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JUNE 2020

Israeli Air Force Strikes Several Positions in Gaza And Palestinian Fighters Respond With Rockets (Photos, Video)


On June 2, warplanes of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) conducted a series of airstrikes on positions of the Palestinian Hamas Movement in the Gaza Strip, according to Palestinian activists. The Palestine Shehab News Agency (SNA) revealed that the airstrikes had targeted the positions of Ayn Jalut and al-Yarmouk in the southern and northern parts of Gaza.

Earlier, the Israeli military announced that Palestinian fighters launched two rockets from the Gaza Strip at Israeli settlements east of it. According to the Israeli military, the Iron Dome anti-rocket system intercepted one of the rockets while the other fell within Gaza.

Following the IAF airstrikes, rocket sirens were heard in several Israel settlements north and east of the Gaza Strip. Israeli media said that Palestinian fighters launched a second salvo of rockets, and that the Iron Dome intercepted at least one of them. Later, the Israeli military confirmed these claims.

Observers believe that the situation may escalate in the upcoming hours, as both Israel and the Hamas Movement appear to be determined to deter each other by force. The last week witnessed a similar military confrontation, during which dozens of rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip, while the IAF destroyed dozens of Hamas positions.



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    And Trump started this mess with statement of US embassy move.
    US foreign policy is a friking joke.
    Twiiter foreign policy? :/

  • Starlight

    World jewry is a power cult as evil as any seen in Human History. The vile murderous jews are supported by China (the Chinese revolution was supported and orchestrated by a ton of jews from the West), Russia (enslaved by jews across the revolutions), the West, India, and the wahhabi Empire.

    Today, even by the sick and vile jewish Israeli ‘standards’, Israel has the most extreme racist government and leaders in its foul history. Yet the king of the jews is a welcome guest in Putin’s Russia, as we witnessed a number of days ago.

    The ONLY thing holding the demonic jews back is a fear of another backlash against jewish evil by the general populace of the planet. The jews are aware of their tiny number, their total demonic corruption (see Weinstein and Polanski, and the support both had from the greater jewish community AFTER their crimes were well known), and their conceptual vulnerability.

    Google “one shot, two kills” (no kremlin outlet, like SF, will ever show the REAL image on the clothing awarded to graduates of the jew sniping schools). Now consider the SATANIC murder of the young female medic in Gaza by the best friends of Putin yesterday.

    Under the cover of the Iran war, as tens of millions perish in the West’s strikes on Israel’s no.1 target, Israel intends to genocide ONE MILLION+ innocent Humans in the regions surrounding Israel. The FINAL SOLUTION for Gaza and the West Bank. The FINAL SOLUTION for South Syria. The FINAL SOLUTION for Lebanon. The details of Israel’s Final Solution have been laid out to the last word in the Israeli press over the last 2+ years. Just as Trump is putting together his war cabinet in time for declaring war on Iran this september, the monsterous jews of Israel have been doing the same.

    Jewish trolls that infest this site will tell you how the ground to ground missiles of Israel’s ‘enemies’ will either discourage the jews or destroy Israel. Nothing could be further from the truth. All the jews care about is the ability to wage war, and the security of the military installations across Israel. The rest can be flattened- for the boss jews will be safe, having long scurried to safer regions. And damaged regions will be rebuilt (by German, French, British and US taxpayers) bigger and better within two years. Yet Iran will not recover a fraction of its current state within 50 years. Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon will be gone for good.

    This is the hellish future zionist appeaser Putin is working so hard to bring about.

    • hamster

      What the fuck is this rubbish. Basically 85% of the worlds population is “jewish”. Get a fucking grip, moron.

      • potcracker2588

        jew talking walking talking prick…just an evil human can defend this evil satanic group of …they are not humans..to be 100% human u have to have a heart and spirit..they lack both..because there father is the father of all lies and evil..satan arihman…and its pointless descussing with jerkoffs like u….just take THEIR(jews) word for it…I could quote over a thousand jews saying it point blank…” All non jews are Gojim , all non jewish women are whores”

        • hamster

          your name “pot cracker” suits you just nice. I’m just curious where you find this dribble in your head that makes you believe there are evil jewish overlords hiding at every corner.

          I could quote thousands of atheists, christians and muslims saying intolerant shit while asserting superiority of their own worldview. It doesn’t prove anything and certainly doesn’t justify broad generalizations.

          Moreover it doesn’t address the main contention, which is the assertion by the previous poster that basically implicated 85% of humanity to be run by “jewish overlords”. Pathetic to say the least.

          It’s funny how some socially awkward morons with no friends in the 21st century still throw around the word “satanic” as some sort of insult or refer to satan as some literal physical ancestor rather than an allegorical entity. Your mind is really full of shit hahahaha.

          • Pie_t

            Nice turn of phrase. Well done. Pity it’s wasted on intellectual pigshit like the sewage to whom you replied.

      • Pie_t

        How do you expect him to do that? He’s clearly as dumb as dogshit.

    • potcracker2588

      spot on

    • Mortal

      Retard hasbara alert.

    • Pie_t

      Only one mistake in your tirade – those shot by the Israelis are vermin, not human.

  • Rob

    Nobody can stop the child butchers Israel. In the world that have big stomachs are the biggest evils.

  • Rob

    Syria, Iran and Russia have no problem with Palestinian government that is Mahmoud Abbas or Hamas but Israeli migrants must release Palestinian nation and leave the Arab state of Palestine and return to their European countries.

  • potcracker2588

    satanic jews…always said it…dont ever trust them..they are pure 100% evil……especially in syria with all that agreement talk…..people have to sit back and THINK a minute what has been happening in the middle east since 1947…its pure genocide…pure evil….from rape to mass murder to starvation

  • Smaug

    Interesting choice of headline given the article, but rest assured I read all the same info from a separate source.
    I think some junior officer in Hamas or an allied group disagreed with the cease fire so he ended it.

  • Hassadnah Abraham


    • hohenstaufen

      What? Those killed are vermin you piece of cr#p. Please go and use that quran as toilet paper like the civilized muslim. Nobody gives two cents on fakestanians or other islamic donkey fuc*ers pigs…

    • Pie_t

      Don’t worry, arabs are good at manufacturing people. You breed them like rabbits. Planned obsolescence.

  • Empire’s Frontiers

    The Palestinians are getting what they’ve asked for.

    Their resistance to the Israeli expansion has always been doomed to failure.

    Their chance for victory was only ever integration and subtle invasion of Israeli government and society.

    As it is, however, Hamas plays into Israeli hands in such obvious ways that one might be forgiven for thinking Hamas was an Israeli agency.

    • Lazy Gamer

      Not really. Unlucky for Israeli expansion, Palestinian claims are already locked in with UN documents. The future is uncertain, and a lot can change.

      • Empire’s Frontiers

        Jihadis in Syria keep telling themselves the same thing.

    • Sinbad2

      Jews do not integrate, integration is not allowed.

      • Empire’s Frontiers

        Perhaps not.

        From the perspective of the inferior fighting force, however, armed resistance can never succeed.

        On any day there’s a dead Palestinian it’s because a Palestinian willed it.

  • Rob

    US and Israel have converted whole Middle East into multiple death zones, where they slaughtering human children to establish foothold and military bases….

    • Pie_t

      Rob, to ease your frustrations you should go somewhere quiet where you can be alone and then stick your hate-filled head right up your posterior orifice.

  • Rob

    I surprise that the Arab all countries have one religion, one language and one culture, so they should be one country and should be supper power to easily protect themselves as well as their neighbours from US and Israeli atrocities but still Britain have divided them to control them easily. The most idiot, illiterate nations on this planet Earth are Arabs.

  • Rob

    US and Israeli both migrants are not obliged to UNSC decisions against them. They will slap any decision against them on UNSC. That is why US and Israel have converted whole Middle East into multiple death zones, where they slaughtering human children to establish foothold and military bases.

  • You can call me Al


    You scum sucking Zionist whores.

  • Sinbad2

    Is this really news, Israel kills Arabs for sport on a daily basis. Jews from all over the world go to Israel, so they can murder with impunity.

    The most vile nation on earth, and the day after the USA is gone, Israel will be gone. Sort of getting rid of 2 evils for the price of one. Actually 3 evils for the price of one, because the third member of the triad, Saudi Arabia will also cease to be.

    If I prayed, I would pray for their demise.

  • kirby1

    The trolls are upset that Israel defends itself, poor trolllls.