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Israeli Air Force Carries Out 19 Airstrikes on Gaza Strip

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At least 19 airstrikes have been carried out on various areas of the Gaza Strip by the Israeli Air Force.

Israeli Air Force Carries Out 19 Airstrikes on Gaza Strip

Two Israeli Defense Force-Air Force F-15I Ra’am aircraft practice air defense maneuvers mission over the Nevada Test and Training Ranges, at Nellis Airforce Base (AFB), Nevada (NV), during Exercise Red Flag 04-3 (Photo: dodmedia.osd.mil / TSGT Kevin J. Gruenwald, USAF)

In the evening of February 6, the Israeli Air Force carried out at least 19 airstrikes on targets in various areas of the Gaza Strip: from Beit Lahia, located in the north, to Khan Younis in the south.

Some airstrikes were focused on targets in Shuja’iyya district. As the Israeli Reshet Bet radio station reported, citing Palestinian sources, at least 15 airstrikes were carried out in Shuja’iyya.

As residents of the Gaza Strip told in social networks, after dark the Israel Defense Forces used illuminating rockets.

According to the Maan news agency, several buildings in the area of the city of Gaza were damaged. The Palestinian Emergency Medical Service reported about two wounded people.

The Palestinian side has blamed the Israeli authorities for the escalation. The Hamas’ press service issued a statement, according to which the organization reserves the right to respond to the Israeli aggression. The Islamic Jihad movement also joined to the statement.

In the morning of February 6, the Israeli Alert System sounded on the territory of the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council. A missile fell on a wasteland, without causing any damage. In response to the shelling, Israeli military fired several artillery shells on targets, located in the area of Beit Lahia. Around 15:30 pm, Israeli servicemen, deployed in Kissufim, were fired from the area of the Gaza Strip. From 14:00 pm till late night, there were reports from the Gaza Strip about airstrikes of the Israeli Air Force on various targets.

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We American are not supporting Israeli cruelty and vicious actions against peaceful Palestinan citizens. We condemn them.

Iranians have not killed Palestinians and have not occupied Palestinians land. This is f**king Israeli murderers that killed thousands of Palestinians + children and occupied their homeland.

No country is free in this world until Palestine is not free. Entire Palestine is occupied by Israeli murderers.

All those countries who support these Israeli murderers and having diplomatic relations with them are also equally murderers and terrorists.

Truth Be Told

Yes they did after TWO rockets were fired from the Gasa Strip at southern Israel , You Moron !

When terrorist attack you , you respond back !


More genocide.

Truth Be Told

Yes they did after TWO rockets were fired from the Gasa Strip at southern Israel , You Moron !

Israel responds to terrorist attacks …. ! Funny how this news outlet fails to mention the truth on what really happened …..

Robert Guttierez

Lets not forget that the terrorists will fire rockets at Israel knowing Israel will over react and attack the group not responsible for the initial attack. So Israel turns into the terrorist’s air force.


What do you mean, “the group not responsible”, Hamas controls Gaza, it was clearly them! If you fire rockets at civilians, a bit of hellfire at the launch sites is a given. Overwhelming responses should be a strong deterrent, if these Islamists were, you know, sane.


One more thing, how long have the Russian Gov. known about this attach on Palestine, huh.

And once again, every time, every ……. time YOUR RT and Sputnjiks are drooling something about Hitleri/Hitlera and the inevitable, “feel sorry for us Jooooos” articles pimped 24/7 for an couple of weeks before IDF/Rats hammers Palestinians, this never fails, everybody knows that now, and do you think we dont see it Russia. This operand i modes is done in the entire world, and every western MSM is on the same path as RT and Sputnik is, how is that possible. Do enlighten us infidels.

Why on earth should anyone sane bother to believe anything we read from Russian “official” joooish controlled papers at all, RT is an disgrace and an shame, every day we have this sickening hate propaganda against an people that have no chance to do anything other than been an target practicing for the evil scums of this earth, the rotten Jooos. An word invented in the 1800, like the word Israel. But I ges truth and fact, shit like that dont bother their “impeccable” records of telling us the ugh…… truth, huh, rusikes.

And of course its always the Palestinians fault. I read articles after articles where they always manages to squish in something about evil Hamas, huh ruskies.

You claim to do something good, dont you, when I know this is an flat out lie, that was delivered to us by Shakarova her self, Kurdistan, the Israel 2.0, and that was the goal all the time, camouflaged as “helping the Syrians”, when everything as we speak goes to help the Kurds whom by some obscure reason sits on everything of value down there, ruskies. Coincident, huh. Yeah, conspiracy’s, right ruskies, when the control of Russia/Putin never have been more glearinlgy obvious than what it is right now, and the total silence about an new round of slaughtering Palestinians.

And watch the latest Anm, Int. report, the one witch will, along with the false Tutututsi Whatever from Hawaii, where she was “reporting” will be the reason for an new round of talks about R2P aka safe zones in Syria, this AI report fits perfectly despite we all know AI lies all the time about the Middle East, but along with the report from the TutTut something will hammer it thru the MSM and UN, thats why this Tuttutti Something went to Syria in the first place.

Fits perfectly into the hands of the Trump gov. and their howling for more wars. Russians shows us just one thing, their level of hypocrisy is equal to the west, no difference what so ever when it comes to the ISISrael.

May the lord have mercy upon your souls, because this, is killing the people of our Christ. Done by the Synagog of satans spawns, the fake Joooos. And I know, one thing, you all will burn.



There’s nothing Jewish about zionism, it is a secular, fascist, antisemitic ideology. Jews don’t deserve the blame for zionist atrocities.

Truth Be Told

Yes they did after TWO rockets were fired from the Gasa Strip that hit southern Israel …..

So Israel responds to terrorist attacks …. ! This news outlet fails to mention the truth on what really happened , shows bias….


It is mentioned at the end of the article.

Casey Ryback

Must be a fun job to search the net of anti Israeli comments. Anyway. Hamas can fire as many rockets as they want. When an intruder is in your home, you get rid of them. Send the Europeans back to Europe or USA. They love Zionists over there


Fascist pigs go on a rattonade yet no US no-fly zone? Well, fancy that!

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