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Israel Weaponizes WhatsApp. Iranian Twitter Warriors Eliminate Top Mossad Officer

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Israel has weaponized the WhatsApp messaging application to terrorize Syrian officers deployed in the south of the country, near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. According to reports, messages were sent from a number hosted in Cyprus to mobile phones of officers that allegedly have ties with Lebanese Hezbollah.

“Hezbollah and Iran are taking advantage of you to operate on the border against Israel, you bear responsibility and you won’t be away from our responses,” the message read.

This was not the first time when Israel sent direct threats to Syrian personnel. For example, on October 21, Israel dropped leaflets with threats to officers of the 1st Corps of the Syrian Arab Army. Three weeks later, on November 18 an Israeli airstrike destroyed the office of Major General Akram Hawija, the commander of the 7th Division of the 1st Corps. He was one of the officers mentioned in the Israeli leaflets. Additionally to the regular strikes on Syria, Israel has been conducting active psychological operations against Syrian personnel and their allies in the south. According to the Israelis, WhatsApp spam, anonymous leaflets and trashposting on social media should deter Hezbollah and Iran, and undermine their cooperation with Syria.

The issue is that for the past few years Hezbollah and Iran demonstrated themselves as consistent allies of the Syrians that were actively supporting Damascus in its fight with foreign-supported terrorists. At the same time, Israel was supporting terrorists in Syria while simultaneously claiming that the world should accept ISIS’ Caliphate as the new reality in the Middle East and that Iran is much worse than ISIS. Once in 2017, former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon even acknowledged that his country has an open communication channel with ISIS via which the terrorist group apologized for accidentally opening fire towards Israeli positions in the Golan Heights. Another open secret is that ISIS has never carried out attacks on Israeli military or civilian targets. Apparently, this is just a coincidence.

In this light, an interesting question is how it appeared that Syrian officers deployed close to the Golan Heights still use smartphones, WhatsApp, Facebook and other various social media. Apparently, modern warfare has evolved to the level that the newest Iphone for dramatic selfies has become the irreplaceable weapon on the battlefield.

Iranian social media warriors do not lag behind their Israeli counterparts and on December 4 they assassinated on Twitter an alleged ‘top Mossad member’, Fahmi Hinawi, near Tel Aviv. The aforementioned person died after at least 15 bullets were fired at a car he was driving when he stopped at a red light. Israeli sources deny claims that Hinawi was any kind of Mossad agent, while Iranian media outlets that launched the rumor provided no evidence to back their claims.

Despite this, Iranian supporters in social media immediately called this vengeance for the killing of the top Iranian nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, near Tehran in late November. In some cases, it looks like that even if a meteorite strikes Israel, there is always going to be a group of people on the Internet that would be ready to call this an Iranian retaliation strike or, if they are supporters of Israel, the act of an Iranian aggression.

In particular, the US administration regularly finds Iranian or at the very least Hezbollah traces in regions and countries where it faces some difficulties, like Venezuela, Iraq and Yemen. Currently, mainstream media and US officials are deeply concerned by Iranian tankers moving to Venezuela. In an unprecedented ‘act of aggression’, 10 tankers will allegedly deliver fuel to the country and help to export Venezuelan oil. The democracy is in danger!

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Free man



It didn’t happen … can’t accept reality?

That’s on y’all

Free man

Don’t you really understand that SF writes this with irony?


NO … I’m here not that often … and besides IRONY is impossible to detect on the Internet UNLESS you know the person who is speaking or writing … hello?

Rhodium 10 … Jim Allen believe it … hello?



Stop it mr irony … it’s impissto detect unless you know the player … I don’t know YOU


Potato Man

I’m sorry is Zion State hosting 1.5 millions Syrian? Or is it Lebanon. Didn’t Hezbollah fight next to Syrians to stop Wahhabi terrorists, and what did Zion do but supporting Al-Qaeda/Daesh/ISIS terrorists. LMFAO get load of this guys. Zion have to wake up to reality that they are hated around the world…and they have to blame themselves for it. Showing of they were sleeping with Wahhabi Sunnis was a great move wasn’t it LMFAO. Two goat fuker join together, they can die together. May god give them brain poor morons.

Just look at them…I can feel they came out of Satan’s asshole. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b50984d69a091c651192dc4d7a194df949bd8964e89306397fda112af7f9b669.png


hot russians for sex – https://cutt.ly/RhExNya

Rhodium 10

But then who is the man who have been killed with 15 bullets in Tel Aviv?..

Jim Allen

The man identified originally


YOU LIAR … provide ONE PIECE OF EVIDENCE this hit took place that’s verifiable … eh?

YOU CAN’T … slug

Jim Allen

Prove me wrong, you Zionist shill.


Prove me wrong … shXt head


It’s BS … FAKE NEWS … lol

That’s why you dolts don’t get it … how you’re losing but believe YOU’RE winning

I just heard Margaret McMillan … the great 1st World War historian who stated: Why didn’t the German People understand why their leaders asked for an Armistice / Peace in 1918? The German People were ‘unaware’ of the dire state of the battle … their newspapers didn’t print BAD NEWS … but they were suffering from blockades / food shortages but were willing to suffer if the War would be won … HELLO?

The Iranian PEOPLE are in the ‘dark’ as well … they don’t know how badly things are going in the POLICE STATE of Iran … all they know is the sanctions are crippling them … hello?


Rhodium 10

Iranian loser?…Iran have thousands of troops included proxies in Syria…also have hided weapons ( cruise missile and drones)….how many have been killed by Israeli attacks…7 of them in T-4?…thats nothing compare to have thousands deployed controlling Iraq, Syria and Lebanon…while David cannot have the control of its own territory and even less to prevent the constant fire ballons and rockets launched towards israeli cities…


Spare me … Quneitra was hit tonight dear …

Rhodium 10

As I wrote IDF only attacks poor SAA conscripts…


Hezbollah is stationed there … eh?


Rhodium 10

They dont attack Hezbollah…dont try to fool people!…Israeli attacks only have a goal…it is to support terrorism to expel Assad….Israel is the USA dog in the region….and USA dont want neither Assad nor Russian bases…if IDF want to attack Hezbollah..not need to attack them in Syria…just lebanon where they have all military assets and resources!


Israel does NOT work for the USA … they work to protect the Jewish People in their sovereign Homeland … hello?

THST means … attacking those that are planning to attack them BEFORE they’re prepared … stealthily … eh?

Iran’s IRGC has placed Hezbollah in charge of the Golan file … eh?


Rhodium 10

Hello?…Israel have been attacking Syria since the beginning of the Syrian war when then NO Hezbollah&IRGC forces were deployed!…USA have 2 allies there Israel and Turkey…both have the same goals….both have attacked SAA to protect proxies wahabi terrorist on ground …meanwhile USA have taken control of the oild resources while some Gulf states funds suni wahabi terrorism there!…Israel is just another useful dog for western Geopolitical interests!…Happily Assad have won!.. SDF ( another Israeli&USA proxies) have to fight vs Turkish backed terrorist and Iran&Russia guarantees that those proxies have no chance to rule Syria rather than small parts!


Israel does NOT attack the SAA … otherwise the SAA would be non-existent … hello?

Remind me … what airforce or ABM’s could stop Israel’s IAF?

YOUR wahabi BS is just that BS …

Assad is sitting on a pile of rubble … without any $$$$ to repair Syria … hello?

He can’t defend himself from an Israeli attack … hello?

Frankly … Assad serves Israel … because he can’t attack Israel and can only hope he can withstand those that are trying to end his reign …

Rhodium 10

Hello?….USA have attacked Syria with total of 167 cruise missile in 2 separate attacks…and nothing happened….the air base was operative one hour after with some hangars intact and some SU 22 inside… in the second attack they used 107 cruise missile and destroyed an small complex and 3 warehouse!…nothing special ( would have needed 1077 Tomahawk for 10 targets like those)…even ISIS with one kamikaze truck could inflic the same damage!….therefore Israel can never destroy Syria..beside Israeli civilians cannot resist days and days hided in shelters!…you must look how Israel cannot destroy Gaza and Hamas before write!


Spare me … Syria is a failed state … on suicide/death watch … hello?

Israel could destroy what’s left but for what?

If the Arabs attack … there will be no mercy … just full contact … count on it

Free man

What does it matter ? The Mullahs regime only knows to send thugs to murder unarmed Iranian protesters. The Mullahs regime does not play in the same league as Israel. https://twitter.com/AuroraIntel/status/1336074526149513216

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“According to reports, messages were sent from a number hosted in Cyprus to mobile phones of officers that allegedly have ties with Lebanese Hezbollah.”

So the message wasn’t sent to all SAA officers stationed near the border, just those with strong ties to Iran and Hezbollah. That’s a message within a message, it’s telling the officers the message is directed to not to engage in any activities that would threaten Israel, and it also tells everyone else the Israelis aren’t going after the Syrian SAA, just Iran and Hezbollah, which is another message within a message. So what’s the second message within a message, well obviously it’s to Assad, and it’s saying we have no beef with you but we do have a beef with your ally, so if you keep letting your ally set up their threatening infrastructure right next to our border, we’re going to take them out no matter who’s around, and if that means you’re people are targeted as well, it’s all your fault, that’s what the real message is. All the others are just to convey that simple message, Israel knows it’s not going to deter any die hard Hezbollah supporters with a simple phone message, that’s not why they sent it. All of Syria’s enemies are in northern Latakia, northern Hama, northern Idlib, northern Aleppo, Ar Raqqah, Al Hasakah, no military opposition forces or Isis forces operate in Quneitra, Darra, or As Suwayda, so why do the Iranians have to be down here so far away from the military threats, it’s only provoking Israel into responding. I’m suspecting a major attack by the Israelis soon, not a ground assault or anything like that, but an overwhelming barrage of missile and air attacks that will totally obliterate any and all known Iranian infrastructure near the Israeli border, a very quick shock and awe operation that will set Iran back to square one here in the south. And because I want Iran to get out of Syria [especially south of Syria], that nearly sounds like a good idea to me, but it isn’t really, because apart from all the innocent Syrian soldiers and civilians that would also probably be killed, which is bad enough in itself, I’m also worried an Israeli attack like that could also embolden opposition groups in the south to mount another rebellion, there’s already huge unrest there and it’s the proverbial tinderbox now. Iran doesn’t need to be here in the south, it needs to go to where the opposition fighters are, move the north and central areas, that’s where they should go, and then do what they say they came to do, kick out all the terrorists and Isis, but instead of doing that they’re down here in the south provoking Israel, and at the same time they’re telling the Syrians to work harder to implement resolution 2254, THE BACK STABBING BASTARDS. The UN envoy thanked the Iranians for their help in Implementing resolution 2254 the other day, and now the Iranians are discussing the matter with the Syrians, so Iran’s doing the UN’s dirty work for them, and surprisingly on SF, I seem to be the only one who thinks Iran’s stabbing Assad in the back. The people Iran and Russia are trying to force Assad into a political settlement with have often said they want to butcher Assad and his whole family, some of them still do even now, and yet Assad’s supposed to come to a political arrangement with them according to resolution 2254, and surprisingly Russia and Iran are trying the hardest to force him into doing a deal with the devil. So if Russia and Iran can force Assad into sitting down and doing a deal with his devils, why can’t the Iranians sit down and do a deal with their Israeli devil, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, if Assad has to do a repulsive deal then so should the Iranians, or get out of southern Syria and let things calm down. Resolution 2254 is the real enemy of Syria now, and both Russia and Iran are trying to force Assad into implementing this backstabbing resolution, which means at the next election the headchoppers will fill at least one third of the Syrian Governments positions, maybe even more, and they don’t represent one third of the population probably way less than a quarter. And don’t forget the US autonomous zone will be legally accepted after this resolution is passed, in January they start rewriting the constitution which will allow them to not only make amendments to allow for the US autonomous zones inclusion, but also possibly allow for a second autonomous enclave in the northwest, so resolution 2254 will have the ability to carve up Syria like no terrorist could, and all thanks to Russian and Iranian help. The Russians and Iranians keep saying Syria’s sovereignty will be protected, and I say yeah just like Iraq’s was, LOL. :[ So what’s better or worse, Israel attacks and boots out Iran with massive casualties for the Syrian people and then things calm right down allowing Assad to concentrate on the Turkish threat to the north, or would it be better for a political settlement to stop all the fighting and still have Iran and Israel going at each others throats and the terrorists in control of a third of the Syrian Government, mmm, that’s a tough one, a little bit of pain for a while, or a lifetime of misery, mmm. Get out of the south Iran, go fight Isis in the deserts, and then let Assad protect Syria from Israel, that’s the real answer.

The Objective

A wonderful analysis! Better than any article I’ve read on SF this month so far. I think Iran is using the Syrian soldiers and civilians as human shield to dissuade a large-scale Israeli attack. Also, should Iran go fight ISIS in the south as you suggest (which’ll actually be a good thing), America may airstrike them. ISIS too will exact a heavy toll on the Iranian forces there as well.

It appears Iran would slit anyone’s throat to save its own. This has become a cat-and-mouse game between Israel+America and Iran, with Iran being the mouse taking shelter under Syrian soldiers protected by Russia.

But I think Assad must realize that he cannot rule Syria again by means of force. There are simply too many actors involved now. Pushing for a military solution will almost certainly guarantee Assad’s fall. If Assad were to try to force Turkey or the US out militarily, that would result in a full-blown or partial war that further weakens or even destroys Assad’s forces. Russia is the country preventing Assad’s fall right now. But it’s costing Russia and there seems to be no end in sight. There is also the reconstruction of Syria which Russia cannot finance alone.

A diplomatic solution is the only option Russia has now. We all know how stubborn the Iranians can be. They won’t leave even if Assad and Russia asked them to. That’s why they created Shiite militia groups in Syria as well. Should the Iranian forces leave Syria, their proxies will remain and do Iran’s bidding. These proxies will NEVER disarm nor be governed even if the Syrian government requested them to. They become an independent permanent army even after the war.

If you want to have a PERMANENT parallel army in your country, invite the Iranians to help in a time of war.


Cell phones are always on broadcasting its location, unless you can remove the battery. It has no place in a soldiers backpack. Edward Snowden: How Your Cell Phone Spies on You – YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFns39RXPrU

Shlomo Shekelstein

It’s a simple message actually: we know who you are, we know where you are, and we can kill you all, and your families, and whoever we want, whenever we want.

Typical mafia. No surprise there, Jevvish mafia was more brutal (and organized) than sicilian mafia.


Did they really manage to get a Mossad Official or did they just waste some random K*ke?


Mossad and CIA = ISIS

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