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Israeli Army Is Trying To Lure Hezbollah With Low-Flying Drones (Videos)


The Israeli military is attempting to lure Hezbollah into shooting down one of its drones in an apparent attempt to avoid a more serious attack by the Lebanese group.

On July 24 and 25, Lebanese reporters and activists shared videos showing Israel Hermes 450 drones flying at a low-altitude over Hezbollah’s strongholds in Southern Lebanon. Drones of this type, which are known to be armed, usually fly at high-altitudes to avoid any threat.

Israeli is expecting an attack by Hezbollah at any moment. The Lebanese group lost a fighter in the last Israeli strikes on the Syrian capital, Damascus. The group always responds to such incidents.

In the last two days, the Israeli military reinforced its troops on the separation line with Lebanon and took a range of measures to limit movements in the area.

The Israeli military may think that Hezbollah will shot down one of the drone flying at low-altitude instead of carrying out a more serious attack against its troops.

Hezbollah is known to be operating air-defense systems. In October of 2019, the group fired an unidentified anti-aircraft missile at an Israeli drone, which was flying over the southern Lebanese city of Nabatieh. The missile missed its target.

Hezbollah will not likely act as Israel expects. Last year, the group targeted an Israeli military vehicle in Upper Galilee in response to an Israeli strike on Damascus that killed two of its fighters. Back then, the Israeli military attempted to lure Hezbollah fighters into attacking dummy targets, but the stunt failed.




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