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Israeli Air Force Destroyed Syrian Ammo Depots, Early Warning Network In Recent Airstrikes

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Israeli Air Force Destroyed Syrian Ammo Depots, Early Warning Network In Recent Airstrikes

Illustrative: An Israeli Air Force F-35 Lightning II fighter jet takes part in a graduation ceremony for IAF pilots at the Hatzerim base in Israel’s Negev desert on December 26, 2018. (Jack Guez/AFP)

On June 30, new details about the recent Israeli strikes on Syria, which took place on June 23 and 24, appeared online.

According to the Syria-based blog Within Syria, the airstrikes were a part of a “complex operation” that targeted sites in southeast, east and central Syria.

In the first stage of the operation, which took place late on June 23, warplanes of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) snuck along the Syrian-Jordanian border. From there, they launched guided munitions at a newly-established Early Warning network of the Syrian Air Defense Force and Reconnaissance Directorate.

The guided munitions destroyed the network’s radars, which were stationed in the following areas:

  • Tell al-Sahun in eastern al-Suwayda;
  • Ghabagheb in western Deir Ezzor;
  • Al-Sukhnah in eastern Homs.

The Israeli pinpoint airstrikes killed two Syrian officers, who were operating the targeted radar, and injured at least two others.

After successfully destroying the early warning network, the IAF launched the second stage of its operation. Early on June 24, a second group of warplanes followed the same route along the Syrian-Jordanian border. However, this time they penetrated Syria’s airspace.

The warplanes launched guided munitions at ammo depots hidden in the following places:

  • The onion factory near the town of al-Salamiyah;
  • The cultural center in the town of Sabburah;
  • The forage factory near the town of Aqarib;
  • A military position near the town of Ithriyah.

The ammo depots, which were completely destroyed, were reportedly used by Iranian forces, the National Defense Forces as well as the Syrian Arab Army.

The report speculates that the operation was carried out by F-35 warplanes. At least 22 F-35s are in service with the IAF. However, there is no evidence to confirm that they carried out the recent airstrikes on Syria.

The complex operation, which demonstrated the IAF offensive capabilities, was apparently another military message to Syria and Iran. Despite such successes, Israeli actions will not likely lead to any changes whatsoever in the Syrian-Iranian cooperation, especially against Israel.


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  1. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

    Turkey determined to control social media platforms, Erdogan says.

    Turkey will introduce regulations to control social media platforms or shut them down, President Tayyip Erdogan announced on Wednesday, pressing ahead with government plans after he said his family was insulted online.

    “Do you understand now why we are against social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter and Netflix? These platforms do not suit this nation. We want to shut down, control (them) by bringing (a bill) to parliament as soon as possible,” he said.

    Turkey fiercely criticised Twitter last month for suspending more than 7,000 accounts that supported Erdogan, saying the company was smearing the government and trying to redesign Turkish politics.


    1. MikeH says:

      Twitter has no business picking sides. If they do, they should be banned.

      1. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

        Twitter has every right to ban accounts that it (twitter) has proof they are from the same person or organisation or in this case the Erdogan regime and is promoting specific propaganda.

        1. MikeH says:

          Twitter chooses sides. They are a propaganda medium and will censor those that the masters tell them to. They have no business picking sides if they choose to be an independent platform vs propaganda outlet. So far, Twitter has chosen to be a propaganda outlet so any banning of their platform is absolutely fair.

          1. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            NO they are NOT choosing sides. They have rules and regulations and using twitter as a propaganda mechanism is breaking its rule.
            Erdogay is a dictator and this is just another proof. Just like Iran is a dictatorship and just like North Korea.

          2. MikeH says:

            “NO they are NOT choosing sides.”

            To say that about Twitter + big tech, means you are either blind, dumb or a propagandist yourself. Sorry that regardless of the category, you are not worth the conversation.

          3. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            To think that shutting down or censoring social networks is something good, that is something an uneducated, 3rd world country, backwords thinking, baboon would think.
            And You are the one who is not worth the conversation.

      2. FlorianGeyer says:

        Banned everywhere.

    2. occupybacon says:

      Erdogan is right on that, Silicon valey became a nest of neomarxists, they should be banned everywhere.

  2. <> says:

    And it wasn’t the last strike. We all know that as long as Iranian proxies led by the IRGC are in Syria, it won’t stop. Leave or die.

    1. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

      You are farting on the Iranians ‘balls’ is what you are doing.

      1. <> says:

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          7. <> says:

            Greeks are cool people, but left wing anarchists like you need to be hanged that’s all. Maybe the Golden Dawn can take care of that.

          8. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:


            You calling me a ”left wing anarchist” shows you either havent been paying attention to my posts or you are so beaten (again) by me that you just got nothing to say, your small jew brain is like mashed potato and you are posting utter shite.

            Not that before you posted anything of value or integrity…

          9. <> says:

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          11. <> says:

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            Again, you misconfuse me with those Jews in your picture. I am hardly anything like them, not by looks and not by agenda. You see, here in Israel we know how to deal with threats, any kind of a threat. Ever heard of Krav Maga? I don’t need a knife or a gun for you, just my two own hands.

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          30. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            Those immigrants are the direct result of israely scumy policies in the Middle East you filthy jewsnake!

            And the hate is not unexplained at al :

            Greek uprising and genocide in Kyrenaica.

            The Jewish movement had begun in Cyrene, Libya, where insurgents massacred the Greek population, razed the city, demolished temples and even dug the road leading to the city’s port, Apollonia. Someone promised to lead the Jews of Cyrene on the road to Zion; and the Jews of Cyrene would lead their compatriots in Egypt. Mesopotamian Jews would meet them there.

            Eventually, the revolt was suppressed in 118 AD. In the Eastern Mediterranean, the order was imposed by General Markios Turvon, while in Mesopotamia, Lucius Quietus had already succeeded after both had imposed the punishment of the legions, slaughtering tens of thousands of Jews, but certainly fewer than the Greeks themselves.

            As a reaction to their destruction, the Jews stopped learning Greek from their children! For Cyprus, however, the catastrophe was complete. The rivalry between Jews and Cypriots began in the early years of Cyprus’ enslavement of the Romans. Katon occupied Cyprus in 56 BC and literally plundered it from all kinds of wealth, leading the Cypriots to complete misery.

            The Roman allies in this oppression were Jewish merchants, who, as a subcontractor, undertook to exploit, on behalf of the Romans, the rich copper mines and every other wealth-producing resource.

            A second source, the famous English historian Edward Gibbon (known in Greek as the Gibbons) who lived from 1737 to 1794, during the period of enslaved Hellenism.

            This text is found in his monumental work “History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” and is also mentioned in the book “Trial” by Bill Grimstadt, publisher of “Aryan Pres Incorporation United”, 1973 edition. .
            Here is the cut.

            “Mankind is amazed by the recital (in three acts) of the terrible crimes of the Jews against the unsuspecting, native Greeks, who considered them friends.
            The Jews betrayed this friendship and slaughtered 220,000 Greeks in Cyrene and overthrew 240,000 Greeks in Cyprus, as well as a large part of the Greek population in Egypt.

            Many of the Greek victims were judged by two of the Jews according to their tradition, that David ratified this manner of execution by his example.
            During these massacres of the Greeks, the Jews devoured the flesh of the dead, drank their blood and destroyed the entrails! ”

            These, as unbelievable as they may seem, exaggerated or exaggerated, are written by one of the greatest historical writers of the past who cannot be suspected of “anti-Semitism” (at least in his day), nor accused of lack of seriousness, since his works were , is and will be one of the most serious sources of Antiquity. (These from historical sources)

          31. <> says:

            You want to talk about the past? you Greeks killed many Jews in ancient Israel, you are one of the reasons we lost our 2nd Temple. You forced Jews to become Hellanic and give up on our culture, so fuck you.


          32. Free man says:

            “….Greeks…….Turks….” – Why do you generalize? Do you like it when others here doing it to Jews / Israelis?

          33. <> says:

            He started it Free Man, not me.

          34. Free man says:

            He is one Greek, he doesn’t represent all Greeks / Turks.

    2. Z1 says:

      Same to you

    3. Saubhik Ghosh, frnd of israel says:

      can u tell me why Israel considers shia Iran as more dangerous…shia Iran is fighting against radical sunnis who r more in number and r headchoppers…moreover israel is surrounded by big sunni countries so d real threat comes from them in d long run bcos although it may seem dat SISI or Md Salman r okay towards Israel but d likes of Muslim Brotherhood and sunni masses r highlyradicalised and r against d existence of Israel….in india shias r friendly towards Hindus but it is d sunnis who creates mess in India

      1. <> says:

        Well, we hate both Sunnis and Shias extremists they both want to kill us. However, the Shias have their own belief that Israel needs to disappear in order to free Jerusalem, while other Sunni states don’t see it like that. We din’t have problem with Iran before 1979, after the mullahs came into power we started the conflict.

        1. Free man says:

          “The Shias have their own belief that Israel needs to disappear in order to free Jerusalem” – you are Generalizing again. One of Israel’s largest arms buyers is Shiite Azerbaijan. Only the Mullahs regime and its supporters want to destroy Israel.

          1. <> says:

            Free Man, sorry when I say shia i mean mullahs and Hezbollah. Not regular Iranians, my mistake so I correct myself.

      2. igybundy says:

        Why do you bother replying to this fat polish pretender who fills up the site with his drivel?

    4. igybundy says:

      bleh bleh bleh burp.. gas.. so tired of all the gas..

      1. <> says:

        Which gas you stupid madafucka? the one I will put into your throat? yeah it would feel goood.

        1. igybundy says:

          the gas coming out of your arse you use for a mouth.

  3. Lone Ranger says:

    Why was it unarmed is the better question…

  4. verner says:

    well well syria and iran and turkey must do everything to wipe the criminally corrupt jews in palestine from the face of earth. time to get a grip and blow them to kingdom come, never to be seen ever again.

    1. n a says:

      the saudi scum should also be wiped out

  5. gustavo says:

    Poor Syria without be able to shot down any Israel plane….poor Syria.

    1. Rhodium 10 says:

      Israel launch cruise missile Delilah with a range of 300km…it is similar if a Syrian SU 24 launch a cruise missile from Hama towards Israel…they cannot shot down as Patriot dont have enough range to hit that plane!

      1. occupybacon says:

        When NATO shot Tomahawks from the Mediteranean Sea, Russia claimed that they had shot down most of the missiles, why is with Israel different?

        1. Rhodium 10 says:

          2 years ago Israel launched a huge airstrike using 28 aircraft and 70 cruise miissile…then Russia told that 35 Israeli missile were shot down!..it was a good ratio as air defense cannot cover all Syrian cities, village and warehouse!

          1. occupybacon says:

            No worries, Iran saved the face of Russia with bombing those 2 bases in Iraq.

  6. Alberto Garza says:

    the s-300 must be renamed to s-000 they cant kill anything …

    1. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

      I didnt know Hesbolah has S300 !

  7. RussG553 says:

    Russia, you guaranteed Syria’s sovereignty some time ago. Isn’t it time you “stepped up to the plate” and took some action? The evil in Israel has to be stood up to. I really feel for the Syrians and Assad. It seems the whole world has deserted them.

    1. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

      Could be that Russia is on the same side as the double headed leadership of Israel.

    2. Me&Myself None says:

      Putin is a zio-puppet, do not expect him to do anything against his masters. He is probably a closet jew. I used to like the guy after I came across a speech he made at the Munich defense forum in 2007, and I’ve spent countess of time defending him on social networks, I then started to dislike him after his reaction following the Israeli induced death of the 15 Russian soldiers. Not only he jumped to defend Israel, disregarding the advice of his own military, he then gave Netanyahu a front raw seat at his next military parade. The guy is highly overrated, he has a tendency of being caught pants down by events he should have seen coming. The Germany reunification, the Ukraine’s western backed coup, etc. The midget is a freaking idiot.

  8. Rhodium 10 says:

    Thats pro zionist propagande!..IAF have launched hundred of airstrikes and nothing have happened!..minimal damage!..yo can see in google earth IRGC Al Kiswa base…dozens of armored bunkers and NO damage!…Al Kiswa are well protected by air defense…therefore Israel only can destroy agriculture warehouse ( there are thousands of warehouse along Syria)…and ammo depot because thousands of gas cylinders and ammo used by terrorist are stored in many warehouse!..

  9. igybundy says:

    The only message is you can not have jews for neighbours becayse they keep throwing their garbage into your yard and then yelling about the unfairness of it all.

  10. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    Onion factory,
    Cultural center,
    Forage factory,
    So where’s Iran going to hide the next lot of stuff they want to keep secret, a hospital perhaps.

    How could Israel so easily destroy the Syrian radar systems, surely this vital infrastructure was protected by air defense systems, were they simply overcome by the sheer number of missiles or were they proven to be inadequate for the task.
    Iran has air defense systems that can take out US combat drones easily, so where are they?

    1. <> says:

      Iran will never put AD in Syria for three reasons:
      1. We can destroy it anytime we want and they know it.
      2. Russia won’t let them operate in their area, they want only the S300 and S400 to be active.
      3. In case Iran somehow manage to shoot down an IAF jets, Syria will have a fireworks show in Damescus that even Assad would regret it, he did regret it the last time in 2018.

      1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

        I think you’re right on all 3 points but maybe point 2 is not quite 100% accurate, Iran controls all of southern Deir ez Zor so they could most likely deploy their AA systems there without stepping on Russia’s toes, but they would be stepping on the US’s toes if they did that.

  11. Justin says:

    I am curious to know what people on this site think about this?
    i hate jews! i hate israel…. let me make that clear!
    However what do people think about the F-35?
    is it a Lemon? A hunk of junk?
    Or does it actually work?

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