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Israeli Agenda In Talks With Russia

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Israeli Agenda In Talks With Russia

On Thursday, the Israeli delegation led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived Moscow.

The Israeli delegation includes Head of the National Security Council, Major General Yaakov Nagel, Chief of the Military Intelligence, Herzl Levi, Brigadier General Eliezer Toledano, the Military Secretary to the Prime Minister.

The situation in Syria is the core of the agenda of the talks between the Russian and Israeli sides. Israel is concerned over the increased Iranian influence, and the rowing military capabilities of Hezbollah.

Earlier, the Press Service of the Israeli Prime Minister confirmed that the working visit was pursuing two goals:

  1. To continue cooperation in order to avoid Israeli-Russians incidents and tensions in Syria;
  2. To demonstrate Israel’s disagreement on the military presence of Iran or its proxies at the northern Israeli border and in the Mediterranean. Israel will keep this stance no matter what result the Syrian settlement has.

Another problem for Israel is the collapse of the ISIS terrorist group. Both ISIS and so-called moderate rebels had not conducting operations against Israel during the Syrian war. Furthermore, militants fighting the Assad government used to be treated in Israeli hospitals until early March. Some Syrian sources even report that anti-Assad militant groups had been receiving a military assistance from Israel. The Israeli military has repeatedly stricken the Syrian army and Hezbollah.

However, the ISIS military defeat pushed its members and ISIS-linked group to adjust. A pressure from the Syrian-Iranian-Russian coalition pushed militants to relocate to Lebanon and Jordan, to search new patrons, sources of funds and bases.

The Israeli leadership is concerned that these militants could join some anti-Israeli groups operating in Lebanon and the nearby areas. Israel’s actions against the Arab population, claims to territorial sovereignty over the Golan Heights and the legalization of Jewish settler homes built on private Palestinian property in the West Bank are a useful ground for propaganda aimed on recruiting gunmen in Sunni anti-Israeli groups.

Thus, Israel faces major security threats at its borders in the areas of the Golan Heights and Galilee, additionally to existing strategic threats from Hezbollah and Iran.

In Moscow, the Israeli delegation is attempting to solve a number of issues, but the Iranian influence is the priority. In this case, Israel has full support from the US, the EU, including the UK, Turkey and the Gulf monarchies.

Netanyahu aims to convince President Putin that Russia and Iran no more have a common ground in Syria and propose some alternative to Moscow. This package solution has to be profitable for all involved sides. At least Netanyahu is to demonstrate to international media sphere that there are some significant disagreements between Russia and Iran which are successfully played up by the Israeli leadership.

This is why some “source close to Netanyahu” said to the Qatar-based TV Channel al Jazeera that Russia would allegedly allow Israel to fight Hezbollah from the Syrian airspace. Al Jazeera used this “inside” in its coverage of the visit of the Israeli delegation to Moscow. The Kremlin denied this rumor.

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Don’t mince words.

“Israel’s actions against the Arab population… are a useful ground for propaganda aimed on recruiting gunmen in Sunni anti-Israeli groups.”

Should be:

“Israel’s actions against the Arab population… are a useful facts for recruiting gunmen in Sunni anti-Israeli groups.”

pietro del prete

Nethanyiau is crazy


We’ve known that since the 90’s, and yet they keep on electing him.

888mladen .

Are they crazy too?


Putin is right. Israel should fight for its own existence or it would be wiped out of the map! No country in the world faces that kind of existential threat as Israel.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Actually, Israel is not threatened. In fact, Israel has anough power to not only kill God Himself “Jesus” but to also nuke all of God’s creation off of the face of the earth. Many nations have been wiped out even in the last 100 years. But Israel does not even have to fight one real war that is even. No nukes are aimed at Israel, not one. But every single follower of Jesus Christ on the earth has a Jew pointing a nuclear bomb at them and their Church. Even former Jews who have converted to Jesus say this is true. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iW3xlmdYmo


Israel is the most threatened nation on Earth! Arabs and muslims want to wipe Israel out of the map and tried to just do that several times for the past number of decades. As I said, Arabs have 22 countries of their own and muslims have 57 countries of their own. Don’t the Israelis deserves to have their own ancient homeland as their own state? Israel is threat to no one but muslims want to convert or wipe out anyone who is not a muslim. Most of the ME, Turkey and North Africa were the heartland of Christianity and muslims took these lands by force islamizing Christians by force or evicting them or murdering them enmass. In Iraq today, for the first time in 1800 hundreds years no Christian mass is being celebrated because of islamic jihadist fascism. I know this because I am from the region. If Arabs and Muslims could do it, they would totally wipe Israelis and the Jews out of the map just as they did to Christians. I can assure you they would do without giving it a second thought!

888mladen .

So should Arabs. However both of you are wrong.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The founders of anti-God-modern-Israel are the same Ashkenazi-Jews who wiped out millions of Christians-Russians, and outlawed Christianity, and murdered to Monarch of the Christian nation of indigenous-Russians. Wake up, this is the Tel Aviv of the Devil, one day many years from now Christ Himself will come back, destroy Zionism, and replace it with the polar opposite “God’s House of Zion” which is the enemy of (((Zionism))) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTk7xXMmWWY


Russia should mediate Iran and Israel and encourage them to restore some kind of diplomatic relations. Both Iran and Israel face the same deadly threat form the global radical wahabi/takfiri jihadists backed by Saudi Arabia, the gulf states and the US. Wahhabi radical jihadists consider Shiites as heretics and would slaughter them all if they could they also hate Jews, Israelis, Christians, Yazidis and anyone who don’t share their evil ideology of death and hate.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I actually do agree with you. Israels best ally in the region could have been Iran and Syria and Lebanon. However, Israel in bent on conquering all of Syria and Lebanon over time. And the 5% hierarchy who controls Israel are evil Zionist, and fund Wahhabi’s. So really, their needs to be a political-revolution in Israel to de-thrown Zionism, and replace it with a commonness government that is no longer racist against Goyim. Then Israel can treat Palestinians with decency, and Iran and Israel can become great friends. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sShxBV9ccEE

888mladen .

Izrahell has no legal right to exist. They occupied the land which doesn’t belong to them rightfully. Their state should be dismantled and returned to the oppressed local people if there is to be any chance for peace in ME. Turkey has to be contained and its MB leadership with ambitions of restoring Ottoman empire removed from power. My take it’s not going to happen and we will have a conflict of global proportions in ME and further away. And yes don’t forget the source of all evil Vatican and its plotting against humanity. Pope wants to rule the world right from Jerusalem. This conflict in ME is a struggle for World dominance and it’s of religious nature which many who have been duped by atheism don’t see.


Listen: Arabs have 22 independent countries. Muslims have 57 independent countries. Therefore, Israelis have every right to be independent and secure in their ancient Biblical homeland of Israel. To deny them that right is both unjust and totally unfair!

Real Anti-Racist Action

#`1 The word “Israel” means “with God”. A bunch of Atheist are anti-God. And they killed the Christ, Immanuel. #2 Further more, they are suppose to be brown-Hebrews of Shemitic decent. Not light skinned Ashkenazi-Khazars from Northern Turkey. #3 The Bible says that the faults-Christ will be Jewish, and Israel will be the center of Lucifer’s power base. Later, after this evil-fake-Israel is wiped away, then will come the true Israel formed by Christ Himself. Also, Jews have multiple nations around the earth. Including, but not limited to Oblast Еврейская автономная область (Russian). Not to mention NY state has almost as many Jews as Israel does. Today almost every Jew in the world lives outside of Israel. When the real Israel is formed, their will not be a single Jews living anywhere in the world except inside of Israel itself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iW3xlmdYmo

That Guy

These lands belong to the Semites regardless of religion, and do not belong to jews regardless of race.

The Jews you’re talking about are the European jews who never lived in the Holy Land in the ancient history. And they don’t have any right what so ever of owning these lands, so they should hurry up and get out of Palestine before the divine justice plays its role.

Besides, the fact that there are 22 independent Arab countries, and 57 independent Muslim countries, is quite irrelevant to the topic here.

Jens Holm

Well, Jews and Christianity came first. If You are like that, just buzz of to Medina.,

That Guy

What does your statement have to do with what I have said ?

Jens Holm

You go back in time claimi this and that for muslimes, but before that jwe ism christianity was invented and widespread there.

Its You, which go back in time to a specific incident and by that confirm Your rights. You havnt got patent in doing that, and Im so tired to have this kind of reliigios and culturel rights and the whole world again and again has to debate, what has no good solution.

To me the last chance for a solution was by Arafat in 1967, which were spolied and ven jews relhios fanatics killed their own primeminister.

I know from all sourcers as well, that the jews, which cameback, had ancisters which volunteerly emmigrated from it – sold their proporty in normal way. It was not stolen by the arabs or something.

You can see it in a very short version. Christians moved and killed all in the area, which wouldnt be the right kind of christians – The Rome kind. All kinds of religios were persecuted having old roman and greek gods, baals and christians which didnt belived in “trinity” which was vored about in Niceas just N.E. of Bursa in Turkey today.

After that Islam was invented and took the area and You saw many more liked it because its simpel and has a very good semilarity to monocristians, which still existed just outside the area in areas, where romans had no dominance., Syria/Persia/ arab peninsula/ the inner Anatolia of today.

People from those areas actually are moved to Israel of today because of hard persecutions in the last Years of the Empire and afterwards as well giving an extra jump, when Israel made Israel. No wonder so many jews dont like muslims there.

Thats the facts about even its right and true by them not commin there at all. But there was opended up about it by the ottoman Empirere, Brits used it as trying to make a semieuropean country to protect their Suez channel, Kirkuk oil need and the important contact to the Indian Empire part.

It wasnt meant to be a country, where jews should take more land. It was meant so jews should create new jobs, which wasnt about agriculturel takings, but jews has a very, very hard time in eastern Europe and later on by Hitler.

So I will any time defend, that they dont have to be moved back even they look more and more like arabs to me -and unfortunatly not the nicce part of it.

I also see palestinians are denied to be normal citisens in Your countries and are treated as political spendables instead of giving them ned passports. The many at You are not refugees in most matters. There parent were many generations ago, but You dont help at all, You just block that part as well.

I wasnt born at the time, but Israel of today can give millions food today, because they have invented the area.

As outsider I would say: Why in hell dont You do like that having muslims from Morocco to Djarkata and from northern Russia to Nigeria. You could learn a lot by those semiarabs, because they also came with things, You deny to use for better living.

You take no reponse for Your own making strange killings, deportations and forget, You also has made mistakes takes in those times.

But every thing is blamed us. You have to change perspective, but it seems not to be allowed.

888mladen .

My Friend it seems like you call yourself christian and you still live in the Old Testament times. Palestine was a promised land for Old Testament Israel. After Christ death on the cross and His resurrection there is no promised land for anybody on this Earth.

For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ: 19 Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.20 For our conversation (citizenship) is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. Phil 3:18-20 Who are the enemies of the cross apostol Paul is taking here? Paul’s compatriots after whom he wept just like our Lord Jesus Christ did. Those who mind earthly things instead of heavenly. Comparing Adam and Christ Paul has written:The first man is of the earth, earthy: the second man is the Lord from heaven 1 Corinth 15:47. By rejecting “the Lord from heaven” Jews clearly demonstrate that they “mind earthly things instead of heavenly” Those who call themselves Jews but they are “Synagogue of Satan”. And I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. Rev 2:8



Jens Holm

You overestimate Your part of the world and Israel is just a dot.

888mladen .

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zToPZSu77Pk. Russian-Jewish oligarchs’ lobby pose serious threat to the stability of the RU state. It seems like Russians have learned nothing from bolshevik revolution. Putin mentioned once that RU state is interesting in Zionist entity’s well being because of many Russian citizens who hold dual citizenship with Israhell. Wont be long before we see another Bolshevik revolution and consequent shrinking in RU territory, military and political power and influence. And don’t blame Israhell you have brought it alone on yourself. Here is the proof. Israhell even brags about it, http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-1.533382


putin has to know that it is israel/netanyahu that has helped create ISIS, and wants a “greater israel” by taking out syria and iran, and i really hope he doesnt give in to nutty yahoo’s demands. if israel is so concerned about these security threats on its border, MAYBE IT SHOULD NEVER HAVE STIRRED UP TROUBLE IN THE AREA! oh well, they reap what they sow!

888mladen .

And let’s remember that soviet RU has approved as a member of UNSC the creation of the Zio state way back after the WWII. .

Daniel Castro

Because they wanted to get rid of the Jews on USSR territories, but it had terrible consequences for them.

Brad Isherwood

Alot of Russian weaponry built over past decades has been obliterated. .. Probable the regions having all this wreckage,….salvage some parts and melt the rest down.

Russia has impressed with new Gen weapons being showcased in Syria, Some countries are able financially to buy the new Gen Sukhoi and Mig, Along with various air defence systems.

Russia does make a sturdy product…if you mark operations shelf life of Mig 21/Mig 23. Syria’s old Migs are junk yard bodge ….the Syrians tanks which are just old clunkers Are bodged with Birdhouse ATGM jammers and lattice screens. The few new T 90 A reveal the new Protection systems and targeting system are Efficient when operated responsibly.

Iran’s sanctions to aquire new military equipment from global market expires in 2020. With India and other countries buying Western military equipment, Future war will be a part supply and repair nightmare.

Russia has not fullfilled the Syrian order for 36 YAK 130 or the Mig 29m/m2 It could be that Syria is broke …or that Russia is not going to build Syria’s future Airforce. …the worn out state of what exists means Syria has no Airforce which Could dance in skies vs Israel.

Should Syria be partitioned under the Rand plan, They will not have the resources to market to recover from this war. Syria is headed for a lowly future…as the UN will keep it weak and miserable.

Russia might simply sit on Syria’s offshore nat gas and keep that off the market. Thus Europe will need some % of Russian nat gas via Nordstream 2.

Iran’s option to supply nat gas to Europe may be gonzo now aswell.


Israeli murderers and terrorists hate Muslims. They kill Muslims every day. They want to attack on Russian allied forces.

Free man

Putin is a wise and strong leader. He will do what is good for Russia, which is to reduce the Iranian influence in Syria.

888mladen .

That’s good for Israhell not for Russian Christians.

Free man

Putin apparently thinks differently. Russian forces take over all the liberated territories, because Russia is interested in a united and peaceful Syria. Russia doesn’t share the sectoral vision of Iran. Currently there is an alliance of convenience between Russia and Iran. But the interests and the far-term vision are very different.

Jens Holm

Muslims invented the stones in the stonage. And Jews invented Islam to keep muslims down.

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