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Israel Launches Surface-To-Surface Missile Against Military Airport Near Damascus (Update)

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Israel Launches Surface-To-Surface Missile Against Military Airport Near Damascus (Update)

An alleged photo from the scene Source: @islamicworldupd/Twitter

Last night, the Israeli Air Force reportedly targeted the Mazzeh Military Airbase near the Syrian capital, Damascus. Reports about this incident appeared on December 7 in various Arab media outlets.

According to local media sources, aristrikes hit some “Hezbollah’ targets in the area.

The Syrian Defense Ministry has not commented on the issue.

UPD 11:34 CET: The Syrian Defense Ministry announced that Israel had launched a surface-to-surface missile against the military airport.

Alleged video from the secene:

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Gary Sellars

Zio filth….


Damascus should call in the Israeli Ambassador on this matter . After they finish dancing in the streets , celebrating the big Victory in Aleppo .

888mladen .

Putin set Israel as an example in fight against terrorists.



Israel is taking the opportunity to put down long aimed targets. They are not envolved in any action against Syria, but “Hezbollah’ alone. It won’t be wise to start a new front against so powerful enemy. Such provocations won’t scratch the surface of the war theather by now. And they will not dare to attack the regime itself, or the russians. Israel is playing the role of a coyote (aiming for the weakest bodies) in a fight amongst tigers.

chris chuba

It’s a stupid and pointless ‘strategy’. It’s not like they can destroy Hezbollah by doing this. The only thing they will accomplish is to piss them off. Hezbollah hadn’t attacked them for at least 6yrs, if you count the abduction of their border guards. If they established a period of time where both sides didn’t shoot at each other they might at least get a tolerable ceasefire.

Daniel Martin

This is a clear act of aggression, and deserves a serious response! The Israelis are obviously very frustrated over the imminent defeat of their jihhadis in Aleppo, and are clearly expressing their frustration with this criminal act.

John Whitehot

yeah they wish, the motherfuckers.


Nonsense! Leaving out the self-defense angle, under U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701 (which ended the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah War) U.N. member states – not just Israel – are authorized to use their naval and air forces to interdict Hezbollah weapons resupply and the personnel involved in such resupply or weapons training.


thats not true!
1. The war in 2006 was an attack by Israel on Lebanon and led to the most severe destruction of civilian infrastructure (you can call it warcrime) that has nothing to do with Hezbollah.
2. The UN resolution does not give anyone the right to use weapons.
3. Israel daily violates this resolution without any reason.


Dude… seriously israel…

Get over your crap, this is not the 70’s anymore and bashar is NOT hafez assad…



Israel has a long and proud history of attacking what it sees as its current biggest threat and ignoring any future developments that might spell even greater doom. This is the country that kept destroying secular Palestinian groups and allowing the rise of Islamist groups. That’s how Hamas managed to gain ground because back then Yasser Arafat’s PLO was the big bogey man. Now Hamas and Hezbollah are the main threats and if by some fluke they disappear even more hardliner groups will take their place.


Hamas was encouraged if not created, by Mossad as a means to divide Palestinian resistance to occupation and oppression. Look how that worked out.


No intercept by a S-300/S-400? The world is waiting…

John Whitehot


Brad Isherwood

Debka says they destroy WMD transfer to Hezbollah.
Syria says they hit nothing but caused fires.

If Sayaret pulled this off…..that would be on par with past history.
That Israel can hit Syrian Airbases while Syria is supposed to have top shelf air defence. ..
Like Pantsir,….it is a concern why Syria continues to fail in monitor it’s airspace from quadrant where stand off attack is high % going to occur from.

Fire the @ing missile Syria!

Brad Isherwood

Rant and response. ..

Reviewing the Syrian Air defence performance in this war…prior to Russia entrance,
And then post fall 2015 to present.
It appears the system is operating under confused rules of engagement…
Authority confirmation/ react command?
Are the technical operators of systems from Pantsir upward to upgraded SAM systems,
Is the radar,and react systems in place. …non reactive/dysfunctional?

Should Senior commanders not be replaced….right down to radar or fire operators on the various systems?
Unless Damascus conceeds in fear to Israel…and thus just watches
It does appear the Syrian Air defence system is broken and non reliable.

Your thoughts…..

Terence Silvestre Jr.

The truth these actions cause much anger. And much more anger with the null reaction of Russia, the Syria’s greatest ally. No political as well as military reaction while both Israel and Turkey act as they please in Syrian territory.
I long to know the reason for that posture in Russia.

Olayinka Abdulgafar

To me Russia knows damn well about this raids as nothing in the israeli arsenal can beat the Russia air defence systems and quite clearly Russia is in charge of air defence in Syria right now, it won’t be heresy to conclude Russia clear such raids before they occur. Well according to the Saker on another forum it’s called pragmatism of the Russian officials lead by Putin I wonder what he would call it if the shoe is on the other leg. I’m not dumb to expect Russia to take the side of Hezbollah I mean strategically what would it offer Russia but clearing bombing runs for one side against another that’s called stabbing in the back which was done to Russia by Edorgan with Putin and Lavrov losing their cool. Never mind once Russia become the superpower everything will be equitably done don’t you think?

Brad Isherwood

Makes one wonder when ISIS,Nusra etc never attack Israel on Golan.
That Israel houses them on Israel occupied Golan,…let’s them train, …
Provides logistic support,medical,…allong with hospital surgery for injured fighters.
Same occurs on Jordan/Syria border .
ISIS has attacked Turk military in Syria,…yet that might be Kurds with media saying
ISIS hit Turk tanks …etc.

This conflict reeks of hypocrisy and bizarre contradiction

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