Israeli Army Discovers And Destroys New Undeground Tunnel Of Hamas Near Gaza Strip


Israeli Army Discovers And Destroys New Undeground Tunnel Of Hamas Near Gaza Strip

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On December 10, the Israeli Army announced in an official statement that it discovered and demolished a tunnel under the Israeli territory east of the Gaza Strip. According to the statement, the tunnel was built by the Palestinian Hamas movement and its entrance is located in the central part of Gaza, near the city of Khan Yunis.

The Israeli Army also revealed that it used a new system to detect and demolish the tunnel. The new system was developed thanks to a joint effort between combat, logistics, intelligence, and research units of the Israeli Army, according to the official statement.

Israeli Army Discovers And Destroys New Undeground Tunnel Of Hamas Near Gaza Strip

Map by the Israeli Army

This was the second tunnel in a month a half discovered and demolished by the Israeli Army around the Gaza Strip. On October 30, seven fighters and a commander of Hamas were killed when the Israeli Army demolished a tunnel also east of Gaza while they were inside it.

In a short video message,  Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus spokesman for the Israeli Army stressed again that Israel will place a responsibility for any attack on its territories on Hamas. The spokesman also said that the Israeli Army will respond to any act of aggression against Israel “in the air, sea, ground or below the ground”.

“We see this as a severe violation of Israeli sovereignty and we hold the Hamas terror organization responsible,” Lt. Col. Conricus said in the video message.

The discovery of the new tunnel will likely increase the already high tension between Hamas and the Israeli Army around the Gaza Strip.



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  • Jerry Hamilton

    “Israeli sovereignty” ???????
    So called Israel is illegal. It was stolen and declared a state using no legal authority.
    It is a lie based on a lie.

    • Michail


      • Jerry Hamilton

        Not a clue. I assume you are a child.

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    • Cry baby

      • FlorianGeyer


      • Jerry Hamilton

        Only a person in much need of an education could have come up with such a statement.

      • Solomon Krupacek

        not cry. kill the occupants

  • hvaiallverden

    DO YOU KNOW WHY, huh.
    AN FULL F….. Decade of blockade, decade of no help what so ever, an decade of nothing, not an sack of cement to build up what the terror state ISISrael have bombed to smithereens, and somehow you always seem to forget simple bloody facts, this is hideous propaganda, and nothing else SF, huh, as the brave ISISraelis are doing something good, to further damage and destroy whats left of the devastating Gazan territory and above all, the people whom is depending on basic need coming from this tunnels.

    Again, SF, this is pure SISIraeli propaganda, to continue to clens the area and you find this to be an good thing dont you SF, in an game where bullshit is sprayed by all kind of sites, incl yours.

    Yeah, somehow SF starts to stink, like RT/SP, quasi-joojo dungeons, run from ISISrael.
    You are loosing credibility in an staggering pace if this shit is whats cumming.
    Only Zionazis use this blockade, and this tunnels witch is an life line in an region completely shot down, dont have electricity, money, help, everything goes thru the terror state ISISrael, and uses this as an excuse to kill whats left, and make the genocide legit, when this kind of articles pops up, and hails this as an defense, while I see it as an continuation of the ethnic cleaning, crimes against humanity.
    Tsk, tsk, tsk.


    • Hama’s needs to be wiped out

      • Gary Sellars

        No gonna happen Zio buttboy…

    • FlorianGeyer

      In fairness, South Front is only reporting the news from Israeli sources. We all have opinions about Israel and am certainly not a fan of that psychopathic nation but it is always important to look at all news , however distasteful it might be.

      I do not enjoy hearing that a Hamas tunnel has been found but I prefer to know.

    • matt
    • PZIVJ

      SF is reporting the news, there is nothing wrong with that.
      Do you really believe small man sized tunnels are going to deliver economic aid to Gaza strip ?

    • val wolfe

      Tell Hamas to pay their electric bill instead of paying jihadis to kill Isrealites. The PA already paid part of it! Why should Isreal subsidize the electricity when jihadis want to kill them? Egypt also supplies electricity, I guess Hamas pays that bill! Why is a tunnel needed other than to send jihadis to kill Isrealites, they can get supplies from Egypt. Hamas doesn’t care about the people as they are spending the money on building ‘cement’ tunnels, bombs, jihad terrorists, and arms to kill Isrealites. The idiots voted for Hamas!
      Isreal is a legal Nation, and set up under the same Agreements as Syria, Jordan and Iraq. So if Isreal is illegal than so are Syria, Jordan and Iraq! And the Italians got Lebanon!
      The ethnic cleansing in the ME including Palestine has been by Muslims of the Christians, Yazidis, Jews, and Druze. Isreal rescued Druze and brought them to Isreal, they even rescued Christains.

  • Jozsef Osztronkovics

    You zionisraeli terror scum how many Palestinian children will you kill before God and Jesus Christ will destroy you and send you to zionist hell

    • Didn’t Mohammed marry a girl of 6 then his son’s wife?

      • Solomon Krupacek


        but in that time the christians did the same

        • Garga

          Solomon, I’m amazed! :)

          • Solomon Krupacek

            Have a nice day!

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          • Solomon Krupacek

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            2nd, the cultural anthropology and the wisdom teach, you should not see on far old matters with actual exes.
            3rd, i hate islam, decades fight against hem. it is the mos primitive religion. the second are jews and 3rd hindus.
            4th, i told simply, po not point on mohammed, because in that time tis ugly thing was widespreaded in the whole world. dont forget, the ancient greeks were pedofile. all citizens in better position had to have child lover.
            simply in that age was so. today is better age.
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  • Alder

    Just goes to show Hamas only cares about itself and its unreachable stupid goals and not their fellow Palestinian people who suffer from this buffoonery.

    • Don’t read butthurt replies

      Hamas are Israeli/Mossad made. I hate to see/hear Iran supporting this pathetic group.

      • Alder

        Iran only supports them out of convenience. Hamas = Sunni, Iran = Shia. Those two don’t mix well without a very big bang that get’s many people killed.

  • XJ5

    Palestinians going under ground is called a “terrorist tunnel” but Israel is an “open air colonial state”

  • Don’t read butthurt replies

    “There is no state called Israel to declare Jerusalem as their capital“ – Kim Jong-Un

    I would fight for the Palestinians before being a Zionist/Israel ass kisser/puppet like many weak minded are.

  • Gary Sellars

    ..but the filthy zionist fuckers can’t do anything about the ISIS enclave nestled against zio-occupied Golan and Jordan?