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Israeli Air Force Bobmed Syrian Army Positions Near Damascus (Update)

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Israeli Air Force Bobmed Syrian Army Positions Near Damascus (Update)

Source: Wikimedia/Master Sergeant Kevin J. Gruenwald

Last night, the Israeli Air Force reportedly bombed Syrian army positions in the Qalamoun Mountains in the Damascus countryside.

According to reports, the airstrikes targeted the area of Al-Quteifa.

There were no confirmed reports about casualties among the army personnel.

The Hezbollah media wing in Syria denied reports about the Israeli airstrikes in the Qalamoun Mountains:

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How can the Syrian & Russian leadership expect the SAA and allies to fight and die for their leaders when their leaders repeatedly refuse to use the air defense systems to protect them? How can morale be maintained amongst brave SAA, NDF etc when their leaders repeatedly refuse to even TRY to protect them? The more Israel gets away with it the more often it will do it. I cannot support the Syrian and Russian leadership when they refuse to protect those who fight for them.


Well, the Russians for one are not going to start a war with Israel over this and the SAA air defense system, which has probably significantly degraded since the start of the civil war, was never any good at stopping the IDF to begin with. Just because you have a piece of kit, does not mean you actually know how to use it well. Just look at the Saudis in Yemen.

John Mason

Russia have upgraded all Syrian air defense systems, this was confirmed by Russia after the US coalition bombings on Syrian soldiers late last year.

Free man

Syrian air defenses have clear orders not to fire on Israeli warplanes. Russia do not want a war between Syria and Israel. They just want to reduce the presence / influence of Iran in Syria.

John Mason

Thanks for the reply but can you confirm that there are orders not to fire on Israeli planes?

Free man

An examination of the events shows that Israel attacks Iran-related assets. Syrians are never firing at the Israeli planes and there are almost never injured Syrians.

Bente Petersen

my question too !!!!

John Mason

Last statement says “The Hezbollah media wing in Syria denied reports about the Israeli airstrikes in the Qalamoun Mountains:” This puts the Israeli airstrike in doubt, better to wait for official Syrian or Russian report either confirming or denying the strike. Till then best to keep an open mind. PS I am definitely NOT a Israeli supporter but I am wary of false news.

Free man

Don’t be naive. Everything that Israel is doing is with Russia consent and approval. Russia is hinting to Iran.

Bernardo Morais

There is aswer that is very simple.

When Israel make aerial strikes in Syria, they use lomg range missiles and they attack from their own air space, creating a situation where the Syrian air defenses cannot down a Israeli airplane flying in their own territory. They only know about the attack when the missile hit the target.

It’s a complex situation with a lot of costs.


Where are the S-300 and S-400 systems ? Are you sleeping ? or Russia, as usual, allows Israel to bomb Syria whenever it wants, using the so called “detroying hezbolah army”. This is realy enoying fact with Russia official position (defending Syria). Russia must stop its jews lobby,

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