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Israeli Army Concludes Operation Northern Shield (Video)

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The Israeli military has concluded Operation Northern Shield along Lebanon’s border with the discover of what it claimed to be the last attack tunnel of Hezbollah.

Israeli Army Concludes Operation Northern Shield (Video)

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According to the army’s spokesman unit, the tunnel was dug from the Lebanese village of Ramyeh into Israel. Israeli engineer units will neutralize the newly-discovered tunnel soon. This is usually done by filling the tunnel with concrete or simply by detonating it.

“We have now exposed all attack tunnels dug by Hezbollah from Lebanon into Israel,” the Israeli military stated on its official Twitter account.

On December 3, the Israeli military launched Operation Northern Shield with the aim of discovering and neutralizing Hezbollah’s attack tunnels. Only six tunnels, including the one reported today, were discovered during the course of the operation.

Avichay Adraee, a spokesman for the Israeli military, said that the army will continue its “wide defensive operations” along the border of Lebanon despite discovering neutralizing all Hezbollah tunnels.

“The Israeli Defense Forces and the technological laboratory will continue to work to uncover the tunnels along the border with Lebanon permanently,” Adaree added.

The operation was seen by many observers as a part of ongoing Israeli effort to step up the pressure on Hezbollah and its backers, Iran and Syria.

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Assyria. the Birthplace of Judaism then Birthplace of Copper.
and the Jews Destroy their very History.
True history they destroy.
Sometimes I think to myself, Question History. Why are The Jews destroying themselves?


Maybe the true history is unpalatable, Assyrians banished criminals, they called them Habiru, which over time morphed into Hebrew.


It’s the beliefs that matter, not the genetics.


Ah, …….. why would Hez build tunnels when, Israel has openly demonstrated it intends to come to them. Presently, I think the tunnel story is BS.

Syria insider

It’s a defensive measure to take out Israeli forces when they try to attack Hezbollah positions on the border. It’s rare that this tactic is used in warfare but it can be really effective against a larger enemy in open terrain or in urban warfare. Israel now’s this very well so that’s why they launched this joke of an “operation”.

Rüdiger Preiss

Good point!


It seems so. Or very old ones that predate the failed Israeli invasion a few years ago.

Jim Prendergast

This is the most reasonable explanation. It is a well known fact the lots of underground systems remain and are unused. This provides a nice bit of melodrama for the IDF.


More propaganda for western brainwashed population. Why would Hezbollah waste time on small tunnels when their missiles and rockets can devastate the fake state of Israel?

Rüdiger Preiss

I can imagine the tunnels are real; as part of a wider plan it would give the Hezbollah additional options – their operation isn’t limited to rockets alone. Israel is constantly infiltrating it’s neighbours, Lebanon, Syria, certainly they also have their spies in Jordan and Egypt. The Hezbollah would be further disadvantaged if they didn’t try to gather intelligence and have military options against Israel. If only Israel would put as much effort into trying to find a dignified peace agreement with all its neighbours instead of putting all it’s efforts into keeping their high-horse position …. this conflict could have long been history!

Zionism = EVIL

haha the paranoid Zionist parasites have TUNNEL VISION!


Hezbollah and Iran will absolutely dismantle the US and GB conspiracy terrorist plot Israel in whole Middle East alongwith his stooge Salman the murderer of many innocent totally innocent people.


Netanyahu kicked out Lieberman and brought another one. I don’t know when he will fire this new one because when this new one order for attack on Syria so his entire body shakes.


Shouldn’t the headline read,

Israeli Army Concludes Operation Northern Spiel.


In WW1, the French, British and the Germans built tunnels under the lines. One British tunnel was 8km long. They put hundreds of tons of explosives under a German fort and blew it up. The Germans lost 10,000 soldiers.

I suspect the Hezbollah has modern tunnels that go several kilometres under the border. That is a very handy way of demoralising and destroying any Israeli attack. Any attacking force could be taken prisoner in no time at all. Just imagine what the Hezbollah could do with a thousand Israeli prisoners – with their mothers screaming in front of the Israeli parliament. They would give up the West Bank within a few days of that. A few million would want to go back to where they came from – Russia, USA, France, UK etc.


The tunnels never enter Israel, they go under the Blue Line, both sides of the Blue Line are Lebanon.
Israel is just lying like it always does.

Lena Jones

So israel thinks that the Hezb only dug up 6 tunnels since 2006? LOL! Jews never learn! Hezbollah won the 2006 because they were easily able to distract the idf and jewish airforce with sooooo many decoy targets. I look forward to the next wipe out of jewish terrorists attempting to invade the wily Lebanese.

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