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Israeli Actions Put Lives Of Russian Troops In Syria In Danger “In A Number Of Cases”: Lavrov


Israeli Actions Put Lives Of Russian Troops In Syria In Danger "In A Number Of Cases": Lavrov

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Israeli actions have put lives of Russian troops in Syria in a danger “in a number of cases”, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with Spanish newspaper El Pais on November 5.

Regrettably, the Israeli side did not always deliver on its obligations, primarily where it concerned notifying the Russian military of their combat operations in Syria. In a number of cases, this put into jeopardy the lives of Russian servicemen: a case in point is the Israeli bombing raid on facilities in the environs of Palmyra in March 2017.

We warned them that this attitude could lead to tragic consequences; these signals were conveyed through all channels and at the top level. Simultaneously we stressed that the use of force was unable to resolve Israeli security concerns and could only foment regional tensions.

Nevertheless the practice of delivering strikes at targets in Syria was continued. It is this that led to the tragic downing of the Russian Ilyushin Il-20 reconnaissance plane with 15 officers on board. I will not go into detail of this tragedy. The details are known and specialists are well aware of the reasons. After the September 17 incident, we could not leave everything as is. Russia’s response was reserved but resolute,” Lavrov said.

Responding to the September 17 incident, Russia described Israeli actions as “hostile”, supplied S-300 air defense systems to the Syrian military and started assisting the country to establish a united air-defense network, which would include the newly supplied air defense systems. Since Septembet 17, there have been no Israeli strikes on targets in Syria. This was recently admitted by Ksenia Svetlova, a member of the Israeli parliament’s defense committee.



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  • Joe

    Shows Russia is not really a good partner in war. Syrian lives who fought and died a great deal because they refused western financed pipeline are secondary .

    Even Lavrov has to find excuses to Israeli actions. Pathetic

    Poor Syrians … dying for nothing.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      now you said something very stupid. Syrians are dying for their motherland not for russians or any one else.

      • Freespirit

        I believe he meant, Syrians were dying who would not have died, if Putin had taken a stricter condition with Israelis, preferably making them stay completely out of Syrian Air Space

        • χρηστος

          maybe thats good for us to say but Syria is a long way from RUssia so one has to make comprimises. They tolerated Israel because everyone knows that if Israel wanted it to be so, Russia woyuld not have been able to land even one drone on Syria. They are determined and dont give a damn about politics, cost whatever if they want to ‘protect israel’. So having such a lunatic neightbourgh there the Russians had little choice,.

          • Freespirit

            Keep enjoying my comments

          • χρηστος

            i find them very interesting

          • Freespirit

            Thank you but I also hope – INFORMATIVE, or stimulating your thoughts :-)

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            I am sure the RF military will give the Israeli invaders a right old spanking if they bomb Syria again.

          • χρηστος

            well now that the Israelis have crossed the line (by killing Russian soldiers) they will kick their *(&%&

          • jawad

            Really you such a sad moron!

          • χρηστος

            you are 12?

  • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

    Minister Elkin said in this article:

    “Israel has for all these years been doing everything it can to make sure Russian military personnel are not harmed.”

    No surprise that the facts does not support that statement.

  • R Trojson

    Iran has duped Putin. He is allowing Iran to use Russians and a shield against Israel. How many billions of dollars and Russian lives will Putin squander defending Iran in Syria?

    • Rasmus Outzen

      The rest of the Planet don’t buy your ‘reasoning’.

    • H Eccles

      Unless you’re Russian what is to you how much the Russians spend on defending Iran in Syrian.. putting aside the fact that no such situation exists.

      And since as you say, and I quote here.. “He is allowing Iran to use Russians…”, Putin could not have been duped if he’s allowing it… or did your inbred logic not occur to you when you were busy plucking a non-existent scenario out of your jew-trained orifice.

    • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

      Iran is an ally of Russia against IS and Al-Queda in Syria, while Israel aids and abets the IS head-choppers. Nothing else need be said.

    • Merijn


  • Emanual Macron

    Leave Syria you newb, nobody invited him in the first place. Sticking his nose where Russia does not below

    • Shylo Duffy

      Had it not been for Russia there would be no,Syria today..That’s a apsolutly true fact..