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JULY 2020

Israeli Air Force Once Again Strikes Syrian Army In Western Syria


Israeli Air Force Once Again Strikes Syrian Army In Western Syria

FILE PHOTO: An Israeli Air Force F-15 Eagle fighter plane © Jack Guez / AFP

On Friday, the Israeli Air Force attacked Syrian Arab Army positions in the Quneitra proince fourth time for the last week.

The Israeli argued that airstrikes were a response to shelling from the Syrian territory.

At the same time, Syrian sources say that the Israeli Air Force provides a unofficial air support to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its allies advancing against the Syrian army in the province.



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  • Nigel Maund

    Just more excuses to bomb from the IDF. One day they may get a surprise.

  • Joe Doe

    SAA should obtain High tech weapons, specially the AIr Defence Systems as Russia is not very good protector and SAA should prepare for war with Israel after ISIS and FSA is defeated. SAA should use the left time to test, get experience and training and tactics to prepare

    • FlorianGeyer

      Your negativity about Russia is typical of US shills. There is a pattern that many of us recognise of giving two opposing ‘spins’ in what you post.

      Without Russian assistance Damascus would have a black flag flying over it and the US/Israeli ‘businessmen’ would be busy buying very cheap Syrian assets from local terror warlords.

      Similar in many ways to the rape of Russian assets by US/Israeli banks using Russian born Jewish criminals to front their nefarious operations in the 1990’s.

      It was President Putin who ended this US pillage of the Russian people. It was then that the CIA fermented an insurrection in Chechnya.

      • Bill Wilson

        Yeah, right. Putin the Short has been stealing from the Russian state ever since first winning office and became a billionaire while receiving a meager salary. He’s a piece of shit.

        • PZIVJ

          Hey Bill, what’s up your buddy Mountains ( PORKY ).
          Are you two neighbors ?

        • FlorianGeyer

          President Putin stopped your ‘Pieces of Shit’ raping and pillaging Russia. Thats good enough for me.

    • John Mason

      Israeli planes are not violating Syrian territory, they fire their missiles from occupied Golan Heights, that is why Syria has not retaliated. Syria has warned Israel previously and shot one of their planes down. Syria is not going to fall for a Israeli/US trap and shoot down a plane that is not in Syrian territory.

      • Bru

        Golan is also Syrian territory, you mention correctly “occupied.” I prefer then to say “”a plane that is not in that part of the Syrian territory. which not occupied by the Jewish invaders and colonists”
        ( although they probably dream of annexing the remaining part of Syria with the help of US-UK-French imperialism , this is the reason why our Western regimes have been supporting the terrorists in Syria)

        • Bill Wilson

          The Heights was annexed so is Israeli territory.

      • John Whitehot

        The Israeli government would literally drool at the idea of an Israeli plane shot down over its own territory by the Syrian air defence.

        • Concrete Mike

          Thats right John, either way they benefit, air support to their headchoppers, or à casus Belli to start invading.

          Win Win.

          There running out of time to get it going though, Russia is doing à great job at not taking the bait, thank god Uncle Putin knows what hé is doing, as in not lose His shit over à bée sting. Which is what thèse airstrike are. At the strategic level, its fuck all.

    • John Whitehot

      one more time:
      Israelis and Americans do nothing but provocations.

      That means they are humilated, butthurt and cornered like rats.

      All you trolls can do is to do provocations all over the internet, like little whores trying to spread the words of their pimping masters.

      When the Israeli or the “coalition” will start to make a REAL airstrike campaign against Syria, and I mean one that can change the results on the ground, we’ll see about the reactions.

      But that is not gonna happen, why? because nobody in the west wants to go to war to put some ragheaded cockroaches in power in Damascus. So if that’s the Israeli plan they better start doing themselves, and declare war against Iran and Russia.



    • John Whitehot

      yeah right, now repeat it in spanish, bitch ass trolls.

    • jaimeintexas

      Translation by me. {} are my insertions.

      Again? Then, they {Syria} have become domestics, and where are the short and
      long range anti-aircraft systems? Where [are] the IGLA, MAMPADS, PECHORA, SHILLKA? They {Syria} do not have radars, drones?
      It seems to me or the Russians make themselves obstinate/stubborn and do not want an encounter with Israeli aircraft.Pure FLORO {maybe flojo as in weak/poor/lazy} about their MIG-25.

  • Raymond Reddington

    Israel’s Fire Support for Its Al-Qaeda Mercenaries Started Three Years Ago

  • Phillip Kokesh

    Netanyahoo’s day is coming…??

  • MeThinks

    Something tells me those so called FSA or whatever they call themsekves are Hanas

    • Mountains

      No No. My friend. Hamas are fully and actively fighting for the SAA under Hezbullah and Iranian ALLIGANCE in fact both HAMAS and FATAH are fighting for ASSAD and round up the foreign international terrorists.

      This is why I say alot of ignorant fools come in here to post garbage without investigating the situation and the people actully involved.

      Both Hamas and Fatah + Lebanon are furiously fighting for Assad and back him 100%. They form that terror list together with the Iranians, Hezbullah and other Pakistani sectarian terrorists.

      • Concrete Mike

        So Al nusra are brave freedom fighters??? Give your head à shake porky.

        If you are ok being à Saudi/Israeli puppet so be it, but we want nothing to Do with thèse scumbags.

        Crisse de con!!

        • Mountains

          It’s about realizing the true threat not some playground threat.

          Al Nusra is way better morally and ethically. They are atleast men of their words and stand for something. While Hezbullah and The iranians are lies and they pose the greater thraet.

          Some people were viewing ISIS as this big badass that would destroy the western world yada yada. They were absolutely wrong. They lacked any form of infos on the ground. ISIS is made of a couple of teenagers and young adults from the western world mostly they didnt had the support of anyone on the ground period. The Syrians, Kurds, Iraqis etc etc no local forces support them except very few both the Sunnis and shias were against them. Then tell me where is this badass threat`? please tell me. They were not gonna survive there without US or Russian air support they were bound to fail from the get go. They were even Rivals with all other sunni jihadi movements such as the Taliban or Al-Qaeda etc etc.

          The ISIS threat was equal to a couple of teenagers taking a building as hostage. But lets talk the true picture here.

          Hezbullah and Iran have gathered fucking large armies plus they are about to go nuclear very soon. They have gathered international forces around the world as volunteers.

          They believe this is armegeddon. Do you think the war will stop in Syria when they finally win the answer is no. They will continue this shit into Israel and eventually to the west when they get Nukes. I don’t even see Nato being able to stop them in the next decade or 2 decades after this.

          Don’t come in here and post some childish stuff allover the place where you are extremely misinformed

      • chris chuba

        The only Palestinians allied with Assad are Liwa Al Quds who were refugees living in Al-Nayrab, northern Syria. Are you saying that they are Hamas, or that all Palestinians are automatically Hamas, like the West Bank Palestinian Authority, or even Palestinians living in the U.S.?

        What source do you have that indicates that Hamas is assisting Assad?

        • Mountains

          Hamas and Fatah both are fighting for Assad everybody knows this and the same goes to the Muslim brotherhood. They are all fighting for Assad.

          If you don’t know this then you are deluded. Hamas is allied with Iran and Hezbullah and have been that for a very long time and they have strong bond

          • chris chuba

            Hamas and Fatah both are fighting for Assad everybody knows this

            You don’t. You haven’t cited a single source and you haven’t been to the M.E.

            Hamas is allied with Iran

            Iran temporarily suspended economic aid to Hamas because of their support for rebel groups in Syria. All because Iran has common cause with Hamas in Israel doesn’t mean they have a common cause in Syria.

          • Mountains

            Get the fuck out here you filthy casual. Most Palestians factions previously or now linked to Hamas or Fatah are fighting for ASSAD in syria this is fact.

            Check this map under the palestian forces in the regime.


          • Turbofan

            Hamas is funded by Qatar and would never fight on the side of the Syrian state(Assad).There is well documented evidence of Hamas militants in refugee camps in Syria attacking pro Assad civilians.Stop the blatant lies.there is so much you can hide.

          • Mountains

            Bullshit. You can convince that to the ignorant people. Hezbullah and Hamas both are financed from Qatar

          • Alex Black

            hahaha, hezbollah is a shia organization, where is your evidence they are financed by qatar?

          • Mountains

            So what if they are shia group. Do you know how many sunnis and palestianians that are fighting for them? Thats why I say you know jackshit and think this is only purely 100% sectarian. The likes of you should stay away from the syrian politics because you don’t understand the dynamics and the people

          • Alex Black

            So you should have some proof Qatar supports Hezbollah. Qatar denies this, the rest of us think you are a cook so that is the problem, you say this offensive stuff, but you remain unable to substantiate your claims. Why should people take you seriously if you talk nonsense? The Lebanese army is a diverse bunch, but Hezbollah is pretty Shia, for non-religios reasons, it is a security/geography issue.

          • Mountains

            I will try to explain the diversity here and hopefully you will understand how they think politically and where is the difference.

            Some of you may think there is sunni unity but that is not true in fact most sunnis support Iran and Hezbullah and this is another fact you didn’t knew?

            Lebanon whom has slightly sunni majority is pro-hezbullah, Assad and Iran. The majority of Palestinians are also pro-Hezbullah and Iran. Hence why they are pro-Assad. Due to regional reasons they idenitfy with Assad and his political views rather then HTS or FSA. ISIS is out of the picture completely due to them being majority Westernes youth and young adults mostly and they don’t have the support of anyone locally in the middle east.

            The Question is why is Lebanon and Palestines large sunni population pro-Hezbullah and Assad it’s because of nationalistic pride. The palestinians and Lebanese are highly nationalistic people not so much Islam as you may think. In fact Both Hamas and Fatah are secular groups so is the Lebanese regime. They perfer Assad due to nationalistic reasons and prefer to support Hezbullah whom are with Iran.

            In fact alot of syrian sunni tribes support Assad due to nationalistic pride also and they feel first Syrians before Islam.

            For the majority of the sunnis there is no sectarian war but rather they are fighting against the revolution because they see the other side as breaking the country. FSA is also largely secular except few. HTS is the only group that is not secular whom are allied with FSA and probably also the US.

            FSA are largely made of defects from the previous syrian regime when it was peaceful and I mean pre-2011. Some of them held high positions in the government and military and were influential people in the society. They decide against Assad due to his brutality and they couldn’t make themselves accept him for it. It also has tribal issues and maybe some of them are from some enemy tribes to Assad’s but they are 100% secular.

            Qatar is more in favor of Iran then Saudi Arabia or Sunnis. They support Hezbullah, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Iran whom are all enter linked and allies. The Qatari government don’t support ISIS whatsoever but it supports these groups mentioned above but some Qatar individuals may support ISIS and pay from their pockets. But the Qatar government position is clear and they are pro-Hezbullah, Iran, Hamas and Muslim brotherhood and all these 4 groups are allies. Turkey has recently join this group via Russia.

            There are some refugee palestinians whom support the rebels but that is minority compared to the large majority that are with Assad.

            I don’t want to be mean but I you have no idea what is going on the ground and have taken everything at face value thinking his shia or his sunni yada yada they are against each other but hey that is not the case because it’s alot more complicated.

            If I had to summon your situation it would be this gif.. without words. This is what you would be like if you were on the ground.


          • Mountains

            I gave you all the details but SF deleted.

          • Alex Black

            Pro tip, worry less about what you believe I think and more about what you know or in this case have no clue about.

            The claim you made is that Qatar supports Hezbollah. Yet you provided no evidence. Other than that really long winded way of saying you have no evidence that Qatar supports Hezbollah?

            Of course, Sunni’s in Lebanon support Hezbollah, they don’t like being bombed by Israel and Hezbollah stands up to Israel.

            Of course, Sunni’s in Syria generally support Assad, the alternative is religious fanatics and wahabbists.

            None of this proves your point, and your should spend less time insulting people and narrowly crafting your arguments that are supported by provable things, rather than broad assertions of which there is no evidence.

            While things between Hezbollah and Qatar have improved due to the Saudi aggressive steps against Qatar and their improved relationship with Iran, this is a relatively new development.

            It seems to me you should spend less time on memes and more time reading. You see how that works, a statement that is proved by my words and your words and requires no further proof beyond the page.

          • Mountains

            Then why delete it. Seems like to me someone got exposed completely. You are ignorant about this things.

            Why do you think there is rift in the GCC? It’s because Qatar is with Hezbullah, Iran, Hamas and Muslim brotherhood. These are all one team with Qatar.

            As for the Palestinians and Lebenase they are highly nationalistic people and stand with Lebanon, Assad and Hezbullah whom themselves are allied with Iran. Nationalistic pride comes before Islam to them.

            Majority of Sunnis support also Assad in Syria. All this is more complicated. You didn’t know jackshit and you don’t wanna admit it and start deleting

          • PZIVJ

            But you never post a link to back up BS.
            And now you claim SF is deleting them?
            Give me a fricking break :D

          • Mountains

            I posted 3 times and it was deleted all 3 times. I have no reason to lie about it.

            SF has an agenda and enjoy the traffic from the ignorant users they have who are extremely misinformed

          • Alex Black

            I deleted nothing

          • Turbofan

            wow..what a shameful conspiracy theory..you probably still believe the earth is flat..

          • Alex Black

            Sunni jihadists are not on team Assad, Mountain spread downright laughable lies.

          • Mountains

            The airstrikes will continue fuck faces. then go cry about it. The necessary infos are on the ground everyone can go and get..

          • Alex Black

            basically, you can not support any of your lies.

          • Bill Wilson

            Nobody cares for Hamas nor Fatah. Both are controlled by corrupt pigs like most of the ME countries.

          • Kell
          • Real Anti-Racist Action

            Hey Mountains, your nose keeps growing and growing.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            with such videos you are presenting single one thing: you are the same racist.

          • Kell
          • Solomon Krupacek

            a talked abou anti racist. do not put here your shits

      • Alex Black

        Can you provide proof of this claim?

      • MeThinks

        that includes yourself,right???
        Hamas is in Daraa, it follows the Palestinian refugees religio socio politico conditioning

        During the onset of Syrian war the radicalization of a population was Hamas, they were being picked up by Syrian intelligence even though one not need be intelligent to see and know that the medium and resources being used for anti syrian goverment radicalization processess came out of Israel…HAMAS

      • Kell
  • Mountains

    Kudos to Israel. Never backs down

  • chris chuba

    The Syrian army has received Pantsirs from Russia, what are they using them for? Even the presence of one unit in Quneitra would spook the Israelis because they wouldn’t know where it was stationed.

    • Jesus

      Quneitra drama is a minor issue on the overall war effort in Syria, once ISIS is liquidated and the SDF matter dealt with, the minor headaches caused by Israel will be revisited with larger forces and possibly a battalion of Pantsair.
      The border of Syria with Golan height will be cleaned up of Israeli proxies.

      • Brad Isherwood

        Syria should not have sent it’s Experten mechanized into Daraa.
        Israel has thus tied down now.
        SAA should have staged just North of Daraa,…pushed a surge in to get Israel’s attention,
        And then roll over FSA Suweida west of Al Tanf.
        This is a missed opportunity…
        Israel wants Putin/Lavrov to conceed more high ground of Syria Golan via safe zone
        Israel looking down on Syria.
        I won’t buy Russian Vodka if Putin chokes and gives Israhell.. The high ground .

        • Jesus

          I see Israel trying to defend their terrorist proxies, they are not going to get any more ground from Syria. The mechanized units can gradually disengage and have their place taken by other troops. Yes you can use the mechanized units in the open desert.

    • Alex Black

      pantsirs would be useless, israeli jets launch their attacks from israeli airspace with long range missile and artillery, well outside the 12mile effective range.

      • anonim

        They’re no better than regular rocket launchers then.

        • Alex Black

          They are used to defend the large systems from cruise missiles, if you deploy them near the front you can defend some infrastructure from cruise missile attack. To defend from the types of attack israel conducts you would need something similar to the American cram. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64RI38PLEL4

          • anonim

            I was talking about Israeli jets. If they launch rockets from Israeli territory they are no better than a regular rocket launcher doing the same job from the same territory.

          • Alex Black

            I think they are expensive rocket launchers, who hit you from above, very quickly.

          • Sean Glennie

            Israel already has Buk M2, so sell them Buk M3.

          • Alex Black

            Buk is simply not the correct platform to deal with the israeli threat. The real issue with Israeli attacks is that they amount to harassment, in support of al Qaeda. Once the HTS proxies are wiped out, the israeli attacks will lose all purpose. In the short term Syrians need some tech to deal with active projectiles and mortar threats from israel. Namely, they need some sort of rapid fire system to take down these projectiles, as a defensive weapon. Offensive operations against israel would require the shooting down of israeli aircraft over israeli airspace. This is unwise, at a moment when SAA resources are concentrated on dealing with threats in eastern syria.

    • Real Anti-Racist Action

      The systems do not work against Israelis upgrades on F-15 and F-16’s.
      Also, Russia’s S-300 system is also useless against Israel.
      Israel is free to bomb every single Russian ally on the earth, and no one ever spanks them and stands them in the corner for it.

      • Bob

        A Bosnian Serb – ie, irregular forces – launched SA-6 missile brought down a USAF F-16 Fighting Falcon over Bosnia in 1995 – literally split it in two pieces – pilot was later rescued. Now technologies change and develop – but that Kub SAM system was a full twenty years older than that airframe – and still proved quite capable at time.
        Russia is not interested in bringing down IAF aircraft, it is not part of their overall strategy. They no doubt find the IAF a frustrating distraction, but Syria and Israel have been at war for decades, and Russia is not going to get directly involved in any Isreali confrontation unless Russian assets in Syria are directly threatened.
        Russian leadership is astute enough to recognize deliberate sideshow provocations – and to counsel Syria not to take any contrived bait that would justify further US intervention.

        • Kell
          • Solomon Krupacek

            you should read the book what wrote the captain of this battery. he wrote about other explanation in which you believe. so, no serbs. it has reason, why only 1 piece and not more.

            btw., the next day russia and china got pieces of wrack. and until today are not able to make real stelth airplanes. so big is the difference between usa and the brics in field of advanced technologies.

          • Bob

            The commander was Zoltan Dani – in last iteration of Yugoslav army. He was clever with dialed in long radar bands and had lucky circumstances – no AWACS or ground suppression in air – but equally, Yugo’s knew this as were monitoring their airspace and NATO airbase in Italy where all NATO missions took off from. Samples of wreckage were sent to China and Russia – recall Chinese embassy bombed in Belgrade, that was no ‘accident’ it was because China was rerouting Yugo military command communications after Yugo Belgrade HQ bombed. The wreckage was China’s reward. China and Russia did learn from those samples – the metallurgy and that the ‘stealth paint’ was mostly just hype and US disinformation.

          • Kell

            I hear there was a passive stealth system that used existing tv/radio emiters to locate the black EMF spot in the sky, it was held at Pristina airport in a hanger and was the real reason Russian airborne units intervened and confronted NATO forces at the front gate in order to withdraw that unit.


          • Bob

            Never heard that – interesting as surely late 80’s Soviets had some ideas about electronic counter-systems to F-117 that may have stalled in chaos of post Soviet era. The Pristina intervention was odd – may give some context.
            Official story is the SAM radar was on for 30 seconds and use of large bandwidth signals locked onto the open bomb bay doors. The pilot was quoted as basically saying he got his sensor alerts and looked down to see a missile ‘punching through the clouds straight at him’ and ejected. Yugo’s were reported to have heavily damaged another F-117 that stayed airborne and limped back to Italy but was decommissioned from the extensive damage.

      • Thegr8rambino

        Why dont they work against them?

    • Brad Isherwood

      Syria has BUK M2 ,…IRGC has RAAD,…which is Iranian copy of BUK M1/2
      Good for 75,000 ft.
      Hezbollah might have a few… (or hopefully IRGC in Iran transfers a few to South Lebanon
      Or Syria.
      With Israel sat coverage. ….Bringing these in and moving to position is serious planning.
      Forget asking Russia’s help on Air defence, ….Putin is to much buddy with Netanyahu.

      Iran is the wildcard that can slap Israel from the sky.
      Iran’s missiles can target at hundreds of klms ….That technology will find its way to Hezbollah
      And IRGC.

      Iran has new*…home built…. mobile counter battery radar : )

      • Thegr8rambino

        Bavar S-373?

        • BlueInGreen

          You both have the right idea about Iran sending in some of their indigenous Air defense systems but there is one snag.

          The Ra’ad, Mersad (copy and upgrade of HAWK missile defense system), Third of Khordad, Sayyad 2, Bavar-373 (this one is highly classified as far as specifications go, they say it is an analogue to the Russian S-300 but which S-300 version we don’t know), and many other systems are kept in Iran for the sole purpose of protecting their own skies from imminent attack either from the Israelis, Saudis or US. To ad to this asnwell these systems are being tested on a regular basis to improve their combat efficacy. Iran is probably still testing the Ra’ad even though they say it’s in service (Iran constantly tests its weapons so its not something to be worried about).

          We need to focus our attention on Russia. They’ve been a real B class ally ever since the majority of the Russian air force left Syria not to long ago. What Syria needs is an long range AD positioned near the occupied Golan heights that can peer into Israel thus effectively covering it. Israel is using long range weapons fired from rockets or Jets fired the Golan into Syria thus not breaking Syria’s air space. This is more of a legal issue that Israel uses to its benefit.

          • Thegr8rambino

            So what’s the best long range AD Syria can get to do that? And how to stop or negate Israelis using their own air space from which to launch the strikes?

          • BlueInGreen

            It would need to be an effect mix of long range AD and point defense systems/short-range area defense. S-300 (which ever version) can help extend Syrias AD umbrella into Israeli held Golan territory this will complicate Israeli air sorties, second would be smaller, mobile point defense systems such as TOR m-1 or m-2, Panstir and CIWS type defense weapons to shoot down any incoming missiles/cruise missiles or mitigate the potential damage these attacks can cause.

            The important one is the long range AD system which Syria is in dire need of. It needs to be placed near Israel so when Israeli air craft luanch from their Air bases, the Israeli jets (f-15, f-16 I don’t think they’ll use their F-35 since they only have a handful of them at this point) will light up bright on the Syrian AD screens. And if they fire then the course of actions that Syria wants to take is up to them.

            TBH, we don’t know what the current state of the Syrian AD apparatus is my educated guess is that it’s WAY behind countries such as Iran, Israel and the Gulf states.

            In this case, its a simple matter of numbers and time. Iran is in the process of building and deploying many of its indigenous AD systems in Iran and can’t spare any due to either not having enough give, wanting to keep at home and active for use of defense against imminent attack, or they are just not producing them fast enough to meet both their AD needs and Syrias at the same time.

        • Brad Isherwood

          Just in service recently,…..could be an impressive air defence system.
          Possibly to risky to use in Syria or Lebanon, …if it failed to meet operations
          Vs IAF .
          IAF would want data pull the systems operations signatures.

  • Sid Falco

    Isis Is Israel

    • Tom Tom

      Mossad/CIA/Saudis/Iraqi Sunni Ba’athist Military Leadership

  • RamboDave

    The bombs may be GPS guided, and released from high altitude well inside the Golan Heights. If released at 40,000 feet they could glide for 40 miles. The Israeli plane would never enter Syrian airspace.
    Russia will need further time to build up a lot of military infrastructure in the area if they want to be able to deter any Israeli response after an Israeli plane is shot down.

    Sooner or later, Russia needs to start playing hardball ! They should start to fly in a
    Russian Army division, directly to Damascus airport, complete with full
    air defense and ground attack aircraft. It could be like a training exercise.

    It doesn’t mean they have to deploy them throughout Syria. That decision
    can be made later.

    Then Russia should wait about one week, to let this sink in, while Wall
    Street stock markets crash, and Congressional leaders demand a debate
    about “war powers”, and become very nervous about what Trump is doing in
    Syria. The anti war movement would also gather steam.

    Believe me, everyone is already very nervous about Trump.

    After one week, Russia should announce that their Syrian forces now are in
    possession of tactical “nukes”. And, ……. at the same time also
    announce that there is no prohibition against “first use” of such
    nukes in self defense of it’s forces.

    Then, Russia can shoot down as many Israeli planes as they want !!!

  • Bill Wilson

    These commenters are morons. Israel always returned fire on batteries that sent the errant shells. Doesn’t matter if the gunners where SAA, rebels, extremists or ISIS.

  • Bryant Erin

    F Israel!

    • nshah

      Fuck Israhell..!
      That’s the way..!

  • John Brown

    If Israel and its puppets start a larger war then Russia and Turkey should launch
    a large number of Kaliber cruise missiles and ballistic missile strikes on
    Israel’s nuclear forces and sink Israel’s nuclear armed subs given to them by
    Germany and destroy Israel’s air force and nuclear reactor with conventional
    war heads all at the same time a 10 minute strike decapitating racist Israel’s
    military the way the USSA wanted to do to North Korea. It would never work on
    North Korea as it is to big its terrain to mountainous but Israeli’s is a small
    flat desert country perfect for such a strike.

    The USSA can’t send any large numbers of troops to Syria, even if they wanted to,
    how will they get them there? Russia could just shoot down any air
    transport. It will mean war between
    racist supremacist Israel and its puppets ISIS, Al Qaeda, the USSA and
    Saudi Judea Arabia against Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Russia, Iran and China. If this
    battle were in a place like Mexico or central America; Israel and its slave USA
    stooge would win but its not it’s beside Turkey, Russia, Iran.
    Not only would racist Israel and its puppets lose, but Israel itself and Saudi
    Judea Arabia would fall as well.