradition/ideology.

Lee Vanderheiden

I haven’t read the Talmud, but it is my understanding the Babylonian Rabbinic Talmud says some terrible things like what you posted. The Koran too speaks about beheading the infidels. Inspiration for Al Qaeda? No Godly book should say things like this. Something is terribly wrong if God’s word suggests such things.


What is the difference between Ziomism, Marxism, Communism, Freemasonry and Satanism? No difference. Satan’s chosen people.


facts !!!!


The Zionist desecration of an unarmed dead Palestinian is quite sickening and an glaring example of the barbaric nature of such a heinous regime backed by the west and also exposes the double standards and hypocrisy of the so-called “champions” of human rights. Zionist criminals are no better that the Wahhabist headchoppers.

Karen Bartlett

You mean Eva K. Bartlett. She’s been shot at herself, while going out with Palestinian farmers trying to harvest their crops.

Peter Jennings

Still, destroying one out of every two missiles fired ain’t bad for the Iron Dome. It does also mean that for every hundred missiles, 50 will hit their mark. The odds look less attractive as the scale rises.

Daily Beatings

“Palestinian fighters launched a barrage of around 20 rockets … The Israeli military said that at least 10 rockets were intercepted”

Makes 50% accuracy rate. Isn’t this rate similar or just below what Syria has with their missile defense system? With Syria this rate is a fail according to the trolls, but when Israel has this rate it’s like they’ve won the World Cup.


The Israeli system calculates where the missiles are headed and if to open space they don’t target it. So the question is of those calculated to possibly cause damage how many did any damage? That rate is generally up in the 90% range or more. Try to get the basics correct.

Daily Beatings

Basically you can kiss my ass, but you probable would enjoy that.

Xoli Xoli

Please dont do that Jake will rape you.


Problem is they are unguided fireworks and hits nothing but causes a loud bang and light show. If they were serious they would do some damage and not just with 20 rockets. Why take the hits and you know you are going to get hit unless its to support the zionist narrative.

Karen Bartlett

The Palestinians don’t have the weaponry that the Zionists have, nor the military budget, nor the military aid from the US.

R PLobo

zionazis pigs


Dead Islamists.


Great. Some more Islamists get their well deserved Darwin Awards. And Israel just added a lot more to the pile up in Damascus. Not a bad day. After the election there will be even better days.


It’s just the tip of the iceberg, I can’t wait for Gantz to run the show here. Payback will be sweet.


You sound like a repetitive kid with Zionist bloodlust. The world is getting fed up .


Oh, I’m way more than just a repetitive kid. One here or there is meaningless, we will butcher them by the thousands when the time comes.


You are most likely a maladjusted sick teenager cuckolded in violent videos with no respect for humanity, more like future sociopath material.


Nah, I’ve already been there before. The amount of hate I have towards them can not be expressed im words, only in bullets.


In other words you’re criminally insane. Just like your desire to carpet bomb civilians.


It’s not their land, and it will never be. They should go back to their Arab peninsula and live in Saudi Arabia, this is a Jewish land.


You’re a crazed fanatic calling for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The Palestinian’s ancestors were there before Judaism ever existed, the Palestinians are the primary descendants of the original Canaanite tribes, both Hebrew and non Hebrew, and they’ve always been there. 99% of Israeli Jews are descended from immigrants. Most of whom are genetic Europeans with little or no middle eastern DNA. Palestinians are genetically indigenous to Palestine. The vast majority of Jews are not.


So what even if what you claim is true which most all is not? The Jewish National Homeland was enabled and authorized under International Law and guaranteed by a couple of hundred mostly thermonuclear missiles if need be. And it is up to Israel and not you to say who is and who is not an Israeli. As an aside, the only recognized Indigenous People there are the few thousand remaining Samaritans who are closest culturally and genetically to the Diaspora Jews. And trying to get back the land that is internationally recognized as Israel by claiming you are Canaanite carries all the weight of some one wanting back the land where I live in California because they claim they are Ohlone. Good luck with that.

Karen Bartlett

Palestine is internationally recognized as Palestinian land and the Israelis are internationally recognized as illegally occupying Palestinian land.


You haven’t disproven anything that I’ve written. Though I’ve disproven your lies, false accusations and stupidity repeatedly. Trying to debate international law with a habitually lying idiot like you is a waste of time:

Jake321 9 days ago LOL…your ignorance and delusions are really funny. The resolution you cite is from the UNGA which has no power over the UNSC and whose resolutions are not binding in this situation. So, no, the UNGA has zero power to override a UNSC Veto no matter how many non-binding resolutions they pass. Try to get the basics correct.

Jake321 3 days ago Again, dingbat, NO UNCS Vetos can be overridden.

I posted:

“UN reports make explicit reference to the Uniting for Peace resolution as providing a mechanism for the UNGA to overrule any UNSC vetoes;[37][38][39][40] thus rendering them little more than delays in UN action, should two-thirds of the Assembly subsequently agree that action is necessary.”

– United Nations Security Council veto power –



If they act in any violent way to express their delude hope, they deserve whatever they get. And they will never get what they want. Simple as that. Don’t like it? Tough.


You and Iron Zion are malevolent miscreants. These are the crimes against humanity that you shill for. This is only a partial list of Israel’s crimes against unarmed demonstrators that Israel commits every week:


– 2018–19 Gaza border protests –


Karen Bartlett

Then you’re sick.


That sounds like wishful thinking to me. But it’s great that this video has really triggered the anti-Israel, anti-Semites around here by showing so clearly the power relationships there.


Maybe. But won’t do the violent Palestinians any good at all, nor you and yours.


The Israelis killed more unarmed demonstrators and are claiming that they’re terrorists planting explosives without providing proof to support their claims. Why would any rational right thinking person believe their claims without proof given their history of lies and crimes?


Need proof. Go join the dead Islamist Palestinians and ask them.


Here’s proof that you’re a depraved pervert shilling for blood sucking Jew pedophile prostitutes:

“metzitzah b’peh — requires a mohel, the person performing the circumcision, to suck blood from the incision on an infant’s penis. …

According to the Health Department, 24 cases of herpes have been linked to circumcision since 2000. Two of the infants died and two others suffered brain damage.”

– New case of neonatal herpes caused by Jewish circumcision –


– Israel’s Chief Rabbinate Says Oral Suction at Circumcision Is Preferred –


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