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JUNE 2023

Israeli Apache Helicopter Crashes At Ramon Air Force Base. One Pilot Dead

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Israeli Apache Helicopter Crashes At Ramon Air Force Base. One Pilot Dead

An Israel Air Force Apache helicopter lands across from a Greek mountain range during a joint Israel-Greece exercise with the Hellenic Air Force in October 2011. (photo credit:IAF)

On Monday, an Israeli A-model Apache helicopter crashed near the Ramon Air Force base in the south of Israel with two crew members inside.

One pilot, 43-year-old Maj. David Zohar, died in the incident. Another one was injured and evacuated from the crash site to a hospital in Be’er Sheva.

The helicopter was on its way back to the air base after a training flight when a technical malfunction took place. The helicopter crashed near the landing pad.

In June, two Apache squadrons were grounded after the discovery of a large crack in the back rotor blade of one of the helicopters. In July, the helicopters returned to active service after the inspection.

The Israeli Defense Forces launched investigations and once again grounded the Apache squadrons.

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That news has made my day :)


Have a care, a human being died today. Whatever you think of a country’s government, which in this case I don’t like much, never hate its people too.


I agree, while I may despise American and Israel government actions in the region, I never want to see the death of a service member that was fulfilling a contractual agreement for employment and to their nation. Now the question is whether I care for mercenary soldiers such as black water. They are still doing a job, yet it has no ties to a national objective, if it is simply for money then I may think otherwise that your a terrible person that just wants money for death and destruction.


this world is way way beyond it’s carrying point for human beings, there are way too many of them, so if some of the evil ones fall i shed no tears , sorry


yes !!!!

roger temple

American-made quality.


This one will no longer strike the Syrian army and give air support to ISIS….

Cheryl Brandon

Great! I wish more of their helicopters can crash again.. Bloody Israelis who help murder 2,700 Americans in 9/11, for MONEY! Just because, Larry Silverstein and Harry Lowy did not want to pay billions to remove the asbestos from their newly acquired buildings? If the new owners were 2 rich arabs instead of 2 jewish wonres., Do you think USA would have let that slip?

Real Anti-Racist Action

By Gods grace I pray that this air-force of evil which wages war against all true-Monotheist falls from the sky. This is an air-force from Kabalist-Atheist and is anti-God in root nature.

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