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Israel Weaponizes WhatsApp To Terrorize Senior Syrian Officers

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Israel Weaponizes WhatsApp To Terrorize Senior Syrian Officers

Illustrative. An IDF soldier from the C4I Corps types on a computer. (IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)

Israel has warned senior officers of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the southern region from cooperating with Lebanon’s Hezbollah in messages sent directly to their mobile phones, al-Akhbar reported on December 4, citing sources with knowledge on the matter.

The messages were directly sent from a number hosted in Cyprus to the officers’ mobile phones over the WhatsApp messaging application.

“Hezbollah and Iran are taking advantage of you to operate on the border against Israel, you bear responsibility and you won’t be away from our responses,” the message reads.

A source in the SAA told the al-Akhbar newspaper that this was the first time ever Israel sent a threat directly to senior Syria officers.

Earlier this year, the Israeli military dropped leaflets over Syria’s southern region, warning senior officers of the SAA’s 1st Corps from cooperating with Hezbollah.

On November 18, Israeli airstrikes destroyed the office of Major General Akram Hawija, the commander of the 1st Corps’ 7th Division. Hawija was one of the officers named in the leaflets.

A source in Iranian-backed forces in southern Syria told al-Akhbar that the relationship with the SAA was not harmed by the recent Israeli threats.

“A very good and close relationship has been formed between the two sides as a result of years of fighting side by side,” the source, who described the relationship as “excellent,” said.

According to al-Akhbar, the SAA’s 1 Corps is now leading the efforts to rebuild Syria’s capabilities on the frontline with the occupied Golan Heights. Syria’s allies, Iran and Hezbollah, are backing these efforts.

New military camps and fortified positions are being built along the frontline. Some of the new positions were struck by Israel in the last few months. Al-Akhbar’s source stressed that the work in Syria’s southern region will go on, confirming that Iranian-backed forces are present in the region “as much as the plans dictates.”

Israeli hopes that its pressure will force Iran out of Syria, or at least push Iranian forces out from the country’s southern region. This will not likely happen anytime soon. By warning Syrian officers, Tel Aviv is doubling down on this failed strategy.


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How come Israel never got the balls to identify the crux of the problem eg incest/deep state who supported bush to get in afghanistan to control the world opoid tyraid,in aghanistan whilst luring what used to be reasonable military as anzacs,and for whom to make the modern nazis seem as angels?

frgn drug addicts,wisen up!

Tom Tom

LOL, so mossad is the victim.

Potato Man

“Israel has warned senior officers of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the southern region”
As far as I remembered Southern Syria was stronghold of ISIS/Daesh (rebel-held/Freedom fighters) A.K.A Zion dog and it was “weird” see them change side and join SAA. Zion having Syrian officers numbers is not that hard LMFAO there are still bad apples left in S-Syrian.

johnny rotten

First they will have offered them money, then when they refused they have moved on to threats, they try to be seen as powerful while showing only fear, helplessness and incompetence, the specter of the end haunts them at every hour of the day and night, poor beasts.


Cyber warfare is the new type of Western aggression practiced by keyboard warriors far from the shooting wars. The types that revel in being Call of Duty type heroes :)

Bobby Twoshoes

Plata O Plomo, Escobar would be proud.

John Brown

Yes 10 years from now Israel will be facing large highly trained and well equipped forces on their borders with top of the line air defenses, which can sweep the skies of the Israeli air force over Israel as well as Lebanon Syria etc. forces that can defeat the entire Israeli military within hours the next time Israel decides to bomb or attack a neighbor. The racist, supremacist, fascist, zio beast will be castrated. This is the worst fear of the racist, supremacist, fascist,,Zio, beast.

Vox Populi

With overwhelming majority UN adopts Egypt’s draft resolution that demands Israel immediately withdraw from occupied Golan Heights


Frankly, the Zionists are running scared as they know they will be hit soon. This is just cheap theatrics and psy-ops of losers.

Harry Smith

The threat is very real, at my point. If senior SAA officers are using whatsup, that means CIA knows their exact location at every period of time. Also contacts are available and that means the information about friends and relatives is not a secret.

Jens Holm

Haha. Very good metod. They also say we know exact where ,most of the officers are.

Maybee Isreal sell them umbrellas too. I remember Aleppo, where the Jihadists and their children not even got umbrellas and candy before rgey were exterminated.


i hear mossad imps are dying in tel aviv right now maybe your zionist heroes dont announce this to you because they are afraid of the humiliation and domestic backlash on top but they are right now dying like flies and that not just inside of tel aviv

Jens Holm

I dont care. Here in Denmark we slaughter al Young Roosters and before they start start their morning and all day kackely kye.

We prefere hens . Even we kill many of them, they lay eggs too.

So thats what I see You are. It doesnt matter if its Tel Aviv if its in Syria or Iran. As long as the agressive ones kill each other, they hardly come here, even You can put coffins on wheel.

So Im happy too.


right before the new year the enemies of iran will receive slaps and right after the new year they will face a large operation against them so this wont be a good year for the west and christmas will be painful for them this year

Jens Holm

So when will we see Your new science fiction:)


hahaha a story of a few days ago but just shows how afraid these cowards are XD


what these zionist cowards dont understand is that the issue is over they lost yet they dont know it yet which is why they try to suicide themselves like a bunch of fools by fleeing towards their death in hysteria


its amazing how the zionists are right now begging us on their knees this they keep out of the whole issue how badly they are begging us to let them survive atleast those who are a brain to understand their own situation and meanwhile they have to watch how the rest of idiotic zionists drags them down into destruction how pitiful


the zionists are basically begging for peace with iran right now that is the truth of the matter they are starting things but never have the guts to end it all that is why their existence is such a running joke


the so called zionists are supposedly the tough jews yet their history shows how easily they run when a sword hangs above their heads so the global precursor indeed is totally incompetent because not just did they create this broken tool they also cant get rid of it after they are done with it and instead have to push their problem infront of our door to deal with it


the zionists repeat that syria is no state yet we iranians say syria is a state and assad is its leaders and now lets see who is right and who is wrong in the end of this but please continue to annoy people in their messaging apps and tell them that they are wrong and that they better give up syria because you tell them so

Assad must stay

Hahahha what a joke, the syrian officers probably had a good laugh

Fog of War

All data running through ” WhatsApp” goes directly to Israhell, why are foolish Syrians using this POS to communicate ?

” WhatsApp, is an American freeware, cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP) service owned by Facebook, Inc “

Willing Conscience (The Truths

If you can read between the lines you’ll understand just how serious this is, this isn’t just simply a message to the pro Iranian SAA commanders of the 1st army corps, it’s a message to all their military units and all the civilian population as well, and it’s a very clear sign something serious is being planned.
SF has had several articles recently that assert “the situation in Darra/Quneitra/As Suwayda is “spiraling out of control”, and it truly is spiraling out of control, and sadly this message from Israel won’t be helping that worsening situation at all, it’ll actually be encouraging it.
There’s already massive opposition to the Iranian/Hezbollah presence in Darra/Quneitra/As Suwayda, the local civilians don’t want them there despite the Syrian Governments approval, and many of the SAA soldiers who serve in Assad’s army don’t like them being there either, about 40 or 50 of them recently defected back to the opposition forces because of it, and more worryingly they were all members of the Russian backed 5th army corps 8th Brigade.
So who’s also listening to this very worrying message that’s supposedly [lol] directed to the commanders of the 1st army corps. Of course it’ll be the local anti Iranian civilian population [90 to 95% of the local population], the anti Iranian SAA soldiers [50 to 75% of all of them], the pro Israeli anti Iranian Druze population [99.9% of them], and the anti Assad opposition [100% of them], they’ll all get the same message too, and unlike most SF readers, they’ll actually understand it.
The first army corps is the biggest part of the SAA and their ONLY job is protecting the central Government in Damascus and it’s surrounding areas, they’re amongst the most loyal troops Assad has and many of them also have strong pro Iranian sentiments, so this Israeli message [to them] will mostly likely but not completely be falling on deaf ears, but other ears are also listening to the message, and those ears like the message the Israelis are sending.
Increased US air/ground activity near Iranian bases in Deir ez Zor is also another worrying factor, could that also possibly relate to this message.
Does Trump have one last trick hidden up his sleeve before he leaves office, and if he does is it a big one, stay tuned folks.

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