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Israeli Army Is Trying To Lure Hezbollah With Low-Flying Drones (Videos)

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The Israeli military is attempting to lure Hezbollah into shooting down one of its drones in an apparent attempt to avoid a more serious attack by the Lebanese group.

On July 24 and 25, Lebanese reporters and activists shared videos showing Israel Hermes 450 drones flying at a low-altitude over Hezbollah’s strongholds in Southern Lebanon. Drones of this type, which are known to be armed, usually fly at high-altitudes to avoid any threat.

Israeli is expecting an attack by Hezbollah at any moment. The Lebanese group lost a fighter in the last Israeli strikes on the Syrian capital, Damascus. The group always responds to such incidents.

In the last two days, the Israeli military reinforced its troops on the separation line with Lebanon and took a range of measures to limit movements in the area.

The Israeli military may think that Hezbollah will shot down one of the drone flying at low-altitude instead of carrying out a more serious attack against its troops.

Hezbollah is known to be operating air-defense systems. In October of 2019, the group fired an unidentified anti-aircraft missile at an Israeli drone, which was flying over the southern Lebanese city of Nabatieh. The missile missed its target.

Hezbollah will not likely act as Israel expects. Last year, the group targeted an Israeli military vehicle in Upper Galilee in response to an Israeli strike on Damascus that killed two of its fighters. Back then, the Israeli military attempted to lure Hezbollah fighters into attacking dummy targets, but the stunt failed.


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  1. Ivan Freely says:

    When is Netanyahu court date?

    1. <> says:

      It already started, in January 2021 he needs to face court 3 times a week.

      1. verner says:

        by that time he will swing from a lamppost in what was tel aviv. hoho

  2. Zionism = EVIL says:

    Seriously, the stupid Zionist cunts are acting like children, Hezbollah is a mature battle tested military force and will fly rings around the Zionist morons. Hezbollah is playing a very smart cool game. it will keep the scared Zionist cunts on their feet and expensive mobilization. It will slowly cook them. Zionist economy is in shambles and the Pimpeovirus is running rampant, not to mention Nutter Yahoo’s corruption and rioting in the streets. Hezbollah is laughing its head off, like I am .

    1. verner says:

      and all the while Iran is strengthening the armed positions in Syria, slowly and methodically waiting for the right time to do some serious harm on the illegal occupiers of palestine, the jews. and there is just one outcome and that is the end of the criminal and corrupt occupation by the jews and a jew free palestine, or the one state solution in the shape and form of a free and liberated palestine – what the world is waiting for.

  3. johnny rotten says:

    For the Zionists, Hetzbollah is worse than a laxative, while in occupied Palestine the stocks of maalox and diapers have run out.

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:


      This is the true Zionist situation, they are crapping in their diapers.

  4. HiaNd says:

    They should try with launching flying Bibi Satanyahoo .
    I am sure that Hezbollah would respond on that flying peace of s*it.

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      A million Zionist dual passport holders have fled to Europe, North America, Australia etc and the IDF child killers are literally in a state of panic and trying desperate stunts as if Hezbollah will forgive them by shooting down a drone. Hezbollah is gearing up for a big battle and will probe and test the Zionists in a costly stand-off. The Zionists live on western charity and can’t keep mobilizing every few months as the Americunts are broke and the Chinese are breathing down their fat necks. The cowardly IDF is used to beating unarmed women and children and taking on a resurgent Hezbollah is a looming nightmare.

  5. Lone Ranger says:

    The drone should just self destruct screaming oy gevalt…

  6. <> says:

    Only SF believes we need to “lure” them, it doesn’t matter what action they take. If any Israeli soldier or civilian gets hurt by their actions, then we are going for Nasrallah’s head. Still waiting for them to try us, Syria learned it again last night what happens when you fuck with us.

    1. Wizzy says:

      You never grow up, do you?

      1. <> says:

        Just telling the truth, so people like you never forget it.

        1. Politolog Externista says:

          hypocrisy and truth are hardly synonymous.

    2. Doom Sternz says:

      You do understand what terrorism is right? You do understand that inciting terrorism is a crime right? Of course you do…..Your response in Syria was because they attacked ISIS.

      The terrorist racist Zionist regime that you support will not be around much longer, however Israel probably has a long and prosperous future which includes the Palestinians.

  7. Potato Man says:

    What in the fuk this apes are thinking? did they really lost it now LMFAO.
    Next day they are going to cry and say just last week one of soldier died so please forgive us.

  8. good american says:

    Unlike Israelis (and US Empire), Hezbollah probably places more value in a human life than a machine.

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