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Israeli Air Force Conducts Another Strike On Syrian Army Positions In Quneitra

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Israeli Air Force Conducts Another Strike On Syrian Army Positions In Quneitra

Syrian air force airstrikes

Syrian Air Force attack helicopters bombed positions and vehicles of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in the western countryside of Daraa.

Attack helicopters carried out 18 strikes and destroyed the headquarters and armored vehicles of the Al-Haq Division and HTS positions in Ash’ari, Jisr al-Ash’ari, Mzareeb and Al-Ajmi villages.

HTS and its allies again tried to attack SAA positions in Al-Bath city in Quneitra. However, the SAA have managed to prevent them from achieving any gains. It’s worth mentioning that SAA only lost one point during the last attack south of Al-Ba’ath. According to sources in the SAA, government forces are now working to recapture the point.

The Israeli Air Force targeted the SAA for the fourth time in less than a week. The Israeli warplane destroyed an SAA gun south of Al-Ba’ath city.

The Israeli Army once again claimed that the strike was a response after a mortar fired from the Syrian side fall inside the Israeli-controlled territories.

If the SAA achieves success in defeating HTS and its allies in Al-Ba’ath, the SAA may launch more operations in Daraa city or in Al-Ba’ath soon.

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Since Israel is complaining of stray projectiles coming across the border, how about making a point with more serious projectiles like a couple of Iskanders and and half a dozen Tochkas?

Gary Sellars

..which “accidentally” land on Ziostani medical facilities treating AQ & IS affiliated terrorists?


They need to keep hitting until that happens because their whole justification for their ations it that they are defending themselves. Assad and Hezbollah ignoring them is the worst play they can get because the world only sees Israel supporting terrorists if they have no footage of Syrian missiles striking Israel.

Gabriel Hollows

Such low scale bombings will never break the SAA. When will these kikes learn?

Divesh Kumar

Israelis of late have become good contenders to join global terrorist list. They are really irritating…..


of late? Have you been living in a cave for the past 70+ years?

Daniel Castro

Jews were always terrorists, that’s why Hamses II threw them out of Egypt in shame…


Once more Kudos to the ISRAELI forces. Well done boys. The one army in this battle that has grown on me is the israeli army. You gotta love them.

On the other hand I’m disappointed in the Americans. Whom have grown soft and only threats. They have officially lost balls


Israelis are the biggest pussies i’ve seen so far, they either strike from big distance or kill unarmed women and children, they are like those pesky kids in the zoo that like to throw stones at the line while he’s behind bars but it’s completly a different story when you approach them face to face ))


We maybe it’s going to explode over there completly and gone will be israel as well, might even reach US.


Ooo, great!: a BLACK fan of Donald TRUMP
Get lost Kunta Kinte


i’m not black it’s called reaction gif… Oh wow these russian paid trolls are fucking dumb for the modern world. fuckin gypsy slavic


I am still waiting for my Russian Rubles by mail.
I guess they did not get my change of address! :DDDDDDDDDDD
comment image


GO TIGERS GOcomment image


its only distress,,,,,

Gabriel Hollows

Suc low scale bombings will never break the SAA. When will these kikes learn?


Low scale or carpet-bombing… ISRAEL BOMBS in Syria and the Russkis don’t move a finger, that’s it.
There anybody bombs how he wants, right? :-(

It was an attempt of the USA-goons to box-thru a UN- RESOLUTION to play “Libya #2” in Syria => VETO from China and Russia..
And look now what is there: every a++hole comes there and bombs whom he wants.
VETO = de facto annulled and the USA ARE IN SYRIA.

Thanks Russia for playing poker with ALEPPO: stops & goes, A LOT OF PRECIOUS TIME LOST, USA recovered after the SHOCK with the Russian bombing of the CIA-mercenaries…..
What is it now? Trying to SELL ASSAD for a good price, right?.
-recognition of Crimea, Baltic States without NATO-troops, the Russia-return to G8..
Something STINKS therein Syria. and the skunks there aren’t only the Americans and their mercenaries and vassals..


means nothing


Turkey has made a full blown invasion into syria last night.. The US wants to enter full blown and are already in Syria.. Israel is full time active in the areas closer to Golan Heights.. Everyone gotta fight for his share of the natural resources found… Don’t get to excited fuck heads It’s barely first half


Russia should have to fire two Iskander missiles towards Israel and till them this is called projectile like Turkey. Nobody can play with Turkey.


“The Israeli Army once again claimed that the strike was a response after a mortar fired from the Syrian side fall inside the Israeli-controlled territories”…Israelite, the most despicable people in the planet, PROTECTING their INTERNATIONAL MERCENARY TERRORISTS by advising them to launch mortar at Golan Hight WHEN over run by the Syrian army, to be used as excuse to attack the Syrian army, SHAME ON YOU COWARDS.


Quite possibly, something like this has been agreed.


Yeah, Israel really dropped the ball on this one. It’s very hard to feel sympathy when terrorism strikes a country that supports it in its neighboring country.

Rodney Loder

HTS also called (Livant Liberation Committee) has got little or no local support in that theatre, Assad is intent on denying the jews a buffer like what existed in Lebanon with the South Lebanese Christian Militia, – (Phalange Massacre, Sabra Shatila, that was in spite of Hafez al-Assad saving the worthless Maronite Christians), – well we don’t want any of that in Syria, the LLC may not be Christians but their mainly foreigners and likely to be God dammed Christians posing as good Muslims, regardless of that we’ll done SAA for preempting the development of another Christian plague.


Breaking news: Incoming reports of Another israeli fresh Airstrike my friend.. Fresh like a hand picked fruit of grape.
comment image

Real Anti-Racist Action

The Jewish religion is based on the Talmud, which demands that Jews sacrifice Goyim’s which are animals made in the likes of the Jewish-master-race to be better servant-slaves to Jews.

888mladen .

Jesus qualified Talmud as “Traditions of Man” with no salvational merit

and that’s why they considered Him to be an antisemite and crucified Him just like He told them in advance they would do.

Samuel Boas

The Jews strike again


Israel bombs in Syria and the S-300 and S-400 are doing nothing.
Are the Russian weapons so useless… or The Big-Bear Russia makes in its pants in front of that little runt called Israel?



Little runt? Israel controls the USA, dude. The russians can’t retaliate. Anyway, this is between Iran and Israel, Russia doesn’t want to be involved in such a way.

Solomon Krupacek

then should leave syria!


He needs the naval base, future weapon sales etc.

Solomon Krupacek

get out!


If Russia Goes out Syria Goes Down and Next is Iran and the PMU in Irak.
Not a Good sign to wish Russias Participation out of this Multinational Interest War.

Solomon Krupacek

yes, syria goes down either. thanks,russia! if assad would make peace wit sunnis and IL, syria would be now flourishing country. never trust russia! wig words, zero effect.


So Putin & BiBI are pals. Russia buys lots of Military Technology from IsRaHell. Why doesn’t Putin or UN sanction IsRaHell or the UN sanction IsRaHell for the illegal War crimes ? Looks pretty contrived being objective. Somebody is not going to have a seat left when the music stops playing. One of the Grand Free Masons (Demiurge Craftsman) – Zionist’s (Aetheist’s – Kabalah) is going to be played – suckered – double crossed at some point. It’s how they roll. Just like they double crossed Hitler.
Things are not what they seem.

888mladen .

Atheism is what they present to goyims however the inner circle knows better or so they think.


Not sure I’m tracking. Explain so I can GROK …

It’s a widely known fact that elite’s follow theologies – ideologies. For instance ancient pagan beliefs & rituals such as Sol Invictus – Talmudism – Baal – Moloch – Kaballah et al etc. it’s also known that Salafism – Wahabbism – Zionism – Marxism – Trotsky’s – islamofacism – Facism were manufactured – created – synthesized as political tools of the Bangsta Gansta’s Elite’s to ‘cull the herds’ aka Democide by various governments. It seems that the US is in the breech this time. But also a Global Revolution per Club of Rome’s Conspiracy. The docs are all OSINT & Report From Iron Mountain – The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion – Secret Silent Wars Docs. Etc. all clearly indict this objective truth.

What I see is Pagan / Mithra worship underneath a Hegelian dialectic of hypocracy & juggernaut of tyranny. An ‘Iron Fist I over a velvet glove’ of continued lies deception & thousands of years of rule by secrecy of families. What did I miss ?

888mladen .

And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle
themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to
another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom,
which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to
other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.

Forasmuch as thou sawest that the stone was cut out of the mountain without
hands, and that it brake in pieces the iron, the brass, the clay, the
silver, and the gold; the great God hath made known to the king what
shall come to pass hereafter: and the dream is certain, and the interpretation thereof sure.

Daniel 2: 43 – 45 KJV


Got it. Thank you.

Why were 14 books removed by the Roman Catholic church and labeled as Apocrypha ? (i.e. Book of Jubilee – Book of Giants – Book of Jasher – Book of Enoch et al etc. ?

Why is Canada going to censor the internet of human speech ? Effectively & essentially (digital mutilation of freedom of speech) limit the use of human tongues (aka speech) as in Neo-fuedalism mutilation

“Cutting out the tongue was a form of punishment frequently inflicted in ancient times. In a. d.
484, sixty Christian confessors of Tipasa, a maritime colony on the
north coast of Africa, had their tongues cut out by order of Hunneric,
the Vandal conqueror.”

888mladen .

For lies and deception to exist there must be truth and faithfulness. Every lie has been preceded by truth and that’s why truth will win finally.
Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth John 17:17


Ah solid copy. Religious scripture. Got it. Thanks for the clarification of the context.

I’m not of the same mindset but I respect your theological faith based beliefs.

Are you aware that historical facts show Constantine himself (the founder of modern Christianity when he created the Council of Nicea in 325-328 AD) was a Mithra worshipper ?

I think that fundamentalism & faith are second hand thinking. When someone tells you what & how to think. It also means you are accepting someone else’s point of view. At that point you are indoctrinated into that organic analog algorithm. It also means your abdicating your right to think for yourself. I think for myself in the manner & notion that my consciousness is mine & mine alone. All truths are easy to understand once you discover them. The point is to discover them.

Symbols rule the world not rules nor laws.

“Secrecy dominates the world and foremost the secret of domination”.
Guy DeBord The Society of the Spectacle



Scary thought. Maybe Putin doesn’t want to end up like Hitler which he might if he calls the Israelis out. Zionists are strong in the US and EU and ZOG Asia. They’re strong in the media too. Need to educate people around the world on the Holohoax first and 9/11 (Israel did it). Then any open resistance against the Zionists will gain traction.
The people aren’t where the Germans were at during the Weimar era. Most still have jobs and they can get by. Once hyperinflation hits, they’re going to wake up, and their learning curve is going to be steep. They’ll become smart about the Zios quickly.
In the meantime, we have this thing called the alternative media: educate, educate, educate.
Here we go:


Yes agree & that transformative process has begun. It’s always what the will of the people is. Nothing kills like Ignorance -structural violence & poverty, nothing even come close. ZioTribes media has about hit the bottom in the US. The fact that Drumpf hasn’t stopped the ‘Fake News’ or Congress & Semate still allow Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 (Agitprop) tells you the Deep State COG COUP already happened. I suspect a lively summer in the US as the Op Tempo has picked up considerably. Smupid – smupidity & a kakistocracy of ponerological psychopaths seem to be the new norm.

Cheers !

Brad Isherwood

Today of America and Russia is similar to 1920s Gangster Chicago and Atlantic City.
Opportunism is not revealed…some pipeline for Gazprom with Turkey is like loose ends.
US/Nato attack all energy from Russia. ..
Russia still launches US Satellite via Proton M
Russia still build RD 180 ? Rocket engines for USA.

Russia is however inching away from servitude…

That Russia will/when…..be silent towards Israel …is the moment of 100 years **!

I think it will occur by destiny/prophecy…

I’m disappointed with Putin/Lavrov. …..the relationship with Israel may be akin to
Herod and Rome.
It could not placate vs the criminal reactionary of the Jews.
Rome raised Legions and crushed Israel. …just as the Assyrian or Babylonian.

Israel is fated to extinction. …for deception. …..about the Almighty.


It used to be a death sentence to say anything bad about the Jews in the former USSR. Stalin made that law. So people in the USSR don’t talk about the Jewish issue openly.


Yes and less than 10 Zionist’s Trotsky – Marxist’s were able the start the Bolshevik Revolution that ultimately took out about 66 Million souls or
comment imagecomment image

888mladen .

Russia buys lots of Military Technology from IsRaHell and Germany too. That’s correct. There are lot of Israhell’s citizens that hold dual citizenship with RU. There is a fare comparison between Germany and RU in the role both counties played in formation and protection of the Zio entity. Both countries have played essential role in building up its population numbers by means of immigration. And let’s not forget a heinous role UK and Vatican have played as well.


Agree w/ all & glad your consciously awake. It helps to be able to GROK through the layers. What if it was scripted and the US (4th Reich via the 5th Column) was designed to fail much like the 3rd Reich. We know Zionist’s set up WWll.We know the Havaara Agreement – Reichstag Concordiant – Reichstag Fire – Night of the Long Knives – HoloHoax etc. We also know similarly that Hiltler had a tremendous technological lead on other countries in the same manner that the US does. We also know they are leaking – training together – selling & working symbiotically by sharing technologies w/ supposed enemies – adversaries etc.

What if governments already knew that a global economic collapse would be implemented by USD & then a scripted pseudo War deliberately created the pretext for a Faustian bargain by Mephistopheles for US – China & Russia for a 3 way World co-rule w/ digitaized monetary system & full on digital control. Seems out there for some but we are past the Rubicon into new frontiers & seems some kind of Sea change is imminent. The playbook is repeating & momentum appears to be following a steered & navigated path imo.

888mladen .

Ecclesiastes 1:9
The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

Ecclesiastes 1:10
Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us.


Thank you.

Pretty sure we are beyond the realm of scripture of faith. BTW did you ever wonder why the Roman Catholic Church uses Cryptophasia ?

I mean if it’s the actual written words – beliefs – truths why the need for cryptophasia – idioglossia ?

Why the existence of secret societies ?

Why the need for Seclurism of Cults or religions if it’s agreed to be all a universal consciousness – wisdom – gnosis – Nous etc. ?

Why are things truths – scrubbed – deleted – manipulated – hidden from humanity in the internet ?

Cheers !

888mladen .

Slobodan Milosevic and Franjo Tudman had a shared secret bank account in Cyprus while Serbs and Croats were killing each other in Balkans.


Yes all true & agree.

However, way deeper than that in the Pan Optics of the ponerological kakistocracy of the Machiavellian dark triad of psyche.

Brad Isherwood

The old Masonic MIC game since the 1700s, ….with Bankers like Rothschilds playing
All sides. …Napoleonic wars ,…WW 1 and 2.
My perspective of the game in today’s age is the measure of destruction the players
Are willing to undertake.
The USA police state probably cannot cope with the chaos which would unfold after
Even a non nuclear war.
Over 100 Nuclear reactors in USA….if even 10 melt down like Fukushima. …USA is
Extinction level event.
US and the banker/deepstate may not care if Europe gets decimated under similar
Outcome in non nuclear war,…Question is, …how to run another huge war and have
USA not get slammed to the mat.
The Masonic Occult at 33 degree level and the Kook Schneerson Chabad Lubavitch
Jews envision global maelstrom with Lucifer revealed and the Talmudic Snake God.
So….Israel getting crushed like past history is actually part of the game turns.


Yes agree & well stated.

Nothing kills more than Ignorance – Structural Violence & Poverty, nothing even comes close….

Who was Karl Marx?


“The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain
world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of
frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy, and by the establishment of a
world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege
of citizenship. In this “new world order” the children of Israel will
furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands” (from `La Revue de Paris’, p. 574, June 1, 1928,”

Source of citation:

Public Law 102-14

comment image
comment image


And yet tomorrow HTS/FSA trash will lob more mortar rounds into occupied Golan in order to call in more Israeli airstrikes on SAA. This game is getting rather stale.
Appears that Israel and US are looking for an excuse to attack Syria. This may be a good sign.
Their Daesh skumbags are not doing well at the moment. HAHA
comment image

Omar Trevelyan

Someone please and thank you, explain to me…
1. What the fuck are these S-300 and or S-400 systems doing during these air raids??
2. What the fuck are these S-300 and or S-400 systems doing during these air raids??
3. What the fuck are these S-300 and or S-400 systems doing during these air raids??

Almost a week of raids now aside from the sporadic “IOF” strikes over the entire war , I understand they are more or less insignificant strikes as a whole but still….unacceptable……and Assad, Putin, and Lavrov wanna cry about sovereignty and foreign invaders all the time, protect the fucking Golan region, fuck politically “correct” decisions, this is WAR, western coalition wants to carve up and destabilize Syria post ISIS there should be no fucks given protect your fucking airspace.

Gary Sellars

No-one is going to expose S-300/400 asset operations to enemy ELINT simply to oppose a few pin-pricks from Ziostani fighters. They are trying to get a reaction and the SAA & Russians must refuse to give them one.

Treat them with the withering contempt that they deserve and ignore them entirely. Concentrate on killing the HTS filth and driving the SAA controlled zones up to the border with Zio-occupied Golan.

In any case, I doubt there are any S-300/400 assets down in the southern operations


Agree. These strikes are to get some type of reaction and then there goes the Zio controlled media in America pushing the sheep towards war. SAA stay in control and push to border!


Except Americans don’t care about Israel. Would clearly be seen as an act of self-defense. Israel was the aggressor.

Solomon Krupacek

russia can show hos techological supermacy. shoot den the israeli satellite. THIS IS REAL PAIN for israel.
and total victory for russia. no blood, nice show, and also the americans would be less laud.

Brad Isherwood

Syria has mobile SAM assets which can reach 75,000ft…such as BUK M2.
IRGC have Iranian RAAD….which is built upon BUK M1/2 technology.
Then other mobile SAM units with lower elevation/klm area coverage. ..
IAF Helicopters would be within targeting parameters.
Problem is….Syria has to engage them over occupied Golan….
Just what Israel wants
IRGC/Hezbollah may deploy RAAD to South Lebanon. ..if not secretly already.
One fine day…..IAF going to catch it….Maybe downed pilot gets captured and
Paraded for World media.


So you speak for US and ISRAELI trash ?
You want an escalation in the war to kill more innocent Syrian civilians ?
comment image

Neo Anderson

I think the Israelis are using stand off munitions.launched while still in Israeli air space .still would have thought s400 could deal with it even pantsir s1 system.maybe its time they start flexing these systems muscle

John Brown

Again the racist supremacist Jewish empire needs war because it is losing the
peace everywhere. These attacks are designed to provoke Russia Syria etc
to shoot down Israeli jets over Israel bomb Israel etc. so Israel can
pretend to be the victim for the stupid Goyim, so they can order
American Goyims to attack Syria and die for a greater racist supremacist
Israel under this pretext.
These attacks by Israel are not
significant and don’t change the course of the battle or war. If Israel
mount’s large scale air strikes attacks etc which change the course of
battles and the war Russia will stop them and it will be also obvious
for all the world to see that Israel is ISIS and Al Qaeda as there will
be no doubt, no way to cover up that such air strikes are to help, head
chopping, slave selling, child sex killing murders and that Israel and
racist supremacist Jews are head chopping, slave selling, child sex
killing murders etc. so even as the master Jewish race says the most
stupid Goyim will finally get it and it will be a disaster for racist
supremacist Jews.
These attacks by Israel and threats by the USA Israel’s slave vassal state are a sign of weakness of the Jewish empire.


Russia needs to start playing hardball, right now ! They should start to fly in a
Russian Army division, directly to Damascus airport, complete with full
air defense and ground attack aircraft. It could be like a training exercise.

It doesn’t mean they have to deploy them throughout Syria. That decision
can be made later.

Then Russia should wait about one week, to let this sink in, while Wall
Street stock markets crash, and Congressional leaders demand a debate
about “war powers”, and become very nervous about what Trump is doing in
Syria. The anti war movement would also gather steam.

Believe me, everyone is already very nervous about Trump.

After one week, Russia should announce that their Syrian forces now are in
possession of tactical “nukes”. And, ……. at the same time also
announce that there is no prohibition against “first use” of such
nukes in self defense of it’s forces.


888mladen .

Has RU got a potential to do that? I doubt. RU industrial military complex is good at development of new weapons but it lacks mass production facilities. It’s not clear how big stock of modern weapons they’ve got currently. It seems like RU military ind complex has taken heavy toll from US and EU sanctions and they aren’t gonna go away any time soon.

Solomon Krupacek

exactly discribed the problem


The mere announcement that they have “tactical nukes” in Syria, will sole all of this.

The whole purpose of the move is to cause concern about what Trump is up to. Believe it or not, the US foreign policy is dependent upon favorable “talk show” response on cable networks. The stock market response also plays a role. Right now the whole Syria war and what we are up to is completely under the radar.

The mere mention that Russia has tactical nukes in Syria will cause a total freak out about what Trump is doing. Remember a lot of people voted for him because he promised to get us out of this mess in the Middle East.

Brad Isherwood

Putin says Russia is only in Syria to fight Terrorism, ….when infact they know,
US/Israel sponsors Terrorism. …and Russia refuses to touch either of them
During their illegal military actions.
Russia’s commitment to Syria of its own Military aviation assets…or those supplied to
Syria,…are so low in numeric…Syria can only crawl on the ground vs ISUS.
Rapid area advances occur when SAA/Shia Militias hit a region where ISUS/FSA are
Low numeric….which after 6 years of war/attrition. ..is fact on the ground. ..
ISUS is on its last legs…..FSA are like Vietnam ARVN,…no motivation,faint under combat.
Recent Daraa opps were bad decision, …SAA/Shia Militias should have staged just North
Of Daraa…sent in a surge to get Israel’s attention,…then slice into FSA Suweida west of Al
Tanf and roll over that .
Israel is tieing down an battle Experten Syrian mechanized at Daraa,….when it could be
Retaking Suweida west of Al Tanf.
Israel had far too much advanced notice of the Daraa opps which formed up to slowly.
A blocking force in Daraa city to hold is all that’s needed right now.
Putin/Lavrov are rumored to be conceding some future safe zone to Israel which
Gives a portion of Syrian Golan that has high elevation looking down towards Syria.
I hope Putin/Lavrov do not do this,…as it will ensure the already stolen part of Golan that Israel occupies Will never be given back. ..as UNSCR is ignored….there is then no one to force Israel off it by military.
Hezbollah and IRGC may desire to,…but Do not have the means to do that unless they
Went all in with 50,000 and just overan the Israeli held Golan…taking losses as cost for gain.
Israel probably would lose …and not regain…as UN/World focus could not be conned by
Zionist media.
Problem for Syria would be the State of War which Israel would surely vengeance on them.


i think that Israel is making political statements ….its not really hitting SAA.its saying ‘Im here ,i can do whatever i want, noone can stop me”…..

Pave Way IV

Israel – the second most hated nation on earth.


Syria really needs to start launching SAMs or chasing away their fighters with their own fighters!!! Or the jihadis are gonna make some gains!!! The last time Israel attacked SAA before this past week was March 17th!! And back then SAMs were fired at the attacking planes. So I think they definitely had an effect!!! There is no reason at all to be afraid of Israel. If they try anything more, Russia has Syria’s back and will defend it from further aggression, because that’s what this is, pure aggression from Israeli side.


Sorry but this is just heart over head. Being “afraid of” Israel is just another unneeded emotion i.e. weakness, but if those Syrian MiG’s, barely holding together after years of war, were to mix it up with IAF F-15’s we both know what the result would be. You ask *them* to die to make *your* point, which reminds me a bit too much of ISIS for comfort. Russia does NOT have Syria’s back against the terrorists that matter most; it’s bitter but it’s what Syrians have to swallow until a better ally shows up.


U dont know button do ya?



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