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Israel Will Take Care Of Gulf Monarchies

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You can read this article in German. LINK

Finally, democracy is coming to the Persian Gulf.

Israel announced plans to deploy a joint missile defense system in the Persian Gulf as a part of a joint effort with US- and Israeli-allied monarchies to deter Iran.

The idea was announced at the official level by the head of the Israeli Missile Defense Organization, which is part of the Defense Ministry. Moshe Patel said that “in the future”, Israel is ready to deploy its own systems and to synchronize them with comparable systems employed by the Gulf Monarchies.

“From an engineering point of view, of course there is a lot of advantage. That information can be shared, like sensors that can be deployed in both countries because we have the same enemies,” Patel stated.

The announced plan is a logical continuation of the recent diplomatic achievements of the Trump administration, which had finally forced several US regional partners to accept a formal normalization with Israel. For years, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and others were silently cooperating with Israel in the security, intelligence and military fields. Now, when the tensions between the Iranian Axis of Resistance and the US-Israeli-led bloc are on the rise, Washington has finally forced its allies to accept existing reality and even to expand the existing cooperation under the pretext of fighting the so-called Iranian threat.

The coming months will likely lead to even more revelations of the reality of modern diplomatic and security policy in the Middle East with the Israeli leadership taking the leading place in the policy of the Gulf monarchies.

The inability, and in some cases unwillingness, of the current format of the US-led anti-Iranian alliance to achieve its main goal – to destroy the current political regime in Iran – under the Trump leadership does not mean that these plans would cease when Mr. Trump leaves office. Instead, Tel Aviv is once again taking a leading role in their implementation. It is likely that the proactive position of Israel in the current conditions will be aimed at preventing the softening of US policy on the Iranian question under the incoming Democratic administration in the White House.

Israel is interested in creating such conditions in the region that would leave no other option for the US, but to continue the existing course towards further confrontation with Iran.

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Oh, right on the schedule. Peace will comes to middle east, then only the Temple shall be rebuild.


They don’t need “peace” to rebuild the “temple”. Only right political situation in surroundings, that would prevent massive Muslim upheaval on news of building Jewish “temple” under the the most sacred Muslim mosque in Jerusalem. One of the most sacred in all Middle East..


the jews in palestine are building a buffer zone between themselves and iran, putting the more than dumb dictators next to the persian gulf in the frontline. and the dumber than dumb arabs are happy with a new set of toys to parade in the msm forgetting that iran can make hay of their entire economical future in seconds flat while the jews in palestine can sit back and rub their hands and gloat at the stupidity of them stupid arabs – one can sense the evil mind of kushner from the outset.

Jens Holm

What a crap.

Normal people can see and know rhere has been a dispute there since the days of Muhammed.

Since Israel as a small dot arrived by some accident,they have been used as propaganda to unite arabs and for hat matter muslims, but Your internal crap, where so many want to be high above others and by birth think the has to deserve respect an honor, its unrealitic far outs.

Those emeirates and the Sausis has been enenmies – or non friends – to Iran since then having minorities in them being fx shiits and look a like shiits.

Its no bufferzinew making. It more that Iran for many good reasons also by paper should be at their own side of the Arabian Gulf.

Putin Apologist

Do you know the difference between the Persian Gulf and Arabian Gulf? I not maybe this will help.


Jens Holm

Get lost. Persians with their silly goats and cats has no patent in names.

Here is a map of 1606



you a shyster aren’t you?



Séamus Ó Néill

Inane gibberish, medical assistance urgently needed !

Jens Holm


The map is from 1606.


yeah but yous a shyster no?

Jens Holm

You dont relate to facts, dont You.

I was in Dubai and Sharjah when the began to grow very fast. Here the Lebanese Guide being a part of MEA Middle East Airways, which gave me free tickets because I sold many tickets for them in a low voice told, that at this side of the water, with the many oiltankers in the horisont, it was named “Arabic Gulf”.

So I have known for 35 years the name as many other names in the world is disputed. I by that use it, because I wasnt in Persia or Iran. We also used Dirham.


It’s too late . . .he has built up a resistance to any meds on the market. The insane asylum and a strait jacket are the only practical options left . .

Jens Holm

YOu seemes to be allergic to facts and maps and there can be more then one name for places and other things.

I actually has been there and has helped 100s of seacrew to and from all places around the golf.

Even Own passport could be disputed or worse, if they cpuæd se, I had been in Israel.

Thats the low level, You support.

I wonder ham Muhammed can be supported when there is https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f1cf4767ec3ac2a5034d755c741ce227b4cda65a5aece7e8afcf627f08f06fa4.jpg in it.

It could be they just as women under the same conditions are more clever, cleaner and smell bettter then You:)

Here You see how they escaped from You. They are exelent swimmers too.


The photo, is that the Bay of Pigs I heard so much about? Surely that’s the before photo.

Vox Populi

The criminal Jews will definitely ” take care ” of the dumb Arab puppet regimes of the Persian Gulf by ripping them off by selling dud weapons and financial ponzi scams. The Jew parasites see the Wahhabi Arabs as perfect patsies who have been ripped by the west for decades now, so the Zionists also want a share of the plunder.


I was surprised that you stated Kushner, good eye. He certainly is a manipulative kunt.

Ashok Varma

Israeli men going in droves to UAE to “sleep with prostitutes” Dubai Police Chief.

Vox Populi

Did you expect any thing human from the Jew perverts?


A great alliance between the U.S-Israel-Arab countries. I am very happy it has finally happened, better late than never. If Iran thinks they can just run over everyone in the ME without consequences, they need to rethink their policy again before the war comes to them.


you’ll soon suck Iranian dick…….Semite always below the Persian.


but you as a lower caste yid can’t do it. If you tried, Iran will unleash hordes of camel jockey upon you…….your own ‘genetically’ speaking will fuck you……that’s how Iran likes it. Pit semetic vs yid……and enjoy the show.


How’s the weather in occupied Palestine?

Ashok Varma

Silly boy, you Jews are sick.

Israeli men going in droves to UAE to “sleep with prostitutes”


They might try LR, some of them will pass but most of them would be intercepted.


I agree, it’s a good way to test both our defensive and offensive weapons. But I don’t see us sending weapon systems which are not ready for combat, the Iron Dome or David Sling can help protect vital targets in the UAE, Bahrain and KSA.


The us/cia defense systems are utterly and deplorably useless,we all know that!

Potato Man

Sure as hell that those ape fukers let Zion to test their system in Persian Gulf, I can see more terrorist activities happening in Yemen in order Houthis use “Iranian made missiles” against Wahhabi apes and Zion just test and collect data. The funny thing is Iran have a lot more missiles, drones and what not that they haven’t shown yet…like any other good country. Yet the poor Wahhabi apes thinks it is gonna be like Iraq LMFAO. It is also good to note that some EU countries have stop selling Wahhabi weapons alike of Germany, which would open a market for Zion…is it the timing just right.

All the British made states and US dogs coming together LMFAO. That’s it, why some people think it is “wired” for Zion and Wahhabi States join same gay party. Ofc we are talking about Zion here it is not just that they gonna make sure Wahhabi Sunnis know their place, under Zion dick. One sure place they gonna join is in hell.


my take on things now Potato Man are that Iran needs to clean up and take the garbage out. This mongol oglu/ toglu/ gopplu and the camel jockey nonsense getting on everyone’s nerves. We’ve tolerated minorities for a while. I’m personally getting very sick of it.


Like hell it is,try promoting gimp to such places,you will be out of your sorry ass in no time,besides usa defense mechanisms can’t protect infasctucture,eventually the whole arab union will realise there is no such thing as shia vs shita,but rather humanity vs the goymz of incests n nazis (period) unless it is the jews vs the nazis in yemen either way one way or another the asswholes be exposed, matters not which side of the same coin,but rather in determining the source of the hyper taxed, then use all your tools at disposable and smash em and all their buildings out for good,there you go no more phaedokweer reserve usa currency manipulation,packa desperate weeners the fktards are


These normalisation agreements will be the death knell for Israel. The people of these Gulf countries will be like the trojan horse that brings destruction into the walled heart of Israel.

Chelsa Vanr

Exquisite foresight. Viva Palestine

cechas vodobenikov

do not understand whether these matter. if Denmark recognizes Atlantis as a country will the fish in their villages buy Danish cheese?


Israel and the GCC will work closely to chop off the head of the Iranian snake.

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