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Israeli Aircraft Carry Out Strikes On Three Targets In Syria (Video)

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On July 11, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) targeted three military positions in Syria, the IDF announced via its official Twitter account adding a video of the strikes.

According to media reports, at least one of the strikes was carried out by an Israeli unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV).

The strikes targeted Syrian positions near the towns of Hader and Tell Kurum in the Syrian province of Quneitra, east of the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

The Syrian media announced that the Syrian Air Defense Forces (SADF) had responded to the Israeli attack. However, the video released by the IDF shows the SADF was not able to intercept all the missiles.

The IDF justified its actions saying that the strikes were response to a violation of its airspace by a Syrian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which was shot down by the IDF’s Patriot missile over the Golan Heights.

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The child butcher Netanyahu dreaming for Syrian Golan Heights. Therefore, he is doing provocative attacks on Syria. He will get its response very soon.


You mean the ‘response’ where Putin, China, the EU and America all back the jew monsters of Israel 100%, and do everything they can to advance the power of world jewry on this planet?

Yeah, I would love to believe in divine justice, but those ONE SHOT TWO KILLS jews snipers are free to travel to any nation on earth, and after murdering and maiming no end of innocent Humans, will be offered positions at the best companies and universities on the Earth.

The very failure to comprehend the true evil of world jewry is exactly why world jewry continues to grow in power.

World jewry is a power cult of pure demonic evil. It will NOT be defeated cos a tiny number of people say SOME jews are really evil. The very purpose of world jewry is to do the greatest amount of evil possible, all in the name of growing the power of world jewry.

At the BBC a few days back a BBC JEW stated the BBC must never again support a comedy troupe like Monty Python, cos they were white males. Yet the same JEW has no issue with jews still dominating all command and control positions at the BBC. You see ‘diversity’ NEVER applies to jews. Jews MUST always be allowed to hold positions of power war out of wack with their actual proportions in greater society.

At the BBC you have to kneel down at the foot of a jew to even get a job. And nobody is supposed to see anything wrong with this picture.

ITV, the ‘other’ broadcaster in the UK, is 100% jewish run (as is its newswire, ITN). Indeed Britain was stuck with ONLY having the BBC for radio and TV until a bunch of jews apporached the government and promised a ‘commercial’ service that would outdo the BBC is societal propaganda and social engineering.

We would all love to see Greater Humanity waking up, taking on world jewry, and arresting and trying every terrorist jew for their crimes against Humanity- but today tis is a pipedream. Instead world jewry will shortly have their genocidal wars on Iran (by proxy), Lebanon and Gaza, where TENS OF MILLIONS of ‘sub-humans’ will die at the will of the jews.

Putin invited the king of the jews to party in Russia as a message that Russia will do NOTHING to help save Iran.

And the PROOF that the world is screwed? Even here most people will not use the J-word. And what each of you people do not know is the same situation existed in the 1930s, when most people would not use the (other) N-word, nazi. While after the horrors of WW2 it is easy to THINK people always hated the nazis, nothing could be further from the truth. In the run up to WW2, nazis enjoyed exactly the SAME situation as jews do today. It was socially unacceptable to ctiticise the nazis in the 1930s, just as is the case with worl jewry today.

It was the same old trick- oh for sure there were some ‘dodgy’ nazis, but it would be ‘racist’ to tar all nazis with the same brush- even tho all nazis WILLINGLYT supported to nazi power structure. Nazi propagandists put out the LIE that because a TINY number of nazis ‘criticised’ current nazi policies, nazicism was a ‘broad’ church.

Israel can do what it did today (bombing these three Syrian locations) because WORLD JEWRY ensures its demonic tentacles are wrapped around the throats of all that might voice the ‘wrong’ opinions.

Brother Ma

Very unacceptable as the Kennedys,Bushs and the UK Queen’s mother and Uncle,Churchill were all Nazi bootlickers.

You can call me Al

Do you know why the hooked nosed devil wants the Golan heights ?.

Richard M

ISIS AF in Syrian skies again.


World jewry recognises no Law of Man. This isn’t even my opinion- it is the repeated statement of all jewish leaders across the existence of that foul power cult. Bit of a clue as to the true nature of this power cult, don’t you think?

All real power cults rape, torture and mass murder at will to prove their status above the laws of the ‘sub-humans’. The unthinkable crimes of the zetas and other ‘aztec’ butcher gangs of Mexico, now frequently filmed, are identical in purpose to the crimes of world jewry.

Jewish monsters BOASTED about their ONE SHOT TWO KILLS clothing given to graduates of jew sniping schools. World jewry KNOWS that our side is so THICK, it will talk about the jewish military depiction of a jew crosshair over the pregnant belly of a ‘sub-Human’ female target of a jew sniper ONCE, and then never mention it again.

But look at jew filth, and you’ll see they repeat supposed crimes against the jews OVER and OVER and OVER again. So much so it is MORE offensive (apparently) to dress up as a nazi at a fancy dress event today than it was in 1960.

But how many people talk about when jew filth gave nuclear warheads the the white nazi filth of apartheid South Africa? How many people talk about how Israeli military scientists took palgue weapons to South Africa and used them in nations that bordered South Africa, as part of the jewish master plan to perfect ‘race’ specific weapons?

NONE OF YOU. The recorded jewish crimes of History are the WORST ever witnessed in Man’s time on Earth.

Google “one shot, two kills” for heaven’s sake. This was the OFFICIAL reward given to jew graduates. Jews glory in their evil in a way the original nazis never ever did.

Every jew sniper kill or act of maiming has been carefully filmed, and is shown to visiting jews of rank to Israel so they can scream the room down in their hysterics, The jews OPENLY talk about non jews as ‘sub-Humans’- worthless scum that exists only to serve the jews.

I will never forget that Oscar ceremony where every jew present stood up and screamed their love of jew child rapist Roman Polanski, simply because he was a jew- and better a jew that had raped children and then thumbed his nose at every non-jew. France is utterly jew controlled so child rape is legal in France, and that is where Roman Polanski fled.

Could you imagine a room full of christians standing to applaud a CONVICTED child rapist just cos he was a christian. Never in a billion years. Or with muslims? Never in a billion years. But at that oscars, every jew stood to cheer their fellow jew child rapist.

It is unprecendented in Human History, even with other power cults, to see what the jews proudly did IN PUBLIC at that Oscar ceremony. It was world jewry screaming in every one of our faces that they could get away with the WORST crime – child rape – and there is nothing us ‘sub-Humans’ can do about it. And they were right.

Today jews place bullets in the limbs of tens of thousands of children to MAIM them for life – and these MAIMINGS don’t even get coverage for we are supposedf to be grateful the filthy jew sniper didn’t murder them instead.

In the UK, every leading jew is attacking the Labout Party for not including the world jewry DEFINITION of ‘anti-semitism’ – that is that anyone who criticises Israel or any act of Israel is a CRIMINAL ANTI SEMITE. That is how demonic the leaders of the jews in the UK are. These filthy filthy jews want anyone who dares to highlight the crimes of their fellow jews to be silenced and punished. These filthy filty jews want to prevent all media coverage of jew crimes.

You were told by jew slave leaders that Syria deserved to be destroyed cos Assad shot at some unarmed protestors (untrue). Yet it is beyond any doubt that the demonic jews of Israel shot daily at thousands of unarmed protestors. yet not one world leader even calls for regime change in the jew terror state. This is the PUREST definition of RACISM. Yet you are told your leaders are ‘anti-racist’.

Richard M

There was a Democratic Congressman, Gerry Studds who raped a teen boy. His Democrat colleagues in US House of Representatives applauded him with a standing ovation for successfully dodging prosecution. I wouldn’t think “Christian” would be a fair description of them though.

You can call me Al


I am getting rather frustrated now, by the fact that the Russians could eliminate this threat…..yes I know all the reasons why they are not, but enough is enough.

Unless Russia switches on the S-400 systems or Iran brings their S-300 systems over, either nuke Tel-aviv, I shall be jolly angry and actually watch the WC final and semi final.

Richard M

Sorry to see UK’s Three Lions fall in the semifinal :-{…Also sad to see Theresa trying to give the Remoaners what they want :-{…Is BOJO planning to try to get the PM job?

For the final pockets in Daraa and Quneitra, only RuAF should be used. Not even crazy Bibi will be crazy enough to attack RuAF. When Russian troops are deployed the S-400 can also be deployed for their protection.


Dirty filty jew animals are screaming their celebration of this war crime all across the internet as I type this. These jew animals are stating they have the ‘right’ to enter Syrian air space any time they wish (because jews are the ‘master race’ and recognise no law of Man), but if any “sub-Human” dares to enter PALESTINIAN air space, jews worldwide have the ‘right’ to murder any number of ‘sub-Humans’ in response.

When is the world going to wake up to the existential treat world jewry poses to the Human Race?

The filthy jewish monsters posted the video of the three strikes to say “we can murder any of you at any time with NO CONSEQUENCE”. Putin has our back (he certainly does). The slave leaders of the EU nations have our backs. The Anglo-zionist world has our back. China has our back. Japan has our back.

There can be no greater proof of the nature of true evil than world jewry. And Man can neither advance or even expect to survive while this death cult continues to dominate.

World jewry supports the infinitely evil acts of Israel 100%. World jewry even defines ‘anti-semitsm’, that infinitely vile term that simply means anti-jew, as “any criticism of Israel or any criticism of acts of Israel”. So if you are sickened by this latest jew war-crime you are, in the words of the jew leaders of France, Canada, the UK, USA etc, an ‘anti-semite’.

Dirty filthy jewish monsters can murder at will, and if you dare to describe this as WRONG, you are formally defined by world jewry as ‘anti-semetic’.

Filty jewish snipers, wearing their ONE SHOT TWO KILLS (google it) tee-shirt under their uniform, have been maiming and murdering unarmed children women and men as they protest in their OWN land- and the world response to this demonic evil has been to invite the king of the jews to visit every major nation on Earth. Assad is a ‘monster’ for fighting wahhabi terrorists, but the leader of the jews is feted by racist horrors like Putin.

No-one is born a ‘jew’ – that is the jew lie to get reasonable people to keep silent in the face of atrocity by world jewry. Judaism is a terrorist ‘master race’ belief system adopted by thinking adults – just as Nazism was. And judaism exists (and has always existed) for the exact same reason Hitler invented nazism. A power cult designed purely to prey and hurt the ‘other’. Nazism never focused on the ‘after-life’ for nazism was based on judaism, which also has the curious nature (for a pseudo religion) of denying the existence of an ‘after-life’.

That the power cult that fakes being a ‘traditional’ organised religion lacks the one characteristic of a TRUE organised religion- an ‘afterlife’ – is no coincidence. Power cults MUST focus on the evil to be carried out by its members in their ONE TRUE LIFE. And power cults must ensure their adherents fear no after-life ‘punishment’ for their evil deeds. World jewry thus has no limits as to how far it members will go.

The JEW in Oliver Twist uses CHILDREN to take advantage of the sympathy enlightened people in the UK had to the plight of poor children. Dickens portrayed the standard jew method of operation. These power cults look for weaknesses in any society- loop-holes in the Law – vulnerabilities in the ruling classes.

Today jewish power blocs are 100% behind the unlimited flood of highly inappropriate immigrants throughout modern Europe, breaking the back of the traditional populations of these nations. But the jews train the children (always the children, as Dickens observed) to call their parents ‘racists’ if their parents dare call-out the illogical and out-rageous use of third world immigrant invasions.

And the leaders of these ‘immigrants’ always support Israel and world jewry 100%. In the UK, for instance, it is the immigrants that have risen to power in the Conservative and Labour parties that most back all of the jewish wars that have destroyed so many secular modern muslim nations. These immigrants are told that it is world jewry that has given them free access to the modern West European nations, and that it is world jewry that will protect them from any ‘native’ backlash.

Israel is a nation stuffed with nuclear, chemical and plague weapons. The jewish horrors even gave nuclear warheads to the white racist nazis of South Africa when apartheid rule was still active there. You are told (by the jewish press) that the spread of nuke tech is the worst thing in the world, yet when the jew monsters gave nukes to the white racist butchers of South Africa, world leaders said NOTHING.

Tony Benn, that FAKE socialist, gave the first parcel of plutonium to the jewish monsters of Israel in the early 1960s (this is true- google it). World jewry mostly works by offering significant financial favours to powerful scum, so said scum will willingly help inflate jewish power.

Today we see the consequence of decades of work by world jewry, as the world sits on the very brink of a final conflict. But an evil CANNOT be defeated unless that evil is fully called out.

Brother Ma

Noone said a word about Israel becoming a nuke power either but only bray about Pakistan,NKorea,Iran and India becoming so.

Lena Jones

NOTHING terrorist israel can now do will change the FACTS ON THE GROUND in Syria. Not even regional war will reverse the victory of the SAA over the zio-wahabi mass-murderers. In fact, a regional war will actually guarantee the utter annihilation of the terrorist state of israel.

And not a day too soon.


I second that Lena.

President Putin also has it in his power to COMPLETLY expose the ‘Holocaust ‘ cult that has enslaved the minds of all too many in the Western nations. Soviet records from WW2 will have the real facts of life within the labour camps that did not involve any gassings of inmates. The latest book I am reading about the subject is ‘ Breaking the Spell ‘ by Nicholas Kollerstrom. It is excellent.

Lena Jones

It’s unlikely that Putin will get involved in a regional war between israel and the Axis of Resistance. The Axis don’t need Russia anyhow – they have what they need to crush the jewish terrorists and turn their tel aviv into a smoking ruin.

It would be a good thing if one of the of ‘smarter’ world leaders would one day expose the jewish ‘big lie’, but until then, I am consoled that more and more people are bypassing the Hollywood jewy holocaust brainwash. Take for instance this vid here that I watched this morning – very well sourced information presented by a historian that you will not find on the msm – worth sitting thru for all the facts and illuminations he presents – holocaust discussion begins at approx 17 minutes:



its now forbidden by law in nearly all countris of the world, to only discuss the topic of the satanic jewish holocaust bs lie story. The 2 most important countries that could open the lid on this biggest lie in history would be germany and austria.good luck, because there the penalty for just discussing the topic is 20 years fedearl prison.

Lena Jones

Yeah some seriously demented holocaust laws have been passed – but really, only in Western nations that are under political occupation by zionist jews (you know who you are!). Most of the globe doesn’t give a fuck about the so-called holocaust, and a portion of them question some brazen holocaust inconsistencies.

The number of people now learning about the non-jew narrative of WW2 is fast-growing and it’s making the domineering jews very nervous – and the more jews get freaked out, the more they work day and night like evil ants to suppress our freedom of speech with regards the holocaust or ANYTHING israel/jewish. And actually, this tells me that the jews are losing their vital grip on the holocaust brainwash-narrative and this in itself means that we’re winning! If the jews carry on with their tyranny, which they will (they always, always overreach), then there will be a huge backlash that will indeed break the jew gag-ball, release us from ‘goy’ bondage, and restore our inalienable, non-negotiable right to free speech. Currently, the jews are very busy trying to figure out how to shred our First Amendment (freedom of speech), our most important and scared tenet. They’ve unfortunately succeeded fully in South Carolina – but there’s still a-ways to go for them though and I think the backlash will probably occur in the meantime, imho.


Thanks for the link Lena.


Yesterday on 11th July Netanyahu went to Moscow and beg for attack on Syria’s positions because Syria’s drone entered into Golan Heights. Putin answered Netanyahu with strong words that there are our servicemen advising Syrian army, are you want to kill them? The drone was flying under the instructions of Russia’s servicemen, so you did not allow them to see the militants positions in Golan Heights which is Syrian territory. Our servicemen are there to help Syrian government to liberate every part of Syria no matter whose control they are under.” Go and don’t come again. Then Netanyahu told to Avigdor to strike empty areas near Golan Heights.


I really doubt these type of talk. As you know, Russia can see Israel planes since they are taking off their basis. Russia sees the planes trajectories clearly. Russia can locate exactly plane position all the time. Russia can tell all this information to Syria for Syria to be aware of the attack. However, I do not see Russia is helping Syria in this matter. Russia try to play a double moral here (to please Israel and to please Syria), why ? Because, Russia can very easily to shot down those Israel planes, and Russia does not want to do this.


Israhell is itching for war are the moment, and by helping their Isis buddies,they hope to achieve that plan.But Syria will not fall for their evil agenda and will continue with their destruction of terrorism in the country. Any lie or excuse will do to attack Syrian Forces, but there will be payback coming soon enough.


Yes, attacking Israel now is what the Zionist baby killers actually want.

matew ivanson

FSA commanders traitors are peace of shit, they sold themselves for iranian money, they surendered territory and arms, this is a big shame, I hope that Mossad agents and ISIS fighters will kill these cowards FSA traitors and their families as a warning to future traitors


uhuh alliance isis israeli reveled uhuh


thats to all donkeys here, with their childish wishes of peace between a satanic country and its neighbors…..TOLD U SO… and the satanic jew attacks will get bigger and bigger the closer SAA moves to Quinetra area……. AND STOP WITH THIS BULLSHIT RUSSIA AGREEMENTS…….Russia is controlled by satanic jews just as the usa or eu is.They are all different sides to the SAME COIN.Being the AGENDA. A one world government with jerusalem as its capital under satanic jewish leadership.PERIOD!!!!

This is all just “starters” for the big showdown between satans country Israel and its slave countries and those FEW countries that DO NOT RECOGNIZE ISRAEL.

Well take a wild quess who that might be.

By the way just to give you a small enlightment….why do u folks think MH370 or MH17 went down???Malaysia does not recognize israel, malaysia does not allow travel into malaysia by jews.It was an attack by them satanic jews and their slaves to tell malaysia “Get in line or else…”


Hmm… I was off with my guess that Israel would leave the downed drone where it was. Although the interesting part is that Israel is rigorously enforcing the 1974 cease fire even as they openly declare they tollerate Assad if he were to follow it.

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