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Israeli Airstrikes Hit Syria’s Palmyra, Four Casualties Reported

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Israeli Airstrikes Hit Syria’s Palmyra, Four Casualties Reported

An Israeli Air Force F-15 fighter jet flies during an aerial demonstration. (photo credit: AMIR COHEN – REUTERS)

Late on October 13, a series of Israeli airstrikes hit the outskirts of the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra in the eastern countryside of Homs. 

A military source told the Syrian Arab News Agency that the aerial attack was launched from the southeastern area of al-Tanf, which is occupied by the US-led coalition and its proxies.

“At around 23:34 pm, 13-10-2021, the Israeli enemy carried out an aerial aggression from the direction of al-Tanf area towards the area of Palmyra, targeting a communications tower and some posts surrounding it,” the unnamed source said.

The source acknowledged that a Syrian service member was killed and three others were wounded as a result of the Israeli airstrikes. Iranian-backed forces are known to be present in the outskirts of Palmyra. They have not report any losses, yet.

Syrian air-defenses fired at the incoming Israeli missiles. However, it remains unclear if any of the missiles were in fact intercepted.

This was the second Israeli attack on central Syria in less than a week. On October 8, a series of airstrike hit the country’s largest air base, known as the T-4, in the eastern Homs countryside. The airstrikes, which hit an unidentified target near the base’s main runway and several radar and air-defense systems, were also launched from the airspace of al-Tanf.

Israel’s repeated attacks on Syria are supposedly meant to prevent Iranian entrenchment in the war-torn country. Yet, most of the recent attacks targeted equipment of the Syrian Arab Army, not Iranian-backed forces.


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f16 is garbage, the most crashed, destroyed fighter aircraft in modern history.


its cheap for the usa to produce and its expensive on the market so they basically sold the cheap trash to the world and yes i agree its trash and usually the russians are known to be on the cheaper end but the americans really did went very greedy on the f16 and made it as cheap as possible in production basically denying alot of flaws to exist and so on having to upgrade a 100 times flaws which made it impossible to sell and still flaws exist all over the place

Last edited 4 days ago by farbat
jens holm

Things are not cheep, if they can be used with good maintaining for many many years.

The mainproblem is its rather old. But as long as the enemy has nothing better for counterattacks, its the best.

I would say there are 3 main versions and its very normal to upgrade any kind of stuff. Fx I have a Win7 upgraded to Win 10 and partly Win11. Its perfect for my use reaching the whole world for most things.

It has its limits in gamings and photoshopping but Im no gamer and only makes maps more detailed. Here it can be slow so its an habit to have a cup of coffee nearby waiting 10 or 20 seconds.

As I recall it only Turks produce them for themself upgrades included, so Ypour sales is not correct. We have replacements and mainly the much more ciomplicated, expensive and very bad to the price F35.

I would have prefared Denmark had bought new old F16 and missiles and drones instead of that F35. Those F16s can handle most of the Russian equipment well. By that we also needed less new facilities and education for jets.


You are a genius in hiding. You know all about windows, all the Fs and the Russians. Count your blessings felaa.

Last edited 4 days ago by Allison
jens holm

I do many hours a day to update my knowledge level. I also look up. This is an important part of my life and exactly what this site is and should be.

So You dont see the many sites of me, where I because of that knows nothing.

And Yes, I do have money and a good life not only because of my averige income. I save and use things until they make no sense.

I have a garden too. Here I recycle all leftovers from vegatables and trees as well as well as the vegatables I buy from the stores.

Clothe is same thing.

I dont count my blessings i a normal average dayli life and dont feel proud. Its my life and I try to share some light here too and show how others can change and have a better life too.

And yes I started with a Win 95 as user in 1997 as user.

I dont think I hide. Danes as culture are known for being very direct and open in free speach and being relaxed in hierakies too. That makes consensus and makes us being very effective and well organized.

And Yes it has bad sides too, but we mainly has chosen them Ourself by free schools, freed education, finding skills, hard work and paid after the level we are.

So I tell You should take in the good parts from the outside too. We do. We kopi what others do and invent them to better versions.

Economy is fine. Vi hardly has Covid anymore. We have a female Premieremibnster showing women are jsut as good and bright Leaders as men.

So learn and copy, I do.

Its like a piono. You learn to learn and can play many melodies. But I know nothing about guitars and violins.

Chris Gr

You have Jysk right?

jens holm

Hardly. I have moved around some and are from Roskilde thats 25 km west of Copenhagen.

Its a good advice to give no information for tracking. I give a lot of information from Denmark because not many know and understand how different we live even I explain it many times.

I try to explain how we make wellfare and peace and how You can do same things in Your own contexts and why You should not complain for whats mainly Your own decissions where You are.

Chris Gr

I mean the corporation called Jysk.


Cheap to produce, expensive for dead pilots and their families. Expendable baggage, as wall street prefers.


considering the money spend iran did maintain the f14 it has better than the usa could in my view it upgraded it better than the usa could because the usa has a terrible system of governance and worse than that of industries and the special worst case is the military industry which is utterly incompetently wasting ressources all over the place and of course they always have smart strategy and whatever but its all made out of delusion and lack of understanding and more than that lack of maturity

Last edited 4 days ago by farbat
jens holm

No matter what the F14 is a good classical WAS.

jens holm

It has shown its capabilities many times. If You look at crashes You also has to see how many hours it has been in the air doing the jobs well.


these are russian attacks against syria mostly carried out by russian speaking double citizens and basically green lighted by russia lets not forget that the zionist usurper entity is sort of a russian colony usurping palestine and that russian deeds in syria over the last many years have pointed to russias loyalty towards its zionist colony

Last edited 4 days ago by farbat
jens holm

Some links might be nice.

None forget Russia dont support Israel has a right to exist and by that dont support the Iranian and the Hesbollah activities but mainly the opposite.

Many parts of Your many constructions inlatters are based on propaganda only. But We also has to subtract the opponent propaganda. You just do well making more less friends and more enemies.

By that Yours desperat keep Your own population in line and remained as a non devellop zone.

You sson will need food because of the overpopulation and no modern agriculture reforms in great parts of Iran. If You need help, we will parashute criminal pig for You. They will be genetic modified, so Iranians eating them will get better ears and eyes and small mouths.


why do I have feeling that this comment was rushed and that you really have a lot more to say?


heil hitler is the only thing he has to say all day long and its all basically hidden behind idiotic blabbering nonsense of his which is utterly unrealistic

Last edited 4 days ago by farbat
jens holm

If people here can use Islam and their country going back in time 500 years or even back to 1258 naming ít as revolution I make realisme in its best.

jens holm

I just need at least one link from Farbat. I have looked but has none. I kind of expect its a total lie or for internal use in Farsi.

Sure, I do have a lot more to say and will. Im tired of so much money as well of time is used for war instaed of internal improvements in living standards.

For several countries there the long time problem will be lack of water and by that lack of food, so I dont understand why they dont reform farming making much more food with much less water.


hahaha sure iran will be the one having problems to feed its population it wont be the ones like you who use high yield crops who oversour the lands or mono culture who cant survive the smallest of enviromental changes please explain to me how we iranian are so overpopulated and in problems also excuse us that our entire energy isnt based on a few wind generators in the sea like you idiots hahahahaha XD you clueless idiot talk up when you dont know your own situation how pathetic

Last edited 4 days ago by farbat
Chris Gr

You are not overpopulated.

jens holm

We do reduce the agrar country, but you have to understand that we since very old days has exported food to England, Germany and Norway because they dont have that possibility.

By that they have sold us products we cant make mainly because of lack of minerals such as iron and coal.

In 1920 Iran was 11 mio. Today its more then 80. It s fine, if You can feed them too. I can add Your unimplyment rate is high too, so You do have many vacant and relative cheep hands.

I never has told you should copy Our systems. But it is true we grow 10 hektars making 40 times in harvesting and parts of old Iran use 40 hektars making only 10 times at it.

So You waste a lot of fertilizer, kalcium what ever. Here You in many places has lack of irrigation water using much less at the 10 hektar. Here You by open air channels evaporate a lot of water end even make the last part of the water to make the fields salty.

Many plants and trees here has being imrproved a lot with no genetic chanes. You should use them. They use less water and the plants taking in more nitrate and save money for fertilizing. Many plants keep themself much more healthy and save extra work.

Our windpower systems cover about 50% of all electricity and are about 4.000. We have many windy days.

Solar electricity migh be the best solution for Iran even the Russian nuke facility is a solution too. You even can cool down Your country by the sun, which seemes to be needed:)


why do you idiots in the west still believe that you know things better after having shown the opposite during your entire existence on this planet?

jens holm

But we mainly do nost things better because we do and live as we does. You might think we are using it in a bad way, but we have it.


“russian airstrikes hit syrias palmyra in continued terrorism against syria” should be the title

jens holm

Even pictures and cams from the distant Marslanders see things better then You.


why do you have such pains

jens holm

Its a hobby of mine. I try to make camels fly even they dont want to.

jens holm

So USA allow IAF to have jets there or what ?

The atcile seemes to be rather inaccurate burt simething happens there. Fx the Jerusalem – inaccurate – post also rapport hittings at DEZ and Abu Kamal.

I hope for more and better information.

I also will say T4 is distant from Palmyra. Thats the base Assads and Russian fled too, when ISIS hopefully for the last time taook Palmyra.

Some detailed map might help some.


isis does not own Palmyra but it does own 100s of small hide out and stashed between Palmyra and al- mayadeen (i know i botched name)

the point if is that SAA still have a lot of work to do months of work yet. tracking and hunting down these hide outs.

jens holm

I dont think I said ISIS owns Palmyra or are there´. But last time they took it, the soldiers from there went to T4 50 kilometers west of it.

I dont see Palmyra and T4 as same thing.

Yerrh – I agree in those peaces. Sometimes I wish maps showed contested areas with stripes or dots.


where are the foot soldiers dont you have any where were they in the gaza war whining and crying in the 1000s?

Last edited 4 days ago by farbat
jens holm

If thats a question You should try to make it easier to understand for someone like me.

Peter Wallace

Pains me to say it but I think jens is right about when ISIS retook Palmyra the second time the SAA and Russian forces retreated to the T4 until they got Palmyra back again and have held it ever since. and Lrcaptain is right that since then ISIS after being defeated then took to hiding in that massive desert type area having at times caused carnage on the Palmyra – Deir Azore rds which seems to be pretty quiet at the moment.


More illegal airstrikes against Syria. Boycott the zionist terrorist imbeciles.


Peter Wallace

So yet again Israel attacks Syria with impunity and without repercussions. So much for the S 300 that was supposed to stop them and the threats of bombing out of existence any Israeli air base that these attacking aircraft flew from.

Ivan Freely

I thought Russia controlled the S-300 network.

Peter Wallace

d/v repaid :-) . They did but they were always talking of training Syria’s to be in charge which was always taking forever. They were supposedly handed over to Syrian control , can’t remember when but must have been around the time of the ceasefire in Idlib which was well over a year ago. As far as I know they have never been used mostly because the Israeli’s use the Lebanese valleys to pop out of , fire and get back to base . They have also used the US as cover coming in from Iraq over the US/SDF controlled area east of the Euphrates and this one using Al Tanf area which would require the SAA to fire into the US controlled area which would get a US air response which despite all the bravado talk Syria would not be able to handle. I would absolutely love to see / hear of an Israeli jet or two being blown out of the sky and even better an air base obliterated as a response which is the only thing Israel will take notice of. It appears that the S 300’s are more for the Russian assets protection than anything else. Of course Israel makes sure they don’t go anywhere near them.

jens holm

You really has to learn those missile systems has to be many and you can find windows and areas, where they are not.


Meanwhile the Harris-Biden-AOC regime has lifted sanctions on Iranian missile producers and will lift sanctions on Assad to build the pipeline to Lebanon.


How will that play out for both Iran and Syria with sanctions being lifted?


The skies above Syria, Libanon, Iraq and Iran are jewish and american skies ^^


And Pootin turn his back while his zio terrorist jew scumm God kills Syrian officers

Dennis Kovac
Last edited 3 days ago by Dennis Kovac
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