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Israeli Air Force Struck Syria’s Masyaf With New Supersonic, Precision-Guided Missiles: Expert

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Israeli Air Force Struck Syria’s Masyaf With New Supersonic, Precision-Guided Missiles: Expert

A Rampage supersonic stand-off air-to-surface missile being launched from an F-16 multirole combat aircraft. Source: IAI

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) used Rampage supersonic precision-guided missiles in its recent attack on the towns of Masyaf and Umm Haratayn in Syria’s Hama, Iranian defense analyst Babak Taghvaee claimed on April 14.

Rampage is an air-launched version of the EXTRA artillery rocket system developed by Israel’s IMI Systems. The missile, which entered serial production this year, is guided by an inertial navigation system (INS) and GPS.

The specific range of the new Israeli missile is unknown. However, Boaz Levy, General Manager and Executive Vice President of IAI’s Rockets and Space Group told Jane’s that Rampage is a supersonic all-weather day/night air-to-surface missile with a stand-off range of “100s of kilometers.

According to Taghvaee, the IAF opted to use Rampage for the first time due to the danger of the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces (SyAADF) S-300PMU2 system, which is deployed in Masyaf’s outskirt.

The missile’s high speed and alleged long-range makes it prefect for sensitive missions. However, there is no solid evidence supporting the claim that it was used in the recent Israeli attack.

The Israeli airstrikes on April 13 destroyed the College of Management, the Scientific Research center and the Accounting School in Masyaf and what appears to be a missile site near the town of Umm Haratayn. More than 20 people were reportedly injured.

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Including kikerael and nato, Ive compiled a most wanted terrorist list versus The Axis based on ceoworlds most powerful. (And compelling reason to believe antiTerrorism, especially after the end of isis, is counter productive to the Axis)

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JeJ43eRSsxXOLRNvPp3LRSxQXecPO4OMNO1Lqf5A5yc/edit?usp=drivesdkcomment image

Joe Kerr

So, this supersonic super missile destroyed 1. An accounting school building 2. A management college building and 3. “What appears to be a missile site”. Wow, gee-whiz and flockadoodledoo.


The missile probably costs a lot more than the damage it caused.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The missiles do not cost the Jews anything. They have an unlimited ammo-hack.
They have enslaved the ethnic-Japethites.
Indigenous Europeans must be freed from colonizers and the Khazars sent back to the lands of the old Khazarian Empire, which is modern day Turkey.

Zionism = EVIL

These attacks are now coordinated with Russian backstabbing pimps. Indeed, they have caused a lot of damage and Iranian casualties are mounting and domestic unrest in Iran growing after the floods that exposed the mullah’s corrupt regime which has bankrupted Iran by getting Persians involved in endless and fruitless Arab wars.


If indeed these are Iranian facilities, it can be argued that it is counter productive for both Iran and Syria. But then again Israel may be hitting Syrian facilities and claiming it is being run by Iran. Well, there might be a few technicians there. Who’s to know the truth, does Israel know the meaning of the word??

Zionism = EVIL

According to Zionist and even Beirut based reports, the Russians gave the coordinates of the Iranian missile factory that had DPRK and Belorussian engineers. All this information can now be googled. The factory was totally destroyed as Russia blacked out the SAA air defences.


And how would they know this info so soon, some of which sounds classified.
Consider the news sources, are there no MSM or Zionist in Beirut?

Zionism = EVIL

Beirut has the largest CIA station in the region and the Americunt university is another one. Most puppet Muslim “leaders” from Ashraf Ghani to the Zionist pimp Zalmay Khalilzad were recruited there. It is time for people to realize that Russia and Zionists are working hand in hand in Syria.


So they put out a fake story, to drive a wedge between Syria, Russia and Iran in peoples minds. And you are all into it and repeating BS? Hmm


you are missing the point! The point is that it made penetration directly over the S-300 and Russian S-400 systems!
This should be concerning!


It is Israeli policy to attack schools. They know they have to keep the Arabs ignorant to have any chance of turning the ME into the Kingdom of the Jews with Arab slaves to serve them.


And its your policy to execute any american over 18 for their complicity in foreign wars! EVEN THOUGH many were’nt even born during Vietnam! YET U WERE and U WERE THERE!


Fuck off to China,fuck off!!!


comment image


comment image
comment image

Zionism = EVIL

Belarusian, North Korean missile engineers killed or injured in Israel’s air raid of Masyaf along with 17 Iranians and Syrians.
The Israeli air strike on the Scientific Studies and Research Center in the Syrian town of Masyaf on Saturday, April 13 coordinated with Russia, is reported by Western intelligence sources to have killed and wounded in addition to Iranian and Syrian military officers, a number foreign missile experts hired to upgrade their missiles. Among them were missile scientists from Belarus and North Korea who were employed in different departments of the large industrial complex outside Masyaf in western Syria. Those sources disclose that, whereas Israeli has raided the complex before, this time the attack was massive and, unlike before, gutted most of its installations. Especially targeted were the sections working on the upgrade of Syrian and Hizballah surface missiles, the production of solid fuel for those missiles and the departments focusing on installing new guidance instruments to enhance their precision. North Korean engineers were working on the production of solid fuel, while Belarusians were in the pay of Syria’s Organization of Technological Industries. Behind the fancy title is an organization that specializes in breaking the UN-US embargo against the employment of expert manpower in Syria’s military production and the sale of military hardware to the Assad regime. Most of the Belarussians working at Masyaf were provided by the Belvneshpromservice whose military ties with Damascus go back years. On Feb. 27, Israel struck Iran’s newly established command centers and weapons stores in Aleppo.


.you are missing the point! The point is that it made penetration directly over the S-300 and Russian S-400 systems!
This should be concerning!

Real Anti-Racist Action

Israels Rampage missile seems to beat the Russian supplied air-defense system with ease.
Probably to fast and to hard to track for S-300 and pantsir systems.
The only way for Syria to defend is with a good offense.
For every single missiles israel bombs them with they should launch 10 retaliatory missiles. It has to be at least 10, for Israels anti-missiles defense system works fairly well. While Syria’s is barely able to intercept very localized and slow missiles. While nothing Syria has can engage Israels mach+ missiles.

Nigel Maund

Good commentary. The time is coming to take out a few of the IAF’s F16’s to level the playing field somewhat. Perhaps Russia needs to supply the SAA with S400’s as well and upgrade their Pantisir S system to take account of new Israeli technologies. Israel is the only US ally to get all the latest weaponry from the US manufacturers. We all know why that is!


attacks from Lebanon are tricky to intercept..

Real Anti-Racist Action

I was thinking it is high time Lebanon accepts Iran’s offer of help to equip the Lebanese military with air defense capabilities.


How can you imagine that Russia will provide anything that will prevent Israel to strike Syria ? They are not even allowed to use their S300. Russians are supposed to have wonderful electronic jamming that could prevent gps use 300 km around ! Two possibilities :
Russian A/D ( S300 , electronic jamming ) is fulle BS, or Putin allows Israel to strike Syria at will.

Taz T

It is done in coordination with the Russian and it always happens after Bibi and Putin meet each other.

Tommy Jensen

Putin allows Israel to strike and kill anyone in Syria incl Russian servicemen if convenient.
Its about oil and gas and money and nothing else.


Rampage is an artilery rocket converted into an air launched missile, cheaper than other standoff cruise missiles Israel has used, it is an ok weapon with a CEP of 10 meters ( against static targets, it is not effective against moving targets ) if it does not have interference from hostile EW, Pantsirs can shoot them down.
You would not waste a S300 missile on it. Just jam it with a variety of EW solutions.

Alberto Garza

syria hardly has any offensive capabilities left .

John Whitehot

“Israels Rampage missile seems to beat the Russian supplied air-defense system with ease”


“The only way for Syria to defend is with a good offense”


“For every single missiles israel bombs them with they should launch 10 retaliatory missiles”


“While nothing Syria has can engage Israels mach+ missiles”

you must have missed the part where it says it’s all allegation.


Israeli tech sucks.

they failed landing on the moon where Soviets managed doing it in the mid ’60ies.

And bibi is a goddamn crook.


As far as we know the Syrians have never even used the S300s so its hard to say whether they are effective or not against these missiles. Do the Syrians even have operational control yet over them or are the Russians controlling the system

Jacob Wohl's Nose

S-300 can engage targets flying at 1150-2800 m/s which can easily take out supersonic projectiles. Point is that S-300 radars saw the planes in Lebanese Airspace, but were not allowed to engage them. And instead of the S-300 being used to counter the supersonic missile, more slower KUB/BUK missiles were used… which are much more effective against cruise missiles, subsonic, and glide bombs… which is why the faster rampage got past them


When the time comes the Israeli planes will be destroyed on the ground.


Ok, people need to make up their minds. Either the S-300 is impervious, or Israel has been bombing targets in Syria, not both.


No air defence in the world would offer 100% protection not even the S400, the Patriot or the Iron Dome. I have not seen anything yet to convince me that Syria even has control let alone has used the S300.


Tell that to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Unfortunately, as long as Lebanese Airspace is wide open and there are mountains in Bekka Valley (which you can’t take away) , IDF will keep striking as they please without risk of getting shot down by S-300. plus the SyAAD are nowhere near as skilled as the Serbians are, so don’t expect competent operation of the S-300 and good results by the Syrians… they have a track record of unprofessional operation of Pantsirs

Eskandar Black

Not sure what this proves. Some people have a theory about a super missile that israel used to destroy an irrelevant target based on a rumor. Israel has previously hit targets in the same area with simple glide bombs. There is no real evidence this weapon has been used. Even it it were, this has no relationship to the s300.

John Whitehot

it’s sad that on a site claiming to perform serious military analysis, when it comes to israel the same exact tune written in 1948 is played along.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

SAA needs more advanced new EW radars, plenty more BUK-M2 and Pantsir batteries. There should be at least 2 SA-22 guarding important sites. Because IDF spams missiles to make SyAAD run out of missiles.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Air Defense Radar training is not easy. Especially for a very advanced system like S-300PM2 and S-400. Operators need to differentiate between birds, insects and stealth planes, calculate aircraft speeds, calculate altitudes, differentiate civilian aircraft, uavs, and much more. Especially since not under SAA control, there’s no use for the S-300. S-300 needs control


Crews unable to use the S300 after 6 1/2 months ?

Jacob Wohl's Nose

arabs… it takes a little extra learning if you know what I mean *special ed*

Lena Jones

And the jews are so smart to win oven after oven. Jews… they never learn.

Zionism = EVIL

Not really, the Russian arseholes have given SAA any control over the S-300 pot plants. Even the pro-Russia media now openly state that the little Jew pimp
Putin has given his Zionist husband Nutter Yahoo the green light to
attack any target in Syria. The Russians now even provide targeting info
for Zionist attacks.

Israel informed Russia before launching attack in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:00 P.M.) – Israel informed Russia before they
launched their attack on the Syrian city of Masyaf over the weekend, Asharq Al-Awsat claimed in a new article on Monday.

Citing the military circles in Tel Aviv, the publication claimed that the
Israeli Air Force targeted a base that contained Russian S-300 air
defense batteries which were switched off by the Russians at the time of the attacks. Several Iranian and Syrian personnel were killed and wounded in the attacks that came from Lebanese airspace.

“The sources said that Russia’s silence over the attack, as well as another
some two weeks ago against an Iranian military position near Aleppo,
reveals the significant development that has taken place in security
coordination between Tel Aviv and Moscow,” Asharq Al-Awsat reported.


S300 is under Syrian control. They will choose when to use it. It already has stopped IAF from flying into Syrian airspace, and forcing them to take extreme care when launching stand-off weapons. People shouldn’t forget that israel wants to actually destroy Syria completely. They are super pissed off that their grand plan for Syria is in tatters. Air strikes from far change nothing.


Bibi is literary humiliating Putin


I didn’t realize Bibi could read.


Yeah, he very stupid, almost like you.


Well at least I can spell.

“Bibi is literary humiliating Putin”

Literary adjective concerning the writing, study, or content of literature, especially of the kind valued for quality of form.


You will never be hired as a professional troll and will have to work hard instead of gossiping and having fun for money.

Zionism = EVIL

Not really, Putin is low caliber uneducated Jew shill. He was barely an obscure lowly major in the KGB and was so incompetent that his only posting was backwater post in Dresden, even there he failed to see the Berlin Wall falling. Putin is corrupt to the core and is just a face of the Jew oligarchs. I have stated from day one that Russian intervention in Syria was more aimed at stopping a Wahhabist take-over which would have eventually targeted the Zionist entity and start unrest in Russian occupied Islamic Caucasian region. Russian Slavs are intensely disliked by other Russian ethnic groups and the Jews exploit Slavic weakness to their advantage.


I was kinda joking, Putin doesn’t like Syria to be too independent or Iran to sell its gas in Europe, probably whatever he sells to Iran, the Saudis will double down and Bibi promises renegotiating sanctions with Trump, all Russia needs is Latakia and a puppet governor like Assad, nothing more, nothing less.

Tommy Jensen

I wouldnt be surprised if the missile were developed and delivered to Israel by Russia with Intelligence from Kremlin to Israel on where to hit the Syrian anti-air defence.


Do you remember russian military boasting the S300 and the electronic
jamming will cool down crazy heads ! On 2 October 2018 Choigu declared
that the delivery of the S300 was completed. Thus 6 and a half months
later Syrian crews are not yet able to use the S300 !!!! Not very clever
or not allowed to use it.

Last week Israel stroke Aleppo ( no mountain to hide ! ) 120 miles from
Lebanon and not able to shoot them down. Three possibilities

1) A/D is BS

2) Russia allows the strike and switches off the system.

3) Israeli A/C really stealth.

It’s your choice

Zionism = EVIL

Shoigu is on his way out. The Jews now have total control over Russian pimps Syria policy which is the Balkanization of Syria and expelling Iran.


You have selective hearing.

Did you also hear Russia declare that Russian air defences are in Syria to defend Russian assets, not Syrian?

Have the IAF endangered any Russian planes since the last time?

The Syrian S-300’s are reported to not be operational yet (actually one set around Damascus was reported to have gone operational 2 weeks ago), The Syrian crews are not yet trained on them. The IAF attack from Lebanese air space, reportedly in the vicinity of civil aviation.

So are the Syrian supposed to stoop to the level of the IAF and shoot at Israeli planes and have the missiles lock onto an airliner or land in Beruit or do they act like civilized human being, ignore the aircraft and and shoot down IAF ordinance with their point defences so they don’t endanger civilian lives?

The Israeli route to Aleppo was to go through Jordan, through Iraq and attack Allepo from Kurdish held Syrian territory. They used standoff munitions to stay out of range of Syrian AD.

two possibilities
1. The IAF is scared to overfly Syria and choose to take ineffective pot shots at them from behind civil aviation just to make Bibi look strong during an election.

2. The IAF don’t give a shit about the Lebanese or the civil aviation they hide behind.

3. The IAF know their aircraft are vulnerable to s-200’s and know the S-300 has the range to hit their aircraft over Israeli territory so they are gambling that the Syrians won’t shoot at them over Lebanon before the S-300’s are operational.


You may be right but in that case, it’s better to return the S300 and get the money back or replace them withlots of improve Pantsir.


Because of the way these weapons work as an air defence system the S-300 makes the pantsir more effective because the Pantsir has access to the s-300’s radar data.

Russia has a very different approach to air defence than the west does. They are all meant to work together along with EW, airborne radar, interceptor aircraft (Russia has 2 air forces, one dedicated to air defence with specialized aircraft like the Mig-31 armed with the KS-172 “AWAC killer”) and naval air defence as a layered air defence network.

S-400, S-350, S-300, BUK, Tor, Pantsir all cover different ranges and counter different threats. Isolated they are all vulnerable to threats but together they are a tough nut to crack.

Syria won’t have anything like the defences Russia has however once the Syrian operators are trained and all S-300 units are operational they should have an effective weapon to use against the Israelis. Especially if the Russians feed them data from their S-400, the full blown non export S-300 and their naval assets off shore.

That’s one of the frustrating thing about listening to people who like to compare the f-35 to the s-400 or think that a single s-300 can take on any air force. There really is a lack of understanding about how these things work. You hear the USA bragging about “sensor fusion” with the F-35 and how powerful that’s going to be …. that’s exactly what Russian air defences do, they are all networked and share data.


It was very interesting to read you. I knew russian military and engineer are exceptionally good but Putin …;




Yes, he seems more interested for Israel than for Syria and his allies.
The US is steadfast for his ally Israel, providing her with his top weapons. just imagine Trump telling Bashar strike Israel as you wont provided that no American is killed. At least Russia should cover Syria with her electronic jamming.


Russia has close ties with Israel. A lot of Israeli’s come from Russian roots and a lot of Russians have retired to Russia.

Russia’s stated mission in Syria going all the way back to 2015 when they first offered Assad support was to stop Sunni extremists from overrunning the country and make sure the 25,000 Russian nationals fighting in Syria didn’t return home alive. Israel isn’t mentioned in their military objectives.

These objectives are reasonable objectives for the application of military power …. they are clearly defined, achievable and they haven’t changed from day one. It’s the US / Israeli that keep changing their policies as the Assad / Russia / Iran coalition achieves their goals.

As far as Assad was concerned the Russians said “if not Assad then who” meaning that Assad was the best solution for Syria out of a number of worse solutions ….. the fall of the Assad regime would have meant anarchy in the country as Sunni factions fought over the carcass and severe persecution for the Christians, Druze and Islamic sects that aren’t Sunni.

Why would Russia go to war against Israel to protect the Assad regime when their primary objective is to keep Islamic extremism out of Central Asia and Russia? They can achieve their goal with or without Assad in power and they can achieve their goal whether the Iranians have missile bases in Syria or not …. it’s just that Assad and iran make their job easier but not to the point where they alienate Israel.

As far as EW is concerned Russia is likely using their capabilities just enough to achieve their objectives. The US claims the EW they encountered over Syria has severely limited their air operations so they are doing something. IMO the more EW the Russians expose to the USA / Israel the more data on Russian EW the USA / Israel collect allowing them to build countermeasures weakening the Russian defence of the homeland. I don’t think Assad’s ass or Iranian missile sites are worth the cost.


Do you remember when the UK, France and the US bombed Syria after a so-called chemical attack, Russia intervened and even threatened to destroy the boats or planes from which the missiles departed. On the other hand no reaction when Israel attacks.


Go back and re-read exactly what the Russians said from the original statement ….. not the MSM’s edited version of the statement.

Russia said they would respond IF RUSSIAN ASSETS OR POSITIONS WERE TARGETED. The Russians were left out of the attack and the Russians refrained from going kinetic. That threat still stands today.

Why do you think the Israeli’s aren’t touching the S-300 systems sold to Syria? it’s because until the Syrian operators are trained the systems are manned by Russian techs training the Syrians. Once they are in Syrian hands they are fair game.

The Russian spy plane that was shot down during an IAF attack awhile back was shot down by a Syrian S-200. The Russians partially blamed the IAF for hiding behind the Russian aircraft. The result of that attack was the sale of the S-300’s to Syria and since that day the IAF have been attacking Syria from behind a screen of Lebanese aviation

Lazy Gamer

Just like that, the S300 became obsolete and ineffective. Syria must come up with a credible deterrence asap


Yeah, fasinating, like the TrumpTards, the Russian hooligans are equally delutional, at best.
To me, to be frank, this sound like an bad exuse for not doing anything, and to cover their asses about the fact RAF simply switched it off, thats why, not this bullshit about hypersonic, when I know the RAF have covered every square inch on the bloody region, and knows much more than what they bother to tell us, so, this is nonsense.

There is of course several issues, technically or not, the effect of this systems is stil in the dark, and after 6 months, nothing happens, why is it that I find the explanations to be bollocks, in all fairness, because as far we know, like the idioticly lousy Iron Dome, we wounder why nothing happens and does it work at all.

And I boil it all down to Putin, either are he/they lying thru their theets about everything, because this happens all the time, and somehow Syria isnt able to do anything, because the Russian AF simply cut them off, because they have an deal going on with ISISrael, how many times and how many more civlians have to be killed before people realise Russians are bloody liars.
Russian generals, huh, old drunkards, what to expect, spineless shit, not even usable to showel shit around, since so far, apart from the ones Putin alowed the ISISraelis to wack, the rest is just raving drukards.

Putin is the one I place all the responcibility, for this deaths and attacks, I dont buy the nonsense about not capablle to retaliate, this is an political situation where they dont give an rats ass about Syria, but crawls infront of the Tribe, what is it with you, actions speaks louder than words, and so far, Russia have just drooled, mumling bollocks about cooperating, while the Joohos is even wacking Russians, Putin stil is on His knees, what an pathetic shit He have become or have He always been like that, huh, saviour, Putin stinks high heaven.


Astrid Watanabe

“actions speaks louder than words”, as always. And “follow the breadcrumbs” as someone said.
I wonder what Shoigu is doing. He looks like a decent man to me.

Gregory Casey

Shoigu is the man destined to replace Putin. I’ve already said this elsewhere on SouthFront and, in fact, I believe that for better or for worse, power is already being transferred to Shoigu through the Russian Armed Forces despite everything the ‘western’ (and Israeli Friends) cabal surrounding Putin does in attempts to stop Shoigu’s rise. Putin has overreached in Syria with Turkey in his grand plan to cause Turkey to break off from NATO with, as yet, no sign of Turks & Erdogan doing what Putin had hoped in return for his warning of the impending coup in 2016 that allowed Erdogan to escape arrest and get back to Ankara from the Mediterranean coast on the day the attempted coup kicked off.
Meanwhile the Syrian Army sits to the south of Idlib awaiting orders to kick-off the final assault on the territory stretching from the mountains overlooking the coastal plain in the west to the western suburbs of Aleppo in the east. They wait and they wait while being told by their Russian “allies” that more air-bombardment is necessary in order to clear HTS/al-Qaeda from an area or areas before it is safe to proceed. I suspect that SAA is getting extremely perturbed by having to sit idly by and await orders to attack while in other parts of Syria ……. east Aleppo countryside and stretching to Manbij and onwards to East of the Euphrates, the Syrian Army could do much to reassert Syrian Sovereignty over the Territory of Syria and thereby replace the shadow Kurd State. Similarly in south-east Syria and the US exclusion Zone surrounding the al-Tanff Base where the Americans have been retraining ISIS “captives” for onward deployment to the southern Borders of the Russian Federation in Turkmenistan and whether for further deployment in south Russia or in eastern Iran. Putin is being out-maneuvered by the Americans on the issue of the R+R plus training being afforded to Jihadi captives (whether real or otherwise) who are in the al-Tanff zone prior to their redeployment as ISIS to Turkmenistan through Afghanistan. It now looks as if, finally, the Russians may devote air-power to the al-Tanff zone in support of the Syrian Army as they seek to reclaim this territory ………. territory that is necessary for purposes of re-opening the Baghdad to Damascus highway and for the restarting of the construction of the railway line from Tehran to Damascus.
So much happening and so much to keep an eye on!!
Too much, it seems, for Mr Putin and so, it is long past time for him to reassert his authority instead of listening to the cabal that surrounds him in the Kremlin. If he doesn’t do something quickly about al-Tanff, he will find that 10,000 ISIS fighters will have suddenly turned up on his doorstep in Turkmenistan whilst contemporaneously discovering that Erdogan has stabbed him in the back on the Idlib zone problem. I suspect the Turks are simply awaiting delivery of the S-400 systems from Russia over the coming 2 – 3 months following which, once operational, Erdogan may suddenly find himself back inside of the NATO tent. Alternatively, he may continue to try to straddle both Russia and NATO but, somehow, I cannot believe that the Syrian Army and Government can or will wait for Putin and Erdogan to finish playing whatever games they play before they seek to reassert Syrian Sovereignty over Idlib.
I could keep writing on all of this for hours to come but enough for the present!!


S-300 has stopped IAF from flying missions in Syrian airspace. That is a significant gain. All IAF can do for now is use high tech stand off weapons. Syria is still recovering, dealing with huge issues. IAF is simply kicking a man when he is down. But the man is not out, and soon he will be up. These small attacks don’t divert in any way from the progress Syria is making.

John Wallace

Who was that clown a couple of weeks ago saying Israel would never attack Syria again as they were too scared of getting shot down. Wow that theory lasted didn’t it.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

People assumed with the S-300, that Syria would target IDF jets in Lebanese/Golan airspace. They haven’t done that yet since Russia is still in control of it. So keep expecting IDF to use mountains/Lebanon to their advantage. plus I doubt syria would ever target IDF in Lebanon as it’s not Syrian Airspace… plus Russia would never allow it anyway


Israel is reduced to using stand-off munitions, and that is the point. They have no easy access to Syrian airspace and even using stand-off weapons is risky. That’s why they use Lebanese mountains and civilian planes as cover. IDF has tons of stand-off weapons, so the pinpricks will continue for now. Syria has many issues still to deal with, and these minor attacks are just distractions.

John Wallace

Found it from last tuesday from “Iranian cargo plane delivers military equipment to Syria as Israel watches from afar
Tony B.
I would say that this is proof that Israel is NOT so ready (after Lavrov’s recent statement) to shoot more missiles into Syria.
my reply then .
I would say it doesn’t prove a thing and Israel will attack Syria again when they are ready. It was said after the Russian plane was accidentally shot down they wouldn’t attack again which they didn’t for a couple of months. Guess what they again attacked Syria using a commercial plane to mask their attack. They don’t care as they will turn any event too their advantage and an excuse to unleash more. proof of the pudding will be next time they attack.

Joe Kerr

Again, an Israeli attack from Lebanese airspace that caused minimal damage headlines the “news”. The headchoppers in NW Syria are causing more real damage, so the obvious reason behind these pinpricks is to goad Assad into taking the bait. Syria will take back the Golan when it’s ready, and not before.

Domenic Patrone

It has a range of 200, or so, kilometers, in most weather. Winds affect it. But 240 kilometers is probable in conditions of absolute stillness. Everything must be rebuilt underground it seems.


So where is the retaliation Assad or Iran promised? All as usual ate hot air. Where are the thousands of missiles? All bs

The last time they fired one now miserable missile..into Golan harmlessly.

Hamas can do better than that he entire Assad, Hez and iran


war ofattrition and no serious harm done and while the squatters spend time andmoney, the axis of resistance beaver away preparing an onslaught in the squatters never seen before and which will cause the squatters to stand in long lines outside moronistan’s embassy for green cards – the surprise for the squatters will be when they realise that they aren’t welcome over there, in moronistan.

Rhodium 10

Syria dont need S-300 or electronic warfare to stop Israeli attacks..because no system have 100% of accuracy and its a matter of what amount of missile or guide Bomb do I need to surpasse Syrian air defense?…I remember an Israeli airstrike where Buk missile intercepted all 7 cruise missile…but during the night IAF attacks again using 50!..and just 3 or 4 hit the targets and it was enough!….to stop IAF airstrike only have to do what Palestine are doing… to launch rockets and missile to israel to retaliate airstrikes..then is when the attacks stop because jews life matter!

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