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Israeli Airstrikes Contribute To Further Escalation Of Syrian Conflict


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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

Israeli warplanes reportedly delivered airstrikes against Syrian army targets in the Qasioun Mount region near Damascus early on March 22nd. Israeli jets allegedly carried out four rounds of airstrikes. There were no reports about casualties or damage suffered by Syrian government forces.

Initially reports about the incident appeared in pro-militant social media accounts and then were widely spread by the Israeli media. If confirmed, the recent raids were the fourth round of airstrikes attributed to Israel in Syria in less than a week.

The reports about the fresh Israeli airstrikes in Syria came just a few hours after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to continue hitting targets in Syria. Netanyahu made this claim during a visit to China, adding that he had informed Putin of Israel’s intentions.

The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned Israel’s Ambassador to Moscow to protest an Israeli military strike near the Syrian city of Palmyra last Friday. This was after Israeli jets breached Syrian air space and attacked a military target near Palmyra on the night of March 17th. According to Israel’s Channel 2, the Israeli strike hit close to Russian troops. In turn, the Syrian military fired several anti-aircraft missiles at Israeli warplanes and claimed that one of them was destroyed and another one hit. The Israel Defense Forces denied these claims and said that one missile fired from the ground was intercepted by the Arrow 2 anti-ballistic missile.

Following the incident, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, threatened to destroy Syrian air defense systems. “The next time the Syrians use their air defense systems against our planes we will destroy them without the slightest hesitation,” Lieberman said on Israeli public radio.

At the same time, Israel continued to push the narrative that Russia and other powers must move to limit Iran’s military strength in Syria. The director-general of Israel’s Intelligence Ministry, Chagai Tzuriel, repeated this in an interview to Reuters on March 21st.

The growing Israeli propaganda and diplomatic and military efforts over the conflict in Syria came amid the intensification of military operations of the so-called moderate opposition against government forces in northern Hama and eastern Damascus. Jaish al-Islam and other groups invited to the Astana format supported the military actions of Hayat Tahir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda). This showed that the negotiations in Astana brokered by Ankara, Moscow, and Tehran resulted in no progress in separating “moderate rebels” from their “radical counterparts.”

Most likely, this situation is a result of the fact covered by SF in its last two videos about the geopolitical standoff in the post-ISIS Middle East – Turkey provides a general support to the Israeli efforts aimed at undermining the Assad government and limiting the Iranian influence. Turkey and Israel also share the ground in supporting so-called moderate rebels operating in western Syria.



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  • NeoLeo

    ISISrael supporting their puppet army… not enough dead people in Syria already, Netanyahu wants more blood.

    • Thegr8rambino

      Hopefully his blood comes next

  • Expo Marker

    It should be common knowledge that the destruction of the Syrian state will only benefit countries like Isreal, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the EU/US elite, while everyone else will suffer for these actions.

    Also worth noting, breaking Syria on ethno-religeous lines will break Lebanon and Iraq up, and Israel will capitalize on this fact, and prop up groups like the South Lebanon Army.

    • 888mladen .

      Zionist entity will not benefit. It’s place holder state which will cease to exist the moment it’s usage expires by those who have created it.

      • Jens Holm


        • 888mladen .

          “Although he, like Minerbi, notes a “hostility” to certain elements of
          Zionist aspirations, Kreutz acknowledges that “the Vatican’s lack of
          official objection to the creation of a Jewish State in Palestine
          greatly influenced various Catholic countries in their political support
          for the partition plan” in 1947. It was precisely the votes of
          Catholic, especially Latin American, countries that put the UN vote over
          the top and made possible the creation of a Jewish State in the Land of
          Israel for the first time in almost two millennia. Thus when the Holy
          See had its most opportune moment (had it so wished) to oppose Zionism
          actively, it did not. Rather, it acted discreetly but decisively to
          facilitate the culmination of the Zionist dream.”
          “Kreutz does note, quite correctly, that the element .of the UN’s
          partition plan that seems most strongly to have produced this “friendly”
          response by the Holy See to the idea of a Jewish State was the
          proposal, never implemented, to internationalize the city of Jerusalem.”

    • Jonathan Cohen

      My only problem with that is Saudi Arabia.

    • Jens Holm

      And there are found gold there too…All people seems to be small, because their pockets are filled with it.

  • gfsdyughjgd .

    Russian is so eager to sell s-400 system to back biting Turkey but not to Syria which is in a urgent need.Erdogan has deployed FSA=ISIS to Hama with it visible armour vehicles.Turkey and Israelis goals are just same.

    • Thegr8rambino

      Russia already has s-400 in syria

      • 888mladen .

        Which they don’t use anyway. It’s more like a demo model exposed to potential buyers.

        • Thegr8rambino

          I hope they use it soon against israeli

  • Alfredo García Gallardo

    Sad, but it appears that a couple of F-16s are enough to scare the Russians. Or is it the Israeli flag that silenced the Russian batteries?

    • john mason

      Don’t think so, Russia was waiting for Israel to make their move which was countered by Syria. Russia is now waiting for Israel’s next move and the Israelis have no idea what Putin and Assad will do. You will find that the Israelis are going to do nothing for quite some time.

      • Douglas Houck

        I agree.

        I see only bluster from Israel and don’t expect much more. The Syrians have made their point. Not sure anyone actually wanted to shoot down a jet as I haven’t heard the answer to the obvious question of “So now what do we do?”.

        What I found most interesting was the recent video of Syria launching around 90 rockets via MRLS before hitting the target with an air strike at the very end. see:
        Now it may just be me, but I’m thinking this was a bit of overkill and not meant that much for the Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) terrorists in northern Hama but for the Israelis.

        One of the best way to overcome any anti-missile defense system like the Iron Dome is simply to launch more missiles than the system can defend against. The specs on the Arrow-3 system is that it can track up to five incoming missiles simultaneously. And each Arrow-3 missile is around $2.5 million. So, what about launching 80-90 $2,000 missiles (my WAG of <$200,000) at a anti-missile site like shown in the video? While not the most accurate, they seemed to put down a tight enough spread that it should be sufficient to obliterate the system.

        These MRL rockets have around a 10 mile range so to get further back the cost of the missile would go up but as you only need six or more that can be fired in a very short time sequence, you can still keep the costs well below what the anti-missile system cost.

        But to use such a system to take out the Israeli Iron Dome you have to be ready to answer the obvious question, "So now what?"

        • Solomon Krupacek

          the question is, were there jihadists? :)

        • john mason

          interesting concept. To defeat Israel is to fight them internally, sabotage, terrorist attacks and guerilla tactics and go for their infrastructure like nuclear power stations, military depots, airfields etc.. When the chaos is at a point that the Israelis have to run their tails off then is the time to knock out the Iron dome from the inside. That is what I would do and would cause minimal civilian casualties. Not all Jews are Zionists.
          Once their defenses are down then they will surrender.

          • Thegr8rambino

            Nice plan

          • john mason

            Glad you like it.

          • 888mladen .

            The only military which has been serious about Israhell’s containment is Hezbollah. They will do it sometimes.and their primary target will be nitrogen factory in Haifa which they call it their nuclear bomb. At that point there will be very little IDF could do about defending the territory they unlawfully occupied. However the third party will benefit as usual and eventually there will be no more Zionist entity as a place holder state. Once a full control over ME has been established there will be no need of Zionist entity by those who have installed it. Objective achieved.

          • Solomon Krupacek


            you do not know the name of factory and you plan the attack… what is nitrogen factory??

            otehrwise, if HB writes about this factory as target, the IDF surely defeat it already.

          • 888mladen .

            Mate you are sad Zionist stooge. Aren’t you?

          • Solomon Krupacek

            no, i am anti israeli, but not stupid. and never underestimate the enemy.

          • Douglas Houck

            He’s talking about a large ammonia storage tank which may have already been moved.

          • 888mladen .

            It hasn’t been moved.

          • Jens Holm

            Nitrogen factories make 2 things. 1) fertiliser mainly to NPK in different versions and 2) explosives.

            It cost a lot of electricity to do that. Thats why they often are close to power dams or nuckear energy facilities.

            Im not in debate about the sourhern killing each other zone down there.

            But You can make nitrocelleoulose, nitroglycerin, trotyl by it. Also Amatol and torpex.

          • 888mladen .
          • 888mladen .

            No you can’t.

          • BruceD13

            Tried before and failed. Israel has VERY strong internal defenses, with the whole population having military training. Any war with Israel will result in Israeli victory and loss of more territory. The best strategy is to recognize Israel’s right to exist and make peace with her.

        • MeMadMax

          Here’s the thing.
          Arrow is designed to go after the big missile stuff, like SCUDS and bigger.
          The nature of the rockets and the system don’t appear to be able to intercept smaller things like MRL type rockets.
          Thats part of the reason why they came up with Iron Dome.

          Now with that being said…. “So now what?”

          That window closed with the end of the obama admin.
          He was the last one to give israel zero/half-hearted defense to israel.
          You go against israel, you go against trump and the US….
          Plan on that.

      • Real Anti-Racist Action

        I am 80% sure that you can expect Israel to make at least two more air strikes on Syria within the next 3 weeks for sure.
        Israel it getting warmed up, and Israel plans to go to war this year against either Syria or Lebanon or Palestine here in 2017, and they are ready for it now.
        Their strategy is to provoke a response, so Israel can lie to themselves that someone else started it.
        But in reality Israel is looking to start another fight.

        • john mason

          So far it seems that the Syrian military either has no MANPADS or are not willing to use them. After the last incursion from Israel it wouldn’t be of no surprise that the military will engage with MANPADS positioned on the Syrian border.

          • 888mladen .

            You can’t use double negation. It’s either “would be no surprise” or “wouldn’t be a surprise”.

          • john mason

            negative plus negative = positive
            Simple mathematics.

          • 888mladen .

            Don’t be stubborn it’s wrong grammar you know it.

          • Jens Holm

            To me its very understandable and has not to be more correct as that.

            Many of us are not english and/or authistic – We are just people.

          • Jens Holm

            No, its not. More like a waste of letters.

      • Thegr8rambino

        Well apparently they made another airstrike recently after the march 17th incident? So idk but I hope so

        • John Whitehot

          so far, the only things we have seen are news reports and the booster of a missile (yes, it could be an Arrow-3 component) crashed in Jordan.

    • คงศักดิ์ วงศ์ชูศรี

      just get shot and down by syria again

  • john mason

    Russia has managed to meet its’ objective in regards to ‘rebels’ who are now confirmed terrorists. Now they are all targets and when it comes to UN Geneva talks the ‘rebels’ who are now terrorists have no say.

    • 888mladen .

      Your military theory is flowed. The goal by military doctrine is destruction of the enemy forces.

      • john mason

        flawed not flowed (liquids flow), not being smart, knowing that you like accuracy.

        • Jens Holm

          If You have a hole in your behind looking like vase, Your can put flowers in it. Remember water and hold the flowers tajt.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    MARCH 21, 2017
    Kuwaiti daily quotes Iran Defense Ministry source as saying Iran was able to change the codes without Russia’s knowledge, enabling Friday’s missile launch against Israeli aircraft.
    Iran has accused Russia of giving the codes for Syria’s anti-aircraft missiles to Israel, a senior official in the engineering department of Iran’s Defense Department told the Kuwaiti daily Al-Jarida on Monday.

    According to the report, much remains unknown about Israel’s attack on a Hezbollah weapons convoy and the Syrian response to the Israeli fighter jets early Friday morning. Israel has reportedly attacked dozens of times in Syrian territory since Hezbollah joined the Syrian civil war in 2012, but Friday marked the first time that an anti-aircraft missile had been fired at an IAF jet.

    Al-Jarida’s Tehran correspondent, Farzad Qassemi, cited a source in the Iranian Defense Ministry as saying that Iranian experts had changed the operation codes for the Syrian air defense system, which is what enabled the anti-aircraft missiles to be used against the Israeli Air Force on Friday morning.

    According to the source, Damascus and Tehran “were shocked” every time the Russian-made air defense system did not work to defend Syria’s airspace, or even give notification that the air space had been penetrated in order to evacuate outposts prior to the airstrike. The systems are supposed to identify the takeoff of Israeli Air Force jets from their bases because of the small distance between the countries and is even supposed to attempt to target the planes and any missiles that are fired from them.


    Israel completes advanced testing of mid-range missile interceptor designed to defend against Hezbollah‏ (credit: REUTERS)

    According to the source, the Iranians and the Syrians suspected that Russia gave the codes for the air defense system to Israel and even refused the requests of Tehran and Damascus to check the codes. “Iran has the ability today to change the Russian security codes since it received the advanced Russian S-300,” the source added. “This came after it received reports that Israel got the operation codes for the missile system. In Iran, they even expanded their knowledge when they built the Bavar-373 air defense system – which is a domestic copy of the Russian S-300 – in order that the systems would work together during an attack.”

    According to the source, three weeks ago, during Iranian military maneuvers, Iranian engineers hacked into the codes of the S-300, but when the Bavar-373 was not working in conjunction with the Russian air defense system the experiment was suspended.

    The source said further that the Iranian Defense Ministry sent several engineers to Syria to change the codes of the air defense system that was under the control of the Syrian army, without Moscow’s knowledge. “They succeeded in changing some of the codes last month and therefore when the Israel fighter jets took off from their bases – the air defense system succeeded in identifying them and firing interceptor missiles at them and at the missiles they had launched.”

    The source added that “the Syrian radar treated Israeli fighter jets as friendly planes in the past and not as enemy planes, which proves that Israel knew the codes of the missile system.”

    According to the source, the identification of the Israeli fighter jets taking off enabled Hezbollah to evacuate the outpost and even to launch a missile toward the military base from which the fighter jets had taken off. “The missile launched by Hezbollah toward Israel was worth some $2,000, whereas the missiles used by Israel to intercept it were worth some $3 million,” the source added.

    The Iranian source said further that in a report sent to the Russian military command, the Russians were asked if someone penetrated the Syrian air defense system. Both the Iranians and Syrians were awaiting an answer.

    • Thegr8rambino

      i saw this on facebook, is this true?

    • Solomon Krupacek

      this is bullshit

      • John Whitehot

        this time i must concur

    • John Whitehot

      “Codes” don’t mean a thing. Even having cracked IFF codes (and having the correct hardware installed on planes), airspaces are constantly scanned. Israeli airplanes would be detected the moment they take off (don’t even start talking about F-35s). Any plane taking off from Israel and then entering the Syrian airspace from that country would be of course identified as unfriendly to say the least. Using syrian IFF codes would be utmostly retarded as the Israelis would let the syrians know that they have that capability.

      The rest is a pile of bs, “codes of the S-300” is a notion that would be used by somebody who does not even has an idea of what he (or she)’s talking about.

    • This is a nice example of the ongoing media campaign aimed at creating a rift between Moscow and Tehran. Nothing more.

    • 888mladen .

      RU attitude towards Zionist entity is very muddy to say the least. The fact that RU covers all that region by its anti air defense and it hasn’t done anything to defend its ally from criminal incursions by Zionist entity’s air force speaks volumes to me. It seems like RU wants to cripple military capabilities of Hezbollah and prevent a possibility of a future conflict and in a such way it’s been acting as an Israhell’s ally.

    • 888mladen .

      “According to the source, Damascus and Tehran “were shocked” every time
      the Russian-made air defense system did not work to defend Syria’s
      airspace” Do you remember when Israel used Turkey’s air space to destroy alleged nuclear reactor somewhere in the vicinity of Euphrates river? That happened at about the same time when Iran and RU signed a deal for delivery of S-300. Iranians almost canceled the deal.

  • 888mladen .

    The title of the article is a huge understatement. We are talking about crimes here not inconveniences. It supports Kremlin’s official position on Israhell’s involvement in Syrian conflict. We all know what are Turkey and Israhell about. The question is what will Kremlin do to counter their adventurism? Wait and watch not good enough. More SAA’s military installations will be destroyed and and more precious lives of Syrian soldiers lost. Zionist entity and mad sultan could not care the less about power of RU diplomacy in solving the problem. They keep on doing their own things and they are confident about it since they believe there will be no penalty as it hasn’t been so far.

    • Brad Isherwood

      Some are posting/Lavrov thread Saker/Russia Insider, ….that Russia is taking the non military solution route ….so as to not be exactly like the US.
      Russian TAC air in Syria west….vs minimal in Syria East suggests Russia is indeed using
      Military means to control Terrorist advances.
      Clearly,…negotiation and ceasefire are smoke and mirrors.
      The signature of Russian Military activity is Syria West.
      Israel’s many years of murdering Syrians, IRGC,Hezbollah. …Goes unstopped by
      Some will point out that Putin said Russia is in Syria to fight terrorism….not to control
      Political outcome of Syria.
      Tongue in cheek,…..The Western Zionist Media said Putin is not Fighting ISIS!.
      Now….let’s consider the doublespeak and taunting of the Empire/Zionists behind The
      Chaos in Syria.
      US,Saudi,Turkey,Israel….are ISIS…armed and funded
      Is Russia fighting US,Saudi,Israel or Turkey?…….answer is no.
      In the absolute framing of Reality**….Russia is not in Syria to fight Terror,
      Is in Syria to selectively act for its own imperative.

      CIA/Saudi terror again in Chechnya. …2 previous wars….Usual suspects,
      Will Russia do anything to stop CIA?…stop the Miserable House of Saud?

      Sure. …you kill the terrorists,
      Yet it’s like boxing,…and your taking all the punches to the head and ribs,
      And the Other guy hasn’t been scratched.

  • 888mladen .

    Obviously there is a lack of integration between RU and Syrian air defense. It looks like there is no unified system of data acquisition on the current situation over Syrian skies. Instead data have been shared by Israhell and US allies for safety reasons.

  • Mr. Perfect

    Long live Zionism!

  • Mr. Perfect

    Israel should do more airstrikes

    • outer_rl

      You think carrying on supporting al-Qaeda is smart?

  • gustavo

    The question here is again ¿ where is Russia and its missile defend systems ? Yes, Russia is helping Syria against terrorists who were created by Israel,, but Russia allows Israel to attack Syria using its tape recorded “right to defend from any treat bla bla bla bla”. Also, Russia has allowed Turkey (another creator of terrorists) to invade Syria using another tape recorded ” cooperation against terrorists … bla bla bla”. Russia is the key to change things or allows things to happen. Russia must give an explanation why it has allowed to terrorists supporter (Israel and Turkey) to do whatever they want to do in Syria. Or leave everything to our free interpretation.

  • Jean de Peyrelongue

    Russia is being cornered by Israel. If Russia does not help Syria to counter Israel’s repeated attacks on Syria, they are going to loose credibility. Either Russia 400 system is not efficient against Israel war planes, either, like the US, Russia is controlled by the Zionists.

    • 888mladen .

      Have you ever asked yourself why Syria and Egypt lost Yom Kippur war? History repeats. doesn’t it?

    • outer_rl

      Russia is sensible to stick to its policies – only to use its air defences to protect Russian troops and Russian bases. Anything else would be a major escalation.

  • Sukhoi

    The russian air defense systems are compromised, or maybe are just garbage, uncapable even to fire against israeli aircrafts.

    I cannot understand why Iran did not deployed in Syria its Bavar 373 aerial defense system.
    It will help to protect Syria and is a great opportunity to test it against israeli jets.

    Hey SOUTHFRONT.ORG, include that question inside the next videos.

    • outer_rl

      Syria’s older air defences can’t stop Israeli jets. Russia didn’t fire it’s newer missiles on them because it doesn’t want to go to war with Israel.

  • charlie

    Farewell isra hell…..farewell sandy arabia whabbi uk usa qatar mossad cia mi6 isis sham 69 ,alan Nusra and ukrop nazis and their canadian masters….Farewell muslim brotherhood….and all the other terriorist groups and terrorist states sponsering terrorism


    RIP motorola and GIVI and all the heroes of East ukraine that stand against the Zio nazi scum

  • jim crowland

    Guys the problem is that all these Arab states were not ready to be independent. They are full of crazy people, specially the Muslims and in the past the communists. And the Israelis are also some sort of nut case. We have to reconquer the Middle East. We the Christians. We cannot allow the Ottomans to go back there. On the contrary we need to create an allied Kurd State and take a big chunk of Turkey and give it to them. Armenia could take part of Turkey also and perhaps the Greeks can take a slice and that way we debilitate the Erdogans muslin state. The Kurds seem to be less crazy that the arabs or the ottomans. And we strongly need to nuke the Iranians. Not because the persians are crazy as the arabs but because the shiites are a real plague. May be we need to nuke Netanayahu also but I would hate to destroy the Holy Sites.

    PD I don’t understand the statement that Syrians stopped the Israelis.

  • Mujahid

    I’m getting increasingly infuriated by the fact that the Russians keeps allowing the psycho murdering scum Israelis to attack Syria in order to save what’s left of their mercenary forces also known as “islamic” terrorist factions fighting against Assad government troops.

    Israel is a terrorist organization worse than ISIS. All the wars that the US have involved with, have been for Israel so that those who really own Israel can establish the so called “Greater Israel”, a territory which extends from Palestine shores to the Euphrates. Really? All the chaos and bloodshed that the Israelis have caused against the Palestinians and neighbors and the continual genocide of the Palestinians so that they can establish their empire? Hasn’t the Zionists learned from history that Empires come and go and are not known to have huge lifespans?

    Enough is enough. When will the Muslim world especially the Arab World unite to get rid of the psycho murdering scum so that Palestine can finally be liberated?

    I truly hope the Hadith of the Imam al-Mahdi is true because it just pisses me off how all the nations in the world and the UN turns a blind eye to how the Israelis treat and the murder and genocide of Palestinians that occur on a daily basis, not to mention the fact that the Palestinian holocaust is ongoing for almost 70 FUCKING YEARS!!

  • Jonathan Cohen

    I support Turkish or Israeli annexation because that would come with internal law and thus abortion rights; but I oppose Turkish proxy control, such as Al Nusra, without Turkish annexation because that would not include abortion rights. I think I am starting to see a pattern on all sides of abortion rights nations using anti-abortion proxy foot soldiers to fight each other; so I guess they do that to breed their cannon fodder all around. Saudi Arabia is the exception unless you count them as a proxy themselves, rather than as a backer.

  • Kell

    Israel is a terrorist nation built on terror and genocide.