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Israeli Army Escalates Artillery Strikes On Lebanon In Response To Recent Rocket Attack (Videos, Photos)

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Israeli Army Escalates Artillery Strikes On Lebanon In Response To Recent Rocket Attack (Videos, Photos)

Israeli soldiers and IDF Artillery at a staging area in Southern Israel, near the border with neighbouring Palestinian Gaza Strip on November 13, 2019. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

On August 4 noon, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) escalated their artillery strikes on Lebanon in response to the recent rocket attack on northern Israel.

Earlier, three rockets were launched from South Lebanon at Israel. One of the rockets fell short inside Lebanon, while the remaining two landed in an empty area near the settlement of Kiryat Shmona. No casualties were reported.

According to Lebanese sources, the IDF’s artillery strikes targeted the surroundings of Armaz hill as well the towns of Khraibeh, Kfarchouba, Chebaa and Habbariyeh. The shelling caused several fires. However, there were casualties.

The IDF held the Lebanese government responsible for the attack, despite reports saying that the rockets were launched by Palestinian gunmen.

“Not only is rocket fire from Lebanon at Israeli civilians an act of terrorism, it also is indicative of the Lebanese government’s lack of governance of terrorist organizations operating in Lebanon,” the IDF said on Twitter. “The Lebanese government is responsible for all attacks from Lebanon.”

Hezbollah is yet to comment on the recent development in South Lebanon, its heartland. While the Lebanese group was not apparently behind the last rocket attack, it may respond to the IDF’s artillery strikes.

By escalating its artillery strikes on South Lebanon, the IDF is hoping to restore deterrence. At least five rocket attacks were launched from Lebanon at Israel in the last few months.


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We all know the zionists have never attacked their own people to escalate hostilities. It is common practice for the diaper brigades.


Jens arseholm

Zionist criminals want to annex Litani headwaters during this Lebanese chaos but only Hezbollah is in their way.


zionists desperate to start a war. Send them a few balistic missils on there artillery and they start criyng.

Diaper Hasbara Dan

The Zionist spineless cowards want to set off a civil war in Lebanon in desperation, but will fail due to demographics now and Hezbollah’s ability to turn most Zionist hovels into parking lots.

Icarus Tanović

They want to destroy vegetation over in south, because it is drought and temperatures are not normal. So they use white phosphorus shells to ignite fires. Just white phosphorus is very very ad thing, very flammable and very toxic. If this is used by Hezbollah america would go full psycho on huma rights, terrorism, womd, so called jihadis etc. I just ask why they didn’t bomb them with Napalm, which is even more flammable and dangerous if combined with wp?
Why didn’t they scramble their brave airforce, or they know something that Hezbillah posess, and it is danger to their planes.

Last edited 1 month ago by Icarus Tanović
Icarus Tanović

Hey idf punks, how about some critical beatdown, you’re up to that? Your iron dome can’t even destroy a shell from a mortar that is like 150 years old. You are terrorist, in every sence.

jacob woah

Hezbollah knows that any escalation and response Israel will as an act of war.

So why hold back Hezbollah? Hamas has shown the IDF air defenses can be over saturated.
Why not use those 4,000 launchers and the out their airfields so we can’t respond

oh right cause will just nuke you
just face it their is no point in IDF giving up. Hell, at this point if we surrender Jewish citizens will be forced out of the region. This no future for Jews if we loose. So we will just nuke ourselves and you as well.

Last edited 1 month ago by jacob woah
Jim Allen

I think no one wants your kind to leave the region, and no one care’s what pretenders think.
Hezbollah doesn’t act, because it doesn’t please Hezbollah to act at this juncture. When the strategic conditions are reached, and allies of the resistance concur, it will please Hezbollah to take action. Until that time arrives there’s no point in denying Israel it’s pissing away resources for naught, as it frustrate’s itself wanking to failed satisfaction.
Should you pretenders leave the region, it will increase expenditures having to run you down, drag your criminal asses to the same kind of Kangaroo Court’s your kind visited upon those that your protectors stole the credit for defeating, then falsely accused of crime’s not committed against you. Then given a fair trial, and hanged. At least one individual went unindicted, but was imprisoned until his death, denied access to the outside world.

Raptar Driver

The existence of the fake Jewish state called Israel Is an act of war.


Start by nuking yourselves genius. The rest of the planet thanks you diaper loving inbreds.

US & EU are Zion slaves

So it was the fuking “Jewish” terrorists’ Zion who starts the fires. They are also cancer to Earth.

Icarus Tanović

Yes, Zionists.

David Herzog

Albione is the cancer , not the US . US are just a colony of the anglo -zionist empire , used like cannon fodder .
It was Trump who tried to revive the American Revolution against the evil empire .
Death to blm – antifascist – pedo lgbt .

Diaper Hasbara Dan

Israeli Diaper Force is just pulling PR stunts for domestic and brainwashed western idiots benefit. They know full well that a war with Hezbollah will be their end.


Even Shia Lebanese hate the Hisballah ^^

Twatz the Jew rat from Canada

Keep up the desperate posts Twatz LOL. Life in Canada on welfare suits you :)

US & EU are Zion slaves

There are people who live in their own world and believe BS such as yourself, buddy. Even the West acknowledged more Lebanese are more likely to join Hezbollah due to events that have happened in Lebanon – it is fact that Hezbollah has grown over years, may I remind you that Hezbollah was just a few people just some years ago. “People” like you don’t know what Hezbollah is as your mind was washed by Zion MSM.
The fact that you cry about Hezbollah says it all, and Hezbollah has grown in other parts of the world as well.
Also, you misspelled the name of a group that you dislike makes you sound stupid nothing more.
Edit – ^^

Last edited 1 month ago by US & EU are Zion slaves
Jens arseholm

60% of Lebanon is Shia, 20% Christians and rest Palestinians, Orthodox, Armenians etc. The Sunnis are barely 10% of the population now and even most of them support Hezbollah which is the most honest non-state establishment that provides a range of social, medical and educational services. So your propaganda is an absolute lies and a sign of desperation. BTW, the western imperialists have banned a census in Lebanon since 1958, as it would show the new demographics and the outdated corrupt political system imposed by Sykes-Picot. Lebanon is not a viable state and should revert back to Syria as the majority would support that.

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