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JULY 2020

Israeli Air Force Received 2 More F-35I Fighter Jets


Israeli Air Force Received 2 More F-35I Fighter Jets

IMAGE: twitter.com/IDF

Last weekend, the Israeli Air Force received two more F-35I stealth fighter jets bringing the force’s total inventory of fifth-generation warplanes up to 14. The two new jets landed at the Nevatim base, southeast of Beersheba, where they joined the Golden Eagle Squadron.

Israel is the only state in the Middle East, which opreates F-35I jets and among a very few, which decalred them combat ready.

Earlier in 2018, the Israeli Air Force even claimed that it had used F-35I fighter jets in combat, which it said made it the first air force in the world to do so.

“The Israeli Air Force has twice carried out strikes with the F-35, on two different fronts,” Air Force commander Amikam Norkin told a conference of air force chiefs visiting Israel from around the world on May 22. “I think that we are the first to attack with an F-35 in the Middle East — I’m not sure about other areas.”

However, Israel has never provided any evidence that the F-35I jets were in fact employed. Considering the recent Israeli claims about some mysterious Israeli strikes on Syria [which in fact did not take place] after the delivery of S-300 systems there, Norkin’s statement about the F-35I combat usage is also under question.

Israeli Air Force Received 2 More F-35I Fighter Jets

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  • Concrete Mike

    Incidentally, the aircraft had to be towed there because a flock of birds was flying south through there at the time.

    • You can call me Al

      …. and it was raining !!.

  • You can call me Al

    Well done Israel. Protect your borders….. this fantastically thought out, receipt of US financial aid will keep you safe until the end of next week.

  • me again

    In the meantime situation has drastically changed and Syria got S-300, Polana and some other nice toys to play with. Since downing of F-16i they didn’t let manned aircrafts inside Syria, so I don’t see what will bring 2 more F-35 to IAF offensive potential, especially having in mind they are half combat operative.

  • R Trojson

    Reminds me of that time in 1970 when the brightest and best Russian pilots flew their MIGs to a fiery death over Egypt trying to retake the Sinai. Seem to recall 5 Russian MIGs going down in the first couple minutes at the hands of Israeli pilots. After that the survivors flew home to Mama.

    Russian military aircraft are so bad their own air defense shoots them down. F35s are so good the enemy never knows exactly what hit them. F35s no one else in the world can touch them and Russia’s S300s, S400s are a joke.