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JUNE 2021

Israeli Air Force Strikes Gaza Strip In Response To Rocket Shelling

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Israeli Air Force Strikes Gaza Strip In Response To Rocket Shelling

An Israeli Air Force F-15 fighter jet flies during an aerial demonstration. (photo credit: AMIR COHEN – REUTERS)

Early on February 19, the Israeli Air Force carried out airstrikes on alleged positions of the Palestinian Hamas movement in the  southern part of the Gaza Strip.

The airstrikes hit what the Israeli side described as “underground infrastructure” of the movement. According to reports, Israeli warplanes launched at least 10 missiles.

The air raid was conducted in response to a rocket attack launched from the Gaza Strip on the Israeli-held area earlier.

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Rakean Jaya

Israel chose a weak and soft target now, to accomodate their hobby, flying and firing on others land.


It gives feel good feelings for their people to show they are still in charge .

You can see many such trolls even here in SF.

Without these feel good events plus many feel good fake news like destroying 1/2 of Syrian air defence, these guys can’t sleep in peace at night.


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Rakean Jaya

Yes indeed Joe.


Israel always choose easy and soft targets for slaughtering innocent civilians. The US morons are now silent on the Israeli brutality. US also choose easy and soft targets like Yemen, Sudan, Nigeria and if a target is hard then there US send terrorists SOF like ISIS, Al-Qaeda etc.


IsraHell on Earth [Original Documentary]

According to holly scripture Torah, Palestine will become free and whole Israel will be annihilated. This is not first time that Israel break the God commandments and then they are annihilated. Israel have broken the God commandments several times and then God have annihilated them. Israel are enemies of God and of the God creation. They deceive nations and bear wrong witnesses against others. They kidnapping and butchering small kids. Can God tell them to do so? Their videos of brutality are available online.


US and Israeli terrorists should have to be disarmed as soon as possible otherwise these basterds will kill many civilians in the world. A meetng should have to be called in independent state like Russia or China etc to think about it because world loosing significant number of important lives every day in US and Israeli brutal terrorism.

leon mc pilibin

The cowards feel safe bombing civilians in the Gaza prison camp,because all they have is fireworks,not real air defences like the SYRIANS have.

Don Machiavelli

yet them israelis say they wage a war with Gaza…


“In Response”


Those big he-men Israelis attacking defenseless civilians again. How american of them.

Tony B.

You’ve gotten that exactly backwards. Everything you hate about the U.S. did not exist before the government was taken over by neocon Israhell firsters. “Ex” Trotskyites.
No one hates them more than real Americans.


Inside the DC beltway and a 50 mile radius of NYC is Jew occupied territory. They need to be gotten rid of.

Jacek Wolski

“Iran’s statements that Israel was a Zionist entity that needs to be destroyed are perceived as absolutely unacceptable in Russia”

Sergey Lavrov

19 February 2018

Real Anti-Racist Action

Iran says Zionist-government or entity, Not the nation or people itself.
Iran see’s itself as going to liberate the Jews from an evil government for the 4th time in history.
Remember King Darius of Persia liberated the Jew’s from the evil Babylonian Empire. That is just one of the previous times. And Daniel of the bible became close friends with the Persians (Iran)

Tony B.

Half truth is a deliberate lie. Here’s the rest of that statement:

“But neither does Russia see as constructive Israel’s policy of
turning every problem in the region into a vehicle for opposing Iran,” he

“This is what we see in Syria, this is what we see in
Yemen, and even the latest developments around the Palestinian issue,
including Washington’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s
exclusive capital, are to a large extent caused by the very same
anti-Iranian bias,” Lavrov explained. “Both attitudes pose a risk of further damaging the situation in the region, which is already very pitiful.”

Jacek Wolski

Two wrongs don’t make a right. Lavrov is on point once again!


One sort of Hasbara troll we get in here is the kind that likes to say that Putin is a Zionist.


The MOST important FACT I take from the article in the link below, is that
RUSSIA is ADMITTEDLY ZIONIST, by its lack of support for IRAN’S opposition to
Zionism, which explains Putin’s inaction towards Israel’s transgressions. It
means he will NOT support Iran if Israel ( via proxy, UNITED STATES) attacks

I have suspected such, but was waiting for ADMISSION by Putin. Now I have

To be Zionist explains his lack of OPEN support of the Palestinians on THEIR
OWN LAND being Stolen by FAKE Jewish CRIMINAL Zionists and at the same time Slaughtering
those Palestinians who resist. Palestinians are the SACRIFICIAL LAMBS to
Israel in order for Zionists to leave Russia alone…..BUT that will not Happen.
More than anything Zionists want to DESTROY Russia and Orthodox Christianity,
if History of the Bolshevik WAR is any indicator

Putin is either ignorant of History or he is OWNED. I suspect the latter.

Now we know, that ONLY Iran, Syria, North Korea and Venezuela opposes the
New World Order. NOT enough power collectively

The New World Order has won.


Hide Behind

I believe that Russia is not being run by one man alone,; Putin is most visible and is very well versed in history. Especially political sciences.
Back in Russia and in every Ambassadoril embassy and trade offices world wide, his economist advisors are one he’ll of a lot better educated than you find in US and Euro nations of today.
Russia is not the full blown Dictatorship it is presented as by its enemies.
Yes enemies, enemies because their competitors nations are held together by silly putty finances and not solid glue.
Without US militarily imposed power those weak Euro nations would flounder I to chaos. That the growing might in trade by China Russia, South Korea and Indonesia has proven that white powered hubris comes as much from lack of real financial savy.


Jewish depravities using WORLD WAR class weapon systems provided by RUSSIA, France, Germany, UK and USA to bomb the helpless undefended ‘sub-Humans’ of Gaza once again. And how does Team Putin respond. Well yesterday Putin’s toadie, Lavrov, repeated the LIE that Iran promised to destroy Israel. And Lavrov also stated the entire Russian population stands behind Israel- cos they are JEWISH.

And people ask what is the problem with the power cult called ‘judaism’ and its sickening hold on our planet.

Nazism had similar support from Putin and Lavrov types originally. Hitler was widely admired for his creation of his power cult, and no concern was showed to its inhuman methods and intentions. The jews of Israel are modern day nazis- they exist only to hurt and harm.

But in truth the Deep State was the REAL problem back in the days of Hitler and is the real problem today. The Deep State uses forces like nazism and its modern descendent zionism for its own purposes. And as his words yesterday prove, Lavrov serves the Deep State.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The UN must be dissolved if it cannot even defend these people.

Hide Behind

Let us face the truth. There have not been a powerfull Arabic nation, except in heads of Arabs, since before, before, well Ancient Egypt, and most likely will never be.
Israel was a relatively piss poor nation that attacked all its neighbors at once and kicked all their butts, even though those neighbors had gathered all their might beforehand.
Of all the Semitic tribals, those who claim Jewish blood or religious roots still remain in What we call Israel today.
Argue that most have non Semitic roots, who gives a Fly’n pig. Israel is Israel, and almost all their neighboring nations and people’s remain powerless.
AS TO a geopolitical level, they try to lay blame solely upon Israel, when in truth except for within their capital cities infrastructure they remain 60-70 years in past fractured yet to this day by ancient religious bull sh.. factions fighting chane. Iran , a non Arab nation is now trying to aid an Arabic one, and while its aid is great it has own designs for doing so, and they far surpass age d rivalry,.

Don Machiavelli

Are u retarded or what? ” piss poor nation ” by you managed to ” attack all it’s neighbors and kicked their buts ”!?

It’s western colonial project, backed by every leading power at the time…

Hide Behind

Hopefully by you Mic you have read of Machiavelli, have you and of its succeeding political philosophical debates.
By piss poor I refer to the way those nations leaderships manipulated their populaces into believing that all their miseries were caused by foreigners, and that their leaders were doing their best with only their
serfs interest at heart.
That by and large no form of cohesion was found between nation states because those leaders were individually each kissing up to foreign powers trying to feather their own beds.
This was clearly shown by their defeat by Israel. Each nation fought alone, no joint military operstional structure. Hell by time military convoys got to soldiers on front lines drivers and corrupt officers and suppliers had robbed militaries blind.
The ways of ruling class is RuleBy and For that Class.

Don Machiavelli

Don Machiavelli, reference to hip hop artist ;)

It’s air superiority which won wars for Israel. Don’t spit me with Hasbara shit plz.


Famous Pakistan Air Force PAF Pilots Who Shot Down Israeli Jet Fighters – Air Commodore Retired Sattar Alvi
During 1967 war Pakistani pilots shot down a total of ten Israeli jets without losing a pilot or aircraft. During the 6 Day War in 1967 Pakistani pilot Saiful Azam on Jordanian front engaged four Israeli jets over Jordanian Mafraq air base. He shot down a Mystére commanded by Israeli pilot H. Boleh and damaged another that crash-landed in Israeli territory. Two days later, Jordanian airforce commander sent Pakistani pilot Saiful Azam to help Iraqi airforce. There they shot down two of the Israeli attacking planes.

During the 1973 war, on Syrian front the PAF pilot Flt. Lt. A. Sattar Alvi was flying a Syrian aircraft and shot down an Israeli Mirage in air combat. Similarly on the Egyptian front, PAF pilot Flt. Lt. M. Hatif , flying an Egyptian MiG-21 shot down an Israeli F-4 phantom in an air combat. Pakistani Air Force did not lose a single pilot or aircraft in any of the wars.

Overwatch D.VA

and lets not forget the syrian pilot who fly MIG-25 during the first lebanon war and bagged an IAF F15


This was great.

Overwatch D.VA

those rustic ancient Mig 25 are still fearsome weapon if the other side dont know how to handle them.. Iraqi Mig 25 also scored some Air to Air kill against US highly trained pilot..


US and Israel will never let any Muslim country to develop any military industry in their own country and set free from US slavery and Muslim leaders are so fool that they still trust in US or scare from US sanctions. Be Pakistani and North Korean, go and join those countries that free from US control like Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Pakistan etc. If Pakistan can make Nuclear weapons then any country can make it. Freedom is not so easy for those governments that scare from sanctions.

Iran should not negotiate on their national security because this is suicide. Iran is not a colony of US and Israel… Iran must develop nuclear weapons and ICBMs to defend their nation, otherwise Iran will also become another Palestine, Iraq, Syria and Libya…..Iran is a castle of all Muslim world…. US, France, Australia and Israel just know how to kill Muslim nations, steal their lands and deceive nations.


What? You can’t bomb Syria any more so you revert to bombing little children in their houses in your open air prison! ……….. Despicable cowards the lot of you!

Overwatch D.VA

so brave… the ‘best’ airforce in the world .. attackign defenseless people after their precious F16i got blasted by syrian air defense..

it is like a bully , after getting pummeled by adults , he resort to punching kids to feel superior..

truly the behaviour of a sick society.. and the american evangelist movement supported this ? incredible

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