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JULY 2022

Israeli Army Hunted Down Three Hamas ATGM Squads In Gaza (Videos)

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Israeli Army Hunted Down Three Hamas ATGM Squads In Gaza (Videos)

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The Israeli military continues to hunt down Palestinian anti-tank squads, which had carried out two successful attacks since the outbreak of the battle in the Gaza Strip. 

On May 13th, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) claimed that it had eliminated four anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) squads of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas Movement.

The IDF said that the ATGM squads were targeted inside the Gaza Strip, without providing any further details about the strikes.

Palestinian fighters carried out two successful ATGM attacks since the outbreak of the battle in Gaza on May 10th. The first attack, which took place on the very first day of the battle, targeted an SUV east of Gaza. A civilian was wounded. The second attack, on May 12th, targeted an SUV of the IDF to the north of the Palestinian region. One soldier was killed and two others were wounded.

The IDF attacks were not limited to Palestinian anti-tank units. In the last few hours, several targets in Gaza, including two banks and intelligence facilities of Hamas, were struck.

Palestinian factions responded to the recent Israeli strikes by firing more rockets at settlements in southern Israel. No losses were reported.

More than 1,500 rockets have been launched at Israel, so far. The battle will likely go on for the next few days, if not for longer. According to the Israeli media, the IDF may soon kick off a ground operation against Gaza factions.


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Johnny Wu

Am I the only one seeing this unique chance ? I wonder why Islamic Jihad, Hamas, PFLP, Al Aqsa Martydom Brigades etc. not realize that they need to respond in an irregular and assymetric way to the israeli attacks ? In Israel the zionists are strong, destroying palestinian buildings, killing civilians nearly at will. And the zionist controlled medias around the world, especially in Europe, always report nothing, but lies about it, because all european media outlets are owned by zionists.

Why is the Resistance not encouraging, adressing and asking its followers and ALL MUSLIMS world-wide, especially in Europe ( France, Belgium, Germany, Schweden, Switzerland, Netherland ) to storm, burn or take-down all zionist news and TV stations ? There are a dozen millions of palestinian, iraqi, syrian, afghan, chechen, tunesian, libyian, algerian, egyptian immigrants in Europe. Let alone millions of turks who don t like israel eighter. Why not using this million-strong menpower to give the deathblow to the zionists in europe ?

All the TV-Stations and big Newspaper Outlets are owned by the zionists. Burning them down – that would be a visible and terrifying blow to the zionist terror-regime, and would be in the best interest of mankind in a whole. And due to the more and more oppressive zionist initiated corona-hoax pandemia, even the native christian populations of europe will agree and support these actions, and finally will fully solidarize themselves with it. Hear, muslims of the world. Now is the time. Translate+Spread this message to everyone.

Rodney Loder

Yes these dirty little Juden maggots are murdering maiming and psychological torturing Palestinian children again.

What can you say when even the worst enemies of maggot Jews support the homosexual Sid Loder claiming to represent me Jesus Christ just because he controlled me as a child and donated me to Israel with that control.

Praise be to Allah (swt) I’m not judgmental but for sure eternal damnation awaits those who use what I am to protect and promote satan.

Proud hindu

Never mess with Israel. They know how to deal with muslims .


Fuck you dumbass Zionist slave Hindu asslicker. You are ignorant, uninformed and a blight upon humanity like the illegit Satanic evil Israeli Zionist pariah state!


I wonder if the Pals think it was worth starting with Israel. Those dead guerillas. The bank (with all their money) destroyed. Their military HQ destroyed. Their people unable to work and go to school. The worst is yet to come. IDF has the names and locations of hundreds of top leaders. They will probably all die. Then Israel will go back to being a high tech hub and tourist magnet and Gaza will return to Bronze Age.

Arch Bungle

Hahaha! Watch the joo rats run:


Hamas can hit Tel Aviv dead center now.

‘israel’ is f**cked.

Mazeltov, motherf**ckers!


Israhell is a tourists magnet for degenerates and faggots. the world’s gay capital Tel Aviv/Sodom and Gomorrah 2.0


Israel is the whore of Revelations and sooner or later God’s will will be done.

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UN sanctioned that cartel clubhouse in first place. UN endorses this.

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