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“Israel Will Not Let This Happen”: Iran Is Reportedly Building A Military Base In Syria

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Originally appeared at Zero Hedge

On Friday, the “western press” started to set the stage for war between Lebanon (and Iran) and Saudi Arabia (and Israel).

First, it was the third reminder in a row that, despite no presentation of evidence, the ballistic missile that was fired last Saturday by Houthi rebels in Yemen, and supposedly meant to strike the Riyadh airport before it was intercepted by Saudi defense forces, the ballistic missile belonged to Iran. As the AP reported this morning, “the ballistic missile fired by Yemeni rebels that targeted the Saudi capital was from Iran and bore “Iranian markings,” the top U.S. Air Force official in the Mideast said Friday.” Lt. Gen. Jeffrey L. Harrigian, who oversees the Air Forces Central Command in Qatar and made the comments at a news conference in Dubai, declined to offer any specifics on what type of missile they believed it was.

It was unclear what, exactly, constitutes “Iranian markings”: perhaps – we mused – a stamp on the side saying “this ballistic missile was made in Iran, if found please return to PO Box 666, Tehran.”

Ultimately, it was irrelevant, because just a few hours later, a far more provocative report was published by the BBC, according to which Iran is establishing a permanent military base inside Syria, citing a Western intelligence source. The report, predictably, comes amid growing tensions over Iranian influence in Syria and across the region, and as the Saudi-Israel “alliance” is desperate to find a pretext to begin war.

As the BBC adds, the Iranian military is said to have established a compound at a site used by the Syrian army outside El-Kiswah, 14 km (8 miles) south of Damascus.

Needless to say, for Israel this would constitute the crossing of a “red line” by Iran: Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu recently warned that Iran wanted to establish itself militarily in Syria. “Israel will not let that happen,” he said.

Satellite images commissioned by the BBC “seem to show” construction activity at the site referenced by the intelligence source between January and October this year. The images shows a series of two dozen large low-rise buildings – likely for housing soldiers and vehicles.

"Israel Will Not Let This Happen": Iran Is Reportedly Building A Military Base In Syria

According to the satellite images, in recent months additional buildings have been added to the site. However, the BBC at least concedes that it is impossible to independently verify the purpose of the site and the presence of the Iranian military. Still, that did not prevent someone, arguably the CIA, to “conclude” what is going on.

An official from another Western country told the BBC that ambitions for such a long-term presence in Syria would not be illogical for Iran. Its adversaries have accused Iran of seeking to establish not just an arc of influence but a logistical land supply line from Iran through to the Shia Hezbollah movement in Lebanon. With so-called Islamic State having sufffered terminal defeats on the battlefield and losing its last strongholds, attention is increasingly turning to what comes next and the new map of power and influence in Syria.

This means focusing on Iran.

Iran has been a consistent backer of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Photographs published on social media in the past few days also showed a senior Iranian general in Deir Ezzor shortly after IS was driven out of the town. The photos show Maj Gen Qasem Soleimani, head of the Quds force of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) alongside members of a militia.

With a significant number of IRGC fighting – and in some cases dying – in Syria, there has already been a significant presence in the country but the question is now whether they are preparing to remain in the long term.

Going back to the satellite images of the alleged base, they do not reveal any signs of large or unconventional weaponry which means if it was a base it would most likely be to house soldiers and vehicles. One source said it was possible that senior Iranian military officials may have visited the compound in recent weeks. Independent analysis of the images commissioned by the BBC says the facility is military in nature. The analysis also suggests there are a series of garages that can hold six to eight vehicles each.

"Israel Will Not Let This Happen": Iran Is Reportedly Building A Military Base In Syria

The analysis suggests new buildings have been constructed and other buildings renovated in the past six months although the exact role of the new structures cannot be determined. Analysts estimate up to 500 troops could be based at the site. Furthermore, it is not clear whether the facility is currently occupied. Shia fighters from other countries – including Pakistan and Afghanistan – are also alleged to be operating in Syria under the control of the IRGC and it is possible the base could be used by them, however for the purposes of the loudly beating wardrums which demand a war with Iran soon, that would not be practical.

According to the developing narrative, while the presence of Iranian forces in Syria has been reported for some time, the claim of a potentially more permanent Iranian base raises the possibility of military action by Israel which has repeatedly warned it will not tolerate such a development.

"Israel Will Not Let This Happen": Iran Is Reportedly Building A Military Base In Syria

Assuring that when once confirmed the base belongs it Iran Netanyahu will be forced the respond, the base lies just about 50 km from the Golan Heights – Syrian territory occupied and then annexed by Israel and where it now has a significant military presence.  

And just to underscore that Iran is now the new ISIS, Netanyahu tweeted on Sunday that “As Isis [IS] moves out, Iran moves in.”

“Iran wants to establish itself militarily in Syria, right next to Israel. Israel will not let that happen,” he added.

In an interview on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show on the same day he said Iran wanted to bring its air force and submarines as well as military divisions right next to Israel.

Israel has raised further concerns of Iran seeking to use Syrian ports and bases for its submarines. When asked whether Israel would use military force to stop such developments, Mr Netanyahu told the BBC: “You know, the more we’re prepared to stop it, the less likely we’ll have to resort to much greater things. There is a principle I very much adhere to, which is to nip bad things in the bud.”

However, international pressure is likely to be the first avenue pursued by Israel. Other countries have also raised concerns over potential long-term Iranian presence in the region.

It’s not just Israel whose opinion matters, however.

The issue of potential Iranian military bases is likely to have been raised by Israeli officials with Syria’s ally Russia. In October, Russia’s defence minister was in Jerusalem and was told by Netanyahu that Israel would not allow the Iranian military “to gain a foothold in Syria”, according to reports at the time.

While it is not clear how that conversation ended, last week Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Iran and Russian media suggested Syria – including Iran’s influence in the country – would be on the agenda.

Finally, closing the loop on the recent escalation in tensions between Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, over the past year, the Israeli air force has struck targets in Syria a number of times which it has linked to Hezbollah.

And with that one base – which may or may not belong to Iran – the media now has the narrative “alibi” it will need to push for popular support for the Israel-Saudi axis in the upcoming military conflict against Iran and Lebanon.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Reuters reported that Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani said Saudi Arabia had made a “strategic mistake” by considering the United States and Israel as friends and Iran as an enemy. The next few weeks should confirm if he is correct.

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So let me see if I got this straight… Israel is mad because someone built a building somewhere, SA is mad because Yemen fired a missile at them, UK is mad because they are so used to being that way, and what’s his face in the USAF said something stupid because someone told him to… I think that just about covers it… Of course everyone else on planet Earth is aware they are up to no good, that’s generally a given.


Thank you for your concise account of the madness of Israel and the US Coalition :)


” “the ballistic missile fired by Yemeni rebels that targeted the Saudi capital was from Iran and bore “Iranian markings,” the top U.S. Air Force official in the Mideast said Friday.” Lt. Gen. Jeffrey L. Harrigian..”

He also stated that it “connects the dots”. So according to that logic, if Iran is guilty of providing a missile to Yemen, then the US manufactured weapons in the hands of terrorists “connects the dots” to prove US support for terrorism. Isn’t logic great? I wonder when the US elite will begin using it….. NOT!

Muriel Kuri

Also, don’t forget the chemical weapons the terrorists used. Where did they get those? Didn’t some of them have Israeli and US markings on them?

Mauro Craizer

During “Timber Sycamore” operation by CIA, a lot of Libyan chemical weapons made their way via Turkey to Syria in the hands of al-Qaida and ISIS.
On top of that, after eastern Aleppo liberation, SAA found German made chemical (mostly chlorine) stash al-Qaida put in the school building, along with lab equipment. Almost all eastern Aleppo schools and medical buildings were used as headquarters and storages, all those buidings have basements, some multiple levels, it was ideal for terrorists to hide there, they used basements for imprisonment and torture of civilians. Western media used the term “Last Hospital in Aleppo” for over six months when SAA and RUS started liberating operation. It’s unbelievable how specially US MSM watching public is zombified, they didn’t think of asking themselves, “hey, you said in your last report evil Russians bombed the last hospital”, it was on magazine covers, in papers, week after week, “The last hospital”, also “the last pediatrician”, nothing better than lying to the public about suffering and dying children”-facts?-no, targeted emotion driven propaganda, only bcs of independent and social media the “moderate rebels” and “the last hospital” myths had been busted.
Nevertheless, MSMs “Syrian narrative” prolonged liberation of Aleppo and costed numerous civilians and soldiers, CNN, BBC, France24…. actually supported al-Qaida, wahhabi beheaders, nobody is asking them to explain themselves, Lionel of “Lionel Media” said, US public can pay attention at a single theme at the time, for a week. After that it’s forgotten for most of the people. No wonder USA is dancing on Israel’s tunes for so long, most of Americans are brainwashed useful idiots, yesterday US tax payers paid 3 mil$ for downing of 200$ drone, if Israel paid for all weapons they get from US each year, no way in hell would they fired that missile.

Tommy Jensen

New Iranian passports were found between the ballistic missile debris fired from Yemen.
This shows everything and connect the dots.

Muriel Kuri

Hmmm … NEW Iranian passports that didn’t get destroyed in the blast, but were conveniently planted after the fact. It’s all BS – But when the US, EU, S. Arabia and Israel weapons are ACTUALLY found when Daesh is pushed out of a territory shows concrete proof of such collaboration. But MSM conveniently leaves these stories out, don’t they?

Muriel Kuri

Washington Post is run by CIA – I think there are 4 owners of all the MSM in the US – no difference in theme or stories – all report the same BS. No real news is reported, only how big Kim Kardashian’s butt is, or other such nonsense, like which movie star is divorcing whom. One thing though, it takes TIME to review alternative news – many Americans are so busy they don’t have the luxury of doing this – and many of them actually think the government is there to PROTECT them! Can you imagine that? If American people were told the truth about these illegal wars, the killing of children and other civilians, the starvation being perpetrated on Yemen, the stealing of countries’ resources for their own greedy purposes, the Russophobia being touted to avoid people seeing what is actually being done here by our own people – I believe they would be aghast with horror. Those of us who’s eyes have been opened are like a prophet crying out in the wilderness – no one really hears! Definitely not our president or government!

You can call me Al

That about sums it up perfectly, or “just covers it”.

But remember – “Independent analysis of the images commissioned by the BBC says the facility is military in nature” …… I honestly do not know whether to laugh or cry about the stupidity and hypocrisy of that sentence.


theater of the absurd. The mass murderers, want to make sure that their victims are defenseless, and cannot fight back.


There’s not much Israel can do about it short of attackinh the base, which would no doubt start a full fledged a war. Israel would then forced to get involved to defend their tiny little shit hole of a country and then ultimately surrender considering the forces against it.


The next war Israel unleashes will be to the finish and it won’t last “four days”.


Yea it will last maybe one day and then defeat hahahha


These are Muslim countries. Trump, and Benjanyahu should not interfere in these countries.

We know Israel illegal occupation on Palestine is in threat. When a thief stealing something so he always feel threat from the property owners.

Don Machiavelli

Majority of world population was brainwashed into submission so they can do everything they want to do. Israel is leading body in the world thanks to it’s lobbyists.

Don Machiavelli

and when they lobby things, they spare no human dignity or anything to get what they want… Just take a look how they called Nelson Mandela’s morality ‘questionable’.


How many military air bases are there in Syria. Iran can use all of these. Syria will never say no to Iran. So Benjanyahu should stop spreading disinformation about Iran. This is fact that Israelis are thieves and thieves scared a lot.

John Panelli

It was a beautiful country before the shit invaded and raped it…


It is not a military base. Explained it above.


Dare to dream fellow believer.

Pave Way IV

Military base? Threatening garages? Impenetrable clump of trees defenses? Where’s the Iranian chemical weapons factory? There must be one or two in there somewhere. From now on, Damascus must get Israeli approval for all new housing construction. Syrians must also allow periodic snap inspections by a UN housing inspection team to swab the place down for any suspicious Shia DNA, concealed pictures of Khomeini or signs of recent anti-Wahhabi or anti-Zionist graffiti.

John Whitehot



Anything is a threat to Israel, even ‘intelligence’.


Especially ‘intelligence’ and it’s catchy too as the tail wagging the US dog proves.


Wars are not won by aggressive media articles. This Satanic mainstream media has long been spewing out garbage. The truth is: what are they going to do about it? They will not dare to go to war because they rightly fear it will be the last one they will ever fight. The next war will be to the finish.

It’s clear the Axis of Resistance will put the fear of God back into their hearts – whatever the cost.


To put the fear of God back into the godless


Israel basks in its military successes in the 1960’s, but things have changed since then.
Back then the Israeli army was made up of people who had survived WWII, they were gnarly.
Today the IDF is made up of soft living western Jews who travel to Israel to join the IDF, to be cool, and impress the girls back home.
Meanwhile the Syrian army and Hezbollah are now the gnarly ones, probably the most battle hardened armies on the planet.

The only thing the Israelis can do is bomb, using Lebanese airspace as a cover, if they invade Lebanon, or Syria they will be defeated.


It has nothing to do with soldiers. Back then all of Israel’s adversaries were weak militarily and Israel was getting (as it does now) massive military aid from the US. Today’s situation is far difference. Today Israel’s adversaries are much stronger militarily. If Israel didn’t learn any lessons from their 2006 defeat then their next mistake will most certainly be their last.


I do fervently hope so. Israel always was a pariah state founded on terrorism and intrigue.

John Panelli

Well said…

John Brown

Hezbollah is very smart They will concentrate their rocket barrage on Israeli military air strips, military bases and critical civilian infrastructure it like oil refineries, water treatment plants, electricity generation, air ports and Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor. If Hezbollah succeeds in this it will be a major defeat for Israel as they will be in similar economic shape to what Syria is in now. As such targets are very large, I expect Hezbollah to succeed in this in any war started by racist supremacist Israel. Israel’s position is weakening every day because of their own actions.


What are you smoking guys

John Panelli

Sorry bud but you are on the wrong wrong forum. The wet panties association is on a different URL…

Don Machiavelli

What does smoking have to do with information?

The fact is that Israel didn’t expect such capability from Hezbollah back in 2006 and Israeli arrogance was responsible for every bit of damage done on Israel soil. Highly recommended speech is that from 2006 by Nasrallah right before Israel warship was damaged by Hezbollah missile.

Now, in 2017, Israel has a lot to lose if they try to make this true : http://mandalaprojects.com/ice/ice-cases/litani.htm

They have no shame to say that ” Litani is only 8 mile from Israel border ” as if that makes it theirs lol


OK, John, but what does the Confederacy have to do with it, and why are you so obsessed with “Confederate”?

John Brown

The confederacy was Jewish supported slavery etc. the same values as ISIS which is also Jewish. Racist supremacist Jews hate historical facts and ban them. Don’t forget Lincoln is the most hated figure in human history after Jesus by racist supremacist Jews. Any white person who defends the confederacy is a stupid, useful, animal, beast, stooge, patsy taking the wrap for the Jewish run slave trade as racist supremacist Jews say, because the South economically and politically, the slave trade, banks financial system, courts, military, etc. the government, was totally run by racist supremacist Jews as the entire USSA now is. todaycomment image Jews were so influential in those colonies that slave auctions scheduled to take place on Jewish holidays often were postponed, according to Marc Lee Raphael, a professor of Judaic studies at the College of William & Mary. http://www.jta.org/2013/12/26/news-opinion/world/dutch-rabbi-confronts-jews-with-ancestors-complicity-in-slavery Judah Philip Benjamin who served as the Attorney General, Secretary of War, and Secretary of State for the Confederacy. The first Jewish-American to serve on an executive cabinet in American history, he has received the title “brains of the Confederacy. One might say Jefferson Davis was the stooge puppet of Judah as Judah ran the military, the courts and international relations and THE security services for the confederacy, the first Mossad. See below Judah’s face was on the $2.00 confederate dollar bill. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqzDSrR4L4w http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/judah-benjamin http://www.jewish-american-society-for-historic-preservation.org/images/Judah_Benjamin_Article_-.pdf https://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjhiMWC7rvUAhVnxoMKHVCKAwUQFggqMAE&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.civilwar.org%2Flearn%2Fbiographies%2Fjudah-phillip-benjamin&usg=AFQjCNHaG0unm6egkHM_UNuomRGGztmsLQ&sig2=Papy7_D1THDWDNgLQNUg6Acomment image


So? The US has multiple bases in Syria and they aren’t welcomed by the Syrian government.

John Whitehot

but those are the good guys!
don’t you know? America=Good. Russia=Bad. Israel=Good. Iran=Bad. Saudia=Good. Yemen=Bad.

and so on.


Thank you for reminding me of the Exceptional American Democratic Values John, it is remiss of me to forget what the USA and Israel have done for world peace and harmony.

Shame on me :)

Matt Lazarus

Israel is constantly threatening “war”–what this means, in all likelihood, is concerted aerial campaign, either against Syria or against Lebanon. Israeli army would probably not send ground forces into Lebanon. Terrain is too rugged. Hezbollah is dug in. And land war would mean large number of casualties–something Israelis will not tolerate.


I think some, not just in Israel but, in other places, have more or less painted themselves into a corner. The KSA is going through major internal strife, Israeli Prime Minister BN has just had half his inner circle arrested, the US is losing cred by the day and running around like the classic headless chicken and what is left of EU influence, is desperately trying not to get locked out of the repair efforts that is about to go down in Syria and Iraq. So, the time is far from optimal for anybody to go at it with Lebanon, Iran and Syria. However,and I am hesitant to use the word, stupidity knows no boundaries. That is the factor that gives me the most concern, when coupled with the desperation of so many fading power brokers. A good day to all.

Muriel Kuri

They’re trying their best to get OUT of their corner, though, aren’t they? Israel is going berserk because all it’s plans are being thwarted in Syria. Hezbollah is more powerful than ever. If Israel attacks Lebanon, Hezbollah, along with it’s strong allys – Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Palestinian armies will kick Israeli butt all over the place. I hope they try – I hate that anyone innocent should die in this, but Israel needs to get truly trounced, for once and all. Maybe then they could learn to live in the world, instead of thinking they deserve the entire world for their own.


I have to agree with a lot of what you have said. When people in the Israeli government threaten others, they are really threatening their own people. In the past, I looked upon people of note, leaders, stars, ect., as intelligent folks. Now, many of those same ones, appear to be mere automatons, puppets to their own deficiencies. BN in particular, is only out to save his own skin. There are many in the US, Israeli, EU and GCC governments that are in the same mode, though they reside behinds the front pages of the news. Tragedy is at hand and requires just single match. I really, really hope it does not come to pass. I wish well to you Muriel.

Muriel Kuri

John, I said Israeli – I meant the Zionists. I have no ill feelings towards the Israeli people – just the Zionists that cause all the pain to Palestinians and other people because of their hatred of anyone that they think is ‘beneath’ them. And yes, I truly agree with your ‘Tragedy is at hand’ comment. I feel the world is teetering on the edge and one simple thing will push it off it’s axis for good. I wish well to you as well and to all such intelligent souls that we will be able to survive the upcoming madness.

Tiresia Branding

it seems like the “Assad crematory” tale. But cry the wolf, and the wolf arrive…


Armageddon on the not so distant horizon. Trump is not in love with Jewish controlled CNN.


However he loves his daughter married to hardcore zionazi named Kushner. Beware of the coming Stupidity.

Barry Warmkessel

Unfortunately for we USA citizens, you are correct.


Israel making scofflaw statements of their intention to violate international law is to be expected. It’s why they have 100+ UN and other international law resolutions against them. Because they’re criminals. Syria and Iran have a defense pact. Building a base is within the realm of what’s permitted. As well as standing up militia, if they decide to do that.

Gabriel Hollows

What we need is a solution… A final solution!


so if houthi fire scud missile bore ‘russian marking’.. is that doesnt mean Russia declaring war on saudi?


Iran is escalating throughout the region to take advantage of Trump Isolationism & Russia’s election pullback.
Actually, not a bad strategic move as long as Saudis & Israel don’t go to war – so Iran is taking a gamble. But given the confusion by Trump/Tillerson, who are grossly incompetent, it is a worthwhile risk by Iran.
We can expect Iran to continue to press to failure, as long as US is confused.


Without a doubt the US is confused , maybe not as much as Israel and Saudi . Iran on the other hand is not , it knows it is the target . Israel can use Saudi and American air power to shield them and buy many Blackwater mercenaries for sacrifice .
Iran does not need to escalate , the US has soiled its own face with its use of Saudi Wahhabi jihadists who have been soundly beaten . The world is not blind , even if the media has kept the issues confused . More locally the Sunni’s and Christians are not fooled or impressed . Especially the Lebanese Christians , even if some of their leaders have been bought .
The issue here is who is the aggressor .
It has not been , and will not be Iran , but if they are attacked , there will be a high price to pay .

A bit off topic , but as you seem to have oil patch connections , which oil company’s got taken by the Iraqi Barzani clan to the tune of billions .


Military base? LMAO! Anyone with Google Earth or similar will be able to study the surrounds. It is a suburban development, one of about a dozen in the area, the buildings being clearly normal dwellings. Picture below shows the area, and that the so called base is in no way distinct from the developments surrounding it. This is all pure horse manure. Practically any citizen of this earth with internet can put reasonable doubt to this story in about 5 minutes. comment image


Btw see the oval on the left middle. Zooming onto it reveals various obstacles, like a course. My guess is it is a riding school. Mossad probably thinks it’s a military obstacle course with machine gun emplacements – lol. Riding school would indicate a wealthy area don’t you think?
And in a country where a huge amount of property has been destroyed by fighting and explosives you would expect quite a lot of construction activity.

Graeme Rymill

Army obstacle courses are linear normally…see this Iranian example:


Horses jump obstacles (“showjumping”) are anything but linear. See for example:


So if the choice is between horses and soldiers jumping those obstacles I go for soldiers.

Graeme Rymill

comment image


I think you’ll find this is a sports ground, not a military training area.
I suppose you can get military to run through any sort of course, but this ain’t it.

Graeme Rymill

so no horses? :-(

Graeme Rymill

“you can get military to run through any sort of course, but this ain’t it.”

You can tell this exactly how?


Military bases abroad usually have at least wire fences around them. Plus to have a foreign military base involves all kinds of contracts about territory etc. You wouldn’t put it in the middle of a suburban development.

Graeme Rymill

You are 100% certain that it is a suburban development. Given your horse jumping theory I have good reason to doubt your skills in the interpretation of aerial/satellite photography.

Am I an expert in this area? No, I am am amateur too. Do I know for a certainty that this is an Iranian military base or barracks? No, I cannot say that this is definitely a military base or barracks let alone an Iranian military base.

The obstacle course is one thing that casts doubt that this is residential. It could be part of a school, a gym, or a Syrian Boy Scouts troop if they exist. Or it could be part of an army camp. A similar but smaller obstacle course can be seen at 33°23’3″N 36°16’54″E. Wikimapia identifies the adjacent area as an “Army Vehicle Training Ground”. This is just 1.5 km from the alleged “residential” development. The obstacles are very similar to those adjacent to the development.

The entrance to this development from the main highway shows large structures at the entrance. I interpret them to be security checkpoints but other explanations are possible. The surrounding area around this development is peppered with Syrian army installations. The Syrian 1st Armoured Division headquarters/base is in the same suburb (El-Kiswah or Al-Kiswah), just a few kilometres to the south east..

Wikimapia shows “Missile Bunker Entrances” just 2 km to the west of the development. The “100th Regiment” base is adjacent to these bunkers. The “100th Regiment” is presumably the 100th Artillery Regiment – part of the Republican Guard.

None of this proves that this is an Iranian base or barracks. It does however cast doubt on your contention that the only possible explanation is that it is a residential development.
comment image


I have no contention. The onus is on the accuser. They need to prove that this is a military site. I am throwing doubt on their contention that this is a military site. I have nothing to prove – they have plenty.

Graeme Rymill

Contention: an assertion, especially one maintained in argument.

Example of a contention:

Thegr8rambino: “There’s not much Israel can do about it short of attackinh the base”

goingbrokes: “It is not a military base. Explained it above.”

So your contention [i.e. your assertion as you debate and argue with Thegr8rambino and then later on argue with me] is that there is no military base; it is simply a residential area.

Proof (as in 100% proof) is always elusive but evidence (but not 100% proof) exists that this is a base and not a residential area.. The BBC has published a news article outlining the evidence it has. I have added a few bits and pieces that tend to corroborate this evidence ( high similarity between the obstacle course and other Syrian Army obstacle courses, high security at the front gate, close proximity of other Syrian Army installations) You reject this evidence? No problem! We are only a couple of guys arguing. My evidence and your contention aren’t going to change anything in the real world of Syrian Israeli confrontation.

I need to thank you for pointing out the existence of the obstacle course. Without that clue I wouldn’t have bothered to seek additional information to support my contention: that there is a good chance that this is a military base or barracks of some kind. No idea though if it is Iranian.

Pave Way IV

WTF? It’s an entire military complex… Oval runway is for quick takeoff after refueling and rearming with chemical weapons. Roads are all capable of handling military traffic, especially Iranian military traffic. Multi-story dwellings are obviously missile silos – tops swing open for launch.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Yet the US has first built a military base in the Jewish-supremacist-state.
Get this straight Russia, 15 years from now Russia will crumble because they failed to read the writing on the wall just as happened to the Russians before the Holodomor actually happened.
Because on this day Russia failed to deliver S-400 system to Iran and Lebanon and Syria, that is why shortly from now Russia will no longer have any allies left alive.
Then when the time comes for internal conflict within Russia, Russia will fail to have allies come to their rescue. For by then present day Syrian and Lebanon will be well inside the expanded borders of Israhell!comment imagecomment image


Bunch of crap…

Notice the trees are fully grown…

If this “base” was so “new” then how come the trees are FULLY GROWN!


Israel is Shivering! Fear The Resistance!


NOBODY cares what Israel thinks or wants anymore. They are a shìtty grubby dirty horrid murdering little postage stamp sized country with delusions of importance – an overinflated balloon begging to be popped.

Ray Douglas

The important thing is, ‘What kind of offensive will the enemy start off with’? Could it be an all out air offensive or a bombardment from stationary artillery pieces or both? Is a troop invasion out of the question? Do they have operatives in the Lebanese army who will attack Hezbollah when they are facing the enemy? Will US join in directly or sneakily like in Syria? Will Iran be attacked directly by USA or the enemy from Palestinian lands? What will KSA do? Will they directly attack Iran?


Iran can declare openly it is their base, do you think Israel dare to attack?

I don’t think so

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x