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Israeli Army Intercepts Three Hezbollah Drones Near Disputed Gas Field (Video)

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Israeli Army Intercepts Three Hezbollah Drones Near Disputed Gas Field (Video)

Israel Air Force airplane F-16 D ‘Barak Cobra’prepares for take off. June 28 2010. Photo by Ofer Zidon/Flash90

On July 2, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) announced that it had intercepted three drones launched from Lebanon by Hezbollah near the disputed Karish naval gas field.

In a statement, the IDF said that one of the drones was shot down by a F-16 fighter jet of the Israeli Air Force, while the other two were shot down with Barak missiles launched from the Israeli Navy’s Sa’ar 5-class corvette Eilat.

The drones were “identified at an early stage and monitored throughout their flight by air control units” and “intercepted at the most appropriate operational point”.

According to the IDF, a preliminary investigation shows that the drones did not pose a real threat at any point during their flight.

“The detection and alert systems functioned as required, embodying the concept of multi-layered air defense in the best possible manner in unison with the professional activities of the soldiers at sea and in the air who carried out the defensive mission with great success,” the IDF said in its statement.

The IDF released footage showing the interception of what appears to be Mirsad-type drones, Hezbollah’s own copy of the Iranian KAS-04.

The Lebanese-Israeli dispute over Karish heated up in June when the Greek-owned Energean Power FPSO [Floating Production Storage Offloading] reached the field to extract gas. Lebanon claims that at least a part of Karish is within its exclusive economic zone.

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah warned Israel in a recent speech against extracting gas from the disputed field.

The warning was met with harsh threats from senior Israeli officials. The IDF’s Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi threatened Lebanon with “big strikes,” while Defense Minister Benny Gantz warned that Israeli troops “will march once again to Beirut, Sidon and Tyre”.

Despite the exchange of threats and warnings, US-backed talks on the demarcation of the naval borders between Lebanon and Israel saw some progress recently. Lebanon has reportedly agreed to drop claims on Karish likely in exchange for Israeli concessions on other parts of the disputed naval zone.

Hezbollah is yet to comment on the Karish drone incident. The group was likely attempting to harass the IDF, not to attack vessels operating at the gas field. Despite this, the IDF may respond in order to establish deterrence.




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Sayed Hassan Nasrallah warned that beginning of these attacks will be drones harassing Israel and doing surveillance. Hezbollah probably already got what they wanted because they have drones that are capable of staying undetected like the Hasan drone who went over 2 military bases in north Israel. Hezbollah won’t sink the ships until it’s confirmed that israel has started extracting oil and doesn’t care about Lebanese rights to the fields. For now you’ll see a lot of drones shot down, but there’s always going to be one drone israel won’t find, and that’s the drone that will sink the ship


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Last edited 1 month ago by Anglia

I hope you’re right, the filthy hook nose jew kikes need to pay.


You must be Jewish. Only a jew pretending to be a Nazi would act as you do. Hyperbolic and totally moronic. JIDF in action, folks.


Hezbollah is testing the response time of Israel They sent 3 cheap drones on purpose. Hezbollah is saying the mission was a success because israel received the message and they accomplished their mission.

Hansn Franz

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Hezbollah is the reason why greater Israel failed. They took back Lebanon, and now have their best troops stationed at the golan. Israel can’t expand anymore


The rabbit hole goes very deep with Epstein, Les Wexner and intelligence agencies. There it is, now out in the open for everyone to see. But because our governments are all pretty much completely corrupted or full of NWO agents, nothing will ever be done about it. The general population are all so divided, distracted, and mind-fuxxed that they are incapable of taking any action against these powerful entities. We are all in deep doo-doo.

Wayne Gabler

Let me guess who drew the ‘bent line’. Have they no shame at all?


Israel is US colony used to destabilize the ME…everything will change when US empire implodes into tranny degeneracy and racial division


The IDF’s Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi threatened Lebanon with “big strikes,” while Defense Minister Benny Gantz warned that Israeli troops “will march once again to Beirut, Sidon and Tyre”.

Yeah sure, bring it on. You arseholes have been threatening for years. Walk the talk MotherFkrs


They couldn’t conquer bint jbeil, this time they won’t reach it. IDF soldiers in 2006 weren’t purple haired queers, or their ranks weren’t filled with as much pedos as it is now and they still failed now it’s all homos and pedos, how the fuck will they invade an army that desires martyrdom. these type of people have no morale, it’s all fake morale. I love when Israel says Hezbollah has been quiet for 16 years like Hezbollah didn’t become the world most powerful militia since 06. South Lebanon is a fucking booby trap for all ground soldiers, there’s probably mines under every tree and around every corner, you have to be stupid to try to invade south Lebanon no matter how powerful you are. What Hezbollah did is unbelievable. They created a militia in the middle of an occupation trained, and beat the “invincible” Jews. A militia did what all Arabs couldn’t do. If Hezbollah did all this and they’re still humble and “quiet” that should be way more worrying than if they attacked when ever they got the chance. Sayed Hassan Nasrallah is easily one of the greatest Arab leaders ever

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