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Israeli Air Force Used US-Made Guided Small Diameter Bombs In Recent Attack On Aleppo

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The Israeli Air Force (IAF) used US-Made GBU-39 Small Diameter Bombs (SDBs) in its recent attack on the Syrian city of Aleppo, a photo released by pro-government activists on March 28 reveals.

The photo shows the remains of one of the munitions which were used in the attack, that occurred in the late hours of March 27. The remains appear to be identical to the wings of the GBU-39 bomb.

Israeli Air Force Used US-Made Guided Small Diameter Bombs In Recent Attack On Aleppo

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The GBU-39, that was first introduced by Boeing in 2006, is a precision-guided glide bomb with a range of 110km. The bomb uses an inertial navigation system (INS) and GPS to hit static targets with high accuracy. The light weight of the bomb [only 129kg] allows most warplanes to carry a pack of four on each hard point.

In April of last year, the IAF used the GBU-39 SDB to strike targets in the outskirt of the city of Aleppo. The bomb is apparently being used to strike targets deep inside Syria due to its small diameter, which makes it harder to detect by Syrian radars.

Despite its small diameter and long range, several SDBs were successfully intercepted by the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces (SyAADF), according to pro-government sources.

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Gregory Casey

This makes sense. It seems the attack came from the East, in other words, behind Kurd-US Lines in NE Syria with Israeli Air-Force flying along Jordanian Border to reach the protection of US Defenses in NE Syria before firing these missiles at the Factories making Iranian -designed Missiles for use by the Syrian Army.


So, the slimest the projectile harder to detect. Something has to be learned from that and make them taste their own medicine by testing Iron Dome with similar ideas


The iron dome was tested a couple of days ago. It doesn’t work. Another myth busted. Who would have thought…:)


Iron Dome already has enough problems with ‘fat’ missiles :)

Real Anti-Racist Action

Russia must supply the Syrian air defense with the Russian PERESVET LASER COMBAT SYSTEMS. The Lasers react and act faster then any flying munitions (even if they flay past mach 8 easily) The Russian PERESVET LASER COMBAT SYSTEMS will take down any size missile from a mere half foot long to hundreds of feet long easily and without polluting the environment. Besides Russia… don’t you want to test these items and refine them under actual combat conditions? https://southfront.org/peresvet-laser-combat-systems-were-discovered-in-russias-saratov/


These too might not be used even if present. It’s up to Iran now.

Real Anti-Racist Action

You are right. Iran really has been the people of action. Even Lebanon would have fallen long long ago if it had not been for our true Monotheist brothers and sisters of Iran. Truly Iran deserves the first international medal for bravery and protecting people. In the end I feel bad for Iran cause they seem to have to do so much of the heavy lifting against insurmountable odds.


Believe me, I really wish Russia would put a stop to these incursions. At some point in 2016 several parties including Putin agreed as to what would and would not start a world war. That puts everything combat related in the hands of proxies as far as Possible Putin is concerned. Fortunately, Iran was never party to such an agreement. So Russia took AD troops out of Syria (hundreds according to reports) and now threatens the US schemes in Venezuela. I sort of understand, the US is at the heart of all this evil. Still, the frustration is maddening.


The odds are indeed insurmountable since Iran is facing two conventional military juggernauts (Israel and the USA) simultaneously. Iran’s military that is operating abroad in Iraq/Syria is built around a smaller scale unconventional based force that deals with many different units coordinating with one another in the theater of war: this is more or less Iran’s ace in the hole when engaging and applying itself in battle. Granted they use armed UCAVs or recon drones but the bulk of the force is militia groups equipped with decent hardware going into battle against various opponents. This isn’t a conventional military at all really.

Biggest issue Iran is having with Israel and not being able to strike back in just retaliation is a simple one, Israel is right next to Syria whereas Iran is quite a ways away from Syria geographically. Logistically speaking it would be difficult for Iran to bring in the hardware needed to adequately respond to Israeli aggression. Quite frankly the Israelis have the upper hand conventionally and it shows, rather spectacularly so. These small scale bombs are being launched dozens at a time to overwhelm AD emplacements and hit their targets as well as excellent Israeli satellite coverage to monitor progress being made by Iran in Syria overall. We have to give credit where credit is due and US has given Israel the ability to be a world class military power through the American tax-payer. Also the US currently is looking for any excuse to engage with Iranian forces in a wider-war: Iran is very wary of this since they don’t want to necessarily get involved into a larger-scale war themselves, at least this is what I’m lead to believe.

I should mention though, if Israel decided to entrench itself in Iraq then Iran would have the upper hand since Iraq is right next to Iran, so it isn’t an advantage exclusive to Israel. Israel does have some ties in Azerbaijan but Iran doesn’t have tensions with Azerbaijan so I don’t there is much to worry about there.

If we’re being honest here man, I’ve seen Israel attack Iran in Syria countless times but Iran is completing its objectives thoroughly as far as they’re concerned. Is it shameful? Yeah, that’s fair to say; Does it suck? Undoubtedly but they knew the price and accepted the consequences to help allies keep their country.

One thing is for certain, Israel has shown to the other nations in the Middle East, especially to Iran, Lebanon and Syria that is DOES NOT want peace. It wants a Middle East where Israel and ONLY Israel is the playmaker and ruler but this just isn’t the case (thank god).

I fear Netanyahu’s phony war on Gaza, token strikes in Syria and forced recognition of the Golan by the US will get his celibate ass re-elected and nothing of value will come of the criminal charges placed against him.


Just wanted to add some more thoughts to my other post, sorry lol.

Through out the years of following Iran’s military, all I can say is that Iran can indeed strike against Israel if they needed to but that would give Israel who has the undying blessing of Zionist controlled American all the reason to engage in endless air strikes. When that stage comes; Hezbollah, regular Syrian army and Iranian missile regiments will be activated so Israel most definitely wont be getting away unharmed. Question is, how far are the parties involved willing to go?

Realistically though Iran can’t bring in much hardware to Israel without it getting blown-up after it’s all set up which has happened in the past (unless Iran can spread it its transfers quickly and sufficiently in order to minimize damage to the hardware). So Iran is making sure Hezbollah is well equipped and the SAA is reorganized for the inevitable confrontation with Israel. I will link some information about Iran’s new top of the line drones and long-range quasi-ballistic missiles which grants Iran the ability to target anywhere in Northern Israel from Western Iran.

Some things to note is that most of these missiles are more or less an improvement from previous generations.

Links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dezful_(missile) https://missilethreat.csis.org/missile/zolfaghar/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fateh-110 (older model but it is in many the genesis of Iran’s quasi-BMs) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fateh-313 (this is when Iran really began to takes things seriously regarding its Fateh series of missiles, accuracy was put to the forefront) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shahed_171_Simorgh (this is a drone one should pay close attention to as it is the reversed engineered RQ-170 sentinel that was brought down by Iran way back) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shahed_129 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sadid-345 (these are the guided bombs various armed Iranian drones use to destroy targets) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saegheh_(UAV)

And many more


The planes that dropped these were at altitude and sitting ducks for the SADF. Not taking them down or mitigating the aggression is an open invitation for further attacks.

Gregory Casey

Somewhere between 55,000 and 80,000 feet approximately

Zionism = EVIL

10 of these .458 Socom rounds will fit in a 30 round .223 mag. That gives you an idea of how big they are. And the .223 action will handle them. When combod up with a 400 round per minute bump stock. They can deliver a lot of fire power on a large dangerous life form if necessary.


And your point is?


Really, aren’t you the one who is constantly making posts that have nothing to do the article? LOL


Why do you have a problem with me asking this person to explain why they are posting this? If people ask me what the point of my posts are, I explain what it has to do with the topic. If you want to live on a Jew infested planet that can’t progress because of it, that’s your problem. I don’t, and I want to get these problems resolved to help move things forward to a better future.


No problem here. You seem to be a bit touchy RichardD. I just find it quite funny that you would post this reply And not talking about ET. bigfoot and armaments which have nothing to do with the article.


Really, you have no problem with my asking for clarification?

You’re talking out of both sides of your mouth. I didn’t say anything about it being off topic. You’re the one who used the exchange to smear me. So you obviously have a problem with my posts.

Wolfgang Wolf

no real danger for high-end targets… was a nice day for the pantsir´s…. every time captain Shlomo comes with it, its like an exercise at the shooting range for the russian equipment… no need to employ the big boys like S-300…. waste of money) keep it for the F-35s)))


Why are you such a supporter of Jews attacking Syria? If the SADF dropped a few F-16s, the Jews would be much less inclined to attack at all. And the US wouldn’t be happy about the balance of power shifting in Russia’s favor and would tell the baby rapers to knock it off.


Are these what blow up Pantsirs all the time?

American tech always wins

Mahmoud Larfi

No, Pantsirs got blown up either with Harpies or Harrops https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IAI_Harpy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IAI_Harop

Cornel Falticineanu

Right, all the time..even now, as we speak, one of these is blown away..



Mahmoud Larfi

There are 2 documented Pantsir plus one unspecified air defense system destruction by IDF. In all three cases either Harpies or Harops have been used. The two Pantsirs were hit when they were deplepted and inoperative/reloading as for the other system, it was swarmed with several Harops/Harpies.

Mahmoud Larfi

I hold to my previous theory, the attack came either from Turkish airspace or from US controlled zone east or north east. It isn’t necessarily that Israeli airforce conducted the attack coming the very long way, it is more likely that US F-22s are behind it. I made a post and a drawing in April of the last year when the same munition was used to destroy targets in Aleppo and Hama – here it is again : https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e51726a767f406402ee5fd66144408ee84e9bc9d56ace37936fb4b53cfdb3919.png

Gregory Casey

The attack came from the East, beyond the Euphrates behind SDF-Kurd-US Lines in NE Syria. Either the Israeli Air-Force flew the long way ’round along Jordanian Border to reach the protection of US Defenses in NE Syria before firing these missiles at the Factories OR, and I agree with you in this, US Air Force conducted the attack.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Russia are testing air defense system through Syrian air defense ( which is not very qualified to use modern system..) vs israeli weapons…around 80-90% of accuracy vs Agm 142 popeye…which Israel hasnt use them again…70-80% vs Delilah cruise missile…and 60-70% vs guide Bombs like GBU 39 and Rafael made Spice 2000 GB…which have less range than a cruise missile and less explosive warhead….

John Whitehot

“Rafael made Spice 2000 GB”

the same ones used by India to deforest parts of the Kashmir, iirc.



i am very curious as to how these are tracked and shot down! They have no heat source (because they only glide) they can manoeuvre to a certain degree plus i just read they have jamming capabilities! The bomb is quite small for its weight also! So i would assume arial explosion would need to kill it! However it would not be fast to fall to its weapon! Not as fast as a missile! I THINK it takes about 20 mins for this bomb to reach its maximum range of 110km which i assume is where it is released from for safety! So, how to combat it! i would assume pantsirs would work well to shoot it down but a heavy bomb weighing 120kg flying at 300km / hour and very slim and manoeuvrable might defeat bullets (im not sure) so pantsir rockets might do the job (i dont know). Sometimes dumb bombs are smarter! I mean, lets say russia dropped a 500lb bomb directly above a target, how the hell u gonna stop it? Even if u can track it, even if u can see it with a naked eye falling, its 500lbs and its coming at u at 300km per hour with gravity helping it! Even those Russian bombs with the little parachute, u can see the enemy watch it fall slow and there is nothing they can do (lol). So this is the same thing yes? But its gliding in from far away! So how the fuck u stop it? Bullets wont work (im sure of it) No heat source to track, no radar to home in on and it may have jamming and anti-jamming capabilities (according to wikipedia :) they seem to have had some success with this! To assume russia can defeat this (we dont know) because Israel and the USA would not dare to shoot it at RUSSIAN high value targets! Also i have heard that last month this Chinese Radar that can detect and track F-35 and F-22 stealth aircraft was destroyed by Israel with a F-35. (i heard this). So my whole point it, what the fuck is going on? how are these things being shot down? by bullets which hit them and break their wings? What?? Can someone tell me please?


guess the delivering aircraft needs to reach a certain altitude and that is where it’s possible to hit it, if the radar is good enough. the bombs is one thing but if you can get the iaf-planes, what a success. about time syria downs a few, a few, dozens and then some, of iaf planes to publicly parade the pilots in the streets in damascus and then on to the international criminal court, den haag, holland!


They don’t shoot them down that’s the point lol

Even after Israel attacked and killed 15 Russians

So pathetic lol


is a Black American Patriot any less of a patriot than a white american Patriot? im curious to know!

Kell McBanned

Only a Hasbara jew would call themselves white american patriot – the very group they are trying to destroy, every heard of a false flag? Guess whos specialists in those?


They have shot them down, thats why there are pieces of them in tact! i doubt wings survive in almost one piece after an explosion! These explosions would vaporise anything within 10 metres!


lol yeah that’s why there were videos posted by Syrians showing buildings on fire with explosions going off



“Despite its small diameter and long range, several SDBs were successfully intercepted by the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces (SyAADF)”

Explain to me in detail, how a wing survives in 1 piece, 1/2 a piece or 1/5 of a piece after an explosion (bomb reaching its target and exploding)! Do the Math! So its destroys building (metal and concrete), flesh and bone, makes a 5 by 5 metre crater in the earth BUT IT CANT BLOW UP ITS OWN FUCKING WING??

EXPLAIN IT TO ME! Dont come back at me with “youre too dumb to understand” Avoidance type comments! Explain it!!!!! Obviously many of these were shot down!


My best guess is that it can be taken out by a Pantsir rocket. Small Diameter Bombs (SDBs) may be quite stealthy from the front, but not so much from the side and below? Air defense radars can operate in a network of tracking directions for the Pantsir. Might have been tracked from Kuweiras airbase area.

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