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Israeli Air Force Launched Airstrikes On Syrian Army Positions For Third Day In Row – Media

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Israeli Air Force Launched Airstrikes On Syrian Army Positions For Third Day In Row - Media


On Monday, the Israeli Air Force once again carried out airstrikes on Syrian Army positions near in the province of Quneitra, according to the Israeli media.

The airstrikes were allegedy conducted in response to serveral projectiles landed the Israeli-occupied part of the Golan Heights.

This was the third time in a row when the Israeli Air Force delivered airstrikes against Syrian government forces in the area. The Israeli military attacked Syrian Army positions on Saturday and on Sunday under the same pretext.

According to Syrian sources, Israel has been conducting airstrikes in the area in order to support Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and its allies in the ongoing battle against the Syrian army in the province of Quneitra.

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just stop it or theyre asking for war


you would think they would attack both SAA and al qaeda, if they didnt know who fired the shells, just to cover all possibilities…but no, only SAA gets hit


stupid reason…why whould the SAA fire on israel?no reason.they have serious things to deal with…isis for example and the ‘opposition rebels’

Boris Kazlov

It is no secret that Israel prefers terrorists to Iran-allied Syria


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You know the enclave of ISIS next to Israeli border hasn’t received enough attention. It is the clearest sign whose side Israel is on. This enclave has been there for a long time and Israel never attacks it. Your photo could be on that border! ;) Jordan too borders itcomment image !


You’re right, there are plenty of vids on youtube of jews helping terrorists with medical care/equipment.


Odd as hell, when the further degradation of Syrian forces will bring in more Persians ultimately. The Persians actually won the wars and territory years ago. All this, just a waste.

John Mason

Israel has forgotten the hiding it got back ion 1973 from the Arabs. Only reason that the result to the conflict was not settled is because the Egyptians did not stick to the arrangements with Syria, if they did then Israel would have ceased to exist.


Actually it was nuclear black mail against the US and the resulting air lift, including 100 modern jet fighter air craft and missiles that pushed the Arabs back. Without nukes and US back up, Egyptian and Syrian armor would have rolled into Tel Aviv for the Jew cultists to sign unconditional surrender.


And we live with the consequences ever since….

I can’t believe such a small state with such a small population controls the USA…


90% of the planet’s Jews live in the US, Israel, the UK and France. They’re parasites that get into political, finance and media positions of control and try to take over the host. Judaism isn’t a moral religion like Christianity, it’s an evil cult.


I personally won’t go that far to say that Judaism on the whole is bad and that Jews and those who identified as jewish are all bad people. But Judaism and its “Chosen People” tag line has caused many problems both State side and abroad.

I yearn for a day where a person who actually loves the US takes charge of the US and brings our boys and girls back home as well as fixes the Jewish/Arab?Bankster/MIC influence in our country. But alas, you did hit the nail on the head. They will drain the US dry and try to latch themselves on to someone just like they’ve always done. Hell maybe they’ll keep the dead husk of the US alive for shits and giggles…..

All I want is my country back….


I have a terrible feeling the US is next.
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Exactly, and far greater than 6 million.


The 6 Gorrilion Oyyy Veyyyyyy
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Do you have anything with strong supporting documentation on holocaust falsification? These people lie so habitually that I wouldn’t put anything past them.


Ask and you shall receive:


You can start here:



Thank You


Debunking the Holocaust


There’s a lot there. It’s the first time that I’ve seen material of this quality. Given everything else that I know about Judaism, Zionism and the crimes of Israel, it certainly casts doubt on the holocaust story. I’ve read many times that Jews are taught to lie as part of their “religious” cult brainwashing and training. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there’s truth to the allegations that they hoaxed much of the holocaust story to support Zionism.


There’s also Part II of Debunking the Holocaust here:
This section talks about Atrocity Propaganda. They are doing atrocity propaganda on Assad saying he used chemical weapons on people. This is what the Zios do, they fabricate attacks and frame someone else for them. Happens ALL THE TIME:
Idlib chemical attacks
Holocaust (no killing with gas happened, but still an attack is fabricated)
Cheonan sinking (South Korean ship was sunk by Israel)
USS Liberty
London 7/7
WTC bombing in 1993 (and of course 9/11 https://apunked.wordpress.com)
Oklahoma Federal building
Malaysia assassination of “Kim Cheol”
… I could go on all day.

Anyhow atrocity propaganda is the same as war propaganda.

During WW2, Jews did all the things they accused Nazis of doing; Jews imprisoned people, tortured them and executed them.

The following is what happened in Latvia in just a short time frame, about 1-2 years.

Imagine what they did in all the other countries, these Bolshevik Jews were, as well as how many people they detained and tortured in the USSR, and how many people they killed through deliberate policies of starvation.

The pictures are VERY disturbing.

Read about what happened to the Latvians here:
Written by a witness to all these events.

Notice how the Zionist press never talks about this although it’s thoroughly documented?

Have never seen an equivalent picture of the Nazis doing the same thing. No torture rooms, no tortured corpses.


Somebody is doing a lot of work at the websites that you’re referencing to document of the evil Jew cult. Not all Jews are bad, but many are brain washed cultists and they have a collective tendency to congregate in positions of government, media, financial and academic control in society and to misuse those positions to the detriment of the host society.

I do a lot of ET contact work as part of my peace process, life extension and technology upgrade efforts. Last night I drove almost 20 miles off the pavement on mountain forest service roads attempting to get to a remote area that I located on my computer using satellite, topographic, and road maps that is about 25 miles back in off of the pavement where I can use .223 to 20 mm anti material rifles for security with the rounds clearing the ridge lines if necessary with minimum risk of collateral damage. It was my third attempt in the last couple of months to get there, and was the furthest that I’ve reached so far. The two previous attempts being blocked by deep snow on the ridge line high passes. Where I turned back rather than chain up and risk getting stuck.

The left side of my face is permanently scarred from beam weapon fire that almost left me blind in my left eye. I know from looking in the mirror every day that directed energy weapons are capable of being used with surgical precision.

The debris pile at 911 is insufficient for what came down. The Veterans Today nuclear bombs in the basements explanation for the vaporization of the buildings is questionable in my opinion. My guess is that a combination of conventional and non conventional demolitions capability was used. What the non conventional part was I’m not sure. But I wouldn’t rule out some type of terrestrial or off planet directed energy technology.

Last night I reached a road block about 20 miles in just before a river bridge. I parked my Bronco ll in a pull off at the road block, put on some warm clothing and a gun belt with a loaded 9mm hand gun in a holster and 2 loaded spare magazines in pouches, got a flashlight, locked the Bronco up and hiked the remaining mile to the bridge. Falling 2 or 3 times on the rough terrain in the dark. I’ve seen good size black bear and deer in the area, and I’m sure that there are mountain lions and wolves also. I’ve also had a physical ET presence on the ground near me more than once over the years.

Once I reached the river in the new moon darkness before midnight. I scouted the area for crossing potential. I can reach the river from where I parked the Bronco with an 8 speed street legal Honda Trail 90 that I’m thinking about buying. Which has a 4 speed transmission with a high low range gear box similar to a 4×4 for off road and steep trail use. That could be transported on a hitch receiver rack on the back of the Bronco to get it to the road block. Where it could then be unloaded and used for further reconnaissance beyond where the Bronco could go. It has a top speed on the street on the flat of not much more than 45 or 50 mph. I’m not sure if it would be legal past the road block. Some areas they’re legal and some they’re not. I’m sure a mountain bike would be legal though.

I located places where the river can be crossed with shorts, water shoes and trekking poles or using a mountain bike for stability so that I don’t fall in the fast current and walking on rough river stones. To avoid injury and getting gear wet. There may be places where it’s wide and shallow enough so that I could cross it with the Trail 90 with or without a fording kit. I would probably use more than 1 crossing to bring material across the river. And then transport it up to the camp site from there.

It would then be another approximately 5 miles from the other side of the river up through canyons about 5,000 more feet elevation to a clearing where a ship could be brought in for pick up and drop off, with a mountain top near by. The basin clearing could handle a 100 foot or larger scout or light defense force ship. And the mountain top above the basin has a road from the basin to the mountain top. I could set up camp on the mountain top with a good view of the surrounding area. And travel down to the flat basin clearing for rendezvous, which is blocked from surrounding view by the basin and canyon walls.

It’s sufficiently remote and difficult to get to that it’s unlikely that there would be others nearby to interfere. Just myself and if necessary US space command via sat link watching from above in the event that there’s hostilities and a need for back up from a nearby base. Which hopefully won’t be needed. Conflict isn’t my goal. Safe and peaceful integration into the interstellar community of civilizations is my goal.

The bridge has been out for a while from the looks of it. It’s unlikely that the roads on the other side have been maintained and may not be passable other than on foot or with pack animals like llamas, or a mountain bike. A bow saw or electric chain saw could probably get them passable enough to get through with a Trail 90 with some cutting and strap and drag work. If it’s legal to get up there with one. Which would make the contact op much easier and better equipped.


Oh no, the kooks are out. America can never defeat the Zionists while the Zionists have them on a chemical straitjacket. The Zionists will reduce the resistance to them by using the drug culture prevalent in America. With so many people hooked on drugs, legal and illegal, their brain damaged minds don’t allow them to think lucidly. The reason why the Zios were able to defeat China in the 1800s.

Look for America to crash and burn like Nazi Germany. No drug problem in Germany back then, but they still lost. What about America? No hope whatsoever.

Proof? Look at the idiot above. This is typical of most Americans. They won’t be able to resist the Zios. The Zios will land safely after the US economy collapses, and find a new home in China and other nations of Asia, and the middle east too and India. They will still keep a foot in the US.

This explains why a small group of 6 million Jews in Israel can defeat and control a nation of 320 souls (USA). The people of America are blithering idiots. Not ONE can put together history of what happened on 9/11. Veterans Today is close, lots of respect to them, but still some shortfalls. 300 million people and they can’t name the Jew, work out that 5,000 cancers = nuking?


The US is done. You can’t rehabilitate brain-damaged folks. With this sort of quality of people: either patriotards, Christards, or junkies … no hope.


I guess that you get the impression that I’m lying about my contact work and experience. I’m not. I’m also not on drugs legal or illegal. As far as nukes in the basements vaporizing the wtc so that there’s no debris left. I’m not convinced. Survivors were documented coming out of those basements alive from within a couple of hundred feet at most from where tactical nukes allegedly were detonated that dropped and vaporized 1,700 vertical feet of massive steel super structure and everything else. How realistic is that? Not very in my opinion. Those buildings didn’t just come down, 90% of them vaporized into thin air.

If you have disdain for the possibility of an ET presence here. I don’t think that you’re being very objective.

“Directed-energy weapons destroy targets by bombarding them with either subatomic particles or electromagnetic waves at or near the speed of sound. These weapons include lasers, particle beam generators, and microwave radiation emitters.”

From – FM 71-1 Appendix L Directed-Energy Weapons – GlobalSecurity.org

And this is just the non classified information that is available.

Lasers are used in eye surgery. The directed energy theory makes more sense to me than the nukes in the basement scenario.


No, I am disagreeing because you ignore the 5,000 cancers and the radionuclides that were found at the WTC.


This is the explanation for the destruction of the wtc that I found from the material that you supplied:

“A Physicist Explains
WTC – Evidence of a Nuclear Explosion…

The most suitable weapon that, if detonated, would produce particles of this size (0.3 micron) is a thermonuclear weapon. The blast wave of a nuclear explosion from a 0.5 kton thermonuclear weapon would produce the required energy to smash particles into 0.3 micron-sized particles. Conventional explosives would not be suitable as the quantity needed would be too great, and therefore, difficulties of concealment of the explosives within the buildings would arise. However, a single nuclear device placed in a subbasement level, where the radiation from the explosion would be adequately shielded, would provide the necessary explosive power to completely destroy the steel core of the structure in a single blast, and otherwise cause the complete destruction of the building and the evidence within the planes, as well as destroy the evidence concealed within the tower, which would have been the aims of the perpetrators.”

Veterans Today adds to this theory that in conjunction with tactical nukes, there was also a chemical reaction from freon stored in basement tanks for the air conditioning system that added to the destruction of the buildings.

These explanations are questionable in my opinion. The presence of radiation doesn’t prove that nukes were used. Radiation also can result from directed energy weapons.

If nukes with the explosive power to melt and pulverize 1,700 vertical feet of massive steel super structure and concrete into dust were used. It would have blown out the basements and there would have been much greater destruction in that area. It’s highly unlikely that there would have been survivors. But the basements were largely intact and there were survivors coming out of the basements.

We’re lead to believe that the energy from the nukes only traveled up the elevator shafts almost instantly destroying 1/3rd of a mile of some of the largest steel and concrete skyscrapers ever built, but left the basement walls intact with human survivors walking out of the basements after the buildings came down, yet everything and everyone above were destroyed? It doesn’t make sense.

After they cleared the site the basement walls were completely intact and undamaged. I don’t see how that could be if 100 story buildings were completely destroyed by tactical nukes in the basements. The basement walls are built of the same material as the rest of the building. The nukes in the basement theory doesn’t add up.

Nuclear missile silos and bomb shelters are designed to withstand nuclear explosions near by or even take direct hits. These facilities are built with steel and concrete. Military armor is designed to survive nuclear explosions and remain operational. Tanks and armored personnel carriers are built with steel. It doesn’t make sense that an absolutely massive column of steel and concrete 1/3rd of a mile high was disintegrated into dust and energy by small tactical nukes in the basements. Even if their destructive capability was amplified by a chemical reaction with air conditioning freon.

The only explanation that makes sense to me is some type of controllable directed energy weapon capable of dematerialization. I have a 1 inch diameter 1/4 inch deep permanent beam weapon entry wound scar below my left eye that was probably caused by exactly that type of technology. A little bit higher and I’d be blind in that eye. If it had been turned up higher I’d be dead. This isn’t a figment of my imagination, it can be easily seen with the naked eye and photographs blown up on a computer screen are graphic. It was very painful and took a year to recover from completely. Fortunately it hasn’t turned cancerous. But energy technology is known to produce dangerous radiation in some cases. It is altering the atomic and molecular structure of matter after all.


This is a excerpt from yesterday’s post:

“Tonight I’m making a 250 mile round trip drive in the Bronco ll to look at a mountain basin dry lake bed as a potential contact area. And to see if it’s more user friendly and accessible with a Ford F-250 high boy with a camper or a gun mount for security.”

I did run this op last night and it resulted in a close encounter with an unidentified life form in the woods as I approached the mountain basin dry lake bed. That caused me to abandon the op before completion for safety and self preservation purposes. Because both the friend or foe and safe or unsafe assessments were negative and I identified the life form, or forms, as potentially hostile and dangerous.

This is what happened.

I left the motel before night fall in the Bronco ll with gear including a .32 ACP pocket pistol, 9mm pistol and .40 S&W folding carbine. The round trip drive up into the mountains, into a well known and documented high activity area, and back, was 245 miles and I returned unharmed to the motel about 7:30 am in the morning.

Approximately 10 miles from the prospective lake bed LZ/contact area, I turned off of the pavement onto a dirt forest service road and began the assent, traveled 4 miles and turned onto a dead end logging road spur taking me higher up to the foot of a 700 vertical foot head wall where the stream bed exiting the lake formed a ravine. It was about 1,500 feet up the head wall and across a small plateau to the lake bed edge. It was densely forested the entire way. I never came within sight of the lake bed clearing because the close encounter occurred before I reached that area and I decided to deescalate and disengage rather than risk confronting an unidentified life form in potential hostilities.

When I got out of the Bronco ll I put on warm clothing, high top insulated hiking boats, and a head lamp with fresh batteries. Put my Galaxy S6 smartphone with a fresh charge and the stored area map data and gps tracking beacon in my coat chest pocket. i was out of cell range at that time. Put the 9mm with extended magazine in one coat hand pocket and another extended magazine and a compact high powered flashlight in the other coat hand pocket and closed the snaps on all of the pockets so that the contents would stay intact in the event of a fall or run. I put a 3,600 calorie 12 400 calorie section USCG/DHS emergency ration food bar, first aid kit and 4 16.9 ounce bottles of water in the pack. Locked up the truck and head up the hill.

It was a steep strenuous climb. I had to stop at let my pulse and respiration rates drop many times before I made it to the plateau. By the time I reached the plateau there were snow fields in places. That I went around for the most part to avoid breaking through and falling into an opening with a risk of injury.

There was quite a bit of water coming down the ravine stream bed. But by the time I reached the plateau the source had fanned out and the ravine transitioned into more of a flat area and it looked like the source of the stream may have been springs rather than a stream coming from the lake bed. I don’t know if there was water in the lake bed or not because I never made it that far due to the close encounter with the creature. After I had reached the plateau.

Soon after cresting the head wall plateau edge I laid down in a small clearing where there was a break in the tree canopy above and I could do a sky watch of the star field above. But not a meditation/telepathy session. I did receive what seemed like a telepathy inquiry but didn’t respond, and I didn’t attempt to open a telepathy com link. I saw what looked like a conventional aircraft with a red light and a couple of shooting stars, but nothing non conventional.

I rested for about 45 minutes looking up at the sky when a low mechanical humming noise started in the distance where there shouldn’t have been any at that time. I decided to get up and get moving. I checked my position on my smart phone, put it back in my pocket and closed the snap. Put on my pack and turned on the head lamp. That activity evidently triggered a reaction from the creature nearby. It was about 2:15 am when the encounter occurred.

What sounded like an owl started hooting behind me and then there was an explosion of sound as the creature started bellowing unlike anything that I’ve ever heard before. Except it wasn’t really bellowing, it was more high pitched like something aggressive rather than in distress, and it sounded like it was coming from more than one source like there was more than one of them or the load noise was echoing through the mountains.

When I got back to the motel I listened to bear noise on Youtube. It was similar to that, and it may have been that that’s what it was. It also sounded like a large primate or the noise that the Star Wars chewbacca makes. What ever it was it was just out of range of the headlamp light field, but still very close. It was positioned directly between me and the lake bed that I was trying to reach.

At that point I realized that I had a potentially serious situation to deal with. Whatever was making the noise, it, or they, ware very close, and fairly large and aggressive from the sounds of it. I decided to turn back and avoid a potentially dangerous confrontation with an unknown creature or creatures and hope that it, or they, didn’t pursue me. I never heard anything crashing or moving through the brush. Which if it had been a large animal like a bear I think that I would have heard if it had been moving around.

Once I started to head down the hill the noise dropped off pretty quickly. Though I kept looking around and behind me for eye reflections in the head lamp light or movement. I didn’t see anything or hear anything further. I left the high powered flashlight in my pocket and didn’t draw my gun.

As I got closer to the truck I realized that I had missed an opportunity to make a sound recording with my smart phone. Because as loud as the noises were, it should have picked them up. At the time of the encounter, as loud and aggressive as it was, my primary concern was disengagement. Getting some type of body cam with audio capability is on my to do list. That I can turn on quickly and easily if I want to record something nearby.

When I got to the Bronco ll I got the Sub 2000 with the barrel flashlight and two spare mags out of the bag and case, locked it in the open position, and placed it on the passenger seat with the barrel in the foot well where I could get it quickly if there was further activity on the road on the way out. There wasn’t.

At this point I’m not sure what to do about that location. My inclination is to back burner it for the time being and pursue other options. Like the site on the other side of the washed out bridge.


Is that all you got? That there were survivors in the basement (Basement B survivors)? This is also discussed at the site. You’re not familiar with the concept of shielding? The reason why a police officer survived crouching behind a vehicle?

Bet you among those survivors, there are cancer victims. The concrete and truck etc may protect you from the immediate effects but those people were breathing in the concrete dust etc after when they were rescued.

The Stairway B survivors survived just because they were in the basement levels. The part of the building got blown away and landed in an intact part of the basement or the basement landed on top of them during the explosion when everything was blown apart.

Whatever happened, the concrete and steel in the basement level shielded them from the blast effects and heat effects of the explosion. This does not mean that the tactical nuclear device was not in the basement level of the WTC and detonated from there. There were six levels of the basement.

A nuclear explosion is like any other explosion. There can be “miracle” survivors in a mine explosion or gas explosion in a building. In this case, the Stairway B survivors managed to be shielded by the concrete and steel casing they were entrapped in, and they were further shielded by the fact that they landed in a relatively intact part of the basement and had air pockets to breathe.

This does not rule out that an explosion took place, nor that the explosion was nuclear.

Shielding is discussed here.


A photo of the crater in the hard rock underneath the foundations created by the tactical nuke is shown here.



Report from the International Red Cross
comment image


Academia is another Jew cult high density area that doesn’t get as much attention as their infiltration of politics, media and finance. But it’s really the foundation for humanity’s Jew cult problem. Because it’s the spring board that these parasites use both to get into other control areas of society. But also how to build the information foundation for society’s development using their lies and filth to subvert it in the direction that they want it to go. So that it’s to their advantage and to the detriment of the host society and the rest of humanity that they’re exploiting.

The Talmud is a twisted immoral perversion of the bible that teaches immorality and criminality to the cult children. Which is why they hid it from non Jews for so long and are attempting a damage control effort now that people can see the depravity that they’ve been indoctrinating Jew cultists with for thousands of years. After Jew pedophiles sexually assault many of them at birth as part of the dehumanization and brainwashing process. This evil cult really should be outlawed.

John McCullough

No it says 66000 are currently recieving pensions ie the ones that havent died since 1945.

comment image

This artical says 70 000 have apllied just between 2002-2007.,


comment image

Not bad money considering children and grandchildren are trying to get the pensions as well – how fkn jewish can you get,..

comment image

Concrete Mike

Us got hit in 2001, they are under controll no worries There.


If only..

comment image


Look what they did to Latvia:

They are gradually turning the US into the same thing. Slowly they’re making it a police state. Like in the USSR, you’re not allowed to say anything bad about the Jews. You can only praise them and bow to them, and say what a wonderful high-IQ, talented, kind, generous, poor victims they are.

In the USSR, you disappeared one night and your tortured body was found in a shallow grave if you were “lucky” or never found at all, simply gone forever as if you never existed.

In the USA, you lose your job, no bank gives you a loan, no Jewish firm (about 90% of the major corporations) gives you a job, the government won’t hire you, etc, if you are blacklisted by the Jews and have said anything bad about them, such as you don’t think 6 million died in the Holocaust.

With no job and homelessness looming, you have no option but to kill yourself or spend your life as a drifter sleeping on the streets.

Not much better than being purged in the USSR.

The Zionists rule with an iron fist. Israel trains US police all the time. This is why the police have become so brutal.

The USA has become a colony of Israel. It is a Zionist-occupied government, as are all of EU, most of South America and Japan and South Korea, some SE Asian nations, and all of Oceania (NZ is more independent though).

The Zionists are now concentrating on China. China is greedy and has become a whore. It won’t be long before the One Party state becomes a two-party state. The country is embracing western liberalism these days. The Jews have their claws in that country firmly.

USA might not become like Germany in the 1920s if enough rich Chinese migrate to the USA, keeping the falling economy from collapsing with their injection of capital. The Chinese are the nouveau riche, they’re gauche, unversed in world politics, ignorant about US politics and history, unknowledgeable about Zionists, and eminently suitable to be the next people to be fleeced.

The Chinese are slow. They didn’t learn from the beating they got in the late 1800s with the takeover by the British and other colonialists.

They are vulgar and only see money. With that attitude, they will lose everything and become as bankrupt as the US empire, and their society will fall prey to all sorts of degeneration as well.

Read about Jews and China in the 1800s and how Sassoon conquered the Chinese.


Chinese want to be conquered again, I think. Stupid morons.


Not all Jews are bad, the ones who don’t take their Talmud cult brainwashing to seriously. It sounds like your knowledge of Judaism is limited and prejudiced by a life of lying Jew media disinfo conditioning. If you had a better grasp of Judaism’s history and construct you might be more inclined to agree with the cult definition.

One example would be ritual pedophilia and child molestation. They take the cult children’s virginity at birth and some contract incurable venereal disease in the process. These people belong in prison.


They’re running out of places to go, nobody wants them. It’s why they congregate in a few places before their anti social behavior and crime makes them persona non grata. Italy, not exactly known for their anti antisemitism, has a population of 28,000. There’s that many in a few blocks of some areas of NYC.


There’s probably a lot more. Cryptos. They hide their names and their origins. They try and blend in. They marry with Gentiles. Be careful. A lot of these ones you don’t know are Jewish could be, and if you say something bad about Jews, they’ll make sure it will come back to you.


There are Jews that hide their identity so that they’re not discriminated against. And there are those that turn away from Judaism because it’s an evil cult, not a moral religion like Christianity. Jews are evil blood sucking baby rapists. This evil cult should be outlawed.

“Infants Contract Herpes From Oral Suction During Jewish Circumcision”


John Marks

That’s exactly what Trump promised to do: bring the troops back from the Middle East and make peace with Russia. Then the Deep State and their media machine got to work – and on April 4th, a silent coup was completed in Washington.

John Mason

Tend to agree with you but I believe that Trump has always been a part of the ‘deep state’ and was chosen because he is week, pathetic and easily manipulated and coerced. Clinton is stronger and would have posed a problem because she has to be in total control.


He never said that, you perceived that…

He told us over and over again that he was a warmonger:
“We will make our military stronger!”

What exactly does this mean? A stronger military means a bigger military of course.
Bigger for what?
Certainly not for doing nothing right?

The mind hears what it wants to hear.

Concrete Mike

10-4 Brother, dont our children deserve à better world tour Grow Up in?? All were teaching Them now is how to divide everybody un Little tribes, how the fuck are we to progress if all we Do is tribal warfare?? Its moronnic.

All those ressources…wasted on war , instead of schools hospitals roads Bridges , water and sewer infrastructures, Space travel!!! And on and on and on.
It Will take more than à leader, this has to start at thé bottom with us.

Do not despair Brother we Will win


Please, God, give those brave SAA defenders of human civilisation, a wisdom, courage, and good luck to shoot down one of these… Then those israHELLi “heroes” will scream like a bitches, bend their tails and fuck off the Syria…
Just one is enough… give us just one zio scum burning down from the skies…

Wahid Algiers

“give us just one zio scum burning down from the skies…” That dirty vermin attacks from the other side of the so-called border line. It needs to attack them at their costal regions to get the people there in fear and rage. They have to loose more than Syria. But one question: What are the Russians and Iranians doing?

John Mason

Planning. Time will tell but Russia, Iran and Syria will have to do something and are not prepared to advertise it.

Wahid Algiers

Sure, but now it needs to do exactly what is not on the zio agenda or expected by these “eternal victims”: a massive counterattack.


To early (I know I get angry when I see the Israelis strike the SAA for no good reason especially when no Israeli was even hurt) to say what the response if any.

Opening up a front near the Golan Heights ill only bring failure if its just SAA and Hezbollah fighting (including other Hezbollah from Iraq etc, etc…). The Russians just won’t fire at Israeli jets, its as simple as that. They don’t want a confrontation with the Israelis because widening the war will bring in more and more players from around the world to get involved.

We have just have to grin and bear it for now. When its all over and the Jihadist are destroyed. Iran will rebuild with Russian help a new Syria that will be able (hopefully) to counter the Israelis. But for now the terrorist and rebels must be eradicated

Israel doesn’t fight fair AT ALL. They will pull low-ball hits at any opportune time. The only positive thats coming from Israel striking SAA positions is now there is no more doubt that Israel is on the terrorist side. Its plain as day for all to see.

Solomon Krupacek

Why do not bomb the RuAF these jihadist?? It is impossible, that IL held the frontline of terrorists.

Russia is sinking deeper and deeper in shit.

John Mason

Don’t think so, calm from Russia before the storm. No point in retaliating now, time for that later.

Concrete Mike

Expect à volley of kalibr cruise missiles to hit another “opérations Room ” soon. All kinds of foreigners There hehehe


The Russians are not one for a non cool calculated response, chess players vs poker player neocons can only have one outcome.
I await the response no doubt its already been calculated but they will have all their ducks in a row before they move.


Success is the best revenge.


Yes if a cool head can be maintained checkmate isnt far away.


18 to 24 months would be my guess. And most of the rural areas will be under government control and almost all of the population centers. If the invaders haven’t folded completely by then.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

We should see things change before the year is out you should see most of the FSA taking deals and joining the Syrian government and the FakeSA will be dealt with since there are not many near Al Tanf they can’t even get the neutral tribes in the area to join , they say ISIS is in the North go join them in Raqqa . The thing they might push the neutral tribes of Suweida to fight against the FakeSA in the region .


There’s an almost endless supply of mercenary invaders available paid for with GCC cash. Yes the Russians can slaughter them in mass with advanced weapons and it takes time to replace them. But they still have to hold the areas that they take and they’re working on that with non Syrian army forces holding cleared areas as the Syrian army and other forces advance. There are a lot of civilians and infrastructure that needs protecting in rebel and invader held areas. That’s why they’re going slow. It’s also very expensive. Both the actual costs of the military campaigns and shoring up the Syrian government on an as needed basis until the war is over.

It’s also a limited peer on peer conflict with the US, Israel and at times Turkey involved. So the Syrian government and it’s supporters are trying to minimize peer on peer conflict while still winning the war. All of these factors slow things down.

Concrete Mike

Indeed, we should all be thankful for russias restraint, ww3 is very close and the zios are trying really hard to start it. Thé zions are just waiting for an excuse, I’m Old enough to have Seen this tune already.

Regardless, I doubt the public in Thé west has any appettite for war, wich is why the media is pushing this russiagate bs pretty hard as à distraction. Once enough of the public figures it out, the west Will be powerless. Were almost There. Together we are unstoppable


John Mason
This is the Putin Russia operating style:

Do nothing
Do it very slowly
Wait and see what happens


It looks like the Jew cultist blood sucking child molesters are getting nervous as their terror proxies are getting rolled up, their regime change dreams are going down the tubes and they’re soon going to have the Russian bear and company armed to the death permanently camped out on their door step. I’m sure that the Lebanese and Egyptians are smiling as the evil Jew filth squirms.

Leon Auguste

That’s really unfair and deplorable!

John Mason

The 3 most detested nations, US, Israel and Saudi making more trouble. So far Assad has been silent, waiting for the climax.

Miguel Redondo

When there where still doubts about it. Al-Qaeda/ISIS is a child of Israel and the Al-Qaeda-Airforce has a Davidstar painted on the side. I think the first public attack of Al-Qaeda-Airforce was 9-11. Put they covered up the Davidstar.


Cui Bono “Who Benifits”

comment image


The twin towers were brought down by tactical nukes. 5,000 workers who worked at Ground Zero have cancer after 9/11, as of Dec 2016. See CNN report, also read CDC report from government. The Israelis can try and hide their authorship using the Zionist media but they can’t hide the cancers. The cancers, the radionuclides, the crater all show that 9/11 attacks were the work of Israelis and the bombs that blew up the WTC were tactical mininukes (suitcase nukes or SADMs).


They also used a tactical nuke to blow up a North Korean city and kill Syrians who were visiting there. American Mossad agent Zev Barkan detonated the nuke with a cell phone signal. He posed as a Canadian security expert in North Korea. The town is near the border with China. 40% of the town was wiped out.

John McCullough

Alex Jones is Zionist and possibly Mossad, he works for the same people who brought down the towers. He is a famous disinformationalist. He is worth 5 million dollars. He has been funded by 34 Jews, all Zionists in probability. His organization has links to Stratfor, a Mossad outfit. Alex Jones has stated he has Jewish heritage and he is pro-Israel in videos. He hides the Israeli role in 9/11 by diverting the attention to goyim (Jesuits, Bilderbergers, Rothschild – Jewish but shunned by many Zionists for being too goy-like, Rockefeller – same, PNAC, CFR, and of course the CIA). This all works for the Zionists. If you say it’s fire, thermite etc that brought down the towers, you will have to explain how 5,000 workers who worked at the towers have got cancer, and 1,000 bystanders too – CDC, a government organization gives these statistics – I didn’t make them up. Only a radiological event such as a nuking can cause this HUGE Hiroshima-like cancer spike. And don’t say it’s the toxins released – toxins such as PAHCs cause cancer in only 1 or 2 regions of the body, the cancers in 9/11 Ground Zero workers appear in FIFTY-FIVE regions of the body, the cancers are aggressive and behave unusually and appear in younger age groups than normal and many people have more than one cancer – all characteristics of cancer seen in nuking.

You are ignorant and uneducated and so you try and argue with me in this infantile way.

Try and refute any of the claims in that site, claims that are all supported by references, including references to investigations done by CDC, USGS, NIST, FBI and other investigative bodies of the US government.

All supported by evidence that comes from the medical and scientific literature – nuclear science, physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering and so forth.

Read again. I bet you that you can’t refute a single thing.

John McCullough

The dust from the collapsed towers was “wildly toxic”, according to air pollution expert and University of California Davis Professor Emeritus Thomas Cahill. Much of the thousands of tons of debris resulting from the collapse of the Twin Towers was pulverized concrete, which is known to cause silicosis upon inhalation. The remainder consisted of more than 2,500 contaminants, more specifically: 50% non-fibrous material and construction debris; 40% glass and other fibers; 9.2% cellulose; and 0.8% of the extremely toxic carcinogen asbestos, as well as detectable amounts of[ lead and mercury. There were also unprecedented levels of dioxins and PAHs from the fires which burned for three months. Many of the dispersed substances (asbestos, crystalline silica, lead, cadmium, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) are carcinogenic; other substances can trigger kidney, heart, liver and nervous system deterioration. This was well known by the EPA at the time of collapse. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) funded case report performed by Mt Sinai observed carbon nanotubes in dust samples and in the lungs of several 9/11 responders. No radiation it appears.

John McCullough

For many months after 9/11 no groups or person(s) took responsibility for the attacks, so the responsibility fell upon the hijackers, all, must be said were killed and all of them left no evidence of any claim of responsibility, explaining why they had carried out the attacks. As the media covered the 9/11 attacks unfolding, many quickly speculated that bin Laden was behind the attacks. On the day of the attacks, the National Security Agency intercepted communications that pointed to bin Laden, as did German intelligence agencies. This helped rule out other immediate suspects, such as Croatian nationalists, who had bombed Grand Central Terminal on September 11, 1976.

Authorities in the United States and Britain also obtained electronic intercepts, including telephone conversations and electronic bank transfers, which indicate that Mohammed Atef, a bin Laden deputy, was a key figure in the planning of the 9/11 attacks. Intercepts were also obtained that revealed conversations that took place days before September 11 between bin Laden and an associate in Pakistan. In those conversations, the two referred to “an incident that would take place in America on, or around, September 11” and they discussed potential repercussions. In another conversation with an associate in Afghanistan, bin Laden discussed the “scale and effects of a forthcoming operation.” These conversations did not specifically mention the World Trade Center or Pentagon, or other specifics.

The investigators were quickly able to link the 19 men to the terrorist organization al-Qaeda, also by accessing material in their intelligence agency files. The New York Times reported on September 12 that: “Authorities said they had also identified accomplices in several cities who had helped plan and execute Tuesday’s attacks. Officials said they knew who these people were and important biographical details about many of them. They prepared biographies of each identified member of the hijack teams, and began tracing the recent movements of the men.” FBI agents in Florida investigating the hijackers quickly “descended on flight schools, neighborhoods and restaurants in pursuit of leads.” At one flight school, “students said investigators were there within hours of Tuesday’s attacks.” The Washington Post later reported that “In the hours after Tuesday’s bombings, investigators searched their files on [Satam] al-Suqami and [Ahmed] al-Ghamdi, noted the pair’s ties to [Nabil] al-Marabh and launched a hunt for him.”

Based on the evidence, authorities in the United States quickly asserted that Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda organization were solely responsible for the attacks, and other suspects were ruled out. The Government of the United Kingdom reached the same conclusion. Although he denied the attacks at first, Osama bin Laden had since claimed full responsibility.

I have my own beliefs on this matter that may not fully support the above.


Show me the study where these toxins cause cancer in 7% of the people exposed to these toxins. If these toxins were so toxic, people would be dropping dead from cancer all over the place every day just breathing in the pollution. Asbestos causes mesothelioma after 20 years. People were getting mesothelioma after 3 years which is unheard of. Radiation can cause mesothelioma to appear as early as 0-4 years after exposure. Chris Whitman’s scientists showed that the toxins would not cause these levels of cancers in workers who wore the standard face masks.
It’s not enough to say these chemicals cause deterioration. Anything given in enough quantities fed to lab animals can cause a myriad of disturbances. “Everything causes cancer”. You have to show studies that these substances cause CANCER in humans and the incidence of cancer. After scanning the literature, cannot find any literature that says these substances cause cancer to those exposed in the order of 7% ( 1 out of 12 people exposed) in the amounts exposed.
This was an ordinary building demolition cleanup. There is no indication that this building would be much different to the demolition cleanup of hundreds of skyscrapers that are cleaned up. There is no report of 1000s of workers getting cancer from cleaning up after a demolition.
As I said, show me the reports about the cancer incidence. We’re not talking about asbestosis – there were very few reports of asbestosis actually, none that I can recall – so you’re on the wrong track. We’re talking about mesothelioma and other nasty lung diseases.
It’s been thoroughly researched here:
Bet you can’t find the study that says those chemicals and toxins in the air causes 7% incidence in cancer to those exposed. Will be waiting for you to show me the study.


The fact that there are these nano particles in such high quantities is also consistent with a nuking. Actually there is no phenomenon that can produce the appearance of such small particles 0.3 micron in one study except for a nuking. The energy produced would not be great enough. A nuke can produce the energy to produce nano particles. It also has the energy to fling 30 ton steel beams 150 meters away (in horizontal distance) and impale them in buildings. Pancake collapse caused the hurling of 3–ton projectiles 150 meters away? Never happens. A pancake collapse causes 20 p.s.i a hundred meters away? Nope, only in a nuking. Cars in a car lot 200 meters away were set alight from the thermal energy of the fireball of the nuclear explosion. How can gravity cause the complete destruction of a 500,000 ton concrete and steel building.
Elevated levels of tritium, strontium. niobium, uranium, beryllium, thorium were found at the WTC site by USGS scientists. All documented at the site:


Mmm they are pushing for a show of force, is Israel massing forces on the Lebanese border by any chance?
Hard choices here, I know the trick but how many times do you allow yourself to be hit before taking action.
They are looking for a pretext – if a creative response is possible Putins the one to find/do it.

The constant atrocities from this hate state have to end one way or another.

comment image


If they were massing, everyone would know about it.
So far, not a peep.


They have been hardening it, presumably to prevent a counterattack from that quarter.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Israel has been massing in the region year after year for over 70 years non stop.
And they will be more massed tomorrow then they were today. -TRUE STORY


come on now…3 times in a row?because the Syrians fired at them?why would they do that?waste of ammo. hit the sands of Israel for no reason…..I think this is a serious escalation in Syria. If Israel takes action against SAA providing air support for the terrorists ,it would mean a whole deal of casualties and destruction of precious equipment. Russia should do something. They have good diplomatic ties with israel. try to convince them to stay out of this

Concrete Mike

Your intentions are noble and just, I fear that this escalation is part of à plan B.

Our goverments are hostages of Saudi/isreali Bitches. This shit Will keep on happening until we stop thèse 2 terror supporting States. Matter of fact some dicknugget was arguing with me that Israël does not support terror, There ya go jerk!

Saudi is the weak link here, take Them down to acheive victory, Israël has its Powerwith US$, which is back by Saudi oil, take Saudi out, Israël is neuterred.

One thing, we have to watch out for the Israeli mini nukes.

Thèse laptop bombs that Trump told Lavrov about, they are probably the lastest mini nukes. Trump probably didnt know je was talking about mini nukes, but Lavrov understood Fully. Thats why thé zio media freaked out, Trump either by stupidity, or deliberate genius filled the Russians in.

This is all spéculation on my part, but it kinda makes sensé.

VT has an excellent mini nuke investigation going on, mind blowing stuff.


well israel doesnt support terror…..USA as well….Saudi?no way….but lets define terror…for Israel its the palestinians…only….ISIS is killing Arabs, Europeans etc so its ok. For the USA….difficult question…osama was a friend, then became terrorist…..eeeerrrr the Syrian opposition…are the good guys…but sometimes they use chemical weapons (never mind we will say SAA did it), and they sometimes threaten to kill us advisors or decapitate 10 year old children as spies…..but they are ok….and we give them weapons that they sell to ISIS because they are ISIS as well….but ok no problem…Assad is a terrorist. So they dont support terrorists its obvious

888mladen .

It’s simple. Past behaviors determine the future ones. You never do anything against your most important ally.


Russia is a weak and unreliable ally. It’s a utter disgrace when one country after another keeps disrespecting Russia and Russia do nothing.

WW3 is worse??? It’s like – better let me send your mom, wife and daughter to the whore house to make me some money, your son too. Better let me take your resource, your dignity and your self respect. Better let me do whatever I want, kill anyone in your family when I want…. OR IT SHALL BE WW3.

Concrete Mike

Do you have a wife and kids??? Do you really want to fight à ww3 for wall street to get richer off my broke ass? Its not enough they gouge you everyday for everything, lie to you on the radio, in the papers, on tv, in school. This is what the Beast wants more wars fuelled by ignorance.

I call upon all Brothers and Sisters, espicially our muslim friends, reject the calls of war, reject intolerance, reject the corrupt GCC money and idéology.

I call for unity in humanity, we already have the tools to win, open your Minds to the truth, unité against this evil mob thats calls itself our so called leaders.

We the people dont not want war!!!

P.s. thanks flobots i poorly paraphrased some of your Lyrics There, ( fight with tools)


An emotional response, there will be many but cool heads win


At least we don’t have to take their cries about foreign powers helping terrorists in Israel serious anymore.


From the Beginning of the story we lnew that ISIS is made of “MOSSAD”.
The real Fact is that israHELL is paving her destruction.

John McCullough

Will never happen.

Andrew Pate

So Israel is ISIS(Israel Secret Intelligence Service) and they have just proved it by shooting at SAA and not at the Al Nusra Terrorists which also mingle with ISIS depending on who pays the money.
Israel does not want Syria to regain its own land and also helping the US on the Jordan border to prevent Iran direct access to Syria via Iraq. I cant hear any noises coming out of the western alliance about this aggression?

Suyanto Ng

Damn, Damascus and nearby area still ‘hot’, there’s terrorist pocket everywhere, no way to install AD system. But still Damascus was priority to put AD system, seems Zionist try to distract SAA from ISIL, by threatening Damascus using their Al-Qaeda proxies advances. Russian should cover SAA movement from air in Quneitra as deterrent toward Zionist/ ISIL/HTS air force.

General Surena

Now…israel means terorists AİR FORCE…Those mortars are fired by his own terrorist group that station inside of Syria so when ever Israel wants to do killing job tell his puppet fighters to fire some to the border which no one lives there so to excuse for invasion or air strike….. BUT İSRAEL WİLL NOT BE “A WİNNER… wait and see.

General Surena

now …”İSRAEL MEANS TERORİSTS AİR FORCE”…Those mortars are fired by his own terrorist group that station inside of Syria so when ever Israel wants to do killing job tell his puppet fighters to fire some to the border which no one lives there so to excuse for invasion or air strike….. BUT İSRAEL WİLL NOT BE “THE WİNNER… just wait and see…

John Mason

Rather audacious from a nation that continuously cries out for self pity. Time that Israel gets buried.

lena ivaniva

absolutely right


Like most people I feel outraged too. But look at the back drop to these air strikes. Virtually continuous progress and small victories to SAA, the Flunky Shithadist Army is at standstill at best, ISUS has few places to run to (unless Uncle Shlomo airlifts them to Africa), the Nusrats are twiddling their thumbs in Idlib, the Gulf Council is breaking at the seams, Iran has just dealt a serious blow to ISUS with accurate missile strikes, the global propaganda of many years is failing, most countries that invested billions into having a slice of Syria will get nothing. Worst of all for the so-called jewish state, the Israel-firsters dirty games in the US are being exposed and the entirely one-sided relationship between those two is under fire. I take it as a sign that the jewish century is over. Like the US air attack, these strikes mean nothing strategically. They are a sign of desperation.

John Brown

The racist supremacist Jewish empire needs war because it is losing the peace everywhere. These attacks are designed to provoke Russia Syria etc to shoot down Israeli jets over Israel bomb Israel etc. so Israel can pretend to be the victim for the stupid Goyim, so they can order American Goyims to attack Syria and die for a greater racist supremacist Israel under this pretext.
These attacks by Israel are not significant and don’t change the course of the battle or war. If Israel mount’s large scale air strikes attacks etc which change the course of battles and the war Russia will stop them and it will be also obvious for all the world to see that Israel is ISIS and Al Qaeda as there will be no doubt, no way to cover up that such air strikes are to help, head chopping, slave selling, child sex killing murders and that Israel and racist supremacist Jews are head chopping, slave selling, child sex killing murders etc. so even as the master Jewish race says the most stupid Goyim will finally get it and it will be a disaster for racist supremacist Jews.comment image

lena ivaniva

All those muderous russian-speaking people in Israel have been commiting crimes against russians for long time.
Hopefully the all get killed by Palestinians or Lebanese fighters.

Alex Black

Very fake name, i wonder which jihadists moron you actually are. Israel has terrible foreign policy but that doesnt mean jews are bad people, Soviet Union had terrible policy, but that doesnt mean russians should die, North Korea has terrible policy, doesnt mean north koreans should die, and so on, do you understand?


Keep going.. Kudos to the Israeli forces. Bomb the hell out of them. They present a major threat

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Israel will end its own existence , bad enough they have colluded with the US, Saudi Arabia and Jordan in sponsoring terrorist and FakeSA with no support from the actual faction representing the opposition . Israel brought doom to itself karma always has a way of correcting the uneven things in life , the boomerang effect .

Real Anti-Racist Action

Not a single missile Russia has ever sold Syria or Iran in the last 30 years is even capable of locking onto or taking out a single UK, US, Israeli or French aircraft. – TRUE STORY

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